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  1. 2+2 from concept to the field

    It’s a pity IH and what happened. I think trying to be all things for the consumer, ie Scouts, lawn/garden, steel, refrigerators and dividend paying and giving in over and over agin to labor - when they couldn’t afford it - was great for everyone from top to bottom and the consumer. But it cost them the ag line. I’ve read IH would ramp up production, even when demand was low and reverse course sometimes too. Someone told me one time how JD survived the depression and the 80’s is they knew exactly where their money was. I’ve read of JD having major production cuts, massive layoffs, idling plants for weeks, probably months to right size production with respect to demand in the 80’s. I’ve also read they had a ton of tractors in the 80’s that went unsold too. I just get the impression JD was a far better managed company and spent heavily on R&D when everyone else, especially IH, was dressing up their old tractors and calling them new. I don’t know. My first car was a Scout 800A and I’ve liked IH ever since... Don’t know JD’s 2x2 offerings and how they competed. I think IH should have forgot about the 2+2 and mashed the pedal around 1986 with the 50 series tractors and a competitive cab. I wonder sometimes if Brooks McCormick had remained at the table vs McArdle, even if IH had bleed, they would have had a better sense for weathering the storm post 1979 and survived. YMMV
  2. Farmall 706 Cummins swap

    One thing I forgot to ask - these 5.9 Cummins are getting long in the tooth along with high mileage - how did/do you know you’ve got a good one and not an engine rebuild on your hands after all that work? One of the things I’ve thought about is buying a Dodge truck with the 5.9, driving it a year and if I’ve got a warm and fuzzy, then harvesting the engine. Thanks!
  3. Farmall 706 Cummins swap

    Looks great! I really appreciate the pictures. I’ve got a 756 gasser, narrow front with a tired C291 in it. Going to do something, rebuild the gas, swap-in a Cummins or sell it. My mind changes on what to do like the weather, so seeing these pics is very informative. Thanks again!
  4. Reading the response to my post on IH 50 series vs Case 94 series, maybe it’s a Redpower forum thing, but I don’t glean a lot of respect for the Case side of CaseIH. I’m really detached from reality on this one in my small world, so asking.... Do farmers give a hoot about brands anymore or the deal is where they find it - regardless of color? There seems to me to be so much reverence and brand identity with International Harvester. In this day of brand consolidation, what’s to keep Fiat from dumping the CaseIH name and going with International Harvester? Are those two words still under ownership of Navistar and Fiat only has IH, therefore CaseIH remains? I assume the current crop of CaseIH tractors (along with their blue clones, New Holland) are fine machines across the board by any measure? It would seem to me leveraging the name/heratige of International Harvester, along with IH would help move tractor sales to some extent. Again, who actually owns the International Harvester name and IH logo and what prevents its use as a standalone brand, dumping the Case name from ag? Just curious. Thanks!
  5. Case 94 vs IH 50 Series

    So when the Tenneco buy of IH ag happened, did production of the 50 series and Rock Island plant operations cease in favor of Racine Case tractors? We’re any 50 series ever badged CaseIH or any consideration of the idea?
  6. Case 94 vs IH 50 Series

    How did the Case 94 series compare to the IH 50 series? Read a lot about both as compared to the Magnums, but not finding so much head to head comparisons. Just curious. thanks!
  7. FARMALL Plant vs Racine

    On a vacation a couple years ago, we stopped in for a factory tour at the New Holland plant in New Holland PA. Pretty sure someone asked and the group was told non-union. CaseIH haying equipment was being made there too. Identical to New Holland, except rim and pick-up color on the balers and of course decals. The tour guide told a funny story that when CaseIH started being produced, the red paint was slightly different on NH vs CaseIH. Every now and then a prepainted piece of sheet metal would run short and workers being workers would go and get the other brands sheetmetal. Couldn’t really tell the color difference in the darker lit building, but roll the machine outside into the sun....😎 New Holland and CaseIH red is now the same. I kind of think New Holland and CaseIH are the same product across all platforms, except paint and decals - don’t really know. If they are, makes me wonder in this era of consolidation and cost cutting, why Fiat hasn’t dumped one brand or the other.
  8. Auction in NC

