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  1. Its not easy to put back together, best to have a helper with small hands to get it back into the tub. you are probably looking for where 17+18+19 go. they are loose and held in place by the rod i pointed out for you. they go in the small hole. Feel free to ask me more questions, i have been down the same road as you ๐Ÿ™‚
  2. 2x , someone did the same thing to my w6
  3. ah good old google found me a pic of one of those nice cabs
  4. I worked with 2x Hydro 84 that had Laurin cabs on them. they looked like they where factory made, kinda looks like one from a 1086. no AC but nice cab overall. i wish they made one that fit my B414 like a glove the way those fit the hydro 84. Nice find! keep the pix coming ๐Ÿ™‚
  5. My Advice. if you plan on using them alot, dont cheap out and over-spec them. I have a set of 2K lbs ones and they could barely hold up my gutted Acadian/Nova. moving in a straight line was fine, forget trying to turn a car around with them.... lol unless you have 8 buddies and a few cases of beer.
  6. if you have a woods, dont make the same mistake i made. i ordered the co-called "finishing blades" ... thinking they where for regular lawns.. well they are for golf greens... they sit about 2" lower than the standard ones. They are flush with the bottom of the deck. i have my mower all the way up against the belly and i still get a 1.5"buzzcut finish... on the plus side, they level the lawn well lol.
  7. lol i pull a 900 with that shifter. never even crossed my mind as odd
  8. oliver-cockshutt-white, double H would be my vote
  9. Power of Red


    given i am adding a hot coil, i guess 388 is the way to go?
  10. Power of Red


    lol i pulled one to check them, it was a champion....๐Ÿคฎ what's the autolite number i should be putting in ?
  11. Power of Red


    @Gearclash might be onto something. The is an inline aftermarket filter between the sediment bowl and the carb. it never seems to fill up. i see fuel flowing but the thing stays empty. not the case with the sediment bowl, its always full. i bet its the culprit... i was going to delete it an put in a better quality filter... guess that's top priority. i ignored the ignition for now as it runs so nice i idle since i set the points and timed it by ear... i have an electronic kit to put in, i was waiting to do the whole wiring at once like i did to the B414. looks like i should do that sooner than later. the coil on it right now looks original lol
  12. Power of Red


    Not looking to rebuild the engine but to size the main jet correctly. looks like the carb was played with by someone that didnt know what they where doing. its got a very bad hesitation in throttle increase or as soon as it get any load to it. i tried adjusting it but i cant get it right, so im gonna tear the carb apart and rebuild it. seems to be dumping way too much fuel as its smokes black and back fires when i try to increase the fuel or try to put any kind of load on the engine. oddly it starts and idles as smooth as can be and if a baby the throttle increase, it will gain RPM and maintain it well.
  13. Ah-ha so its not just me that thinks everyone of them sounds like its got a misfire lol.
  14. Power of Red


    Thank you for the answer @Matt Kirsch its what i figured, but i forgot about the pan... way quicker than pulling the head.
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