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  1. Reman axle going in it.Machine has 23,000 hrs on it. Paul
  2. Loader operator got a little to close to concrete footing.Didn't end well for the loader.Names and places not revealed to protect the guilty.No,it wasn't me. Paul
  3. Eastern,Oregon.Asking price is 8500.00.
  4. I get that but this tractor was used for pulling a feed wagon according to the craiglist ad.Oh well to each his own.
  5. Kinda makes one wonder what the **** they were thinking.Seen it on Craigslist. Paul
  6. Yep.Sitting on his lot in Tangent,Oregon.
  7. Shooter picked the wrong Church as justice was swift and sure.He wasn't able to get off too many rounds before he was shot and kill by armed parishioners and a security guard. Paul
  8. Was cruising Craigslist and seen this for sale.Wonder if it has a aftermarket turbo on it.Looks like a decent attempt to move the exhaust pipe from the stock location. Paul
  9. This for sale in southern oregon.Says runs and shifts good.Park is out,missing transfer case and front driveline.Called about it out of curiosity,guy is asking 9k if anyone is interested.He said he bought it this way.Reason for selling is he wants something newer. Paul
  10. Yep,the good sisters are getting a bad rap.I wonder how many people that ridicule nuns have actually been around them.99.9 % of them are some of the most compassionate,loving and dedicated people walking the earth.But what would you expect from someone who has consecrated their lives to Christ,who's birthday the whole world will celebrate next week.Jesus Christ,the Son of God,who assumed our human nature,walked among us,taught us how to treat our fellow man,redeemed us on the cross What greater love is there than that? Paul
  11. X2.Tractor is in my neck of the woods.I should make an offer on it.Has been for sale off and on for 8 months on craigslist. Paul
  12. Factory rops/canopy for these tractors are hard to come by.Nyssa Tractor in Eastern Oregon might have one,they ship anywhere in the country.There is a company that makes an aftermarket rops/canopy, but for liability reasons it is not certified in case of a roll over.They are advertised as a sunshade/canopy. Paul
  13. Nice!👍.If it is cold out it will take a little more effort to turn the steering wheel.When the oil warms up enough should turn almost effortlessly. Paul
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