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  1. Am I supposed to use my imagination? Or was it just snowing very hard where you took that picture? All I see is white! LOL
  2. Don’t know what I did there… But here’s a few screenshots of Google maps of the area.
  3. Last summer/fall I was through there about seven times hauling hay. It was the first time I’ve ever been up there, and man was I surprised about the size of the mines up there! It’s about a 5 hour drive from me, There’s at least two hours driving through the park where the roads are rough as HE!! Some places! The first couple of times up and down I hit a few “bumps“ in the road where my phone went flying out of the cupholder and on the floor of the cab of the truck! Coming up to the town of Malartic the main road runs along side the mine for a bit and then you see the old road goe
  4. I have to tell you Lorenzo that you post some awesome pictures! Are they all pictures that you take or do you “borrow” them? The picture below was just taken a couple of minutes ago, not really awesome but it just doesn’t happen very often. Yesterday afternoon and evening we had a couple of inches of very fluffy snow, and it seem to be very humid last night so it created a frost on everything, if you look at the blue silo you will see the sun is melting the frost off as it is coming up. Also the snow on the roof of the buildings look like they have diamonds in them.
  5. I use my skid steer loader with the bale forks on to remove the tires.
  6. I guess those delicious looking cinnamon rolls with maple Walnut frosting That your wife made for you last weekend must be very good for your “eyesight“!
  7. That’s a very nice looking 886! By the looks of it it’s a late 78 or 79 model, it has the larger steps (unless they were changed) and the 360 engine (in late 79 they changed to the German 358) With all the improvements that should be a great tractor for him!
  8. Qc.Can.IH man


    You are right!
  9. It all depends on what you plan on doing with the tractors. It seems like the 86 and 88 series tractors are going up in value while the maxxum tractors seem to be holding steady. Here is my opinion on the pros and cons for 3688. Better PTO, simpler to fix, most parts readily available And overall nice tractor to sit in. The hydraulics are very similar to the maxxum. pros and cons for the maxxum,more modern tractor like shuttle shift and powershift but the PTOs can give you problems.if you want to do a lot of PTO work I would go with a 3688 for sure! Fuel consumption, th
  10. Qc.Can.IH man


    Here’s my two cents… all the 400 series engines use the same block, the only difference is the stroke which means a different crank. in the 66 series the only tractors that use the 414 what is the 966 and 1066. for some reason the Hydro 100 had a 436 in it but it was the same PTO horsepower as a 966 roughly. The 86 series the only tractor that use the 414 was the 1086, if you look at the number of 1086s built you will see that if you put all of the other 986s, Hydro 186s, 1486s and 1586s together it will be somewhere around the same number of 436s built as there was 414s! Maybe
  11. Been getting some really cool sunrises and sunsets and full moon the last couple of weeks
  12. Charlie and Cleo running through the snow. Charlie is my girlfriend’s dog, she (the dog) lives with me full-time and Cleo is my friends dog that I am babysitting for a year. Both dog owners use the same picture as their screensaver on their phones.
  13. In my area we’ve been having a fairly easy winter, not a lot of snow and this is the coldest we’ve had this winter! I put both Fahrenheit and Celsius
  14. Happy birthday man! 🎂🍰🍻 You need to slow down some… I’m only four years and a bit behind you! 😱😩 After 50 it seems like I am on a slippery slope downhill… The years are going faster all the time! 😳 Have a great day! And keep up the good work entertaining us here!
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