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  1. Interesting...one of the old IH mechanics I learned much from said the same exact thing pete said...almost word for word. He used to say in some situations IH wanted the extra 5 gallons in the rear end so that the ring gear could act as an “oil slinger”. Seemed like he said IH suggested that when the ring & pinion was replaced on an 06-86 series tractor, they wanted the extra oil to act as a “break in” oil to help the new gear set wear into each other.
  2. Lifetime warranty? If so, whose lifetime...the tools’ or the owner’s?
  3. Dale, I'd be curious to know if South Dakota and North Dakota are similar in voter registration. In the last election there was a newspaper article that showed the history of voter registration %s since the 1970s. At that time, Republican and Democrats were nearly equal in %; IIRC, they both had about 160,000 registered voters. In 2018, the # of Republican voters had nearly doubled since then, Democrats had nearly stayed the same since then, and Independent voters outnumbered Democrats anymore. Sad thing is, I grew up 15 miles away from our capital city of Pierre...and went all 13 years of school in the Pierre school system. I had both sons/daughters of Republican and Democrat elected officials in my class. It wasn't unusual to see those kids working on homework together, studying together, hanging out with each other in general. The only time I really remember politics being discussed was on a long bus ride home from a football game...and even then if was just two guys discussing beliefs/ideas, not what I would call a heated discussion by any means.
  4. As far as term limits go....I'm still undecided on what to think about the whole idea. First off, here in South Dakota we've had term limits on our legislature since the 1990s. They can serve up to 8 years in one chamber(Senate or House). The problem is, then they can serve in the other chamber for another 8 years. Turnover is probably more than it used to be, but not that much more. The Republicans have such a super majority in SD politics that the people might change in the legislature, but the ideas generally don't. In some ways...that's good; in some ways, it isn't. The problem is that the Democrats have lost so much ground in this state the last 20-30 years because the national party has veered so far left that even many South Dakota Democrats don't identify with the national party on many issues like gun control among others. Anymore, many legislative districts in SD struggle to even come up with a Democratic challenger in an election; the party is in that much trouble here. I'm a conservative Republican, have been all of my life, but sometimes I think it would be OK to have a little more balance in the Legislature on some matters. As far as $$$ contributions in elections...that's just part of the problem/mess. The flood of $$$ into Washington, DC, extends far beyond the politicians. Its also evident at the Pentagon, DOJ, just about anywhere/everywhere in DC. 7 or 8 of the nation's wealthiest counties being in the DC area isn't just pure luck. At least with the politicians, WE THE PEOPLE have a chance to vote them out in an election; with the bureaucrats in DC, there is little we can do as a people to get rid of them. Also, in regards to term limits....there is a reason the term "lame duck" describes politicians who are term-limited. They don't have to answer to the people anymore...and their performance usually shows that in their last term. I've seen several Presidents win a second term in my life....both Democrat and Republican. I can't say I've seen any of them accomplish a lot in their second term...all the way from Reagan to Obama. I caution people who want term limits with the old phrase, "Be careful what you wish for...you might just get your wish". In theory, term limits look like a good idea, but I'm not convinced its going to be the "answer all" that people hope it will be. Question for the political people on here...why can't we get the line-item veto into the Constitution as an Amendment? It passed Congress in the 1990s when Clinton was President, but the Supreme Court ruled it as unconstitutional IIRC. George Washington warned us about political parties in his Farewell Address; Eisenhower warned us about the military-industrial-complex. Unfortunately, they were both right.
  5. Mike, its funny after all these years, I can still remember a lot of details about the whole "SD pot plane" story. First off, I was in grade school in Pierre at the time this all happened. One of the main guys from DCI in charge of prosecuting that case had a daughter in my class. One interesting story I remember about that DC-7. There were four 55-gallon oil drums in the cargo compartment...each one equipped with an electric pump and a hose to each one of the engines. This was so they could give the engines an in-flight "engine oil transfusion" as the engines were so worn out that they constantly needed replenishment of their oil. I suppose planes that run drugs don't exactly get the best care & maintenance.
  6. Quite a few run at least one shark tooth closing wheel as it can be a common problem closing the trench, depending on the year. I see there is also a company playing around with air pressure-operated closing wheel systems like what is offered for the 2100 series planters. Might have to look into the system more.
  7. Yup, should be red. Interesting story behind the hood vents. 7100 series didn’t have them, nor did early 7200 series. 7200 series ran into a problem with HFC-134a refrigerant...guys would shut the tractor off for dinner, then come back later to find the AC didn’t work on their tractor. This was due to the engine heat not being able to escape under the hood, causing the AC high-pressure switch to trip after the operator came back from dinner. So...they put those hood vents on to allow heat to escape under the hood when everything was hot...not so much to let more air in anywhere. Late 7200s had one vent in the top, 8900s should have 2.
