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  1. Doing some landscaping around the place,so decided to fire up the 886 (been sitting all winter)and hook up to the brillion packer and do some laps around my new driveway turnaround.Used a mini to do the excavating and then a friend of mine hauled in the rock.Looks like I'm gonna need more rock.๐Ÿ˜ฏ Paul
  2. Put it in a deere...it won't know the difference.Sorry couldn't resist.Most recycling centers that take household hazardous waste should take it.Consider the milky hydraulic fluid used oil and the diluted diesel a waste solvent.
  3. Debased it...that's why currency should always be backed by something of value like gold or silver.
  4. A little penetrating oil should help as well if cover is really stuck. Paul
  5. Those four bolts is all that holds the cover on,remove all four bolts and you should be able to gently pry the cover off.Whenever I service the brakes on those tractors I remove the outer disc,disconnect brake pedal linkage and remove the brake actuators...they tend not to release very well if actuating balls between actuator plates are rusty.What I do is take actuators apart and use neverseeze on actuator balls and the sockets they ride in and replace the springs that hold everything together....most of the time tho just lubing said balls๐Ÿ˜is all you need to do.Doesn't take much to make those brakes stick!Pretty straitforward and easy to do. Paul
  6. No such thing as a free lunch...somebody somewhere will have to make up the difference.Wage as well as price controls never work.If $15/hr minimum wage is good why not make it $50 or$100/hr.Better yet why not pay everybody $1000.00/hr...then we would all be rich.๐Ÿ˜‰ Paul
  7. Some heat and some kroil and problem solved.
  8. Working on my 1600 loadstar rear brakes.The star wheel adjusters in the brake shoe anchors are rusted pretty bad.Are there replacement anchors out there for these trucks?Having trouble finding anything on the internet. Thanks Paul
  9. pms1961

    Gun Prices

    Right on!That's the true intent of the second amendment to the constitution.If more Americans new their history maybe we wouldn't be in this mess. Paul
  10. Eye balling this one right now that is for sale nearby.766,less than 5k on the clock. Paul
  11. Looks like a decent tractor Bill,how much if you don't mind me asking? Paul
  12. X2 what Reichow7120 said.I have a 1981 tri stripe 886 w/D358...starts easy and has in my opinion more power than advertised and this one has a lot of hours on it. Paul
  13. 1976 triple six with 3653 original hrs. Paul
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