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  1. leeave96

    Bus dt466

    I never think of Navistar as a different company than International and is a continuation of the original IH without the Harvester. No plant relocations/consolidations to a new buyer’s plant. Same International. No buyout, just a name change. Seems like I read somewhere that trucks were a money maker for IH and if there were a major sell off, it would be ag - not trucks. So when you see engine development show in 90’s production, in my mind, it was a continuation of International, not something “Navistar” borrowed from IH. Just some thoughts...YMMV
  2. leeave96

    Bus dt466

    Tractordata shows that tractor with a Detroit Diesel in it. Typo? Never knew “Navistar” engines were used ever for ag applications.
  3. leeave96

    56 vs 66 Series Front Axle - Good vs Bad Points???

    Thanks everyone for the replies - much appreciated.
  4. Some time back I looked at a 966 and the front pivot was very bad in that the axle wobbled side to side perpendular with the front of the tractor. I read about these 66 and 86 series pivot pin issues, but what about the 56 series wide front axles. What kind of issues came with those front axles? How did the 56 vs 66 front axles compare and what were the good, bad and ugly of them? Thanks!
  5. Little windy this weekend... hat blew off and right into fertilizer spreader...
  6. Cool night - cool pics...
  7. leeave96

    Converting carb from a c291 to a c301

    FWIW - YT has rebuilt carbs available, if you have a core, you can save some $$. CIHTECH rebuilt the carb on my 756 gasser and did a nice job - perhaps pm him; perhaps he might be interested in rebuilding the one you’ve got.
  8. leeave96

    1411 discbine

    My Krone mower conditioner has a one piece cutter bar with a common oil bath. So far so good. Very heavy built. Mine has impellers, 2 point drawbar hitch w/swivel gear box and shear hubs. I like the New Holland machines - just watch our for delaminating rubber rolls. There is a lot of discussion on Haytalk about these 1411 machines if you do a search. There is a very good tech there Mike10 that can give you the skinny about anything New Holland haying. Good luck!
  9. leeave96

    Hesston hydroswing

    Here is a PAMI report for a CaseIH 8380 which is a Hesston. Not the same machine as you are looking at, but I'm thinking a model older - but same width? I have a small Hesston sickle mower conditioner and it is very well built, simple to service and repair. The owners manual is excellent too. The rollers on mine are rubber on steel and are crimping rollers vs crushing. They do an outstanding job of conditioning hay. Rather than a wobble box, the my Hesston and perhaps the one you are looking at use a half swaybar set-up to drive the cutter bar. Drop dead simple and effective. Here is a video I took after rebuilding/refurbishing the half sway bar on my Hesston. BTW - even though we have a Krone disc mower conditioner, we still use the Hesston on certain fields. Good luck!
  10. leeave96

    Couple 966 Pre-Buy Inspection Questions

    Thanks for the link - much appreciated.
  11. leeave96

    Couple 966 Pre-Buy Inspection Questions

    Thanks everyone for your patience and replies. I have passed on the 966 tractor. I appreciate the input; this was a very good learning experience for me. Thanks again!
  12. leeave96

    Couple 966 Pre-Buy Inspection Questions

    Thanks everyone for your replies. I'm on the fence on this 966. Going to sleep on it tonight and make a decision one way or another tomorrow; this ain't the only 966 out there... Any additional sage advice regarding the lift arms going half way up and when the tractor is turned off - dropping vs holding their position - the potential problem and fix is appreciated. I think the fuel leak is the rubber return line as was mentioned. The front axle repair I understand. The weld bead I saw on the axle concerns me somewhat. Thanks again!
  13. leeave96

    Couple 966 Pre-Buy Inspection Questions

    Thanks! We have Cat 1 implements too and it is a royal pain in the buttox using bushings with our cat 2 tractors on them. I just don't wan't to deal with cat 3 to 2 bushings on our cat 2 equipment and cat 3 would probably eliminate using cat 1 implements on the same tractor. That's why I've limited my search to 66 and 86 tractors with cat 2 lift arms - and honestly we don't need the power of anything larger.
  14. leeave96

    Couple 966 Pre-Buy Inspection Questions

    Thanks - never thought about that, you are correct and I was looking at it the whole time I was going over this tractor.