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  1. I’m jealous!! I got to see a bit of California back in February, we flew into Los Angeles and drove up the coast for a couple of days and then went to Tulare for the farm show. Got to meet Tony in person and see a couple of his beauties at the show, It was an honour to meet Tony and chat with him and his buddies, it would be a real riot to hang out with those guys! After spending a couple of days at the farm show we headed back to the coast and worked our way up to San Francisco. I am definitely heading back to California in the near future, I found everybody to be very friendly and there is so much to see!
  2. Well… I’m going to take that as a compliment!!? We will keep this between you and me, I won’t tell HP because he’ll take it the wrong way and you may upset him… Maybe even make him ??
  3. Why don’t you just think about boobs like most men!!
  4. Has it been a year already? I remember last year you saying about the 46th year of marriage! Congratulations on another year in the books… And I wish you many more years of health and happiness with each other!
  5. Thanks for the response He says the loader works fine, he’s getting 2800+ psi at the loader valve. thanks, the dealer is not being much help, they’re having a hard time finding the ball valve T that fits, But like you said it may have changed numbers! His tractor does not have Front suspension for the mid mount valves or even trailer brakes. The loader is run off the power beyond at the rear remote stack He said his tractor has two Ts on it but one T is capped,I told him to try switching theTs
  6. I was hoping to go, but just this morning they announced that the Canada/US border will be closed until August 21! ? So I guess there won’t be any Canadians attending this year!
  7. My friend is having problems with his 2014 MAXXUM 115 I basically know nothing about those tractors, they are new Holland painted red as far as I’m concerned! The issue he is having is the loader works fine but the three point hitch and the remotes don’t work the way they should. When the tractor is hot the three point hitch won’t lift any higher than about 30% and the remotes are very slow and have 1700 psi in remote one, 1500 psi in remote two, 1300 psi in remote three. I told him I would post it on here, that’s pretty much all I know about it right now so if anyone on here has any ideas of where to check first It would be greatly appreciated. We had a phone conversation about it late last night and I told him that he should join the forum so he could ask about it, but I said it might take a while before you could register as a member so I told him I would post it for him and then he could check To see if anyone responds. Thanks, Dale (for Michael)
  8. Nice! The 86 series tractors are by far my favourite tractor series, I only have nine of them so far… My favourite of them all is the Hydro 186, I have three of those so far… Your 1486 looks to be in nice shape! my 1486 is getting a complete restoration, hopefully it will be completed this summer!
  9. Just be happy that I didn’t tell him to go and check to see what MTO “wants to know this time“...yet!!
  10. Mark… Where do you come up with these ideas? A lower drawbar might be OK on flat ground or even better on a hill! But how are you supposed to clear any kind of windrows of hay when the drawbar is close to the ground? Not to mention when you start to sink in the mud you will be dragging bottom and hung up! For me the more ground clearance the better! Throw some weights on the front… And keep your wheel thread width as wide as possible on side slopes!
  11. my 786 doesn’t have a turbo but it sure has some get up and go! But it does leave a nice stream of black smoke too! It seems to have more power than my 886 with a D360
  12. It’s Cuz that German Diesel has just too much POWER!! ??
  13. I have only seen one or two 786s with factory cabs on them, I couldn’t tell you if they were put on in the factory or not, but I’m sure if you ordered one with the cab international would not have said it’s not available. I’ve seen lots of 786s with aftermarket cabs on them, One company was building them here in Quebec a couple of hours from me, I just bought a 786 with an aftermarket cab on it this spring, I do not like the cab so it will be coming off!
  14. How about sunrise pictures? here’s some local pictures of corn and soybeans that are doing very well despite the dry weather we have been having. The hay crop is very poor this year, Most of the fields I’m getting 1/3 my normal yield, The 40 acres I baled yesterday only gave me 66 3‘ x 3‘ x 8‘ square bales, normally I get 160 to 200+ on a good year! Here is a picture of the best part of the 40 acres. We are having a major shortage of hay in this area, a lot of people are really freaking out!
  15. Retrieved the 7120 From the field this morning before the rain. it’s amazing where you find old electric fence wire, it was wrapped around the undercarriage of the rotary rake. It’s also amazing how hot tools can get when the toolbox is mounted on the frame rail beside the engine, you can’t hold onto them for very long!
  16. The truck and trailer weigh 18,750 kg plus or minus empty.that’s a little over 41,000 pounds. I put 62 8 ft. square bales on the trailer, Depending on what kind of hay it is and if it’s very dry the bales weigh between 700 and 800 pounds each. So that brings my weight to approximately 22,500 kg or 50,000 pounds on the trailer. In my area I’m pretty well maxed out for my weight limit.
  17. I was thinking it was gonna take at least 10 hours, i’ve never had to lift the hood off the tractor yet. Thanks for replying Glen
  18. It’s a 6.7 with a six speed transmission and 4.44 posi diff. He ordered it in red but it was taking too long to have it built so he change the colour to white. Apparently they need at least five vehicles the same colour before they will build them, I told him you should’ve ordered five!
  19. I’m not the guy to ask anyways… My only entertainment and news that I get comes from this forum,I’m too busy this time of the year to pay attention to what goes on in the world. but I am having fun and getting paid to do it!
  20. Have you started painting things too?
  21. Raked and baled 30 acres this afternoon, got 67 8 foot bales. Put 62 on my big trailer, Went back with the little trailer for the last five. Just a few years ago I got 200+ bales off the same field. The AC quit on the McCormick this afternoon, my buddy that was driving it wasn’t too happy! I’ll have to charge that up before we use it again.
  22. now now… Don’t turn my topic into something political! LOL Yup and almost rides like a half ton, He was using his 3500 crew cab dually To pull a 30 foot 24,000 pound gooseneck trailer before he got this truck, he said his 3500 with struggle with the loads he was hauling but this one can pull it all day long and not even break a sweat! It’s a really nice truck, but there’s almost too many gadgets for me! I must be maturing with age! LOL
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