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  1. pms1961

    Couple 966 Pre-Buy Inspection Questions

    Eye balling this one right now that is for sale nearby.766,less than 5k on the clock. Paul
  2. pms1961

    Couple 966 Pre-Buy Inspection Questions

    Looks like a decent tractor Bill,how much if you don't mind me asking? Paul
  3. pms1961

    Repower 886 From D358 to D360

    X2 what Reichow7120 said.I have a 1981 tri stripe 886 w/D358...starts easy and has in my opinion more power than advertised and this one has a lot of hours on it. Paul
  4. pms1961

    Original Paint IH Tractors and Equipment photos

    1976 triple six with 3653 original hrs. Paul
  5. pms1961

    Salvage yard crawl

  6. pms1961

    Salvage yard crawl

    They were great to work with...didn't mind at all if I walked around the place.I got a good deal on the part I was after. Paul
  7. pms1961

    Salvage yard crawl

    Used for jump starting equipment in the yard.Also has what looks like a 24 volt alternator. Paul
  8. pms1961

    Salvage yard crawl

    Needed a part for one of my tractors and had some time to kill so took a few pictures of some red ones at the salvage yard.Was told most of the 4x4's are part of the yard owner's collection and not for sale.Lot's of other brand tractors and equipment as well.This is in eastern Oregon as some of you guys are probably aware. Paul
  9. pms1961

    So, New York leaders...

    This past Tuesday my wife and I went to the annual pro-life ralley in Olympia,Washington.The prolifer's outnumbered the pro abortion crowd by about 1000-1.As you can see in the pictures there was maybe 10 protester's.Man they were screaming at us and yelling all kind's of profanities.Thing is the pro abortion crowd can't make a principled argument anymore about the fetus not really being a unique living one of a kind human being.Science has proven that at the moment of conception the fertilized egg is a new human embryo with it's own DNA.So it seems they have resorted to name calling and muddying the waters about what an abortion really is.From a secular point of view the truth is on the side of the prolfe movement.Then there is the theological side of the argument.To quote a passage in the old testament"I (God) knew you before I knitted you in your mother's womb.The last pic is the pro abortion folks. Paul
  10. pms1961

    Very Famous Guy Once was IH parts manager

    That's cool...certainly found his calling as a drummer.He also wrote most of Rush's songs.
  11. pms1961

    So, New York leaders...

    If your talking about the abortion law that New York just passed,yes it allows abortion up to the point of that child's birth.Also it allows someone who is not a doctor to perform abortions.So much for the old argument by the pro abortion crowd that making abortions illegal will increase the amount of "Back alley"abortions performed by someone who is not a physician. Paul
  12. pms1961

    So, New York leaders...

    Trouble is prolife taxpayers are forced to pay for something they consider to be an evil act.So you make a good argument to defund planned parenthood.
  13. pms1961

    So, New York leaders...

    Yes.A nation that kill's it's own children has no future. Paul
  14. pms1961

    257 Bulbs Getting Hard to Come By

    My 1976 triple six has one for the engine oil pressure warning light. Paul
  15. pms1961

    Wouldn`t mind having this

    Also has the sought after" LBZ" duramax...360 hp and 650 lbs ft torque.