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  1. LOL - I realize there is a great debate regarding 30w vs other viscosities and #1 vs other brands. My question is - does it have a unique specification quality that makes it advantageous to use in an IH diesel? I get the impression that Hytran has qualities helpful to IH - does the #1 oil? Thanks!
  2. leeave96

    2019 hay

    We are going to have a massive crop if we can get it off. Got a new barn going up and should be finished in time to use it for hay storage. Most everyone around us is making hay going into the Memorial Day weekend - the weather has been incredibly great for haymaking this week. Our timothy still needs a couple more weeks before we can begin cutting. Fingers crossed the weather will be good.
  3. What does Case #1 oil bring to the engine (diesel) that, say Rotella, would not? Is there something about an IH engine that requires this oil - is the oil that much better than Rotella or similar? I get it with low ash oil for the C291 gassers like I've got with my 756.
  4. Thanks for the replies. The tractor has a front weight bracket - I’ll tow it from there. Thanks again!
  5. Need to move my 756 NF gasser to another spot on the farm (back burner...) until I can get to whatever ails the no-start on it. About to get VERY busy haying... It is factory TA delete. Don’t want to just hook a chain without knowing where is appropriate. Thanks!
  6. We make small square bales of hay on our farm for sale. Our primary target are horse owners. We have our hay tested and share the data with customers. We use kicker racks with a baler and pan thrower. We are building a barn that will allow us to pull our kicker racks into the dry for unloading later in the evening or next day or while it's raining. I use kicker racks primarily for one reason, I can get the hay off the field when I bale it vs going out on the field again with an accumulator grapple set-up. Don't get me wrong, I think the accumulator grapple set-up is the cats meow, but I have time constraints with my day job and limited help as my kids go in their own direction. When I retire, I'll likely go with an accumulator grapple set-up. My advice is if you're going to make hay for sale, make as high of a quality hay as you can. It takes just as much back to lift a 50lb square bale of trash as it does a top quality bale - only the better bale brings more $$'s. Good luck!
  7. Haying is coming fast, so is mowing the yard(s). Available spare time is at a minimum. 756 gasser is on the back burner again, that leaves this IHCC as the “official” binder iron around here until something gives... Model 1650 w/14 hp transplant. This is an earlier model with cast iron rear and cast lower front grill. I’ve got the lower screen laying around somewhere. This tractor was made when there was a McCormick at the helm at IH... Got a few others in need of work, a couple 126’s and a 109. Couple of parts tractors too. I consider these non-running tractors as good books on the shelf with chapters yet to be read. Wish I still had my first IH, a 1970 year Scout 800A with 196 cu-in gasser and 4 speed. Fine machine...
  8. THe 472 and 488 have never gone out of production. I heard rumors and was on a factory tour in New Holland PA and asked. There was talk of a refresh but it never happened
  9. Pete23 - thanks! I see that now, had it printed and in my hand. Sometimes I can’t see the forest for the trees... BTW - I really appreciate your replies, not just to my posts, but others too - here and on YT. Sharing your knowledge and experience is most appreciated. Thanks again!
  10. Yes - I had found those wiring diagrams and the 56 series is not there. I looked at the 706 gas wiring diagram and it is for a tractor with a generator. My tractor has an alternator. I assume all C291 powered 706’s had an alternator too? If so, don’t think this wiring diagram applies and is for the C263 gas engine? Is it possible I have back fed power through the ground into the distributer and fried the condenser to the points? I have a spare laying around somewhere I could try. Don’t want to just replace parts... Going out to the farm in a few in a bit, might tinker with it again. Thanks!
  11. The solenoid for this carb was removed by the previous owner - thanks!
  12. I haven’t looked up the part numbers individually, but I posted regarding the 756/856 from the engine back and the replies indicated they are identical. My impression is - if you ever re-engined a 756 gasser like mine with a Cummins 5.9 (as an example) you’d essentially have an 856. I’m no expert, someone correct me if I’ve got this wrong...
  13. Anyone have a wiring Schematic they can share for a 756 gasser. A few weeks ago I managed to hook up a new battery with the cables backwards. Never turned on the switch - saw what I did immediately and installed the battery correctly. Tractor cranks fine, but will not fire. I’d like to figure out what I fried. Thanks!
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