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  1. Power of Red

    IH B-414

    Correct, it's two stage and gets the job done fine for me too. Feels just like a Ford 3000
  2. Power of Red

    IH B-414

    Correction.... live PTO is a must to "plow" 😛 So @MTO is it in your shop yet …
  3. Power of Red

    IH B-414

    My pleasure MTO, i have had a lot of help from this forum, its my chance to give back a little 🙂 feel free to ask me more questions. i have been in pretty deep in this tractor and am staring to know it very well inside out... Take care Al
  4. Power of Red

    IH B-414

    Yes its an older one i believe the gas uses the same block as diesel, just different head, sleeve/piston kit. so the oil take off should be in the same location as mine, to the left of the lift pump just a bit below it. I put in an aftermarket gauge and what ever standard fitting where in there fit, i think it was 1/8npt but dont mark my words this one should have live pto
  5. Power of Red

    IH B-414

    wow, looks pretty straight and cared for. are you sure its a B414 and not a B250 or B275 ? the b414 usuall have white wheels. cant tell from the picture. easy way at a glance is the front axle is square on the B414 and the B250-275 have round tube front axles. from the picture i cant tell if its the 8x2 or 8x8 transmission nor can i see if its a later one with the larger brakes ( i have been told the older ones with the smaller 5" brakes can be hard to get brake parts ) i assume the hydrolic valve is for a set of remotes and not a FEL ? i dont see any evidence of it. the original pump will run a loader, but if you plan on any serious loader work... get it an auxiliary pump for it. and like most, this one has no power steering... not sure what they run for in Pennsylvania, but one like that up here will run you $2500-4000 CAD depending on overall shape and mechanical health. Al
  6. Power of Red

    IH B-414

    Hi MTO, i have no experience with the gas version, but i can tell ya i sure love my diesel one. solid well built machine, easy to fix and service. Most parts are readily available and even "jobber" mahindra parts fit in a lot of situations. Live pto is only on the regular 8x2 transmissions. the ones with 8x8 do not have live PTO. the only downfall on mine and many others is the lack of power steering, they can be a pig to steer with a FEL... what do you plan to do with it ? got some pics of your candidate to share with us? i would not hesitate to get a second one if i had the need for it.
  7. adding also 3 non -minimum wage jobs to program, run and maintain it .... good deal to me
  8. Take some pictures, we may be able to help i.d. it of the s/n tag is long gone. what do you plan using it for ?
  9. Glad hear you got her going again! Keep us posted on your project, we love pictures 🙂 this tractor will treat you well if you care for it. its a simple well built machine and many parts are still available and interchangeable with other British built IH utilities. i have zero regrets buying mine. Enjoy! Al
  10. Hi Shane, The positive ground is a British thing . its the same on British built cars of the era. As said Jimb2 stated, it will run fine with a neg. ground if the polarity of the coil was switch. I hear ya when it comes to ratty wiring, i re-did mine from scratch on my Diesel B414. it had too many farmer fixes and someone had changed the generator out for an Alternator. It was not wired correctly and eventually shorted out the altenator. I added a fuse box and created fused circuits for the lights. That said, if you are looking to ditch the generator and replace it for an altenator, use a delco 10si like i did, they are dirt cheap and self regulating making them an easy swap. just two wires and a jumper. One to the battery and one to the ignition switch, i added a charge light in-line with the ignition wire to help excited the alternator. Now for the no spark. Follow the advice above. Al
  11. Power of Red


    Previous owner left one behind, i used it once...of course not as intended .... worked surprisingly well to wheel out a Power glide from under a chevy nova on jack stands ... i have good intentions, like most of you guys i will set it on the floor , then lie beside it and en up using it as a Mobil tool tray why do we do strange things like that ??? i dont know
  12. It has already happened, Moby Dick is already available in emoji "text" 😵
  13. makes sense the bottom discharge would be best, the coals are the hottest part and remains hot the longest. Im happy to hear my Jotul is not the only picky one.. does yours run away on your easy. aka spike up in temprature stupid fast? ive had a few good scares. nothing scarier than trying to slow it down and loosing the draft. it stalls and starts to pull the air from the chimney then boom! once that fresh air hits all the un-burnt gases spontaneously com-bust. i think they call it "barking" . its even barfed out coal from the air intake at the back when it happens. We have had the house and it for 7 years now, we are getting better at gauging how much to feed it. but its still scary to run sometimes and can be a PITA to start when freshly cleaned out. but as i said before, its gonna follow me for as long as im fit enough to use it. as much as i hate/fear it. i would not want the cheapo stove like in the shop heating my house.
  14. The nice warmth and smell make up for the messiness, as much as i hate lighting that thing im taking it with me if i sell the house. ill put the one from the shop in its place.
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