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  1. You nailed it...How many mass murderers come from a two parent family that inculcated traditional moral values and/or attended church or synagogue regularly?
  2. I have a triple six and a 686 both with D312's.Shifters can get sloppy and brakes need regular maintenance...overall darn good tractors.
  3. Hibid auction closing tomorrow. 5488 with 7900 hours and a 966 showing just shy of 3000 hours,don't know if hours are correct on the 966.Be interesting to see what they go for.As of now the 5488 is at $3400 and I think the 966 is at around $2800.Dont know anything about them other than what is stated on the auction. Paul
  4. I used to service and repair Cat D9H's,R's and T's.Also excavators and mobile cranes,forktrucks etc. Semi retired now.Would much rather run em than work on em. Paul
  5. Around here(Southwest Washington)six or seven dollars for 60 lb grass bale out of the barn,this time of year.You go to the feed store and that same bale is twelve dollars. Paul
  6. Not really...most people around here handle small squares with accumulators and grapples.However the commercial hay operations on the east side of the state use self propelled bale wagons to handle small bales. Paul
  7. 1002.Looking for a three wide 1003 or a 1033. Paul
  8. A little chilly out so thought I'd take a few moments and post a few. Paul
  9. 1986 Dodge W350 with 360/auto. Has around 118,000 on the clock.Seat is like new under the cover. Handy truck,I like it.Rubber in the bed is off the 4230 in the background...getting new rubber next week. Paul
  10. Ok going to preach a little bit...society in general suffers from a spiritual sickness.How many Americans go to church regularly or abide by the ten commandments or pray daily?Not saying that irreligious people are the problem.But once upon a time our laws and customs actively promoted Christian ideals and I think that is what made this country great as witnessed by peoples from around the world wanting to come here to make a better life for themselves.(Not necessarily the case today with the border crisis).Know Jesus,Know peace.God bless everyone on this site and Merry Christmas. Paul
  11. Might want to check the seal on hydraulic pump where it goes into suction tube.Over time those seals get hard and pump starts sucking air. Paul
  12. Looks like a good truck mader.I am the second owner of this 1999 24valve/5 speed.Has 501,000 miles. Service records since new.Regular oil changes in engine and all the boxes.Suspension and brakes rebuilt a few times.U joints several times,three clutches and two VP44's plus other wear and tear items.Its a everyday driver. Paul
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