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  1. A nice 5488 restored by Mike Links
  2. pms1961

    Corona virus

    Troy,an INS agent was interviewed in regards to a hospital at the epicenter of the caronavirus outbreak in NYC with a long line of people waiting outside to be tested.According to him 90 % of those people are undocumented immigrants.How he knew that I dont know but would make sense why their overwhelmed,also in the picture it shows them being a lot closer to each other than six feet!lol Paul
  3. pms1961

    stimulus bill ?

    Using the "stimulate the economy" logic,why not give everyone a million dollars?Only down side would be massive price inflation 😂 Paul
  4. pms1961

    stimulus bill ?

    If some of those azzholes new you were gonna buy a gun they probably wouldn't give you the money. Paul
  5. Refurbing some hay ground here in Southwest Washington. Paul
  6. Thanks,this is some hay ground and yields are not good.Basically going to rebuild with organic matter and lots of lime. Paul
  7. I turned some sod yesterday with my triple six and the good old Ford 101 3x16 plow. Paul
  8. Mike,it's a 1986 Dodge power ram 350.Has a 360/727/205 combo with 4:56 gears in the pumpkins.Runs good but would run better with a Cummins or IH 466😤👍. Paul
  9. Nice car!Looks like it has the six piston brembo brakes. Paul
  10. Wife and I have been looking for something cool and fun to drive.We have had several nice cars over the years that I should have kept but didn't for various reasons.We settled on this 2015 RT Scat Pack Challenger.All I can say is WOW !485 hp 392 hemi,8 speed auto with manual shift,performance suspension and brakes,man the list goes on!For a two ton car it's fast and handles way better than I thought it would.Engineers really did their homework building these machines.Now I want to go drive a 707 hp hellcat lol. Paul
  11. Portable drill press with magnetic base.Use one in my forklift repair shop. Paul
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