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  1. are his videos on youtube if so what is the link
  2. artn those type of mothers just the worst
  3. if you wont build it i would like it
  4. it is a Claas ARION 460 PANORAMIC and it was made of 800,000 lego bricks. "The mammoth task of construction was undertaken by the only certified Lego builder in France, from the company Sarl ERC Briques, and took 3,500 working hours." "The 3.5t CLAAS Lego tractor is an absolute gem and has been named 'TractoBrick'. It was given its place of honour in the museum's great machine hall, next to almost a dozen other genuine tractors depicting the history of the motorisation of agriculture."
  5. did you know that someone actually made a full size claas tractor
  6. just please check the link out its is cool
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