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  1. Thanks for the replies!
  2. Saw an IH 574 setting on the side of the road and on the radiator side panel was a blue decal with “68” on it. What does the 68 represent? Thanks!
  3. It’s to bad IH used this sentry module and couldn’t design around it - and maybe they couldn’t. Heck - look at how today’s tractors rely on electronics. Is it possible these sentry equipped IH tractors were the first “electronic” tractors - an indication of things to come?
  4. Looks great - thanks for sharing the pics!
  5. So what happens if/when you can't get a sentry module anymore? Park the tractor?
  6. Not my video, CaseIH 5140 open station baling some hay...
  7. Don’t slap me down, but what I’m reading in this post and your other replies is - don’t go there, don’t use roundup (even though you say you’re neutral). IMHO part of the transformation of this country is that for to long decent, hardworking, responsible people have, in their want not to be controversial and a want to be tolerant and accepting, have not drawn a line in the sand and if these same folks don’t begin to speak out and challenge, we/they are going to loose their country forever. I say hold your ground to using roundup. If the law suit comes, then you can consider fighting or settling at that point in time, but at least make them take the next step instead of preemptively surrendering.
  8. I would let the complainers know you have an open mind. What would they recommend? I’d ask - help me understand the risk of roundup. Help me understand why the EPA says it’s OK, as well as other studies. The findings are in conflict. Help me understand a clear answer. Facts - not emotion. Open mind, I’m listening. If there’s not a compelling, clear cut reason not to use roundup, then I’d use it.
  9. What’s not to like about a JD pan kicker. I can really load up a wagon with ours and with the arch of the throw, fill pretty high in the front too.
  10. All we make on our farm now is square bales of hay mainly for horses. We sell all of our hay. Started out with a New Holland 68, which we did a refurb on, including new maple plunger slides. Still have it, but moved up to a JD 348 w/pan kicker and kicker wagons. Coupled with our new barn, we can quickly get our hay baled, pulled into the barn out of any weather for unloading later. No more fire drills trying to get hay out of the weather...
  11. Pete23 - great info. Do you recall at the time what was driving the farmers to be purchasing. Great farm economy in those years, high commodity prices, wore out equipment had been strung along until there was no choice but to replace? Were all mfgs running full out trying to fill demand, ie AC, MF, White, etc? I guess this boom lasted until late 70’s/early 80’s high interest rates and the grain embargo against the Soviets? Always stunning to me how the farm economy crashed in those times. Thanks!
  12. In the interest of further stirring the pot and extending this thread another 5 pages...😎 Wasn’t the MF 1100 a better tractor than the 4020 and didn’t the MF 1105 smoke the 966 and have a much better cab to boot? Flame away - I will not reply...🙂 BACK TO LURKING!!!!!
  13. Haven’t read this whole thread, but when I was looking for another haying tractor, I looked hard at the 966 and later late model 4020’s. Hay and hills... I liked the weight and gear speed selections of the 966 over the JD and of course lots of parts and internet support for both. I’d have been happy with either. In the end, the 966’s I looked at appeared long wore out before the present owner bought, used and abused them. Late model 4020’s were really pricey. I settled on a different brand tractor than the IH or JD and so far so good. My advice is buy the best condition you can find for the price you can afford. Not sure what I’m going to do with the 756 gasser, costs me zero to be a weed ornament. I’d like another 90-100 hp tractor. Maybe a 966 or 886/986 - maybe...
  14. Tell me about your door/hinge arrangement. Is that working out OK? Your flow - what do you have down? Crusher run? Anything underneath it like a plastic sheet? If so how thick? Thanks!!!!
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