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  1. All of our Maxxum/Puma/T6&T7 New Holland tractors are ordered with grid heaters, block heaters, and transmission heaters as well. You'll appreciate it on a cold(-20F) morning. As far as the grid heater is concerned...keep in mind that the engine computer doesn't fire up the grid heater until either the coolant temperature or air intake temperature falls below 25 degrees Fahrenheit....it would be much better if it would fire up at 35-40 degrees or so. We have a few tractors that start up better at 15-20 degrees above 0 than they do at 30-35 degrees because the grid heater is activated at the colder temperature. I got one in the shop with the dual plug-ins for the block heater/transmission heater...you can see what that setup looks like.
  2. I assume you are talking about the grid heater for the intake manifold? Not too hard....kit part # 718203104. Instructions below.....
  3. Never seen this on a 50 series IH, but have seen similar issues on a Gen. I MX Magnum, which has a similar setup in that one gear pump supplies both steering & regulated/transmission circuits. Same deal....steering against relief/steering stops will cause the transmission to kick out of gear due to low regulated pressure alarms at the pressure transducers at the transmission valves. Especially troublesome with the bigger tractors with factory front duals(MX240/270s). Needs replacement of the gear pump assembly. All other Magnums(both classic Magnums and Gen. II MX Magnums and newer) use the PFC/piston pump for steering circuit.
  4. For those interested...Tony posted several pictures and a video over on FB this morning about making progress on his 806 LPG that has been giving him fits for awhile now. Hopefully, he got all of the problems worked out on it. I hope he doesn't mind me reposting a few of his pictures on here.
  5. Reminds me of a story at our store last winter. My store manager ordered a bunch of New Holland skidsteers once the Covid pandemic was over.....nobody could get one at the time and they were several months to a year out on production catching up with demand. Eventually, they all showed up, but they were all priced differently due to the constant price changes. There were 2 NH skidders that were parked side-by-side out front that were equipped exactly the same(they were the largest tracked models), but one was priced over $10K more than the other. The only difference was that one was 8-10 months newer than the other.....the dealer invoice was over $10K more on the newer one.
  6. Be curious to know where farm equipment fits in with this chart....gotta be on the upper end of the inflation #s. Seems like the FE manufacturers were changing price book values every 30-60 days for awhile. I can remember a salesman telling me a 2023 Quadtrac was going to cost over $100K more than a 2022 model size for size. Another thing about workers for farm equipment companies....is there an industry which goes from "boom to bust" or vice-versa in such a sort amount of time than the farm equipment industry? I can remember reading a news story 2-3 years ago about Deere complaining they couldn't find enough workers to take care of all of their equipment orders shortly after the Russian invasion of Ukraine. Several former Deere workers said they would rather work somewhere else than Deere because the last time Deere needed these workers, Deere laid them off after a couple years when the farm machinery business went through one of its downturns. Hard to make a long-term career when your employer is constantly doing that(layoffs/rehires).
  7. And then when those high $$$ factory guys don't assemble something right, the company gets to pay for it under warranty. This was a bad deal that happened to a tractor that had never even made it to the field about 3 months ago. I believe this is the first warranty claim I have ever seen that was over $100K.
  8. Here's some info. on the workings of that system. I was never around one that had problems, but I can remember the old IH guy in our shop from years ago talking about that system being among one of many unique things about a 2+2 that could drive a technician nuts. Seems like he told me a story about converting that transfer pump system over to one that just operated by a rocker switch in the cab....seems like some of the parts for that system were pretty expensive years ago, probably NLA anymore. Good luck
  9. My sincerest condolences on Rick's passing. One of the good guys for sure. Whether it was talking about his Army days(Thank you for your service, sir!), his days of working the custom cutter route, or his days of being retired, he always had interesting stories and comments. He will be missed.
  10. Actually we do sell quite a few Maxxum series and their blue cousins, the T6s. I don't work on them a lot, but I do get to deal with them on occasion. Personally, I never cared for the 16x16 transmission that most of those tractors had in the past....seemed odd in operation for something mainly sold for loader/haying tractors in our area. Most of the ones we sell in recent years are either CVTs or have that newer ActiveDrive 8 transmission that is supposed to act like a poor man's CVT. A couple things I would say that have been nagging complaints from customers. Since Tier IVb, the Maxxums are mainly 4 cylinder models....a lot of guys wish they were 6 cylinder 6.7L engines, which have been bulletproof. The complaint about the 4 cylinder engines are that they don't start as well in cold weather, and they just don't have the torque of a 6 cyl. IIRC, the largest Maxxum is still a 6 cyl., but everything else is a 4 cyl. The other complaint about Tier IVb engines in Maxxums has to do with the SCR system.....guys just don't run them hard enough to keep everything hot on them for efficient DEF operation. Otherwise, I would say they are rather popular with customers....I just don't talk about them much on here. I think just about of the Maxxums I have out use the electronic joystick with the electronic mid-mount remote valves, so I'm not real familiar with the exact setup you are describing. Sometimes you can pierce a cable and free it up with some penetrating oil to get it back to working free....sometimes it is all in vain, you will have to replace the cable.
  11. Hard to believe, but it would have been about 45 years ago that our IH dealer had their "Red Power Showdown Days" demonstration event. I can still remember it well.....they had both a 1086 and 1586 in Red Power demo colors.....and a 3588 2+2 as well. They were all hooked up to tillage equipment....490 tandem discs and IH 55 chisel plows. I remember Dad taking me along for a drive in the 1586.....we had a 1086 at home that was just a year old so I had no desire to take it for a run. My older brother ran the 2+2 for a round, but he didn't take me along for some reason. It would have been June/July 1979 time frame. I've got a Hydro 186 around me in Red Power demo colors....last time I saw it it was pretty rough looking. Don't think I've ever seen an 8/986 in Red Power colors, but I have seen just about every other model of 86 series in Red Power colors. Dale, that one appears to have a dealer sticker from Wacker Implement from Glencoe, MN. They were pretty good-sized IH/CaseIH dealer that later became part of CAS(Consolidated Ag Services) in the late 1980s/early 1990s. CAS was a multi-store CaseIH dealer network in central MN that suffered some serious financial problems about 20 years ago. Last I knew, there was an Arnold's store in Glencoe now for a CaseIH dealer.
  12. Hay/tub grinders around here were the worst. For some reason or another, there were several 1981 model 14/1586s around here on those grinders, and they were well-known for breaking the input shaft to the PPH pump. Here's the bulletin cedar farm is referring to...I need to give credit to Jim N(Maynard on here) for posting this on another forum. Last I knew, Hy-Capacity stills offers the kit in its entirety, unless something has changed very recently. We put one on a 1086 not too long ago.
  13. Looks like it's got the big 29GPM pump with 3 mechanical rear remotes, 2 midmount remotes with a joystick.
  14. Look on page 2 on the "305 Magnum transmission pressure" thread for the park brake release pump check valve parts diagram page that Maynard posted. More than likely that is where your O/E pressure leak is. Good luck
  15. This is on a 1486 I have in the shop right now. You can definitely see the "JD" casting logo in the middle of the picture...right in the center part of the front axle.
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