    One of our members was having difficulty trying to post this auction link in NC and asked if I could give it a try. http://www.ebharris.com/auction/326853/jerry-keck/ Hopefully the link will work. A couple Magnums and a 706
  9. Went to look at a 966 today, 3,000 hrs on the clock. After seeing it, the faded repaint, wear and tear, oblong hole in the drawbar, I’m thinking 13,000 hrs or who knows, maybe 23,000 hrs. What’s the most hours you’ve ever seen on an IH with “low hours” - knowing the hour meter has rolled over at least once... LOL! Is that low, but high hour tractor still in use, still reliable and field ready, even after some repairs over the years? Other than cold, got in a nice drive today...🙂
  10. C263 Gas Questions

    Been doing a fair amount of posting regarding my 756 gasser with the C291 and was reading about how the late models 706 had the same engine, however, prior to that, they had a C263 gasser. What prompted the change mid stream by IH? More hp? Availability issues with the C263? A market response to JD? How would the C263 have compared to the later C291? Were they reliable? I’m thinking they were used on the 560 gassers? I’ve read several posts around where folks recommend boring them and sleeving them up to the C291, just wondering if they were a dog? What about the rebuild aspects of the C263 vs the C291? Straight forward like any other gas engine or special interference/press fit sleeves like the C291? Could you take a C291 out of a 756 and swap it into a C263 706 for a power upgrade? Post 560 tractors, what other IH tractors used them other than the 706? Just curious. Thanks!
  11. Stolen Tractors

    So you’re tractor gets stolen, insurance cover it? What kind of value does one put on a tractor for insurance purposes? I think my insurance is for fair market value, but not sure what I’d get for that $$$ in terms of overall condition and reliably. Makes me think there ought to be some kind of replacement insurance?
  12. 66 and 86 Tractors - What Are You Getting Into???

    Not my video, but one going over their 986. Interesting comment regarding tractor length being the same as the 66 series, only the cab moved forward and the hood is shorter, giving the impression it’s shorter than a 66 tractor. I assume that applies to wheelbase too.
  13. 66 and 86 Tractors - What Are You Getting Into???

    Yes - 966 and 986. Edited the my post to fix. Thx!
  14. 66 and 86 Tractors - What Are You Getting Into???

    Thanks everyone! Cab noise, is the 86 quieter because of better insulation and cab isolation vs the 66 cab? Are there upgrades (other than buying an 86) /mods you can do to the 66 to make it as quite and comfortable? 1066 and 1086 both have the DT 414, the 986 and 966 have (if I recall correctly) the NA 436, yet the 86 tractors have more hp. How is this possible? Did IH make a water filter standard equipment on the 86 and 66 tractors? How deablitating are the shift linkage problems on an 86 tractor, expensive/easy fix, split ever required? Tractor split, does it require cab removal on either 86 or 66 series tractors? (edited 866 to 966)
  15. One of the things I enjoy is window shopping IH tractors, from the 56 series through the 86 series. One of these days I’d like to add a 66 or 86 tractor to the fleet - but for now content with refurbing/rebuilding the 756. I’ve got a neat program on my iPad, called CSmart and I can do mass searches for “International”, “Farmall”, “IH” etc. So I’ll get results for tractors like the 986, 1086, 966, 1066, etc. Somewhere between $8k and $12k, hours from 7k-ish to 10/11k. Some look great, others look like they have never had a handful of dust wiped off. Who knows how many hours and the extent of hard labor or determine any lower hour rebuilds from the tractor’s past. So for your $8-10k, what are you getting into with these 86 and 66 tractors from a financial titanic standpoint - yet know they are still farm useable? How do you buy/determine you’ve got a field ready or near field ready tractor vs a boat anchor for your $$$’s? You folk’s farming with these tractors vs collecting/restoring, are you still on the lookout for these older 86 and 66 tractors and if so why? My motivation is “affordable” bigger power on our small farm. I like that there a limited set of IH tractor models and therefore a more focused base of knowledge, i.e. Redpower. Whereas JD has so many models, other than the 4020, IMHO it’s a sea and potential Internet/mechanic support is somewhat thin? My other motivation is the prices of new/newer 80-120 PTO hp tractors. IMHO, one can get a lot of IH tractor, along with refurb/rebuild vs those prices. Those are some of the reasons why I’m sticking with a refurb/rebuild on my 756, it just pencils out better. Farming with 86 and 66 tractors. Are these IH tractors still a good purchase for today’s smaller farm looking for higher hp than a utility? Are you still looking to buy them for your farming? Where do you draw the line on buying them from a cost vs repair/rebuild standpoint. How do you buy knowing you got a reasonable field ready tractor - without just rolling the dice? Loaded questions... Thanks! p.s. - in December we added a 9ft Krone disc mower conditioner with impellers (grass hay/anyone running a Krone? ), so definately want to get the 756 on its feet...