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  1. pms1961

    Got the kraut fired up.

    Very nice,did you do anything with the injection pump? Thank's Paul
  2. pms1961

    Best hay tractor?

    Lol...your right,it is a disease. Paul
  3. Doors and window frames hard to come by.Everything else not so much. Paul
  4. Thank's,it's a 1981 886 with around 5500 hours.Yep that would make it 2-110.Has the perkins 354.4 in it.I've had several other makes over the years Ford,Deere,Massey...the're all good tractors if you take care of 'em.Sold a real nice 3020 diesel recently. Paul
  5. About a month ago bought a 1983 White 2-88.Always wanted a White tractor...this one has 3476 original hours.In the process of repainting it,new cab kit and larger front and rear tires. Paul
  6. pms1961

    Any go kart builders?

    It's blow through fuel injection.Can hook his laptop to engine computer and dial in his own fuel and spark parameters.I used to mess around with race cars myself...guess the apple don't fall far from the Paul
  7. pms1961

    Any go kart builders?

    My 29 year old son many years ago started out messing around with go carts and such.His latest project is this street legal 75 camaro with a turbocharged 6.0 litre.Ran 10.54 seconds at 134 mph first time out last weekend at the dragstrip.He figured with a little tuning should run high 9's.Him and my other son built car. Paul
  8. pms1961

    886 vs 986

    I think the IH' s are better tractors overall.This one has a 354 dot 4 perkins which is a pretty good engine.I have had good luck with perkins engines in the past.I'll agree IH' s are easy to work on and parts are plentiful but always wanted a later model White.I like the 6 speed trans and the over/under is pretty darn handy.This White is a 1982 model 2-88 about 90 hp also cab comfort and visibility is really good.I've owned several Ford's and Deeres as well.I think they all have their strong and weak points.I too am a mechanic by trade I farm on the side and I service and repair Hyster lift trucks to support my farming habit. Paul
  9. pms1961

    886 vs 986

    Does everybody that posts on here live east of the rockies?Lol.Back to Bill's original post,if your looking for a good haying tractor don't overlook the Whites.Looky what I bought today...picked it up cheap and runs great.Has 3432 on a working meter.Gonna fix it up and use it along side my IH's.I'm I banned from redpower now? Paul
  10. pms1961

    886 vs 986

    I have a late 886 with D358 german.Damn good tractor but wish it had a cab with a/c. Paul
  11. Spent two days cleaning and greasing hay equipment.Bought a Hesston Massey?! 1838 inline two years ago,really happy with it so far.We usually run two balers and noticed that the Deere 337 has a bit more capacity than the Massey 1838.Thinking of trading up to a 1840 Massey.I make about 250 tons/ year.Sell most of it.Was shooting for 300 tons this year but lack of rain took care of that.Might have some second cut red clover if we get a little rain,had some rain today but need more.Has been really dry here in Southwest Washington.Took a few pictures just because. Paul
  12. pms1961

    966 Haying Tractor???

    Nice line up stronger800.
  13. pms1961

    966 Haying Tractor???

    leeave I cut hay with a 886 German diesel and a 8 foot impeller discbine.In heavy hay tractor doesn't know it's pulling it.Set of front weights really helps on hills. Paul
  14. pms1961

    Rim width for a 16.9/38 tire

    Yeah tires in good condition.Probably sell them to somebody that has H or a M Farmall lol. Paul
  15. pms1961

    Rim width for a 16.9/38 tire

    Going to put 16.9/38 tires on my triple six in place of the weanie 13.6/38.My question is will the stock 12 inch hoops work?Or would a 14 inch hoops be better. Thank's Paul