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  1. The early cattlemen who discovered the Sandhills as a "sea of grass" and ideally suited for ranching. Brought over Shorthorn bulls from England as their first cross to add meat and milk to the Hereford breed.
  2. You and the missus are welcome any time Jake. Build you a little cabin up the canyon a ways. All the huntin and fishin and bathin you can handle 😄 Even got a guy that builds Harleys up the road a piece. It is nice to live in a state that holds my values dear. Don't know how this whole attack on the second amendment will shake out but feel I am in a good spot to ride out the storm.
  3. Warning labels is racist. I saY NO MORE! Tear off them labels, free yourself and be woke. Time to give natural selectioN a seat at the big table.
  4. Technically moses was also the first man to crash his hard drive.
  5. Luckily my local haulin doesn't require I take advantage of the services a truck stop has to offer, especially after dark😳 Wife is always teasin me about the "lot lizards". Um..........yeah............no thank you.............🤢
  6. Pat Mallette. Wasn't very long, maybe less than a season when he threw his arm out. (thougnt I would try to back up what I remember hearing as a kid and the only thing I could find was a stint with the Aberdeen Pheasants which is/was in the Oriole farm system) Maybe he didn't make it to the show. Memories🥺 Grandpa always like pointing out to us grandkids where when catching for him a wild pitch dented the 300 gallon fuel barrel. Uncle Pat had a fairly storied career as a HS and college athlete in the State of Nebraska. He made a career as a Back Judge in the NFL.
  7. I love these stories. Old girl just hangin' around waiting for someone to find her. Take her home, show her some love and put her back into useful service. Purpose built to bring smiles to the face of their owners, glad she is doing that once again😀
  8. The Huskers? or my Uncle Pat?
  9. That made me chuckle😄 And is spot on Something I taught my boys early on😉
  10. I like listening to the Cornhuskers on local AM if they are on when I am in the hay field. It is relaxing to me. I grew up with Grandma having a ball game on the radio all the time. She became a fan when one of her sons pitched a short stint for the Orioles.
  11. for all the "woke" idiots with masks covering their noseringed faces so you can tell them apart If I'm on the chute when they blindly follow their leader up the alleyway, I'm going to use the one piece Z tags on 'em .
  12. Hey Mark, good to see ya back! I still have my hooks too. Never used them on small rounds but loaded countless semis with small squares we baled out of stacks over the winter.
  13. I liked girls on the hay crew. They were hard workers, listened, stopped if something didn't sound right so it was usually an easy fix rather than fubar'd. If there was a negative...........they were out there to get a suntan and dressed as such. A bonafide distraction to the boys on the hay crew😄
  14. Years ago they were popular to bale the draws in the rough winter pastures and leave them lay. If the winter grass got covered up with snow after or during a storm, the cows were turned into these pastures and could always find the bales. Most of these true cake and range outfits don't have much hay on hand and depend on grazing until calving. It is still done in some areas but with small square mostly now. If you ever find yourself driving through the sandhills and see what looks like someone drove their baler from the bar out through the hills to get home after a long
  15. My wife is always looking for new job opportunities to help keep me living the life of leisure that I do. 🏌️‍♂️ After we're done in the hay fields this summer, I will head her East.🏃‍♀️ Oh, and no point in trying to contact her now. 🤫 She just loves little surprises🥰
  16. You would make a fun boss.........................I'm on my way😄
  17. That'll learn it to act up on ya😄
  18. For some reason I am having trouble with PMing you. says you cannot receive messages and I lost your email. I'm a wreck that way. So anyone doesn't want to read this, now is your chance to hit the back button Well Mike they say sink or swim so here goes. I am either going to be sent to live with J-Mec, shunned or grudgingly tolerated for a bit more. Only thing that matters is that you take this in the spirit is is given. In the short time I've known you
  19. Mike with your colorful way of turning a phrase, I'll bet the "old cook" is always running the cute young things away from your campfire.🤠
  20. I had to ask BJ in the support forum. For some reason my laptop wouldn't do it. Then all of a sudden it started working. I'm still learning what you guys all know.
  21. This is kind of thread that ought to dominating the forum. This is why we do what we do, to bring our kids up in a life where they are close to animals and nature and learn that work is fun and rewarding. Great job! She will be a great addition to society as she grows up. The world needs more like her.
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