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  1. Old time photo of a 1206 super stocker

    that would be the "kill switch" aka air cutout, modern pullers usually use a guillotine gate as the air cutout now days. That cable would be pulled by the driver or the sled operator in a runaway situation.
  2. Give and take word game

    Phone call
  3. Give and take word game

    rotary mower
  4. 2018 louisville

    My question, Who here will be pulling and what class ?
  5. Hydrolic filter ihc 234 aka Mitsubishi compact

    Thanks for the links RJ, i had found the same, was hoping i could source it locally, being Canadian, you know the joys of trans border shipping... -Rainman, i have never serviced the trans since i own the tractor ( 4 years ), the oil was freshly flushed when i got it, i have no clue what condition this strainer will be in and i figured for price, i would put a new one in while i have the oil out. Maybe i will look a cleaning once i drop the oil later this spring. Thanks guys, Al
  6. Anyone x-referenced the 1273135C1 hydrolic flters for the little mitsubishi made 234 ? I have a Satoh Beaver that uses the same filter and i am due for a transmission flush this year. Figured maybe Wix made an eq. Al
  7. 20 Most Important Red Tractors

    just a concept tractor... but HT-340 / HT-341 seems to be overlooked a lot
  8. Give and take word game

    flower child
  9. Looking for

    Wow! if my math is right, you already found almost 3% of all of them made almost 50 years ago. pretty cool!
  10. Looking for

    as many others, i have been following along on your quest. Out of curiosity , how many S/N have you collected for your registry so far? i sure hope it wont take 15 years to find the one like your wagon I wish i could help, but there are next to no 826 in my neck of the woods, i have never even seen one in person. Good luck for 2018!!! Al
  11. Give and take word game

    grinding stone
  12. Tilt hood weight rack B series

    Question for you guys with B series tractors. these guys have tilt hoods that are very handy for servicing but leave no room for a front weight rack. Seems the original way IH did was wheel weights that seem to be next to impossible to find locally now days. have any of you guys come up with a creative weight rack that does not obstruct the hood from opening ? Let's see some pix! thanks, AL
  13. BD154 - she smokes, she pops , she needs a rebuild ?

    After much head scratching, replacing parts and some colourful words, i think i finally got the upper hand on this angry BD154. From a plugged return port on an injector, to a a ruptured diaphragm on the lift pump, air seeping in for the supply line's banjo fitting and a second injector failure that was leaking compression back into the system causing the timing cover gasket to blow. I finally have a smooth, clear burning tractor for the first time in the two years i owned it. It was such a combination of things wrong that it took for ever to finally get things right. I would like to thank everyone for the advice on this tread and the other treads related to injection problems.
  14. Give and take word game

    Selective breeding
  15. I dare you

    I live no phone too, at 35, its like being the only sober guy at the party... not stumbling into things, can still hold a conversation face to face, no issues driving, can do math etc, i asked for $20 cash back at the convenience store a few months ago , my purchase was $6.35. kid took out his phone to add $20 + $6.35 to know how much to punch in on the intrac machine. i was floored... this topic remind's me of Mike Judge' movie Idiocracy. I told my wife 12 ish years ago when that movie came out before even the smart phone that Mike's vision of the future was bang on. She said i was insane, guess who is not so insane now... its happening. just 450 years sooner than predicted.