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  1. Well… I’m a nice guy and he’s a nice guy so we’ll just figure out who needs it the most! 😝
  2. It’s real nice! I’ve seen it in person! Chris if you ever have the urge to sell it… It’s not that far of a drive to the black line! Then I can take it from there! Lol
  3. Did you pick warm enough weather to do it? 🥵 Looks good!👍🏻
  4. That’s exactly what I was doing up until 1978… 656 gas but cutting with a new Holland 461 haybine, still got the job done… Maybe about 4 acres an hour!
  5. Well today was the day! He is now the proud owner taking it home. I escorted him to the ferry to cross the river into his province, but not before stopping for a quick lunch! Smoked meat poutine!
  6. Happy birthday Mike!! Haven’t heard much from you lately...you must be busy like the rest of us! Hope you have a great day!
  7. I’m confused here in Lorenzo. Was your mother coming in to Canada with the fish or was she going back home to the US with the fish?
  8. From what I can tell from the picture I would say it’s a late 78 or early 79 build. It has the larger steps and the rearview mirror is higher on the corner post, I believe they lowered the mirror later in 79.
  9. Happy birthday old tanker! I wish that you ”M”ay have a great day celebrating today! (I know it was lame, but it was the best I could do) lol MTO should be along shortly…
  10. Very nice for sure!👍🏻 The only way it could be nicer is if it was a 2 Wheel Drive! 😳😝
  11. Not all fields are that smooth… Some of the land I rent it’s hard to get over 8 miles an hour because it’s just too rough! We are lucky around here that we don’t have many stones, and when I prep a field to be seeded down with hay I make sure that it is very smooth! Here’s a couple of pictures
  12. That part of the field is light sandy soil, The north end of the field is heavy clay so it was a little bit slower and coming up. The rows are 6 inches apart. We had five or six days of +30°C temperatures so it warmed up the ground pretty quick, we haven’t had any rain most of the spring and it’s getting pretty dry now! From what I can tell the hayfields look better than last year, but I won’t know until I get it baled! Hopefully it’s not a repeat of last year, first cut was about 30% of the average yield!
  13. How much are they asking for it?
  14. Doesn’t look too bad except for the damage to the roof! I just bought one back in April, pretty original with 8500 hours on it, I bought it from the second owner who has owned it since about 1990.
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