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  1. I have a 350K btu that I never use because it sounds like a jet taking off. Would be great for a big shop though Mine is only 30x30 so this one works real well adj from 30 to 80K btu I think. Is quiet and very efficient. Can't see it but I have a cheap little box fan on the ceiling blowing down to spread the heat around.
  2. I believe it was not for shipping but sealed drums for airtight storage post WWII after rebuild/inspection. If someone knows for sure, would appreciate the correction.
  3. I went propane many years ago and would never go back.
  4. sandhiller


    Oh Nick, leaving the Sandhills of Nebraska for Climate Controlled Kansas made you soft. 😄 I don't even see any icicles 🥶
  5. Bat Out of H ell Think the 8 track is down in the bunkhouse. RIP
  6. I would say temp doest matter as much as trying to keep it fairly consistent.. Changing from one extreme to the other in a humid environment invites moisture in. If you go with one of the electric dehumidifiers, you have to drill a hole in your safe. If in an upstairs room, make sure you have the floor to support it. The big safes can get some weight in em. A fifty gun safe will not hold 50 guns. I figure about half depending on type, scopes, etc. Electronic locks are nice. If they fail is there a backup way to get them open?
  7. sandhiller


    Hey Nick You want to call home and tell Lisa to close the freezer door. It's a balmy 9° but this south wind is bitter cold with a capital Brrrrr🥶
  8. When I get time I'm going to have to look up that film. Seems those big chains had bars welded on them and they rolled helping to catch and uproot the mesquite. But it has been a long time since I've seen it.
  9. I remember seeing old film of clearing mesquite in Texas and maybe Oklahoma with two cats with a BIG chain stretched between the two. Nothing on that scale but if we have a bale fire, we will string log chains between two fire trucks and drive along stringing out the bales. Helps them burn faster and gets us home sooner.
  10. Back in the day when cars got people out of the house and out on the road. They were built for comfort on a long trip. And with the invent of roll up windows, became much quieter😉
  11. Slow and steady wins the race Tony Hang in there, glad to hear of your progress.
  12. Wife sent me this, hope it is ok to post. If not, BJ, please remove it. No harm or gain intentioned. Just respect for the man. Baxter Black's final column: A horse matters Posted Wednesday, January 5, 2022 2:58 pm By Baxter Black I like living someplace where a horse matters. There is just some country where horseback is the only way to get the job done. Places where the four-wheeler is a poor second, not to mention a noisy, track-leaving unnatural conveyance. Besides, it’s hard to throw a rope from. Helicopters can spot and scare, if that’s what you need, but it’s helpless when you have to doctor a calf. It is a great feeling to be pushing a cow out of a mesquite thicket, packing a dude down the Grand Canyon or tracking a mountain lion on a high ridge, knowing you’re on the perfect tool for the job. You look at a horse different when he’s on the payroll. I like being a person to whom a horse matters. It puts me in such good company, Robert E. Lee, Teddy Roosevelt, Rudyard Kipling, Ray Hunt, Queen Elizabeth, Jerry Diaz, Casey Tibbs, cowboys, Mongols, Gauchos, teamsters, Lipazzaners and vaqueros of all kinds. Granted being a horse person doesn’t make me easier to get along with, better at spelling or richer. It simply gives me a direct connection to one of the most ancient, mutually beneficial interspecies relationships on the planet. Winston Churchill said, “There is something about the outside of a horse, that is good for the inside of a man.” I like being there when a horse matters. When you can’t do the job alone; a cow in the bog, a race against time, a boulder to move, a detour to take, a mountain to cross, a crevice to leap, a war to win, a sweetheart to impress, or...when you’ve gone too far to walk back. Shakespeare’s King Richard III said when fate hung in the balance, “A horse! A horse! My kingdom for a horse!” I’ve also come to believe that you either are a horse person or you aren’t. Many who are, never know it because they never have the chance. It’s a primitive acceptance, often mutual. A lack of fear. You see it in some children when they are first introduced to the horse. It always gives me a sense of wonder to be there and help them make their acquaintance. I believe the horse can sense the child’s innate trust. It is the beginning of a natural bond. I count myself very lucky that I get to be a part of the wonderful world of horse sweat, soft noses, close calls and twilight on the trail. I like living a life where a horse matters.
  13. Thank you sir! Any time I can keep from giving Pfizzer money (little blue pill), it is good.
  14. Mike Harsh overview taken with a grain of salt and accepted with a smile. Having never been blessed with too much money, I have spent my life getting my work done with what most would stick their nose in the air over...............I can live with that. I will stand up for the gentleman who built "FrankenFork" as a very talented individual who took pieces from different puzzles and made them fit together to make a picture I would hang on my wall. Or park down by my shop as the case may be. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. I have seen the ugliest roman nosed pig eyed spilt eared cow hocked ranch ponies win the day money at several local rodeos. You are right, it is an Oliver wheel weight unless someone corrects me. The two full circle wts I had to stack on to get my latest "project" in the air are true blue er red/white IH weights. I believe their picture appears in another thread. To me, the little tire end is the front of the tractor and the big tire end is the back. It just does it's work backwards, kinda like I go through life. We are a pair to draw to. Sorry to hear about your dry conditions, I am having a very mild winter. Good that I am feeding less hay but worried about moisture this summer. I am already trying to conserve what hay I have for next winter. The combination of being prepared and unprecedented draught cost me my Spring herd. A lesson I will not soon forget. I hope the environmental as well as the political climate takes a turn for the better for you as well as us. When you see the "old cook" again, give her a big hug, she is a keeper. As I have finished my late breakfast/early dinner I had better go on down below and get something done ahead of fire mtg and fuel hauling after that. Just not enough hours in the day as there was when I was a little tyke in three cornered pants. Take care Mike, as always good to hear from you. check your PM's you got an old one I sent you.
  15. No, but I agree he has a very rich voice.
  16. I like Chris Ledoux's cover of a Cowboy in a Continental Suit. ****, i like all of Chris' stuff..........RIP Asleep At The Wheel is a great Western Swing band. My local station KSDZ in Gordon NE plays the 50's and 60's music in the morning when the station owner is at the board. He is a fan of Marty also and plays him regular.
  17. The last time i had mine there was this little girl PA, a transplant from Montana that did the prephysical questions. She was so cute and bubbly and...................🥰 When the doctor came in she said well I see we don't need the little blue pill now do we. 😬 🥴 😄
  18. Happy Birthday Jake and twood and all others celebrating today. hope you have a great day!
  19. Firestone Transforce AT is what I run on all my pickups from the lowly 3/4 ton to the ton dually. Good life, decent off-road traction, decent ride.
  20. 4am and 4pm are the worst times for me.
  21. There's our girl! 😃 Happy Birthday Emma🎂 We missed you🥰 Oh, yeah, and your chauffeur Lorenzo to😄
  22. Back when I got LMD and WLR I always read Baxter and Lee first. "It's the Pitts" was always an enjoyable read.
  23. After the squeeze chute escapades, it didn't want to stay running. Would fire and die right away🤔 You guys probably guessed quicker than I did. Bad key switch. If I held it just right, it would run. Wife brought new switch home today. Should be easier to run not having to hold the switch just right🤣
  24. Wishing you the best for a speedy recovery Pete. Sure affects people differently. When I got it a few months ago, 4 days of the apple flavored medicine got me over it without a stumble. I have never had a flu shot Wife got the chinapox shot twice and has not come down with it yet. Hope you and the missus are back to yucking it up soon!
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