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  1. 66 series tractors, both white and black stripe. Some have louvers on the vertical panel beside the radiator and others don’t. I thought 1066’s had them, but I see 966 and 766 models with louvers. I didn’t think these models had them? Makes me wonder - if they’ve got them, is a tell - tell sign to look deeper, might be a cobbled-up tractor? Water filter: From the get-go on the 66 series, were these optional? I’m thinking they were never standard? When one sees a water filter on a 66 series tractor, is this a tell - tell sign the engine got a rebuild at some point and the owner/rebuilder wised-up and added one? What’s the skinny on 66 series louvers and water filters? Thanks!
  2. leeave96

    What Can You Tell Me About This 986

    Walking... Thanks!
  3. Looking at a 986.. Got some questions. S/N for tractor and engine in pics - hopefully they are readable. If Tractordata is correct, this is a late 1980 model? Engine has no water filter (as I understand how they look) - not sure why it wouldn’t be there. Every pic I’ve seen on a 986 has one. No water filter and engine S/N, is this the original engine? When was the serial number for the change to closed center hydraulics on the 986? I thought this tractor might have it given the S/N ? There is no additional filter under the frame rail. Remotes- what are the small vertical levers on them? Are they flow control and would that go along with closed center hydraulics? Front tires are correct, 10.00-16. Rears are 18.4-34’s. I thought they would have been 38’s ? Seller told me the shifters got stuck in reverse. I get it, these tractors have shifting linkage issues (which can be fixed/adjusted), but I’ve never read of them getting stuck in reverse? 6K hours on the meter. Haven’t driven the tractor yet, I’m told the tractor is slipping (drivetrain), so I’m assuming clutch and/or TA, maybe MCV, etc is going south or needs adjusting. When/if I do give it a test drive, I’m listening for clunking in reverse from someone dropping in park while moving. What else should I be looking/listening for? I look at this tractor knowing it is a 40ish year and with it issues and a potential money pit - still cheaper than a new tractor of the same hp. The goal is to find a good foundation at an attractive price and build it up from there. The engine, tractor serial number, open vs closed center hydraulics, 34’s tires - can’t say I have a warm fuzzy - yet. Thoughts, advice, recommendations? Thanks!
  4. leeave96

    Using the TA Question

    Isn’t the TA designed to go into low (would assume hi too) under full load? It would be my luck I’d clutch and the implement would stop the tractor in it’s tracks. I’m thinking the TA would prevent this with shift hi/lo on the go. Just curious - why would he want a TA delete? My 756 gasser is factory TA delete and I get along fine. Never used a TA, so really I don’t first hand know what I’m missing.
  5. leeave96

    Using the TA Question

    I’ve thought of the TA as, plowing - hit a tough spot, pull TA into low, get past it and back to high. Think I think of the TA giving the tractor 16 speeds to choose from. I’ve read not to use the TA as a brake. But what about when haying. You are in low, reach the end of the windrow, go to high around and back into the windrow and back to low. Or... You’re baling (square bales) along, hit a heavier part of the windrow, pull the TA into low to keep the baler from choking. Either case, one could be moving the TA in/out of hi/lo a lot. Can the TA take this kind of cycling throughout the day?
  6. leeave96

    IH, July 4th and 1976

    Happy July 4th to everyone!!! 1976 - anyone remember the Bicentennial Year celebration in the US ? I remember it very well. Such great pride was shown that year for this country and all it had been through and accomplished to that date. Remember the Bicentennial Farms? There was (and still is) a local farm with a Bicentennial Farm plaque at the gate not to far from here. Seems like a lot has changed since that year in our country. Some good and some not so good. A few days ago, I posted a few questions about the Black Stripe IH tractors. I think I read an older thread/post regarding them and someone said that IH sold a LOT of those black stripe tractors in 1976. In 1976, I loved to window shop and/or read the ads and brochures for the Scout II. In 1976, “Anything less was just a car.” What intrigues me about the Black Stripe tractors is they were for the most part a 1976 model tractor and a reminder/stake in the ground (for me) of some very good times and a LOT of national pride in the US. What were you doing on or about July 4th 1976? Hopefully it was a good year. Anyone take delivery of an IH Black Stripe Tractor in 1976? Hope everyone has a HAPPY JULY 4th !!!!!!
  7. Some like the looks, others don’t... but... Mechanically how are these tractors compared to their white striped models? For example, I gather rpms were turned up to gain hp. Was this a good or bad thing for the engine. Any other changes that would have been made to the black stripe tractors to make them more or less desirable for a working tractor than the 66 series white stripes? Any parts issues with the black stripe tractors? Thanks!
  8. leeave96

    Random Pic - 756 Gasser

    First cut of quality timothy hay is finally finished - all of it. Pic is of the 756 gasser w/ one of our small dome shelters loaded to the gills in the background. Rough spring. Cold weather continued longer than I can remember, then continuous rain and equipment issues. Thought a new barn was going up, but the builder couldn’t deliver, hence dome shelters and square bales of hay stuffed everywhere. However, what hay we got is very good. Anything remaining at this point is going to be “goat” hay. In spite of the difficulties, we are not discouraged...👍
  9. leeave96

