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  1. I have tons of stuff that I could post but I just don’t seem to get the time! ( maybe I need an assistant to do it for me! ) lol. Most days I have a hard time reading everything on the first page of coffee shop! I seem to miss a lot of stuff too! But I really enjoy reading everyone else’s daily happenings!
  2. For the past 10 years or so I’ve been using interstate batteries, I haven’t had a problem with one yet! My battery of choice is the Group 31 XHD 1000 either stud or post, that’s what I put in my magnums, Maxxums, 86 and 88 series tractors. Over the years I’ve tried many other brands of batteries, most would only last 3 to 5 years but I found the interstate have been the best! It’s funny how are you guys are impressed with batteries that only last 5 to 6 years, the original batteries in my MX 220 lasted 10 years! If you think that is good for batteries my 2003 international 5600 with a C 15 cat still has its original batteries! Even I’m impressed!! LOL Last fall I thought I was going to have to replace the batteries in my truck, in the cold weather when I went to start it would barely roll over but after the first flip it would slowly speed up and start, then early in the spring it wouldn’t start at all, I tested the batteries and they tested strong so I realized it was the starter that needed to be replaced! I took off the starter and took it to my starter guy, he said he will replace it with a brand new starter (that was made in China) I said can’t you rebuild mine? He said it will cost you 4 to 5 times more to have it rebuilt than to buy a new starter! So another piece of made in China went on my truck! LOL Here’s a picture of the new starter, it’s a gear reduction that weighs half the weight and size of the original, but it sure cranks the engine better than the original!
  3. Why in the h*// do people put “CASE” on international tractors??? 🤬🤯😠 I guess some people don’t know anything about history before 1985!!! Black paint is not so bad though! 😏
  4. I always use hi gloss black when I redo the interiors of my 86 or 88 series tractors, I like shiny things I guess! LOL Never had any problems with glare either, Plus it doesn’t take long after you start using them that it gets a little dust on everything until you wipe it down with a damp rag. Some of the tractors get all black and some get the red and black just depends on what interior it has, either way it’s always nice to sit in a freshly painted and upholstered cab! It’s just like driving a new tractor!
  5. I think our paths will cross again, thanks for giving me your business card with your phone number on it, I will be sure to contact you the next time I’m in the Quebec city area, it would be nice to be able to sit down and have a chat with you in the future Happy to hear you made it home safe and sound! Dale
  6. I went to the Bloomsburg one this year, it was my first round up and it sure won’t be my last! I wanted to go to the one in Wisconsin three years ago but I was behind in my work because of the weather and it was a nice week here when the Roundup was on so I could not go! I was very impressed with my first round up, I got to meet a bunch of the forum members and they were all very nice people to chat with… Even MTO is a really nice guy!! (but you didn’t hear that from me) Here is a picture of the goodies I bought, The only thing missing in the picture is the weight bracket for the 86 or 88 series tractors that I bought from Pete1468
  7. I’m sure he won’t mind… If he does he’ll be mad at me first cause I’m going to post some pictures! It was very nice to meet you Wes! And to be able to see your tractor in person was a real treat too! The Hydro 86 high clear came from Tulare California, that’s where Tony in CA lives! And now it belongs to a farmer in Quebec, there must be a good story behind that tractor! There was an old Dodge power wagon nicely restored that has a PTO and belt pulley on the rear to run one of the threshers, that’s one-of-a-kind for sure!
  8. I went both Saturday and Sunday, The first day had a few showers go through and made it a little greasy walking but on Sunday it was a perfect day for it! I didn’t make it there on time to see all the threshers running on Sunday for the world record, but I toured around and got to see pretty much everything! I met up with ChrisNY on Saturday and had a nice visit with him! I wish I knew that you were there (Power of Red) I would’ve like to have met you in person... I did get to meet a couple of forum members, one was Bryan Rodger, he was a good friend of forum member George2 ( he’s the one that informed us of George’s passing) I also met Wes W and his gorgeous Farmall 200... Wes and I had a nice little chat and I was happy to be able to meet him and see his tractor in person! I’ll post a couple of pictures of the 200 and his plow, it was very well restored and is about as close to perfection as I’ve ever seen!
  9. Well at least she didn’t break a finger nail.... and it looks like her nail polish survived pretty well too! 👍🏻😎
  10. Yeah… But you’re a great comedian on the forum!👍🏻😂 Maybe he’s up here in Canada… It’s a booming business around here! Since they legalized it!
  11. https://www.herrshydro.com/ Give these guys a call, they will be more than happy to walk you through step-by-step to diagnose your problem. I had a good conversation with a couple of the guys at the Roundup in Bloomsburg this year. I bought a test kit since I have four Hydro tractors now, I thought it would be a good thing to have.
  12. Here is a picture with the sending unit circled 90% of the time it’s a sending unit that’s not working
  13. Personally if those two beauties were mine and somebody asked me if they were for sale I would say they will have to pry them from my cold dead hands before anybody else will own them! Finding those tractors was like winning the lottery… Would you give up a winning lottery ticket? LOL
  14. No, there wasn’t any Hydro 186 tractors in this area, they were mostly sold in the Montreal area (two hours east of me) with four-wheel-drive and big snowblowers on the front, they have a lot more snow down in that area. There was one sold at the Ritchie Brothers auction near Montreal with a big snowblower on the front. Two years ago one was sold out in British Columbia, it was a really good price but it would’ve cost more than that to bring it to Quebec! Here’s a couple of Screenshots
  15. Yes, those are two of the many things that can identify an 86 series with PPH hydraulics. They were also available with up to four remote valves with colour-coded levers and pistol grip gearshift lever’s. They were the tri-stripes with the red side panel at the radiator, The cabs were available with burgundy or the western interior. The 986 up to the 1586 had the PPH hydraulics with the extra filter on the left side frame rail, the 186 is did not have that extra filter. The 786 and 886 did not come with PPH hydraulics I may be missing something else because it’s late and I’m tired.
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