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  1. There is one (maybe 2, maybe it's a parts tractor) 3 hours south of you in Atkinson, Ne. I saw it in the field last spring working
  2. I remember those, never got one, but I sure wanted one!
  3. Training a "seizure dog" Good boy!
  4. Maybe just extra bracing? First one I have seen like that
  5. Looks like you gave her the "stay" command 😃
  6. Coming to a population center near you I am going to defer my opinion of roustabouts to you guys that have mastered them I will stick to intersections where sometimes you stop to visit with the pickup coming from teh other way and if someone else comes by they can stop and visit too or just smile and wave and drive around us🤠 signed: behind the times and proud of it😄
  7. It was probably newer than this one 195? 220 with 549 gas and a 5 x 3sp Brownie You are right on how the Brownie shifted The third lever down low in front of the seat is a cable operated power divider
  8. No buffering but it will just go off for no apparent reason. Usually a reset will bring it back but not always. I don't think we've ever been off for more than an hour or two. Still way better speeds than wild blue who would slow out speeds down and we never streamed nothing 🤬
  9. An overshot or we called them over throw stacker slide stacker we would use a sweep tractor or truck (reversed) to buck hay onto the stacker head I never saw a F10 used like this though A F10 with a hay head had a push bar that once you got the hay lifted up over the cage, the push bar would push the hay off the teeth and into the cage.
  10. Congratulations Kiersten Black First female to harvest a sheep in Nebraska Second youth ever First sheep taken in the Chadron State Park area She entered the tag lottery paying her $29 fee and beat out all other 3524 applicants 10 1/2 year old ram
  11. I think they were for spraying
  12. Dale, I have had this pic in my files for a long time, just pulled it off the internet I wonder if it is the one you are talking about? A question I always had was, does the hyd motor freewheel when oil is not sent to it or just how does it work?
  13. My uncle had one like you are thinking at the end of his drive way years ago. I think it worked ok for him Maybe had tennis balls on the ends? Haven't seen one in years Would an autogate work?
  14. Saw another launch of 20 satellites go overhead Crappy cell phone pic from back yard, sorry There is getting to be a lot of stuff up there
  15. Hardtail was on the right track Get ya one of these and when you are done with the basement you can go to Alaska and dredge for enough gold to pay for your house project Win Win 😄
  16. I may still have the manure bucket and a sweep head for mine or I might have adapted one or the other for use on a old dual loader that needed a way to grab big round bales
  17. Ah, I see, pretty cool then, good score!
  18. They were designed for stacking hay, tall reach to get over cage I still have one sitting out back if you are feeling nostalgic and want to own one again Robert😉
  19. Is it pictured sitting upside down as to the way it would mount on the truck frame? Wheels, some kind of roll off bed like a car carrier/retriever?
  20. I felt exactly the same, I knew it would bring back some very sad memories of loved ones. I feel they handled it with class I also felt I needed to share it.
  21. Send it with Ace when he goes and gets his new truck?😉 😄
  22. I have been around a lot of F10's and have not seen one mounted to the axles. Only have seen them mount at the rear like in Big Bud's pics disclaimer: I am not dead yet so have not seen it all
  23. That is a good deal I would be fine with some of my tax dollars going to fund Life Flight companies. I believe then helo's here are all or mostly privately owned and contract with hospitals to call them when needed.
  24. Try Farm Show Magazine I think you can look around online now Been awhile since I got the actual paper
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