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  1. K&M door cylinder

    Off the top of my head it’s 6 1/2 inch stroke with 45 pound pressure
  2. K&M door cylinder

    I make my own grab handles and install the cylinder, it takes a couple of hours to make a pair of handles, most expensive part of that is the cylinders I make two styles one for the 86 series and the other for the 88 series, the 88 series handles have to be a little bit different for the right door due to the hydraulic lever’s It makes it so much easier to get into the tractor by grabbing the handle on the door instead of the handle on the cab post and when closing the door it is easier to grab the handle as opposed to the pocket in the door. Either way you will never regret installing one of those cylinders on your door, it makes it so much easier getting in and out of the tractor when the door is not trying to slam shut on you.
  3. Got A New Sponsor

    Good to hear (is that a pun?) you found some good hearing protection...... you may not notice it now, but in the future when you get old people might think you’re Canadian....... Because you may be saying “EH”? A lot.
  4. Happy Birthday,twostepin2001, Qc.Can.ihman

    Thank you everyone for the birthday wishes....it’s a great day to be born because if I was born a day earlier my name would be Pat! LOL. my friend sent me this today. Happy birthday to everyone else celebrating today. Dale
  5. 1466 no start

    Did you check the safety switch at the clutch?
  6. disc upgrade

    Good day Mike I have a 3950 that’s 24 feet wide with 22 inch blades 7 1/2 inch spacing with Springtooth harrows mounted on the back, it’s a much heavier disc than the 496 I had in the past. The 3950 has 12.5 x 15 tires with eight bolt hubs, The frame is heavier and the wings fold up similar to your modified 496, with the rear mounted harrows it changes the balance of the disc when it’s up on its wheels which causes it to be rear heavy in transport mode. They’re basically the same disc except for the wings wheels have the depth control on them (like you mentioned) unlike the 496, I think that is more for to keep the master and slave cylinders operating properly, I remember in the 16 years that I had my 496 there was a few times when the wings got out of sync with each other where I had to hold the hydraulics lever to make the centre section and the wings level up. I know you’re thinking of cutting down the size of your 496 to match your 3688 a little better, but in my opinion I wouldn’t tackle that job, not that it couldn’t be done it’s just why modify a perfectly good disc..... I know where there’s 3688 four-wheel-drive with an overhauled engine that has a turbo on it that’s putting out about 140 hp, The engine was completely overhauled buy a case IH mechanic. I’m thinking of buying that tractor, but if you want it I’d let you have it. If you ever want to drop by to look at my 3950 you are more than welcome to do so.
  7. 2574 turn signals available?

    Do you mean one like this? I was cleaning up my shop yesterday and I came across this one, I know it still works, years ago when I had 2575 I replaced both turn signals this one here was still good, The other one was having problems so I replaced the two of them so they matched. If you want it you can have it.
  8. Inter 454 Drive Problem

    There’s a 2 inch plug behind the fuel tank on top of the rear housing
  9. 986 won't go into park

    Welcome to the forum, first of all WD-40 is just consumer lubricant that I never use! For your park lock problem it is most likely bolt number 14 or pin number 10 in the diagram are seized, you may need to use heat to unseize them and then lube them up with anti-seize or a good lubricant. For the starter problems I would check safety switch on the firewall in front of the cab, it may be corroded or just not working you can take a wire to cross the switch to see if it’s working. I put a couple of diagrams off the case IH website to help you out.
  10. Our 1086

    You can run the radio’s memory off the dome light wire, it gets to be annoying when you have to reset the radio every time you start the tractor. That’s a decent looking 1086 you have there… But she’d be much prettier after a good bath! LOL
  11. Canadian Pile Up

    You are about a year late on that buddy, that happened in Montreal Quebec last winter. I think it was here on the forum too. But still worth watching again! Maybe it was a case of monkey see monkey do…... or maybe it was his first day on the job!
  12. Something You Were Always Told As Kid

    “You make a better door than a window”. I also got “rise and shine”. Once or twice I got “your head is in my mirror” then after when I was driving his head was always in the mirror..... I lost count of how many times I had to say “your head is in my mirror” to him!
  13. Identify the problem on this IH Farmall 1066

    There’s a lot more pictures of the tractor on auction time.
  14. life in our corner

    X2..... I think we as farmers have to work way too hard to get where we are today! Then we have to work even harder just to survive and keep what we have for the future!!
  15. It’s Mountain Heritage’s birthday!

    Have a great day Mike! I wish you all the best for the next trip around the sun. So......what’s on your wish list for this year?