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  1. Nice Herd bumper! I see somebody went all out! That’s a fully loaded bumper! Turn singles, four post, vertical grill bars, rake and slam latch. There’s only one thing missing… You need to install a light bar! That way you can blind those who are blinding you! They are really good insurance! I hit a deer a couple of months ago with mine, it ran across the road from the left to the right and it didn’t make it! Hit it on the passenger side and it went under the front wheels of the truck and then the drive wheels I never stopped dragged it 75 feet down the road
  2. The flow control should be down for fast flow. It should be to the front of the tractor on the valve.
  3. So who do you owe the $5 to?? lol no buddy seat… not sure you would get anywhere If you were trying to impress a girl with that tractor!
  4. The original owner wanted more power!
  5. They made cabs for most make and model of tractors up until a few years ago as far as I know. Not sure if air-conditioning was available as an option or not. I have seen quite a few 786s but those cabs on them over the years and only a couple of 30 series. They were your typical aftermarket cab that were very loud and hot in the summer. If you notice on the picture of the 786 at the bottom of the door they are very hard to get in and out of because of the way they designed the cab, but the 3088s cab they improve that. The cab on the 3088 in the original posters picture
  6. That’s a Laurin cab, Made in Laval (Montreal) Quebec. Last spring I bought a 786 with one of those cabs and in the spring of 2019 I bought a 3088 with one. I plan on removing them both and return the tractors to the original open station.
  7. I find it funny nobody has responded yet… I would look into checking your MCV and MCV pump
  8. Happy birthday Tony!!🎂🍰 I wish you all the best for your next trip around the sun!☀️(Health happiness and getting that baler ready to bale hay!!) LOL 😂🤣
  9. Here you go. https://www.maplehunterdecalsindiana.com/internationalfarmall-2.aspx
  10. You are missing for a few hours and everybody wants to send out a posse looking for you!😉 I guess it goes to show you just how much you are “loved” and “respected” on this forum!🤷🏻‍♂️ From time to time we all get too busy to contribute to this great forum! We all have crap to deal with in life… Some of it is self-inflicted of course! (I got myself into a few “adventures” with HP… But those are stories for another day and topic) Happy to see you back!
  11. I have seen pictures of that tractor on here 3 weeks ago.
  12. For me the worst part of it is having to reset every clock in the house, shop, every truck and tractor around here! Then not remembering which ones were already changed or not because sometimes it takes a week or more to get through them all! For me it doesn’t matter if we were on standard or daylight saving time because pretty much 365 days of the year I see the sun rise and set! The only thing good about the shorter days is I don’t have to get up so early to see the sunrise or go to bed too late after seeing the sunset! LOL The first two pictures are of sunrise and the
  13. How about a party of 83? Last week there was a party up in Chelsea at an Airbnb that the cops came in to break up and left each of them a $1000 fine! I bet that paid for a pile of ☕️🍩 at Timmys for the cops!
  14. I seen this at the show in Tulare last February.
  15. The early 966s were rated about 91 PTO horsepower and I think it was about 1973 they boosted them up to 100 PTO horsepower. I had a 1974 966 that we bought in 1979 and I used it until 1991. It was a great tractor and it seemed like it had more than 100 hp, the only thing I didn’t like about it was the red deluxe cab! It seem to shake too much. Traded it in on a 7120 magnum in 91, still have that magnum. Where in Ontario do you live?
  16. Happy belated birthday Glen! I missed it too, I didn’t check the forum yesterday, I’ve been crazy busy! Are you sure it’s been a year already? It seemed like I wished you happy birthday not that long ago! You got to slow down your ageing process! You’re making us all age too fast young lad! Dale
  17. You are supposed to remove the plug when putting the oil in, you have to keep an eye on it because it will start running out once you get enough oil. if your transmission is full of oil and you don’t have oil running out the hole you can always blow some air in the fill tube (with your mouth or Low pressure air hose) When checking your oil level in the Hydro tractors you must have the engine running at 1600 RPMs for a three minutes in neutral to check the oil level on the dipstick.
  18. It looks like you have a 186 tri-stripe with the piston pump (By the looks of your picture) Did you remove the plug to let the air out of the filter cavity?
  19. Mark G is bang on, I would give you the same advice! Good to see you got the tractor home, hopefully you get it figured out, it would look nice restored! I would like to see that tractor in person someday, It would be very interesting to see, maybe I will contact you in the future and we can set a date. If you change your mind and want to sell it let me know I am interested! 😉
  20. Happy to hear that you will save this tractor! I see the tractor is still advertised for sale! The price he’s asking is very reasonable! I guess he’s waiting for you to pick it up before he removes the ad. It’s over 7 hour drive from my place! Does the PTO work? If it doesn’t work it could be the IPTO Spline at the Clutch is wore out,it may have seen a lot of PTO work. Keep us posted when you get the tractor home, we will all like to see more pictures of it!
  21. Did you buy the tractor? If you don’t buy it, I will! LOL What part of Quebec do you live in?
  22. If he had a spare, the jack and a wrench he likely would’ve been missing the air in the tire! I usually stop to help when someone is stopped on the road with a flat tire (specially the pretty young ladies) To ask if they need help, they usually say they’re good, sometimes I will ask them, Do you have air in your spare? They look at me funny and I ask them when was the last time you or someone checked the air in the spare? I carry a small compressor in my pick up and I have an air hose to connect to the air tank on my big truck so I can pump a flat. Hopefully he learns f
  23. It doesn’t help that the Canada / US border is still closed, I know two Canadians that could not attend because of it! 😢😩😤
  24. Very interesting! Was it originally sold in Quebec? I can’t make out the dealer sticker
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