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  1. Bingo...remember the Rodney King riots in LA.Armed business owners in Chinatown were on the roofs of their buildings protecting what was theirs...needless to say it worked. Paul
  2. Ok,I'll play.. series III Whites.
  3. Had a front row seat.Was nineteen years old and had just finished the morning milking and was walking out of the milking parlor when the first devastating eruption occured...looked like the fires of **** were literally coming out of the bowels of the earth.Man what a site to behold!Our dairy was in Brushprairie,Washington about thirty five miles southwest as the crow flies from St.Helens Lucky for us the mountain blew in the opposite direction.There were several more minor eruptions through the summer and the prevailing winds would blow some of the ash our way.Had to wear a mask when cutting hay because the haybine would kick up clouds of ash.The ash destroyed the plunger bearings in the baler that year as well.Also it was common for folks to stretch pantyhose over the air intakes of vehicles to keep from plugging air filters..lol.Don't remember if it did any good. Paul
  4. pms1961

    Corona virus

    I think you missed my point.It's about risk tolerance.If a person is concerned about exposing themselves to a virus its their responsibility to take the necessary steps to protect themselves not somebody else.Here's some food for thought,should I let one of my adult kids who has lots of experience drive a non rops equipped tractor?I may or may not be exposing them to risk.They may or may not decide to expose themselves to the risk by operating or not operating the tractor.We both know it's not a perfect world but I believe people weighing the pros and cons of their decisions and acting accordingly is far better than the one size fits all approach most governments are forcing down peoples throats which will prove to be far worse than the virus. Paul
  5. pms1961

    Corona virus

    May be?Reminds me of what if?To live your life based on a maybe or a what if ain't living.Everbody I know is pretty damn good at personal risk assessment.Dont need a power freak in a state house telling me how to live my life or conduct my business. Paul
  6. Yup.Civil liberties,property rights are the cornerstone of a just society. We're in this mess because too many Americans are willing to give up their rights for some measure of safety.We all know what Ben Franklin said about such people. Paul
  7. Time for us residents of Washington State and the rest of the Country for that matter to reassert our rights in a very strong and unequivocal way before their gone forever.Seems we are our own worst enemy when half the population blindly accepts everything the government says or does without question.Biggest problem I see is the average American is woefully ignorant of their God given rights.Especially as it relates to first amendment. Paul
  8. Missouri Mule, I raise hay and sell to local customers.Has paid for all my equipment and inputs plus some left over.I love working ground and making hay,so I guess its a hobby that pays for itself.Also have a full time job as a journeyman mechanic in a paper mill. Paul
  9. A nice 5488 restored by Mike Links
  10. pms1961

    Corona virus

    Troy,an INS agent was interviewed in regards to a hospital at the epicenter of the caronavirus outbreak in NYC with a long line of people waiting outside to be tested.According to him 90 % of those people are undocumented immigrants.How he knew that I dont know but would make sense why their overwhelmed,also in the picture it shows them being a lot closer to each other than six feet!lol Paul
  11. pms1961

    stimulus bill ?

    Using the "stimulate the economy" logic,why not give everyone a million dollars?Only down side would be massive price inflation 😂 Paul
  12. pms1961

    stimulus bill ?

    If some of those azzholes new you were gonna buy a gun they probably wouldn't give you the money. Paul
  13. Refurbing some hay ground here in Southwest Washington. Paul
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