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  1. Well not really! He doesn’t live in Quebec, he lives in Ontario..... then he’d have to cross the border to visit me too!
  2. If the USA asked Quebec to join.....then you will have one! LOL
  3. Tony, I have to say it was an honour and a privilege to meet you and to see a couple of your tractors in person! I would’ve loved to see the rest of your collection but the timing didn’t work for either of us! So maybe the next time I’m in California! LOL Mark, Mark, Mark don’t you know that when I’m having a conversation with somebody, it’s being respectful to remove my sunglasses so they can see my eyes when I am honest and/or BSing them!!!😎🤥. But that’s just to me! 😉 That’s for sure Chris! That’s the first time I’ve ever been to the West Coast, first time flying in a plane and the first time I’ve ever been away for seven days! We had a ball too! I would’ve like to meet your dad and uncle as well as you someday! Maybe someday when I’m in BC I will be able to drop by your place for a visit.. Lots of interesting equipment there that I don’t see in this part of the world! I would highly recommend to anyone to take at least two or three days to attend that show!
  4. There’s a difference between the 86 and 88 series Side window glass. The pictures below have the different measurements. The slide latch is higher on the 88 series also.
  5. Hello from Nebraska,


    I see you live in Canada so I have a question for you.

    I have a fairly large license plate collection , mostly car, truck, and motorcycle. 

    I would love to have some of the Plates shaped like a polar bear used in Canada but I never see them at swap meets here. Do you by chance have any around I could buy? 

    I have always thought they are the nearest license plate ever made.



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    2. lorenzo


      Here is the one I’m bidding on .

      I decided if I’m going to bid on one it might as well be an old one .




    3. lorenzo


      Also like the Nunavut ones but they always seam to go pretty high. 2E6DE404-9353-46C1-9C3B-C6025295439D.thumb.png.1fd6d52ce157a111e2630568e0e3b75b.png


      if if I miss the 1977 plate I will bid on this governent one . C0819291-9DB7-4DC0-9150-D030C0FE16E8.thumb.png.1a0e52facb1973cf058c6b83839a9025.png


    4. Qc.Can.IH man

      Qc.Can.IH man

       I see it’s your birthday today! 🎂

       Happy birthday to you sir! 

       Did you manage to buy the polar bear license plates you were bidding on? 

       I was delivering Hay the other day and I saw this plate on the front of my customers Winnebago.

       Hope you have a great birthday Larry!6BA95094-D77F-4829-9ACA-893FE7A2997A.thumb.jpeg.92847e63400f8c9c9eec5a9868db5fad.jpeg

  6. That’s funny! I showed that picture to my girlfriend, she said oh that’s cute! So I asked her, do you get it? She said oh,(her facial expression changed) Typical male thing! I said, hey it’s the way we are made!
  7. Last fall I seen I reversed excavator bucket loading manure into a spreader on a farm that I was visiting in the Eastern townships of Quebec. And dummy me didn’t even get a picture of it! 😡
  8. I just bought my first Milwaukee impact, I’ve used it a little bit so far but I haven’t put it to a real test yet, but I’m sure in the future it will be used hard and most likely abused a bit! I’ve heard lots of good reviews about this impact and the Milwaukee tools, they have been discussed on here before
  9. Yesterday (January 19) I cleaned up 6 or 8 inches of snow, was the only the second time I plowed snow this winter. It’s been a fairly easy winter so far, compared to last year where it started snowing in the beginning of November and never stopped till sometime in April! Last winter I put 89 hours on the tractor moving snow, so far this winter it’s not even 5 hours. Here’s a couple of pictures from yesterday.
  10. Very nice trailer! How wide is it when you have it loaded with Hay? I’m guessing it must be close to 12 feet?
  11. I had a girlfriend do that for me back in 1999 she took A bunch of pictures of what I was doing throughout the year and then gave it to me for a Christmas present. I still have it around somewhere, I often think I should get another one made!
  12. This is what you need Mark! One of my Hay Customer‘s have one of those Ventrac tractors. This one has a 25 hp gas engine with hydrostatic transmission, they’re also available with diesel engines. They articulate..... (that means the bend in the middle to steer!) You can change from the blower to the loader in like 10 minutes! Every spring I take off the blower and put the loader on and every fall I take off the loader and put the blower on for her.
  13. On Monday I was scheduled to pick up a tractor and bring it back to one of my new neighbors. I called him the night before and asked him if he still wanted it moved because they were calling for snow and freezing rain on Monday. He said he still wanted me to do it Monday! He wanted me to pick it up around noon, which I thought would be a good idea because they were only calling for snow early in the morning and that way the roads would have a chance to dry off a bit before moving the tractor. Well it snow till about 10 AM and then it stopped but the roads are really dirty on the way to pick up the tractor, after I got the tractor loaded it started to freeze rain and that made the roads even sloppier! The tractor road on the trailer for only an hour but it got a good spraying! There was lots of slush mixed with salt and sand on the roads, with the freezing rain really hard to keep the windshield clean on the truck! I don’t like moving tractors or equipment when the roads are that dirty, I don’t even like getting my truck and trailer that dirty! Kind of a neat history on this tractor, the guy that owns it now bought it from one of my neighbors, and now he just bought my neighbours farm, so the tractor is actually coming back home! The tractor is a Case Ih MX 110 maxxum with a L 300 loader since new, I’m not exactly sure of the hours but I think it has well over 10,000 on it now.
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