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  1. Guy on the LH side of the picture.
  2. Happy Birthday...was great to meet you today!!
  3. Sorry...my apologies. Still great to meet you and all the others. Was a great week overall.
  4. 1968 GTX with a 440. Actually its a Satellite made into a GTX. In regards to Sturgis, I'm not a biker/Harley guy...much to my wife's dismay. Should would love it if I brought one home...without even telling her. Bikes have just never been my thing. Anymore it is not unusual to start seeing Harley's headed west just after the 4th of July...and you will see them heading east up until Labor Day weekend. Anymore...a lot of my farmer customers are Harley guys around here. In further remarks about the Natives and their roadblock/checkpoints...this has been a thorn in Governor Noem's side ever since March/April. Supposedly, the Natives do not have jurisdiction on a US Federal highway. She has asked the Feds to step in, but doesn't seem to have gotten any response/support from the Feds. The reservation south of me has every road coming into the reservation with big signs on the roads saying "DO NOT STOP.....JUST DRIVE ON THROUGH". The reservations are afraid that if Covid gets started there, it will spread like wildfire...and I'm afraid it will, too. The reservation on US Hwy 212(a major road that leads to Sturgis) is very worried...their hospital on has 1 ICU bed IIRC, and the nearest ICU rooms from there are 2+ hours away. They've been stopping traffic and causing some problems with the checkpoints. In all honesty, most of the problems with Native American healthcare is due to the white man....namely a government bureaucracy called the IHS(Indian Health Services). It has to be one of the most corrupt, inefficient government agencies there is(and we have a lot of them in the USA). Money is thrown at them...it disappears mysteriously. People get fired for taking kickbacks from the tribe....meanwhile, the health of the tribe suffers because of it. The feds shut down the ICU for one of the IHS hospitals a few years back due to incompetence....this was in one of the poorest counties in the entire US. Just a terribly disorganized, mismanaged mess. Numerous government inspectors waste more $$$ analyzing all this incompetence, hire new people...and the whole mess starts all over again.
  5. To Pete’s left is NE Poweshiek Farmalls(hope I got the title right). To his left is dvw(DVW?), and 1958560 is between him and bobbyhuron. Think I got them correct. It was great to talk to you all and put a face to a name.
  6. This has been making the rounds on bookface. Don’t know if it’s 100% true. Supposedly happened last night in Sturgis. From my friend Skip who is working law enforcement at the Sturgis, SD rally 2020... 🇺🇲❤🇺🇲❤🇺🇲 "I know those of you that know me well are looking for my daily rally updates about things that happen at the greatest show on earth. However this year, due to everything that has happened in regards to law enforcement, and out of respect for my friends and family who may not be overly supportive of my chosen calling, I will not be posting much. However, sitting here on the porch reflecting on day two, I feel like I should share what happened at bar close last night downtown. The bars closed at 2 like they always do and a large number of folks gathered in the street, just like any other night. However this night turned out to be way different. Instead of grabbing some overpriced fried food and staggering off into the sunrise, one man fired up the loud stereo on his Harley and started dancing. Within seconds, the entire street was filled with people from all walks of life and Nationalities dancing right along with him. The street was filled with people enjoying their freedom together, and not wanting it to end. We let this go on for about 20 minutes or so before we had to clear the street. When we went in to stop the party, there was no rioting, no looting, and no violence. just an overwhelming support for us as they quietly left. We got fist bumps, high fives, handshakes, and hundreds of selfies and well wishes for us and our profession. A couple guys even tried to tip us for our service 😊 For a short time on Main Street Sturgis, we were all Americans, not liberals, not conservatives, and our skin color didn’t matter, we were all together, and months of anxiety, anger, divisiveness, and fear melted away right before my eyes. Even as I type this 8 hours later, I am still moved by what happened on that street in Sturgis SD. Regardless of what side your on, moments like this are what America needs right now."
  7. That’s been going on since March/April when COVID-19 first came out. We’ve had machinery trucks turned around/rerouted because of this. We have a reservation 30 miles south of our dealership that we have some customers there. I have to use the backroads to get to a couple customers so I don’t have to go through the roadblocks.
  8. Billy, I think that is just a current map of past/present dealers to date. Looks like it is an ongoing project of S.D. Chapter 21 that is probably still being researched. There is a contact provided for those with more/better information. I didn’t put it here just yet as I figured this person was probably busy at RPRU the next few days.