  8. Dale, I remember the whole Gordon Kahl incident all these years later as well. Wasn't he part of "posse comitatus"...which was a large group of people that didn't believe in paying taxes to the US federal government? Never heard the story about him being a WWII gunner. Interesting. I can remember a lot of law enforcement people in both Dakotas being on edge for awhile after that incident in North Dakota. Interesting how crime stories from back in those days come back into the news every now and then. Do you remember the "pot plane" that landed in northern South Dakota during the Super Bowl in 1980? That story made the rounds here in South Dakota a couple weeks ago as it was 40 years since that incident.
  9. The 6cyl. Saab/Scania engine used in the 48s was actually a pretty good engine. Several around here got 8-10,000 hours or better without much engine work. Unfortunately, that's been 15 years ago or better. Parts were expensive for them then, I can't imagine what they are now...if you can even get anything for them. One thing about them...you don't have to buy oil filters for the engine; they use a slinger/separator unit that you clean out every time you change oil. 4894s and 4494s would be my choice for the Case 4wds. 4994s were just a pig; 4694s used the old Case 504 engine turned up to the max(they hung an intercooler on them, then turned the engine another 100 rpm faster than in other Case tractors), and then everybody had to turn them up some more. If you like dealing with broken exhaust manifolds and manifold bolts, get yourself a 4690/94 Case. 44s didn't have enough power to hurt themselves. The weakest link on a 4894 would probably be the Case powershift, but if you are just using it for a grain cart, it probably would get along fine. I don't recall those having much problem with the PTO unit. It was a dropbox setup similar to what Steigers still use today...and guys complain about the noise on them as well. Like any other tractor that is north of 30 years old, a lot has to do with its repair history & maintenance. If a guy can still find one in decent shape, I wouldn't hesitate to get one. I know they're not in favor on this board, but there used to be a lot of Case 4wds around back in the day; and a lot of guys got along fine with them. Make sure the electronic steering works and check all 4 corners for oil leaks at the axles and planetary hubs. Around here there is a road construction company about an hour west of me that runs 40-60 Case 4wd tractors in his construction business. They use them mainly for pulling packers. Every Case 4wd around here that gets retired from farm use gets sold to him. He doesn't care if the powershifts are missing some gears...all it needs to do is move in one gear for him. Every one of them gets the AC compressor belt cut off and they remove most of the cab windows.....he says that way guys pay attention to their work and don't get too comfortable in a nice air-conditioned cab. He's had that fleet for better than 20 years and slowly keeps expanding the fleet as more tractors are found; he seems to have made it work with all those Case 4wds.
  10. Straight out of the Cummins CAPS service training manual.
  11. Would agree with Big Bud Guy. Back in the 1990s most 4wds around here were barebacks(no 3pt. hitch and no PTO...just a drawbar). As grain carts became bigger than what 2wd/MFD tractors could safely handle, guys turned to hydraulic-driven grain carts for use behind 4wds. Most were extremely disappointed in the unloading capacity with the hydraulic drive...even with tractors that had bigger hydraulic capacities. They quickly fell out of favor with customers. Don't think I've seen a new grain cart with hydraulic drive in over 10 years at our dealership. Since the STX Steigers came out in 2001, I can only think of a handful of new Steigers we sold without a PTO...mainly just for one customer who specifically orders them that way. Whatever $$$ he saves ordering them that way he more than loses when he trades them in. As far as a 4100/56/66/86 goes...I would think they would be one of the last choices I would make for a serious grain cart tractor for various reasons...with no powershift right at the top of the list. As far as a 2+2 for a grain cart tractor....I used a 3588 for a grain cart tractor for the neighbor back in the 1980s when grain carts were just coming into farming. I liked it over the 2wd tractors he had(1586 IH, 4450 2wd John Deere) because of the extra weight on the front axle. As far as 4wds of that vintage go, I thought the Case 4wds of the 70s/80s were good candidates for grain cart duty; most had PTOs on them and the 3 BIG JUMPS in the powershift would be ideal for a grain cart tractor.
  12. Yes, I can understand that. Back in the 1990s I used to go to service training for classic Magnums in Regina, Saskatchewan every now and then. The first difference between the tractors there and the ones I worked on was lack of a 3pt hitch. One time I went there and they did have an 8900 series with a 3 pt hitch. I remember all the Canadians in class looking at that like it was something from Mars.
  13. Don’t mean to hi jack this thread, but... I was watching an old IH sales video from Farmington Implement for 43/45/4786 tractors. It mentioned that you could get an optional front axle differential lock on the 43 & 4586s. I’ve seen a lot of 43s & 45s in my life, but never seen one with a differential lock option. Anyone ever seen one so equipped?
  14. Mark 50 Magnums were special edition 7200 series celebrating 50,000 Magnums built. Rare? Somewhat... A Mark 50 edition 7230 with 2wd and no 3pt? Extremely rare in my book.
  15. Happy Birthday everyone!!
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