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  1. Video of our 1958 Farmall 350 gas making squares with the JD 348 square baler in some thin hay. Drone view... Enjoy! https://youtu.be/S6d7lDDhTO0
  2. I have noticed that too. I see very few farming videos with the old Farmalls, it seems most are casual/hobby tractors for tinkering, plow day and parades - no harm or foul there, but it would be great to see more Farmalls at work on the farm. Maybe I’m missing it, but it seems old Oliver’s are fairly plenty on YouTube farming channels and farming too. Thanks for watching...👍
  3. Thanks - no issues. Read the Farmall H was a bypass system, was curious about my 350.
  4. Is the oil filter arrangement on a Farmall 350 a full flow or bypass oil filter system? If bypass, what effect does the oil filter have on oil pressure? Just curious. Thanks! Bill
  5. Short video bring the 1958 Farmall 350 to the field with JD 348 baler and kicker wagon. I really like the sound of this tractor. Enjoy!
  6. Finally getting around to posting a video of our 1958 Farmall gasser cutting hay with the 7ft Hesston 1110 mower container. First time using the Farmall on the Hesston, wasn’t sure what to expect... Enjoy!
  7. With my newly fabbed equal angle hitch installed, hooked up the baler and kicker wagon to the 1958 Farmall 350 and baled some squares. I was pleasantly surprised, the Farmall handled the baler great. Plenty of power too. I am behind, but I have videos of baling with this tractor and will post a few when I get time.
  8. Pics mowing a combo of purple top and teff cow hay with the 1958 Farmall 350 and my old 7ft Hesston 1110 sickle mower conditioner. I got some video and will post when I can get to uploading it.
  9. Thanks for the replies - much appreciated and yes, my 350 has power steering.
  10. One of the most frequent comments I get regarding my Farmall 350 is the front wheel spacing. When I bought the tractor, the wheels were set as wide as possible. I used a recent flat front tire as an excuse to finally move the wheels inward. I did not move the wheels to the narrowest setting at 8.5 inches center to center, but simply moved the wheels from one side of the tractor to the other - dishing them inward. This took the center spacing from 16.75 to 11.5 inches. I now have about a 5ish inch gap between inside sidewall to sidewall and was a pretty easy job. We’re lining up for second cutting hay and I wanted the flat fixed, the tires narrowed up somewhat and the tractor back in service sooner than later, Question is - how narrow are the front tires on your Farmall and would you recommend I move the tires to the narrowest setting or leave them as I set them today? Before and after pics attached and a pic from the manual. Any sage advice is appreciated. p.s. - ignore the big spot of oil in the pic at the widest setting, that was there at the seller’s place when I bought the tractor. This Farmall doesn’t drip nearly that much oil...🙄😎👍
  11. How were the C series IH trucks of the 60’s compared to the more boxey trucks that came in ‘69 and into the 70’s? Were they rust buckets or a fairly reliable truck? How is the parts situation with them? Thinking about an older 2 wheel drive pickup, just for kicks, to knock around in and around the farm. Any sage thoughts and advice on these pickups are most appreciated. Thanks!
  12. In as much as they own Navistar now and the International brand name, I think they should call it International Scout. Come out with their EV, but also gas and diesel models and how about an International pickup? Back to lurking...
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