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  1. Somebody needs a new cushion on his seat! 🤔😎
  2. The last few loads of round bales that I’ve been hauling out of was a tight squeeze. The two lane paved road was about 20 feet wide and there is about 2 1/2 feet of shoulder on each side, then there’s a 20 foot culvert and a 16 foot gate to get in and out of. I’m happy that I have full lock on my truck to be able to drag the trailer on the asphalt when the wheels go off the edge of the culvert and into the ditch.
  3. I am wondering if the load position dial’s are seized, I know that mine are on my 5120 from lack of use. I’m posting some more pictures from the owners manual.
  4. I would bet it’s your cab solenoid that needs to be replaced. You should hear it click when you turn the key on and off You could try jumping the solenoid with a screwdriver or something
  5. Damn you VT!! You’re Makin a grown man cry while laughing!! 😂😂
  6. Maybe you should look into a cab kit, they don’t seem that expensive. https://www.skidsteersolutions.com/new-holland-replacement-cab-skid-steer-doors-of-north-america/
  7. Nice equipment… Nice shed too! I can use another one! Or maybe I need to get rid of some equipment! Looks like you have space to cram more equipment in!
  8. When you first start the tractor, does the enable indication lamp flash? If not, you may have a blown fuse, mine was blowing the fuse from a bare wire touching a shield. I’m posting pictures from my 5120 owners manual, it doesn’t say which fuse is for the three point hitch, if I remember right it was the fuse panel on the right hand side, you may have to check each fuse. Start there, then let us know what you figure out. Hope this helps
  9. If I was to be reincarnated.......I would like to come back as her bra! 🤲🏻 😎
  10. Both! It’s a family farm that owns the elevator, they custom feed cattle, custom chop silage and they combine too. They are less than a half hour from hot plug, if you’re up sometime we should take a tour.
  11. Hoppers are definitely the way to go for someone who hauls grain constantly, most of the truckers have the five axle b trains or four or five axle straight trailers, most farmers have tandems or the odd tri axle hoppers. I don’t haul enough grain to justify owning a hopper, my dump trailer I can fill the box as full as possible and I’m pretty well maxed out at what I can haul legally.
  12. Qc.Can.IH man

    Ford F250

    It will pay for itself the first time it’s needed!
  13. It has a broadcast antenna on it for TV and radio stations. There’s also restaurants and sightseeing and you can even walk on the edge while harnessed of course! Never been up there, probably never will, I’ll stick to climbing silos!
  14. 12,000 bushels per hour based on 5% moisture removal 7200 bushels per hour based on 10% moisture removal It is. It says on their website they don’t unload in the rain, but it would stand to reason because the sampler is on the scale and you have to have your tarp open for that purpose anyway. They have an indoor loading area which also has a dump pit under it, but you need a Hopper bottom trailer to be able to unload.
  15. I delivered a load of corn for the first time to the dryer in North Gower Ontario. I have been there before for their open house (free food always makes me show up! LOL) There was two trucks ahead of me, while I was waiting in line this guy walked up to my truck to say good day and introduced himself as Dwight (he was the owner) as he shook my hand, he asked me where I was from and said he has never seen me here before, I said this was my first time here and he thanked me for the business! I didn’t tell him that it wasn’t my corn! LOL The dryer wasn’t running when I was there because there wasn’t enough corn coming in. Apparently it’s the largest dryer in North America! It has four 150 hp electric fans, it must be excited to see you when it’s running! They had a bit of trouble getting the conveyor to go at the dump pit, it was so cold there was likely something frozen that wouldn’t allow it to start, but they used the override switch to get it going. They said the average moisture of the corn coming in was about 27 to 28% moisture, and they said they’re only about 40% done in the area. Here’s a few pictures from outside and inside the control room with all the breakers and switches to run the drying operation.
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