    756 gasser whats it worth

    I’ve go a 756 Gasser, you can read some of my posts regarding it. I really like the tractor, it’s size and power. HOWEVER.... Make sure the engine is good. The C291 IMHO, while it may deliver the mail, isn’t IH’s best foot forward. The a rebuild is not for the faint, pressed-in sleeves with precise tolerances. But... Some folks have been swapping a Cummins 5.9 with a Leamans kit into them. IMHO - my 756 gasser needs a rebuild. I’m inclined to leave it a gasser and have it rebuilt. When my Gasser runs right, it one truely smooth engine. Good luck!
  10. leeave96

    756 Gasser Update

    Thanks for everyone's replies. I like the gas engine and will probably continue to troubleshoot/repair. From what little I know, the rest of the tractor seems OK. Diesel would be nice, I've got a gasser. I really don't need some honking big tractor in size or hp. Some weight is good on our hills. Mostly I need the hp to drive my disc mower conditioner for a limited number of hours a year and it ain't that much acreage such that a gas rebuild would wear out before I do... I don't have much $$$ in the tractor, as I said, it seems in decent shape otherwise. It would be my luck I'd spend 4 or 5 times as much on a diesel and have to spend as much again on an engine rebuild or some costly split on it. BTW, this tractor seems to do fine with the 9ft disc mower conditioner in heavy timothy hay (and sometimes wet daylight morning cutting), so the PTO power at 70 is delivering the mail. Tractor doesn't bog down - cutting 4th gear low range - but is loaded up. I think if I can get the gas engine freshened up, I'll have a pretty good haying/chore tractor and a nice cold weather starter. Glen - are you out there.... Might be talking to you about a more in depth look-see at this tractor at your shop and a potential rebuild in January of 2019 if interested. For now this 756 gasser is on light duty and cool photo shoots... Thanks again for everyone's comments.
  11. leeave96

    706 conversion.

    Looks great!!!!
  12. leeave96

    756 Gasser Update

    Update: changed out the Champion D15Y plugs for Autolite 386 plugs, hooked up the Krone mower conditioner and waded into some thick timothy hay, tractor ran like a champ, 4th gear - low range, loaded, but not pulling down. After about 15 minutes of this, the tractor started sputtering again. Finished the job with a green looking tractor... Beginning to think the C291 wasn’t IH’s best foot forward. Other than that, the 756 seems like a very nice tractor. Decisions - decisions...
  13. leeave96

    3X88 Series vs 86 Series

    Reading a bit about the 3088, 3288 and 3688 series tractors. They were the model replacements for the 786, 886 and 986 tractors according to Tractordata. I’ve also read that they were essentially 86 tractors dressed up in new sheetmetal and to get to the newest design (pre-Magnum tractors), you had to move to the 5x88 tractors. Is this correct? If the 3x88 tractors were a rehash of the 9,8 and 786 tractors, did anything change for the better? Did the TA remain? We’re cab issues addressed, left hand shifters to the right, doors, rear drawbar visibility, etc. Was the cab better, if so, how? Was the radiator fan arrangement changed to pull thru like the bigger 5x88 tractors? If these are re-skinned 86 series tractors (I gather the cab on the 86 Series were designed with servicing the tractor in mind vs the 66 series) was it a half thought out change making the whole tractor more difficult to service/repair vs the 86 series. Was the AC 134a? How is the parts availability compared to the 86 tractors? Given the choice, equal hours and condition, would you prefer a 3x88 series tractor to an 86 and if so why or why not. Just curious. Thanks!
  14. Taking a little break this morning, thought I’d give an update on my 756 gasser. Firstly - Happy Father’s Day!!!!! From my previous post and recommendations received... Checked the plugs. They are clean, not fouled out. They are Champion D15Y plugs and I got a lot of recommendations to change to Autolite. These plugs have less than 30 hours on them (and a tune-up carb rebuild earlier this year); they look good. I’m not sure my problem is with the plugs - but I will change then none the less. Bottom line - the plugs are not fouled out. Fuel flow: All good from the tank to past the inlet screen on the carb. Fuel cap is venting, glass bowl is clean - fresh fuel. Fuel is not the issue. Put the Krone disc mower conditioner back on and ran the tractor under load. Lo range, 3rd gear (factory TA delete on this tractor). After a few laps around the field, the engine started sputtering (did not die), I’d stop, lower the RPMs, disengage the PTO and the engine would recover and run like a sewing machine. Give it a few minutes, start out again and the stumbling would begin again. I do not believe the fuel is bad. Is it possible I’ve got exhaust valve problems? Is it possible the pistons are getting hot, swelling and trying to seize to the sleeves (I’ve read this can happen on a C291) ? If you are putting around, pulling a wagon, going from point A to point B, the engine runs fine. Under full load, I’ve got problems. This 756 gasser is IMHO a nice tractor. About 4,200 hours and I don’t believe that is 14,200 hours based on the overall condition of the tractor. Knock on wood, clutch, power steering, breaks, hydraulics, PTO - everything works fine. Sheet metal is nice and straight. I hate to kick this tractor to the curb, but in it’s present state, it’s worthless for a few weeks a year haying. It’s the chance you takes when you buy a 50 year old tractor - on the cheap...LOL. I’ve got other tractors to finish the haying, the 756 will be put on light duty until I have time to decide a path forward with it. I appreciate everyone’s help and suggestions! Happy Father’s Day! p.s. - First year haying with the Krone; it’s a fine machine...👍
  15. leeave96

    756 Gasser Update

    Champion D15Y plugs.