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  1. It started on fire after it had been sitting for 2+ weeks? Probably had the insulation on the battery cables wear through, causing a dead short. Somewhat common on a red bi-di with a 3.9L Cummins. They were somewhat of a firetrap....lots of places for hay to build up in them. But that usually caused fires while they were running.
  2. While I hate to see people profit from other people's misery, IIRC Chernobyl was a short-term marketing boon for the American wheat farmer. May 1986 IIRC. US wheat prices went up drastically in 2-3 days time as there was speculation that Chernobyl would poison the entire Russian wheat crop and perhaps part of Europe's wheat production as well. IIRC, my Dad even suspended spring planting for a few days as he wanted to get his wheat delivered in the short time that the market was up. (It probably didn't help that the bank nearly foreclosed on him a few months prior to this). The market went back to normal price 3-4 weeks later. I remember a couple neighbors that thought the high prices would last a little longer, but missed out on the market's short-term gain amid all of the speculation. I've watched several YouTube videos on the town closest to the Chernobyl plant(Pripyat?) after the disaster. Sad to see a town that just literally lost its entire population in the course of a few hours....with nobody ever to return. The town was built for a population of young, well-educated workers and their families...all to be abandoned.
  3. My old boss used to sell a lot of Henke feed wagons years ago. Henke was bought up by Buffalo Farm Equipment a few years ago who rebadged everything Henke under the Buffalo name. Might look under Buffalo Farm Equipment
  4. SDman

    MX240 problem

    Here’s a picture I took of an MX200 we have in the shop. The cab filter housing and cab fan are still in place in the RH side of the photo closest to the camera. The wires for the park brake solenoid is circled behind the cab fan. The rod/spring for the manual brake release is to the left in the picture. I know the 240/270s have a bigger fuel tank so it may not be as easy to see on them.
  5. Yes, there is a catalyst involved. That’s what the “C” stands for in the term SCR-Selective Catalyst Reduction. CNH also refers to the catalyst material as “substrate”. I’ll post some information here from CNH on the SCR catalyst itself, answers to the OP’s question about putting DEF in your fuel tank and vice-versa, as well as a general description of SCR operation. Also, in CNH/FPT engines over 50hp, you will not deal with any DPF, EGR valve or cooler. Our engines don’t use any of those components to deal with emissions.
  6. SDman

    MX240 problem

    Hmmmm.......guess I've been doing them wrong for years. Never done it that way. Look at the area of the top step and cab air filter. Remove the step, remove the cab filter, and the fan behind it. The valve body right behind this area on the top of the transmission has the park brake solenoid. Park brake solenoid is the closest solenoid to you. The Gen. I MX Magnums don't give as much room under the cab as the Gen. III Magnums do, but you can change the park brake solenoid without fuel tank removal...unless the bigger fuel tank on the 240/270s prevent this? I don't ever remember the bigger tank causing a problem on the 240s/270s in this repair. Normally a couple hour repair. Need a DEEP well socket to screw the old valve out and install the new one. Good luck
  7. SDman

    MX240 problem

    More than likely the park brake solenoid has failed.
  8. Upon looking into this a little more, it looks like it used a 32volt Niehoff alternator to drive the drum. Not a lot of other information on this setup.
  9. Or on the New Generation and Next Generation Deere tractors the stories of putting fuel in the radiator...or coolant in the fuel tank.
  10. Dial-A-Rate....that was IH’s setup that used an electric-driven drum, correct? Remember 1 customer that had a 500 Cyclo with that setup probably better than 20 years ago anymore. IIRC, the tractor PTO ran an alternator for the electrical power, and you could change populations on the go. I suppose you could call it a first-generation variable rate planter. The only time I remember working on it was for alternator problems. IIRC, it used a Niehoff alternator like the 1400 series Axial-Flow combines and 2+2s used at that time.
  11. Perfectly normal. Just about every Magnum I have ever driven has a little more gear whine in the even gears than the odd gears. Some of them you have to listen closely to notice, but they all seem to have it, IMHO.
  12. Gotta remember DEF is 2/3 pure water. About like putting a garden hose in the fuel fill and turning the faucet on. Have seen this done on newer tractors with disastrous, expensive results.
  13. Local Hutterite colony used to put those Turbo stickers on their 7100 series Magnum tractors in the 1990s. They also put "powershift" stickers on the front hood area as well. Not sure where they found those.
  14. SDman

    1660 coolant leak

    Was the sleeve cracked in the o-ring area? Seemed to be a common problem on 1660s/80s with IH engines. Made you wonder how the bottom part of the sleeve didn't just fall out of the block and REALLY destroy things.
  15. More than likely the pressure transducer is the problem. Interesting that it jumps up in pressure in gear. Just out of curiosity, you should see what it shows with the key on, engine off. They should all show nearly 0 Wonder what that one shows? Also, 1745kpa comes out to about 253 psi. You might want to check/adjust your regulated pressure up to 295-305 psi or so. Makes a difference in shift quality as well. Pretty common for those to need adjustment at the hours your machine has.
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