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  1. Power of Red

    My Daughter Just Asked to Go to a Tractor Pull!!!

    There's a lot of factors than can cause sister models like the H vs W4 and M vs W6 to act way different on a pulling track. a pair well balanced/set up tractors with a seasoned driver should see similar results. My uncle and i sometimes pull the same tractor in the same class, more often than not i beat him by a few feet because we are 150# apart giving me a 150# "movable weight" advantage ( most clubs class by weight and not by horspower given the lighter rowcrops a huge HP advantage. In stock form the standard tractors are heavier and are harder to properly weigh down effectively. the second factor i see is draw bar positioning in relation to the rear axle centre. the standard tractors have a greater distance from tip to centre of axle. the shorter the drawbar and the higher off the ground , the more leverage it will create and shift the weight to the rear tires. that's why most clubs, even in stock classes, have certain limits on height and distance from the centre of the rear axle. For our local rules, i can set the hook point at the distance the drawbar horse shoe sits at. That said lengthening it will help on tracks that grab good and tend to pull the front up too much. Tire diameter and type will also play a huge roll. The bigger the diameter the better and more often than not a worn tire is preferred. One of the pro pullers on here had explained the science of tire diameter and cut vs non cut lugs on here before. It was very well explained why the bigger diameter is better. I could go on about this for ever, i love pulling and the science behind it. I cant wait to get started with the W6, i bought it just for pulling. Everyone around here pulls an M , i have my work cut out for me to keep up with the W6 but i wanted that challenge! Now if only i could get it down to 4500# like some of the M's around here... my target is to hopefully squeeze into the 5000# class with room for movable weight. AL
  2. Power of Red

    My Daughter Just Asked to Go to a Tractor Pull!!!

    @KWRB before you know it, your gonna be hauling her puller around... πŸ˜› you guys think red fever is bad... once you feel that chain bind up and the green flag drop there is not going back. Have fun at the pull! Al
  3. Power of Red

    Always a good idea to have a helper

    those are the doors to the rodent motel...
  4. Power of Red

    6 Cylinder M. How's It Done?

    The 466 swap seems to be a popular one, too bad i dont know more about the one that comes to our local pull, i have posted some pix on here before. it looks like it was supposed to be in there from factory. Cool project! looking forward to seeing your progress
  5. Power of Red

    354 steering restoration

    @New@this18 I will need to open mine too, the seal on the output shaft is ... non existant. i packed mine with EP2 until i get to it this summer. I plan on doing a full rebuild on mine, its really sloppy... typical for a FEL tractor. Keep posting pictures of your 354 rebuild. we all love pictures πŸ™‚ Al
  6. Power of Red

    Isn’t it pretty?

    at least its not green πŸ˜•
  7. Power of Red

    354 steering restoration

    I check my B414 manual ( has the same steering box ) calls for SAE-80 oil. manual said 1-3/4pt. Al
  8. Power of Red

    Pertronix Upgrade

    wow this debate is almost as hot as the oil treads. i have had both points and electronics on my SB chevy's. i ordered a Pertronix kit for the W6 the day it arrived home. its not in yet but will be the first upgrade on this tractor once i get to it. i guess that puts me on the Electronic team....
  9. Power of Red

    IH 1969 434 Tractor: Power takeoff does not engage

    Hi Ron, On my similar B414 The engagement mechanizium is visible from the top when the hydraulic tub and rock shaft are removed from the top of the rear end, not a quick job but easier than a split. no room to work but you can see if something is off from there. the lever slides a round splined disc over from the transmission side onto the PTO shaft locking them together. I heard it can fall out if you dont engage the PTO prior to pulling out the shaft out the end of the tractor. the lever fork inside is kind of a weak spot in my opinion and i could imagine it breaking off, that might be the case for you. check this guy's video, i found it helpful when i had to pull out my pto shaft for other reasons.
  10. Power of Red

    A dream realized....restoration of a Farmall 200

    Great story, interesting idea turning a tempo into a restoration shop in Canadian climate... your a brave man indeed. So your really gonna let us hang like that... πŸ˜› @IHhogfarmer is right, this is the biggest tease/cliff hanger we have seen on here in a long time... Al
  11. Power of Red

    Chain saw collectors ?

    a perfect "his & hers" set 😍
  12. Power of Red

    pic for Matt kirsch.....

    @mike_newman thanks for the pix, being a W6 owner and 560 dreamer, the A554 is really the ultimate looking machine lol. i am curious about your disc brake swap. is the A554 brake setup identical to the W6 ? on the picture, the back half of the A554 sure looks the same. is the 4/5 gear ratio gap as stupid as the w6/farmall M ? Al
  13. Power of Red

    It is now time to give back

    Hi @Wes W Yup i got a thing for tractor pulling πŸ™‚ Im right at the qc/ont. border off Highway 20. I am not a member of the APPAQ, and have long to go to the "weekend rouge" for years. just never seem to have good timing. i dont head east every often. I cant even remember the last time i set foot on the island of montreal. So about the b414 story, what did your Dad end up with or what was it supposed to replace? Al
  14. Power of Red

    It is now time to give back

    Congrats on retirement @Wes W we are looking forward to your farmall 200 story πŸ™‚ What area of the belle province are you from if you dont mind me asking?
  15. Power of Red

    Worth a look if you haven't seen it....

    Being a massey man, i dont think he is a member here. he's gonna wonder why his IH postings are jumpping up in viewership so fast. i like how he has stuff of all colors.