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  1. Well Guys, last pull of the season for me. Second time out and major improvements on the last round, BUT.... i need more horsepower! here's a short video of my 5500 class pass. 2nd gear was probably my first mistake ! the track was ideal, the even was well ran. lots of red eyecandy ! dead last in 5500# and 18/21 for the 6500# class. lots of room for improvements.
  2. I agree 100a is way overkill, the alt was free and lighter than the 10si it replaced. So thats why so big. I am running electronic ignition so the battery is needed. If i jump to a hotter class where electric fans are permitted, i have the juice to run it. About the weight, placable weight is a huge advantage in the hot stock classes i run. The 5mph is killer so making sure i can hook good to the track is important. I can only dream of hitting 4500#... but i killed that dream this week. I am picking up two sets of original wheel weights next week. We dont have a 5000# class so i am aiming to make 5500 with 580# in the wheels and a bit of wiggle room for placable weight. I dont want to have to take those 145# s.o.b off to make it into the lighter class. The next class up is 6500# i know i am gaining 5-10# with a smaller battery but every pound counts in this game. Call me crazy! But thats what they call pulling fever lol.
  3. Hi Guys this one is for the pullers and charge system experts. what are you guys using as a light weight battery ? How small in crank amps can i go on my w6/farmall M starter. will my 100a ac delco alternator fry a U1L lawn and garden battery? i think 350ca will be sufficient for a machine that will not need to start in cold weather and has only two lights that are most likely getting deleted. Al
  4. Hi Guys, looking for a bit of advice from some who have dismantled / rebuild / service a w6. i cant seem to find the info anywhere. question 1: how do you removed the steering drag link at the axle end ? question 2: throttle lever, mine seems out of sync. i tried my best to set my low and high rpms yesterday. i can seem to get the proper travel from the throttle linkage. i hit the tank about 1/2 up the throttle. and low idle is about mid way up the travel of the lever. is that lever splined or keyed or can it be re-clocked? mine seems off by about 30-40 degrees. thanks, Al
  5. Everyone is on the heat side. I say deep freeze. Works well on flywheel ring gears. Shrink it baby!
  6. Figured out how to upload a video for you guys. This was the maiden run.
  7. no enough leverage from the stock drawbar
  8. I have a w6, similar setup. No wheelie bars yet, i used a twisted clevis. So far i pulled it on the stock drawbar. I now have it on the horseshoe but have yet to try it since the move. I too use a bunch of washers to fine tune the height.
  9. Do i need to drain the transmission before removing the drawbar anchor?
  10. Not enough for me to notice or question it. Did not find metal fragments when i dropped the oil. Must be an old injury. Alot can happen in 70 years.... this one must have had a hard life at one point. I would love to know how someone managed to break the hitch horseshoe in half on this tractor. Its Been welded back together and reinforced with extra plates on the underside.
  11. Its off and i took the tank off to do it. The pto is next. Not sure how soon but it will happen. So now for the ugly... i thought the junk in the tank was bad news.... the top of the picture is the front of the tractor. Is that 4th gear that is damaged?
  12. Yes i can get away with removing the pto and road gear. But i wanted to keep the pto in for tuning. I have easy access to the dyno at work. Matt, is the pto shaft on a w6 a quick in out with just dropping the oil? I know the one on my b414 just pulls out and goes right back in without having to open the transmission or split the tractor. Its a breeze to service the bearing and seal. If thats the case ... i will add it to the diet. Thanks guys for all the great input Al
  13. Thanks for the info mike. Its not going back on anytime soon. So getting it out is the only concern. But i have a hoist and i might just pull the tank anyways to clean it out. Save my back in the process. Why its coming off Dr. The tractor is on a diet.... last weigh in was 5028# with me on it. 4500# would be nice but i think unrealistic.... so anything under 5000# will help with movable weight flexability for track setup. I pulled 5500# and 6500# ( i was 500# short for the 6500# class ) the first and only time i pulled it so far. It was much better behaived at 6000 simply because of the weight distribution. I am sure this tractor's ideal pulling weight is probably 7500-8000# but transport then becomes an issue. So i need to make due with what i have in the lighter classes. Al
  14. Question: does the fuel tank need to come off in order to remove the belt pulley drive assembly on a w6. Also, how heavy is the assembly? Thanks , al
  15. Good day pulling, drove off the track both passes and did not finish last.
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