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  1. Did you buy the tractor? If you don’t buy it, I will! LOL What part of Quebec do you live in?
  2. If he had a spare, the jack and a wrench he likely would’ve been missing the air in the tire! I usually stop to help when someone is stopped on the road with a flat tire (specially the pretty young ladies) To ask if they need help, they usually say they’re good, sometimes I will ask them, Do you have air in your spare? They look at me funny and I ask them when was the last time you or someone checked the air in the spare? I carry a small compressor in my pick up and I have an air hose to connect to the air tank on my big truck so I can pump a flat. Hopefully he learns from this experience, I would’ve did the same thing as you!
  3. It doesn’t help that the Canada / US border is still closed, I know two Canadians that could not attend because of it! 😢😩😤
  4. Very interesting! Was it originally sold in Quebec? I can’t make out the dealer sticker
  5. Did you get any pictures?? You need to wear sunglasses, not just any sunglasses but the safety type that wrap around your eyes… You need that style so a certain someone can’t see where you’re looking!! 😎 I sometimes wonder if we ignored all that T and A stuff if our women would worry about us? 🤔 they might think we were gay or something…
  6. I’m sure you can do the same “freehand” with a torch!
  7. You are too nice Mark! Just remember, you don’t know people until you live with them... Or rent a place to them!
  8. She just needs a good sports bra! Then she’d be all set… I’m really surprised it hasn’t been deleted yet.... We’ll just keep enjoying it until it is! 😜🤪😂🤣
  9. I showed that picture to my girlfriend who is a photographer and does a lot of Photoshop (she can even make me look good!) says that is about as photo shopped as you can get!
  10. I fixed it for you!… they are the most down to earth people you will ever meet! And I’m proud to say he’s one of my best buddies! You have my respect again sir, keep up the good work entertaining us on the forum! I am always happy to read your posts. Thanks again. 👍🏻
  11. Now that’s much funnier! Thanks man!… I appreciate it!
  12. I wanted to go but I can’t!🥺 Donald and Justin still have the border closed!🤬
  13. Qc.Can.IH man

    Hay Pics

    I’m jealous! I wish my windrows were that big this year, Most fields everyone was getting 1 to 2 bales per acre, so basically your picture would only have one or two bales in it if it was around here this year!
  14. Decided to put the 3688 on the disc mower to cut some smaller fields for a couple of customers, the McCormick doesn’t turn very short because the wheel tread is too narrow, I really prefer my 3688 over the McCormick for cutting hay! Had this truck and trailer In my yard the other day picking up the last of the equipment that they were using on the roadwork in front of the farm, the truck was a brand new Peterbilt and the trailer was a new Manac three axle air ride with air ramps on the rear, Both the truck and trailer were built in Canada, I could use a trailer like that one.
  15. Thanks. I’ve been hung up many times with that trailer in the fields, but I have a set of blocks that I can raise it up on the front where it detaches so I can move around a lot easier in the hilly fields. Most of the times I just watch where I’m going to avoid getting hung up. How do you come up with these great ideas? That little loader is really nice to drive, he bought it for his snow removal contracts and he uses it on the farm the rest of the year. It’s very easy to drive, basically you have your forward neutral and reverse switch on the loader joystick and your right foot is the throttle/Hydro speed and your left foot is for the brake. It’s a little bit different driving and articulated loader but once you get onto it, it works very well! The V-rake works really well, it’s a very simple machine that anyone can use, I was doing about 7 miles an hour with it Which is about the same speed as my Kuhn double rake. We had 2 inches of rain on Sunday and another inch Tuesday evening, it’s been a very dry summer here and we sure needed that rain!
