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  1. Machinery Pete has a nice video
  2. Happy birthday Chris! Someone ordered you a nice hot day for your birthday!
  3. I know that @Hot Plugloves those trucks! I don’t know how many he has but he’s really hoarding them! Lol
  4. Your 786 should have 2 safety switches, one on the clutch and one when it’s in park.you can test it by putting it in neutral and try to start it without pushing in the clutch. If it doesn’t start then you know the park switch is working,if it does start you know that somebody has bypassed the clutch switch on the firewall. I’m not a big fan of the safety switches on clutches, I prefer either neutral switches and or park switches. Sometimes people will start a tractor with a clutch safety switch and then let the clutch out and forget to check and make sure it’s in neutral, then the tractor will lunge forward or reverse! Had a neighbour that went to shut off his tractor one time, he reached in to turn off the key and he accidentally hit the shuttle lever and put it in forward. The tractor moved ahead and caught his foot under the wheel and knocked him down and drove up his leg then his hip, his ribs and his shoulder just missing his head! He said he could hear his bones breaking as the tractor ran over him! He had to have a few surgeries to get “glued” back together!
  5. Happy birthday to a fellow 🇨🇦forum member @db1486🎂🍰🍻
  6. I’ll bring you some cheese curds to trade! Lol We had quite a work-out getting those old firestones off the 4386! The tires were original, it seemed like the tubes were glued to the rims!
  7. I guess that’s my invitation to post pictures… In November 2020 I called up HP and told him about that tractor, I told him if he didn’t buy it I will! we drove down to Plympton Wyoming Ontario to look at it, needless to say he bought it and we brought it home that night. It was a long day, 1437 km or about 893 miles of driving that day! It’s a decent tractor for its age, it just needs a few little things fixed up… I had the privilege of helping him blow snow in February 2021. I could build you a muffler eliminator kit if you like… How much maple syrup did you make this year? Lol I’m surprised you didn’t post any pictures of your 4386 that you bought last year, you posted pictures of the tires that I help you change! Are you waiting for me to post those pictures? Lol
  8. Two years ago when they were doing road construction in front of the farm they had a step deck trailer to haul the equipment in and out, after seeing how they could load and unload stuff so easily even with low clearance I was convinced I needed a trailer like that! Last year I started looking for one, I wanted to buy new but the wait was at least six months if I ordered one, I got real lucky and found one that a dealer had an order and it came in the middle of July. It’s a Gincor Worx trailer, built in Ontario. It’s a three axle 53 foot 102 inch step deck all steel with apitong decking and air ramps. The deck height is 36 inches with the 17 inch wheels on air ride suspension. The trailer is rated at 46,380 kg which is about 90,000 pound GVWR. Legally in my area I can carry 32,000 kg or about 70,000 pounds on the trailer. That trailer has performed beyond my expectations! Moving equipment loading unloading is so simple, when you want to put the air ramps down you just pull the button and unlock the ramps, they go down slowly on their own, and then you drive the equipment on and push the button and up they go while you start chaining The equipment on. I haul a lot of hay for myself (big square bales) and I haul even more hay for others (mostly round bales). I also go and pick up equipment from the distribution centre and deliver it to a few dealers, the other day I was dropping off a round baler and the guy repeated to me how much he loves my trailer! 4 x 5 bales I can normally put on 54, 4 1/2 foot bales around 66 I also have a Witzco double drop detachable low bed trailer, I built a set of racks for the front and rear so I can haul hay on it to, I’ve been using it for at least 15 years.I can put up to 52 4 x 5 bales on it Last summer I was so far behind on hauling hay I hired my friend to help me, we were hauling 4 x 5 round bales and we were hauling in 106 bales at a time to the customer. We called ourselves the hAy-Team. If you want more information don’t be shy just ask, I can take more pictures or post more pictures if you want.
  9. Happy birthday 🎂 I hope you are having a warmer day down there than we are up here!
  10. was that in 2013? you haven’t aged at all! what’s your secret?? I guess you have a no stress life… I’ll have to work on that! (I’ll stress you out)
  11. Let’s not forget @TomH happy birthday guys!
  12. Happy birthday! Hope you had a great day! The snow disappeared here real quick the last few days! Today I was an hour and a half north and there’s still lots of snow there! Supposed to cool off for the next few days, we might have snow just because spring is not here yet! But on the bright side it will help the maple syrup producers!
  13. Hey!!! That’s my emoji! Of me! Where did you steal that from?
  14. Happy birthday Bitty! I hope you get what you wish for on your birthday! The big 5-0!!! It’s all downhill from here! Lol
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