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  1. Who needs a Tesla! That looks way more fun!
  2. On my California vacation I Went to the California farm show and seen a couple of companies working with some orchard farmers developing electric tractors and trucks. For some reason I don’t have any pictures of those tractors, but my girlfriend was talking to one of the women who was promoting these tractors and noticed her earrings had little tractors on them, so of course she commented about Liking them! So the woman said that she was making them and for My girlfriend to give her her address and she would mail her some. Couple of months later she got them in the mail! I really think there is a place for electric tractors in the future, especially for what do you want to do Troy! Here’s pictures of the earrings
  3. Here in Quebec there is a law against that sort of thing, even if you are riding inside the cab of a tractor without a seat and a seatbelt for the passenger both can be charged with a $1200 fine and 14 points off your drivers license! It’s basically the same fine as if you were riding down the road sitting on the hood or the roof of the car, I’m not sure how many enforcement officers know about it when it comes to farm equipment or are willing to enforce it, somethings I can see turning a blind eye to but things like that are an accident waiting to happen!
  4. They are becoming very popular in this area, my girlfriends brother just bought one earlier this year, I have not seen it yet but on Father’s Day she was visiting her parents near Montreal and her brother was FaceTime ing their parents on his way from Toronto to Montreal while driving his car. I have no idea what model it is but I’m pretty sure it’s one of the higher class if not the highest class available… He has lots of money and always likes to have the best of everything! So where did you find a car like that?? Did you do that when MTO was up visiting you a few years ago?I seem to remember reading a big “story”about that on this forum! fact or fiction I couldn’t tell you because I wasn’t there!😒 You know, some people like peace and quiet…they like to hear the birds singing or the frogs chirping while they’re driving… I on the other hand like the sound of my international 400 series engines, or my cat C 15 either pulling hard or slowing down loud with the Jake brake!! But that’s just me! Have you seen any in Alaska yet? I wonder how well those cars would work in the intense cold, just to run the heating system in the cab would pull a lot of juice out of the batteries I would imagine.
  5. Thanks Those loads had a 30 minute truck ride, too far to haul with tractor and wagons. I truck hay for a lot of farmers, some are 10 to 12 hours for 1 load, some places it takes 3 or more hours to get loaded because some farmers don’t have very good/big enough tractors.
  6. Not very heavy at all, the guy baled it with a Claas baler, the hay was very short and dry, the baler had a hard time to start to roll the hay. They were 4 feet wide by 4 1/2 feet in diameter, I don’t think they would’ve even weighed close to 500 pounds.
  7. That and don’t forget Santa Claus can’t say ho ho ho anymore!!! I think that started when Jerry springers “guests” would say ho instead of wh*re on his show!
  8. Not great weather for making Hay, we’ve been getting showers which we need badly all week. I hauled some hay for one of my regular customers, He asked me to bring my tractor to help load because the bales were scattered all over the field. As some of you may know I dislocated my left shoulder at the end of April, so instead of climbing up a strap to get onto the top of the load, I have to use a ladder now. He thought I was going to have to make three loads, but I was able to put on 64 on the first load and 68 on the second load, there was just two bales left in the field. I made a receiver hitch to slide over my 86 series Drawbar So I could pull my 14,000 pound bumper pull trailer with my tractors, I made one a few years ago for the MX 100 and 5120 drawbars. I found a couple of pieces of steel that were left over from an installation kit for something that’s been lying around here for over 20 years. I welded the two yellow pieces together which fit perfectly over the drawbar, I welded the tubing on top of the yellow pieces to slide in the trailer hitch. I drilled a hole in the upper tubing big enough for the head of a 5/8” Bolt to go through into the drawbar, When I slide in the ball receiver it holds the bolt that goes through the drawbar. For the past six weeks they’ve been working on my road, they had left over chewed up asphalt and gravel, So I told them if they wanted to get rid of it I would take it for my 2 lane ways, I think they brought me over 15 loads and they levelled it and rolled it too.
  9. Come to think of it, he WILL NEED me In the future for something… Maybe the next time he’s broke down in the middle of Quebec and The only person that can rescue him is me! 😏
  10. I didn’t think you would’ve read this!!!🥺 Now I am really embarrassed! 😒 Will you ever forgive me?😞
  11. I don’t always take the time to respond, but I always read about what’s going on with you! thanks for the update and thanks to MTO for keeping tabs on you! For sure he is one of the best! I always say what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger! I’m not big on your fishing stories,But your Shooting and women stories make up for that! LOL Take care of yourself and do what you have to do! We are all pulling for you! Dale
  12. It was good to see you again Mike! I told Hot Plug That I was heading over to your place and he just had to come along! We both left his place at the same time and he showed up 10 minutes later, that Dodge that he was driving sure is slow! 😂🤣
  13. Delivered a load of soybeans for my cousin yesterday, forgot to get a picture of the loading process!🤷🏻‍♂️ this truck pulled in and onto the scale, I don’t know how lost he was but he was a long way from home! It was a moving truck from Victoria BC, that’s out in Dasnakes neck of the woods! (sort of)
  14. Anytime Mike! I hope you can make good use of those duals. don’t feel too bad about Hot Plug....he can dish it out too! Thanks. It had a complete restoration, I put a western interior in it and a Bluetooth radio. I was hoping to see your 3688 but there just wasn’t enough time, I’ll see it on the next visit for sure!
  15. Thanks! However you haven’t seen it all yet! 😜
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