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  1. Power of Red

    IH On Father's Day

    X2 !
  2. Power of Red

    Quick question for the Mopar guys about voltage regulators

    i might just go plan B, i have a single wire GM alternator i know works. But having the parts tested is a great idea, i know of two places around me that offer the service. not sure if its free.
  3. Power of Red

    Brake damage - B414 i'm stuck

    Got them all out! no harm done to the treads, i passed the tap and we are all good to re-assemble. ( not sure where the 6th one was when i took the picture but its out too. )
  4. Hi guys Im having charge issues, my tractor has a mopar alternator and voltage regulator that some one used when they converted to 12v. i think i might have ordered the wrong regulator. what's the difference between a VR101 and a VR101T ? are they interchangeable ? I put on a VR101T and i still have erratic voltage readings instead of the usual 14ish volts.
  5. Power of Red

    i need advise

    Did you pop off the cap to see the rotor position when you found TDC on #1? number 1 plug might not go where you expected it to be.
  6. Power of Red

    Brake damage - B414 i'm stuck

    Had some time to pick away at this project, here's some pics for those who are following along. I made it to my destination, the 6 broken bolts. now the real fun begins! Im lucky , so far all bearings and races seem fine except the axle outboard bearing, seem a bit too sloppy to put back in since im this far in anyway. The Tach on this tractor was froze at about 3700 hrs. does the ware look like a 3700 hour tractor to you seasoned tractor mechanics ?
  7. Power of Red

    Give and take word game

    Road Gear
  8. Hi Guys I need to replace axle bearings on a b-414 , i will buy a blind bearing puller kit as this will not be the last time i do bearings on tractors. Any advice on what kind of kit to buy? do standard automotive ones have adaptors that are big enough for work on a tractor ? please show and tell what you guys use. thanks, AL
  9. Power of Red

    Red eye candy from the weekend antique pull

    Lol most pulls around here have an open class for guys like him, he was the only hot rod there so they let him do a bunch of exhibition passes to excite the crowd. After watching tractors go 4mph for hours its fun to see one do a 20mph pass.
  10. Power of Red

    Red eye candy from the weekend antique pull

  11. Hi Guys We all love pictures!!!! here's a few i snapped at a local pull this weekend, im dissapointed i didnt take more! too busy drooling i guess..
  12. Power of Red

    Brake damage - B414 i'm stuck

    i stepped away from the project while i wait for my new set of Jumbo wrenches to arrive, opened up the shop last night for the first time since i opened up the top of the rearend on Friday. I was greeted by what had to be the worst old gear oil smell i have ever smelt. First thought that came to mind was " wow tractor @$$-hole smells bad" i had the doors opened when i took the tub off, didn't notice how bad the junk in there smelt. should i be using anything to flush out the remains after dropping the oil ?
  13. Power of Red

    Brake damage - B414 i'm stuck

    I get the feeling someone forgot to torque these bolts down at some point. Regardless im in deep now but im stick at the bull gear removal. I have a few questions for the B series experts. -Question 1: how hard/what is involved to remove the PTO shaft. I cant get a socket onto the Bull gear bolt. Option B is to go buy a 1-1/8 wrench. -Question 2: i noticed a leak on the hydraulic valve at the front of the tub. anything i need to know before i pull the valve off to replace the gasket? i have the tub off , may as well address this leak while its easy access... Question 3: looks like the diff lock shaft seals are leaking, looks like two small o-rings on the parts diagram? Easy to fix while i have the carrier off to extract the bolts or live with the small leak? here's some pictures of my progress so far. im worried about the conditions of the diff carrier bearings. i dont like how i can see them , i bet the race is all chewed... time will tell. P.S. what a bad place for the hydraulic tub drain...
  14. Power of Red

    Brake damage - B414 i'm stuck

    Yuk! so i guess i need to pull off the hydraulic reservoir to access the bull gear and pull out the axle. Will i need to removed the differential carrier or its the bull gear my only hurdle ? i was hoping i would not need to go inside 😞