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  1. Interesting...here’s similar information on the same days last week for the Southwest power pool. Wind finally started contributing later in the week...earlier in the week when it was colder than -20 there wasn’t much wind power generation due to lack of wind. We have 119 windmills within a 10 mile area of town...a local posted a video last Monday(the 15th of February) o Facebook showing that only 1 of the 119 was turning in the middle of the day...and it was only turning 5 rpm or so. As far as hydroelectric power generation is concerned...those of you that know South Dakota well wil
  2. Sure should. 2188s and early 2388s were only available from the factory with 2 cylinders and they had no problem with 8 row heads. It was only later on after they released 12-row cornheads and larger draper heads that they started installing the 3rd lift cylinder from the factory.
  3. MarkG’s numbers are pretty accurate for most Diesel engines. Many of today’s engines use one temperature/pressure sensor in the main oil gallery to measure both oil pressure and temperature. Here’s some engine info on some machines while on the dyno. One is a Cummins 15L, the other is a Iveco 12.9L. Pictures aren’t the best quality due to the sun glare.
  4. That’s very interesting acem, much more snow than we’ve got on the ground. Our ground has maybe an inch of snow on it, next week it’s supposed to warm up a bunch so it will be gone very quickly. Been a very dry and rather warm winter around here...guys are already starting to get worried about a dry year, although it’s still early and a lot of things can change.
  5. Sad thing is....that thing doesn't have all the "toys" most guys interested in a planter that size would want. Says it has cable drive row units instead of electric drives that most guys would want; and also says it has pneumatic row unit downpressure instead of hydraulic/Delta Force row unit downpressure that is preferred. You guys can say what you want, but there have probably been more John Deere DB90s(36-row 30") planters sold around here in the last 10 years than all other planters sold COMBINED! Very popular with the big green customers around here...and very well liked. Couple
  6. Titan worked together with an outside company to develop what they called a Yield-trac planter. It was based on a CaseIH planter, but used some non-CaseIH components as well. We only ever sold this one. They were only available as a 24 row 30” IIRC. Got a customer that runs 2 DB120 Deeres (48 row 30”). Pulls them with 600 Quadtracs.
  7. Here's the instructions and part #s for the front step. Unfortunately, the step mounting bracket appears to be NLA from CNH. Might have your dealer see if he can find it through vintage parts.
  8. That step became available starting with 1996 production 7200 series(electric PTO models). Also, they put a protective covering on the piece of plastic red trim on the front of the cab in that area...it was supposed to make that trim piece more resistant to scratching when you removed the engine side panel. When that step was added it took a little more effort to remove the side panel. As far as wastegate turbos, I thought all 7150/7250s had them. Since the 1996-production 7220s on up had to meet emissions, I’m pretty sure they all had wastegate turbos. The 7210 didn’t IIRC, because
  9. SDman

    Go coal

    Haven't had any blackouts here yet, but all the rural electric cooperatives and other power utility companies are urging everyone to conserve. Brother works for a city electrical department about an hour west of here. Their backup generators have been running for 3 days now. Another guy I know works for a municipality about an hour from Sioux Falls...they've been running just as long on their Gen Sets.
  10. Hope the OP doesn’t mind me using his post for me to put up some more Magnum info out of one of my old 8900 series Magnum training books. First series of pics shows the rear end innards of each model...followed by the transmission specs in each model.
  11. 1996 7200 series and all 8900 Magnums with electric PTOs were modulated.
  12. I did replace a PTO controller on an MX150/170 back when they were new...seems like it was the first one we ever sold IIRC. Did the configuration routine a couple times....seems like about a week later you had to redo it again. The tech support people said to replace it....don't recall ever having any problems with it again after that. That's been well over 20 years ago. You can update the software through your dealer's EST if they still have all the cabling for doing those older controllers.
  13. The older combines listed spring lengths when setting slip clutch torque, but later on they removed the spring length. From the 21xxs on, they just wanted you to tighten bolts evenly while measuring your slip clutch torque.
  14. N14s in 9300 series Steigers suffered from the same problem that the CDC 8.3L engines did when they put them in 1660/80 Axial-Flows....good engine in the wrong application. The 9300 series Steiger chassis was still setup to operate with the old 855 Cummins that ran 2100 engine RPM...the N14s didn't like that. They were a much better engine in the 16-1800 rpm range like they were in most trucks at that time(some didn't even run that fast). Guys that wanted to run them at higher RPMs were disappointed in their power/performance/fuel economy. They just didn't have as good a reputation as the 855
  15. Also have to remember 8900 series were the start of emissions(actually the late 7200 series with electric PTOs started emissions). They put the intercooler on the 8930 for that reason. 8950s had the different injection pump among other things for the extra HP. All 89s smaller than the 50 used the Bosch MW pump which previously was just used on 71/7240 models. I can't recall exactly what was different, but the 8940 had a different injection pump setup than the smaller Magnums. I recall one spring(I'll say 1999 or so) we had to change the delivery valves, injection pump-to-injector lines,
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