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  1. It was an option, I ordered mine with one. I think every tractor should have a foot throttle! I wish all my 86 series had one, I know they were available on the 88 series, I’ve seen a couple with them but they are very rare.
  2. Yeah… I see that now! I would much prefer the handle on the left side of the seat at the 66 series had! Thanks Bitty!👍
  3. Steiner has the lights available. I don’t remember what size of lens 66 series have, but here’s a couple that are available
  4. What is that lever under the 3 point hitch controls for?
  5. In October 1999 I ordered a MX 220 spec’d with every option I needed/wanted, it came in just before Christmas and I picked it up from the dealer just after New Year’s and I had to wait a few months before I could take it out to the field. For tires it has 520/85R 46 rears with 480/70R 34 fronts and it goes 25 mph on the road easily. That gives it lots of ground clearance for baling hay. That tractor can pull compared to the original magnums that we have even loaded with 1800 pounds of weight on the front! We used to get stuck with the old magnums either chopping corn silage or spreading manure with the liquid manure tank where as the MX 220 would just drag it through and you didn’t even know it was in the mud. It will turn much shorter than the older magnums with the same wheel tread. The cab is very nice and comfortable to sit in and visibility is awesome. Something like going from 51 or 5200 series maxxum to the MX maxxums. The tractor only has a little over 5000 hours on it, the only things I’ve had to fix have been one hydraulic line under the cab was replaced with a hydraulic hose after leaking, the drive line between the engine and transmission needed new universal joints (I just went to a local driveline shop and bought new U joints at about half the price of the dealers, and they had them in stock!) The new U joints also have grease fittings on them, which I had to make a couple of holes in the shield around the driveline to be able to grease them, I’m sure if the original ones had grease fittings they would’ve never wore out! I’ve had melted fuse problems in the fuse panel for the lights, the size of the wires were a little bit small to run the lights, I fixed that by installing LED lights! I noticed it developed a couple of small oil leaks last year, one was in the input shaft on the front differential and the other is at the rear of the engine, that one I haven’t investigated see where it’s coming from yet. Sometimes I get a transmission fault code or the odd time a PTO fault, I just turn the key off and back on before the engine stops and it resets everything and off I go! I had a problem with the automatic temperature control in the cab, I just had to change a sensor and that fixed it. For me it’s been a great tractor and I would love to have another one just like it! Here is a picture of mine.
  6. In my experience that type of mower conditioners take a lot of pressure to lift, I’ve had the same issues with a couple of my 86 series tractors in the past. You said you took it and had it tested at the dealer, did they say what the readings were? It could be your relief valve is getting weak or you have some leak inside that only leaks under extremely high pressure. You can do like Missouri Mule said and put a gauge on the hose to see how much pressure is required to lift it with a tractor that has no problem lifting it, and then put it on your 1086 to see what you’re getting. You can also remove the top link cover above the PTO and look inside when you were lifting your mower to see if there is a leak somewhere.
  7. All you guys are waaaaayyyyyy too generous!!! What’s the price of scrap these days?
  8. Yesterday I noticed at an online auction a couple hours from me, there was 4 black IH weights that sold for $25 each! 🤬
  9. I see lots of IH weights painted the wrong color!😎
  10. Here you go……… https://www.batescorp.com/c86slk-shifter-kit-86-series.html
  11. They didn’t look that good coming out of the factory! There’s a 5488 coming up on auction just 2 1/2 hours from me next Tuesday that I am interested in… I’m going to the sale and hopefully it sells for a decent price to me!! It’s not nearly as nice as yours Mike!
  12. If the wife is happy… then everybody’s happy!! 👍
  13. Or at least a short left arm! Usually you see some lengthen the hydraulic levers but that’s not the case on that tractor! My driver likes to complain about the hydraulic lever is being too short on the 86 series, I tell him that I don’t have a problem with them being too short! Then he tells me that when I walk around my knuckles drag on the ground! Like an Orangutan! 😳🤔
  14. Just for the fun of it pop the centre pin out of your axle that holds the knee from sliding in and out, check and make sure the pin is not worn and the hole in the knee to make sure it’s not an oval shape. I’ve seen where the knee has come loose in the centre section and has worked back-and-forth to oval out the hole and wear the pin, also you may want to remove the bolts that clamp the centre section around the knee, they are probably rusted and you will need to wire wheel the threads to clean them to make the bolts tighten up properly. Chances are it’s just your toe in that is off, but if you’re playing around with your front end it doesn’t hurt to check what I just explain to you. Here are a couple of pictures from the owners manual of my 3688
  15. Happy birthday to everyone celebrating on this great day! 🎂 I’m so happy I wasn’t born a day earlier… Because my parents would’ve named me Patrick! 😳😂 here’s what my lady gave me for my birthday, last summer we lined up 17 tractors and she took pictures of them and then had it put on a canvas. I think it was a pretty cool gift! 🚜 She does photography as a hobby, so she wanted the tractor set up to have the sunset with the city of Ottawa in the background.
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