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  1. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCChoE7G9A2ELyVotqz_qjyw they have a u tube channel ... i like the shop tours too πŸ™‚ enjoy!
  2. I have seen an H keep up to an M in the 5000# class. the big ol M just cant get the power to the track in that slim trim the way the H could with the weight well spread.
  3. yup, @rustred we get qd'ed at knee height.
  4. I haven't had mine on the track yet. But the last pull I was at, we had a nice tacky track for high HP tractors. I watched 3 W6's ( one of them a SW6TA) and all seemed to have a hard time keeping the nose down. we get to run short drawbars at 20" from ground and center of rear axle, gives lots of leverage πŸ™‚ . None had front weight brackets ???? and it got me wondering why? I figured the front axle is pretty stout. But its nice to hear from experience. Thank you guys for the feedback πŸ™‚ Al
  5. What would you guys consider a safe amount of weight to hang off the front of a w6 for pulling purposes. i dont want to snap the axle 500# 1000# ? less than 500
  6. The slow/fast valve could be the culprit. its easy to service it. the hardest part is getting the rolled pin out of the knob for full disassembly. I changed the O-rings on my last fall. here's some pix
  7. Welcome to the forum @Chris-RustyRed nice tractor! i have made the noob mistake of knocking this valve closed cutting off all hydraulics to the tractor... took me a while to figure it out lol double check yours and the one on the opposite side too.
  8. yup R1 leave marks on softer ground. I have mowed with R1 for 5 years now. you will do fine if your not a jerky/aggressive driver.
  9. Its because they use millennial horses now to measure horsepower
  10. Its not easy to put back together, best to have a helper with small hands to get it back into the tub. you are probably looking for where 17+18+19 go. they are loose and held in place by the rod i pointed out for you. they go in the small hole. Feel free to ask me more questions, i have been down the same road as you πŸ™‚
  11. 2x , someone did the same thing to my w6
  12. ah good old google found me a pic of one of those nice cabs
  13. I worked with 2x Hydro 84 that had Laurin cabs on them. they looked like they where factory made, kinda looks like one from a 1086. no AC but nice cab overall. i wish they made one that fit my B414 like a glove the way those fit the hydro 84. Nice find! keep the pix coming πŸ™‚
  14. My Advice. if you plan on using them alot, dont cheap out and over-spec them. I have a set of 2K lbs ones and they could barely hold up my gutted Acadian/Nova. moving in a straight line was fine, forget trying to turn a car around with them.... lol unless you have 8 buddies and a few cases of beer.
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