  9. I know Doc has mentioned on here before that there used to be a couple guys with paint brushes and buckets of cosmoline that would coat the axles just before they went into the paint booth. Maybe the cardboard tube approach was later on...sounds like a much easier way to accomplish the same thing. Maybe this coating(not sure that I would necessarily call it “paint”) was applied when the wheels were installed to prevent the axles from rusting?
  10. No, it’s because she believes that people are smart enough to make their own decisions...without gubermemt doing it for them. What a novel concept, huh?
  11. Denny, I know you have always maintained that rear axles were never painted when you worked at Farmall. When I saw this on the low-houred 5088, I immediately thought of your comments...and what I remember about the 1086 my Dad bought new in 1978. I remember the rear axles on our 1086 having a black paint, of sorts, from the time it was new. It wouldn’t have been black from the paint used on the tractor chassis as the 86 series wouldn’t have had any black chassis paint that I could think of. Just curious on your thoughts on this? To my knowledge, Dad’s 1086 would have come directly to our IH dealer from Farmall on a rail car, then to our IH dealer for dealer prep, and then to our farm...where it resides to this day.
  12. In regards to the SP combines, those are an interesting pair, indeed. The one with the cab is an early 101...reminds me of my Dad's 101. This one has the chain-drive elevator drive; IIRC, elevator drives were changed to belt-driven in 1959 production(Dad's was a 1958 model). The 503 was a diesel, hydro model...looked to be a pretty deluxe model..with the exception of no cab. Many people would probably never guess that the 503 is approx. 10 years newer than the 101. In regards to the PT 1482, I agree a 914 would have been neat to have as well. Sad thing is, I have a customer that bought a farm recently that came with a red top(late model) 914 combine. I'm sure if I asked him about it...he'd tell me to come and get it. Don't know what I'd do with it...I wouldn't have any place to keep it inside. The 400 Cyclo Dial-A-Rate planter was interesting. The drum is electric-drive, the planter comes with its own self-contained electrical system consisting of a Niehoff alternator driven by the PTO shaft that drives the blower fan. Variable-rate population technology in the 1970s. The 175 swather reminded me of days gone by. Used to be several around. You needed that tractor wheel weight on the back end of that machine, or else the rear end of that machine would lift of the ground every time you made a sudden stop if the platform was raised. The 666 Hydro with a factory Fast Hitch was interesting. By the time of 66 series production, Fast Hitch was more or less a thing of the past. I suppose if you had a bunch of IH Fast Hitch implements, you would still desire to buy a new Fast Hitch tractor. One thing I did miss was the IH dealer reunion meeting first thing this morning. Sounded like they had 25-30 people there, but many stayed away with the Covid-19 mess. I can sure understand that...many of these people are up in years so their health comes first. As far as IH's dealer footprint...east river South Dakota pretty much had an IH dealer in just about every town...even into the mid-to-late 1970s. When I was a young boy, we would travel from my farm in Blunt, SD to my grandmother's farm near Arlington, SD...a trip of about 160 miles or so. At that time, there were IH dealerships in no less than 8 towns along the way. That same trip today would yield 3 dealerships in that same travel. Starting in the late 1970s/early 1980s they started dropping like flies for various reasons...retirements...death of the principal owner with no plan of succession by the owner's family...financial reasons...selling out to a competitive IH dealer in the next town...among other reasons. This was going on even before IH's financial problems and their eventual sale to Tenneco and merger with Case. As tractors got bigger...and farmers got bigger...fewer dealerships were needed for fewer farmers. Good, bad, or otherwise, its a situation that is still going on today. According to the "IHC dealers of the past" website, Rockham SD had an IH dealership from approx. 1948 through approx. 1959 that operated by the name of Rockham Motor Company.
  13. A map of South Dakota current/former dealership locations. Black stars are towns with former IH dealers, red stars currently have dealerships. Trucks and tractors and more. Glad this all came to be. A couple weeks ago they didn’t know if they were even go to be able to do this.
  14. H pictures....and a whole lot more. Cloudy day...very nice weather for this time of year.
  15. Yes, Randy’s display is beyond perfection. For some reason, I didn’t take any pictures of either Golden Jubilee 1957 IH pickups...there are 2 of them there. Also, they came up with a nice crawler/TracTracTor display...probably a half-dozen of them or more. Also was a very nice Fast Hitch implements display that I didn’t take pictures of, either.
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