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  1. I use my skid steer loader with the bale forks on to remove the tires.
  2. Qc.Can.IH man


    You are right!
  3. It all depends on what you plan on doing with the tractors. It seems like the 86 and 88 series tractors are going up in value while the maxxum tractors seem to be holding steady. Here is my opinion on the pros and cons for 3688. Better PTO, simpler to fix, most parts readily available And overall nice tractor to sit in. The hydraulics are very similar to the maxxum. pros and cons for the maxxum,more modern tractor like shuttle shift and powershift but the PTOs can give you problems.if you want to do a lot of PTO work I would go with a 3688 for sure! Fuel consumption, the 3688 will be a little more thirsty but it does have more PTO horsepower too. The maxxum tractors are a very good tractor... but have some issues,like most old tractors! LOL I own both and I like both for different reasons!
  4. Qc.Can.IH man


    Here’s my two cents… all the 400 series engines use the same block, the only difference is the stroke which means a different crank. in the 66 series the only tractors that use the 414 what is the 966 and 1066. for some reason the Hydro 100 had a 436 in it but it was the same PTO horsepower as a 966 roughly. The 86 series the only tractor that use the 414 was the 1086, if you look at the number of 1086s built you will see that if you put all of the other 986s, Hydro 186s, 1486s and 1586s together it will be somewhere around the same number of 436s built as there was 414s! Maybe they couldn’t build the 414 cranks fast enough to supply any more than the 1086. if you look at the 30 series tractors you will see the 3688 had a 436 and a Hydro 3488 had a 466, in the 50 series the 5088 had a 436, the 5288 and 5488‘s had 466s in them.
  5. The flow control should be down for fast flow. It should be to the front of the tractor on the valve.
  6. So who do you owe the $5 to?? lol no buddy seat… not sure you would get anywhere If you were trying to impress a girl with that tractor!
  7. The original owner wanted more power!
  8. They made cabs for most make and model of tractors up until a few years ago as far as I know. Not sure if air-conditioning was available as an option or not. I have seen quite a few 786s but those cabs on them over the years and only a couple of 30 series. They were your typical aftermarket cab that were very loud and hot in the summer. If you notice on the picture of the 786 at the bottom of the door they are very hard to get in and out of because of the way they designed the cab, but the 3088s cab they improve that. The cab on the 3088 in the original posters picture was The earlier version like on my 786. When I go to restore my 3088 I will be removing that cab.
  9. That’s a Laurin cab, Made in Laval (Montreal) Quebec. Last spring I bought a 786 with one of those cabs and in the spring of 2019 I bought a 3088 with one. I plan on removing them both and return the tractors to the original open station.
  10. I find it funny nobody has responded yet… I would look into checking your MCV and MCV pump
  11. Here you go. https://www.maplehunterdecalsindiana.com/internationalfarmall-2.aspx
  12. I have seen pictures of that tractor on here 3 weeks ago.
  13. You are supposed to remove the plug when putting the oil in, you have to keep an eye on it because it will start running out once you get enough oil. if your transmission is full of oil and you don’t have oil running out the hole you can always blow some air in the fill tube (with your mouth or Low pressure air hose) When checking your oil level in the Hydro tractors you must have the engine running at 1600 RPMs for a three minutes in neutral to check the oil level on the dipstick.
  14. It looks like you have a 186 tri-stripe with the piston pump (By the looks of your picture) Did you remove the plug to let the air out of the filter cavity?
  15. Mark G is bang on, I would give you the same advice! Good to see you got the tractor home, hopefully you get it figured out, it would look nice restored! I would like to see that tractor in person someday, It would be very interesting to see, maybe I will contact you in the future and we can set a date. If you change your mind and want to sell it let me know I am interested! ?
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