  16. Wow!! It’s been almost 3 weeks since I posted anything here! I’ve been crazy busy making hay, cereal silage and trucking hay for others! I’m posting a few random pictures of getting loaded or unloaded. I am also posting pictures of a round baler that I used to bale the cereal silage with, the guy I sold the silage to let me use his because I don’t have a round baler. First time ever in my life that I made round bales! He asked me how I like it and I said it’s very slow compared to big square bales! I had to watch the monitor constantly to keep the bale uniform, Then stop at the beep and wait for the bale to wrap with net and wait for the beep before opening the tailgate… I messed up a couple of bales because of not waiting for the net wrap to finish! I did quite a bit of baling in the dark, lots of bugs around the lights! The silage bales are quite a bit heavier than the dry hay, 46 bales and I was a couple of tons overweight, had to stop at the scales but I got the greenlight to go! Here is a few pictures of tractors that load and unload me. There is more but sometimes I don’t take the time to take a picture, one guy that loaded me had a big Fendt tractor, he had no problem loading me from one side, even on the third row he could reach across the trailer. He kept me busy I didn’t have time to take a picture, I’m supposed to go back there again so I will try to get a picture next time! Swapped rakes with my buddy, He got my claas 650 twin double rotor rake and I used his V rake, First time I ever used a V rake, It worked well for raking the silage. My other Kuhn rake Was being used by my brother at the time. Cutting the silage after a rain overnight made the ground pretty sticky, lots of dirt stuck to the cutter bar of the disc mower. get the odd spectator show up at the fiele this guy is still waiting for his friends to come back and get him, he has been there since I planted the field! Baled hay for three customers yesterday then went to my buddies Last night to help him get his hay picked up before the rain today, his girlfriend was driving his ram 5500 with 26 bales on, his neighbour was driving the MX 110 with a 32 foot wagon,he was loading us with his little cat loader. Then I helped him put his bales up in the barn, I drove the loader while he drove the bale mover up in the loft. It doesn’t take long to put away a bunch of hay that way.
  17. I haul a lot of hay to and from a lot of different places,I see all kinds of different tractors to load and unload with! I am very strict on placing the bales and tell whoever is loading me exactly where to put the bales. Sometimes I get a soft bale in the bottom row which can throw the whole load off to one side! I can haul between 48 and 52 4‘ x 5‘ and up to 70 4‘ x 4‘ round bales, the weights I’ve seen as little as 300 pounds for a 4’ bale and up to 1000 pounds or so for a 5’ bale, With the average 5 foot bale being around 7 or 800 pounds. My trailer is a regular hydraulic detachable low bed float that I built racks for the front and rear of the trailer to extend it. When loading I will put on two rows of bales and then strap them down, then on the low part I will put a third row of bales. When I strap them down I strap as tight as I can, then I drive 15 minutes and stop to recheck my straps, They all need to be retightened by a few clicks on the winch or sometimes a turn or so,Then I drive another 30 minutes or so and recheck them again, by then if they need to be tightened it’s usually the last time. The best loading time I’ve ever had for 50 bales was 23 minutes! The guy was well set up with a nice big yard and he had all the bales set up so I parked in his yard and he was able to load me fast! The average loading time is about two hours to load and strap, the most it’s ever taking me is about five hours! None of us were very happy about that! My rate per hour is higher than anyone else but I can also haul more bales so the price per bale is less than anybody can do it for unless they’re doing a backhaul or for the price of fuel.One guy asked me for a price on trucking hay and I quoted him $1800 per load, that will be a 6 Hour drive from my place to pick up the hay then a 6 Hour drive to his place and a 2 Hour drive from his place to my home.I need a truck with a sleeper,he has 400+ bales for me to haul so it’s going to be a long week! Here is a picture of what happens sometimes when I take the straps off the load. I will be posting more pictures on my topic “fieldwork pictures from Qc. Can.” If you want to check them out.
  18. I didn’t think you knew them two that well!😂🤣
  19. So I guess you’re human after all!! Is somebody starting a go fund me page for you? I can donate I Canadian $20 bill for you… So what were you really thinking about when you should’ve been concentrating on what you were doing… Boobs??
  20. So my friend finally got the new “T” Installed on his tractor and it hasn’t changed anything. When he first starts the tractor he has a little bit more pressure but as the tractor warms up to operating temperature it won’t lift with the remotes or three point hitch but the loader works fine. Anybody got any ideas what to check next? Here is a picture of him loading me with round bales last Wednesday evening
  21. I’m jealous!! I got to see a bit of California back in February, we flew into Los Angeles and drove up the coast for a couple of days and then went to Tulare for the farm show. Got to meet Tony in person and see a couple of his beauties at the show, It was an honour to meet Tony and chat with him and his buddies, it would be a real riot to hang out with those guys! After spending a couple of days at the farm show we headed back to the coast and worked our way up to San Francisco. I am definitely heading back to California in the near future, I found everybody to be very friendly and there is so much to see!
  22. Well… I’m going to take that as a compliment!!😆 We will keep this between you and me, I won’t tell HP because he’ll take it the wrong way and you may upset him… Maybe even make him 😢😭
  23. What a waste of good tinfoil!
  24. Why don’t you just think about boobs like most men!!
  25. Has it been a year already? I remember last year you saying about the 46th year of marriage! Congratulations on another year in the books… And I wish you many more years of health and happiness with each other!
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