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  1. Yes you can, mine had one too that still had a dead inline coolant heater attaced to it. But this makes it very easy for you to add a heater if you live in a colder climate and plan to use the tractor in the winter. I kept the fittings in case i wanted to put one on down the road. Cheers! Al
  2. Great work. This is exactly what i wanted to do to mine. Thank you for sharing. Al
  3. Welcome! I would love to see your creative conversion. Please share your upgrade! Thank you
  4. If it's a Lucas pump, it might be the shutoff linkage internally that is stuck.
  5. I disagree. The Lucas pump shutoff Rod internally can stick in the pulled position. Then you have a nonstart. Most times a little tap of the hammer will free it. But I have had it stick and had to pull the pump cover.... always push your rod back in after stopping the engine. Al
  6. Thanks for the tip grassfarmer 75. I have seen all Canadian rednecks's videos,they are great and very helpful. I subscibed to him years ago. They are must watch for any owner of a Brit built ih from the era.
  7. Hi Kevin! I am alive and well. I went through a rough patch pre covid lockdown. Since then I have recovered and started a new job as a parts guy for a local tractor dealer. I still want those weights , just not sure when I will be heading out your way. Hang onto them please. Cheers! Al
  8. Wow that's ugly. You have gone in the one place I have yet to visit on my b414. Mine is a pig to steer with the loader on it but not that bad without it. I plan to dig into my steering box too because I need a new output seal. I have been packing grease in there for years procrastinating on rebuilding the box...
  9. Nice find! I love these b414. I too had a messy mangle wiring harness and opted to make a new one from scratch using leftover wire I had kicking around. I added a fuse box and wired in a delco alternator. Don't rush the project and take the time to do your connectors well. I also upped the battery cables to gauge 2. That helped a lot cranking in -20.c last winter. Feel free to pm me if you have questions about your b414. There is not much I have not taken apart on mine. Al
  10. Hi guys Quick question. I have a new leak on the hydraulic control valve again. This time it's from the flow regulator body. Looks like I need to replace the oring. Do I need to drain the tub before removing the c clip to avoid a hy-tran shower or will I pose just what's in the line from the pump to the valve. Thanks al
  11. looks like something @IHRunner would use for his explosion projects
  12. lol works until you get caught buying parts for "someone else's" machine ... sounds like a double funeral in the making. ☠️
  13. Can you tell me what size battery is needed for my 354 gas tractor?  I have looked and looked through my book and can not seem to find where it says a size.

    1. Power of Red

      Power of Red


      space is not an issue on the B414,, not sure how big your battery tray is on the 354, you might want to measure before ordering a bettery.


      I used a group 31  size, its more than enough for my diesel with glow plugs.  Might be overkill for a gas engine tractor.


      take care, Al


    2. Power of Red

      Power of Red

      note , i also made my own battery cables using #2 awg wire. #4 could not handle the glow plugs well.

  14. Keep us posted if you source a hub that fits the spindle. I might go that route with my w6 down the road if i get told im too hot for stock. Our "open" class would allow aftermarket front wheels. Have fun with your M! AL
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