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  1. Picking up bales with the triple six and new Holland 1002. Paul
  2. The 686 on the right had a set of worn out 15.5/38s riding on 14 inch rims so I bought a set of 16.9/38s to put on the old girl.I parked the triple six next to it for comparison.The triple six is riding on 13.6/38s on a 12 inch rim.The fronts on the triple six are 7.50-16s and the 686 has 11.00-15s on the front.Thought that was kinda interesting that they both sit about the same height in the front.I need to get a set of 14.9/38s or another set of 16.9/38s with 14 inch rims so the triple six will sit right. Paul
  3. 886 tedding hay.And the triple six picking up bales. Paul
  4. Man that's classic! Paul
  5. Summer like weather all week this week in Southwest Washington.Temps in low to mid 80s all week and near 90 by Friday.So making some hay this week.Very rarely do we get to make hay around here this early.But hay I'll take it! Paul
  6. Many moons ago a long time mechanic did that to me.An engine installation was one of the tests for an apprentice mechanic in the forklift shop where I worked.I put a new engine in a Hyster S80XL and when I started the engine he did the same thing as that guy in video...wasn't hard to figure out he made it too obvious. Paul
  7. Doing some landscaping around the place,so decided to fire up the 886 (been sitting all winter)and hook up to the brillion packer and do some laps around my new driveway turnaround.Used a mini to do the excavating and then a friend of mine hauled in the rock.Looks like I'm gonna need more rock.😯 Paul
  8. Put it in a deere...it won't know the difference.Sorry couldn't resist.Most recycling centers that take household hazardous waste should take it.Consider the milky hydraulic fluid used oil and the diluted diesel a waste solvent.
  9. Debased it...that's why currency should always be backed by something of value like gold or silver.
  10. A little penetrating oil should help as well if cover is really stuck. Paul
  11. Those four bolts is all that holds the cover on,remove all four bolts and you should be able to gently pry the cover off.Whenever I service the brakes on those tractors I remove the outer disc,disconnect brake pedal linkage and remove the brake actuators...they tend not to release very well if actuating balls between actuator plates are rusty.What I do is take actuators apart and use neverseeze on actuator balls and the sockets they ride in and replace the springs that hold everything together....most of the time tho just lubing said balls😁is all you need to do.Doesn't take much to make those brakes stick!Pretty straitforward and easy to do. Paul
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