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  1. This 966 with 6600 hours is still on Montana Craigslist.Been on there for over a year.Asking price is 8900.Several pictures on ad,it looks pretty clean.As an aside I hauled this 1983 Deere 4250 w/powershift home yesterday.In really good condition.Paid 18k,was the first one to call on it so got lucky.Pretty sure it's a 22-26K tractor. Paul
  2. Yep Shurmans Iron Ranch near Ridgefield..tractor pulls and show I think twice a year. And I do mean socialism...picking our pockets and using our hard money for their grand utopian schemes. Paul
  3. Agree about the cab.As you guys said would be used mainly in summer tedding and raking.Open windows and door with a good fan would do wonders.I cut hay with a rops equipped 886 and it works well...easy to get on and off.Would not be the case with that 856.Get what you pay for I guess. Paul
  4. Seen this on craigslist,about a three hour drive from me.Ad says runs and works as it should.Did not call on it yet.Asking price is 9k.Depending on hours/condition was thinking 6-7k.Don't see too many around here with a factory cab.Comments greatly appreciated. Paul
  5. pms1961

    706 plow sizing

    My triple six with a D312 (few more ponies than a D282) plowing sod with a Ford 101 with 3-16's is a good match.You should have no problem pulling 3-16's. Paul
  6. They work good.I mounted splitter valve to front of loader frame to control a bale grapple.Plumbed into bucket circuit not loader arm circuit.Have push button mounted on spool lever that's used to control bucket.(tractor scv's are used for loader functions).With tractor running,spool that controls bucket works like normal,when button is pushed and held spool controls grapple function...release button and the spool goes back to controlling bucket.Works slick.Button thats mounted on spool is wired to relays that control solenoids on splitter valve. Paul
  7. pms1961

    Hay Pics

    Cutting bent grass with 886 and Deere 1350 moco.Baling hay with White 2-88 and Hesston inline.Tedd and rake with 686.Pick up bales with 666. Paul
  8. Bingo...remember the Rodney King riots in LA.Armed business owners in Chinatown were on the roofs of their buildings protecting what was theirs...needless to say it worked. Paul
  9. Ok,I'll play.. series III Whites.
  10. Had a front row seat.Was nineteen years old and had just finished the morning milking and was walking out of the milking parlor when the first devastating eruption occured...looked like the fires of **** were literally coming out of the bowels of the earth.Man what a site to behold!Our dairy was in Brushprairie,Washington about thirty five miles southwest as the crow flies from St.Helens Lucky for us the mountain blew in the opposite direction.There were several more minor eruptions through the summer and the prevailing winds would blow some of the ash our way.Had to wear a mask when cuttin
  11. I think you missed my point.It's about risk tolerance.If a person is concerned about exposing themselves to a virus its their responsibility to take the necessary steps to protect themselves not somebody else.Here's some food for thought,should I let one of my adult kids who has lots of experience drive a non rops equipped tractor?I may or may not be exposing them to risk.They may or may not decide to expose themselves to the risk by operating or not operating the tractor.We both know it's not a perfect world but I believe people weighing the pros and cons of their decisions and acting accor
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