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  1. Here is a fun video we put together for folks with small fields who want to have a try at making hay on a budget with older equipment. Scattered in this video is the 756 gasser and in one frame where you don't see it - you know it's there from the smoke... LOL! Enjoy!
  2. January 12th Temperature in the 60’s, sunny and clear...👍
  3. Our hay is cash only - receipt provided. No holding, no pay me later. First come, first served. We also have a net 45 on payment. You got 45 seconds after the hay is loaded to pay or it gets unloaded. Had a guy offer to pay via an e-check. I asked him how I would hold an e-check until payday? He paid cash.
  4. In addition to the Krone I mentioned earlier, we have a New Holland 256 rake, New Holland 156 tedder and a John Deere 348 square baler with a pan kicker. I’ll try to attach videos of those - but you can go to JHJ-Farm on you tube and find all of our videos, including other hay equipment we use. 80 acres is a lot of hay, especially for square bales and older equipment. What is your market? Good luck!
  5. We also have a Krone mower conditioner, 2801cv impeller machine. I’ve had mine on two wheels too... Here a video of it working... The Krone is an awesome mower conditioner.
  6. What kind of weight is being placed on these draw bars with the grain carts?
  7. Forgive me if this link has previously been posted. If not, I’m hoping you folks are watching this guy and his 856 project. IMHO - incredible.
  8. My 2 cents - get him an old Marlin 336 30-30 lever action rifle and a cheap Mossburg pump 20 ga shotgun. He can upgrade later - he has a lifetime to do it. Get him into a hunter safety course. Good luck!
  9. Looks like a nice tractor. As far as the hours, as old as these machines are, IMHO it’s more about condition. Don’t remember who said, “how old would you be if you didn’t know how old you were”. Sometimes I think we’d be better off if there were no hour meters. As to the 34’s, I seem to recall when looking at a very early 986 with 34’s, someone said they were standard at that time, but I don’t know.
  10. Has the percentage of people reaching into the fridge and drinking straight out of the jug, when no one is looking, gone up or down over the past 30 years? Sorry... BACK TO LURKING!!!!!
  11. Asked a similar question on NAT... 3pt mounted sprayer, how large (gallons) do you hang off of your 86 series tractors and still keep the front end safely on the ground - especially in hills? Thanks, Bill
  12. leeave96

    806 gas

    IMHO the route to go is a Ed Leaman kit and a Cummins 5.9L engine.
  13. I know the 2000 series that replaced the 11x5 MF tractors had major issues and even after the upgrades, they had a reputation... From what little reading I’ve done on the 3000 series, I gather they were pretty good tractors. I think you can look at a point in time at most any make tractor and find fix or replace daily. IH certainly had their share of issues with the 06 series tractors, engine cavitation and for me personally, a really lousy design for a C291 gas engine IMHO. When looking at IH tractors (and I still like them and think they are a great bang for the buck), most all of the ones I considered appeared wore out from the previous owner to the guy selling. I just never stumbled on one I could live with, one that didn’t need dropped off for major repairs on the way home. I expanded my search to include JD and MF 1100, 1130, 1105 and 1135 tractors. I would have bought a JD, IH or MF given my timeline to purchase - if condition and reasonable price were good. The MF 1105 came up for sale and I jumped on it - after doing a lot of reading and asking questions about these series tractors. I’d like to find a decent open station 1105 one of these days, but for now, I’ll tinker with the IH 756 gasser. I seem to recall reading this somewhere. We’re just haying, so I don’t know if I’ll ever need the hydraulics capacities, but I’m to understand the 11x5 and 11x0 tractors had excellent closed center hydraulics. Thanks!
  14. I really like the 1105. Mine has a cab and just over 4800 original hours. It handles the Krone mower conditioner like a dream.
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