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  1. That’s a long drive… I think I’d fly there!
  2. I hope to stay here the rest of my life…
  3. Sounds like an invitation… ? I may have flew over Nebraska on the way to or coming back home from California...?
  4. The 1486 has always been one of my favourite tractors since the beginning… Finally got to buy one in 2017! I am in the process of giving it a complete restoration, fixing up all the leaks and anything that needs to be fixed and now I’m going to paint it, Hopefully this week! I will post some pictures later…
  5. Happy birthday TomH!!! ???? Another good guy born in March! 60 years! Are you having a big party? happy birthday to all the others celebrating today!
  6. I live in Gatineau Quebec, The farm has been in the family since 1919. I am the third generation (and probably the last)! My grandfather died of a heart attack in the barn in 1979, my father lived here all his life until he died in 1999 and I’ve been here all my life! I live 15 minutes from Ottawa Ontario (the capital of Canada) I am 2 hours from Montreal, 5 1/2 hours from Toronto, six hours from Bloomsburg Pennsylvania, About 3 hours From Chris NY, 5 1/2 hours from VTfireman in Vermont (I have never been there… But maybe someday) When you look at the big picture I’m just a dot on the map! LOL
  7. Belated birthday wishes to you Poor farmer/logger... Fellow Canadian forum member! Also belated birthday wishes to Power of red… Fellow Québec forum member!
  8. LMAO!! I smuggle it in… But don’t tell anybody! Between you and me I take over the Quebec bottles and have them filled!?
  9. Same thing around here! The price of houses are advertised as “starting bid” The final selling price is usually 20% or more higher! There’s a nice house for sale just beside my farm, Asking price is $1,799,000… I don’t think they’ll be too many people bidding on that one! Anybody want to be my neighbor? LOL Imagine what will happen if the interest rates go up to 10 or 15%!
  10. No need to worry Mr. Newman… The caramel is most likely the worst part of that cake for a diabetic! It consist of Graham cookies with butter in the bottom layer, then some kind of cream cheese, peanut butter, some kind of whip cream, with almonds and maple sugar on the top....and of course the caramel somewhere in between! My lady also makes sure that I will burn that sugar off before bedtime…with plenty of “sexercise”! Plus she is a nurse too...she is an operating room nurse, she assistes the doctors in open-heart surgery on a daily basis! So if I ever need open-heart surgery she will insist to be there and have the best Heart surgeon repairing/rebuilding my heart! I try to eat as healthy as possible… I prefer making my own or eating someone else’s homemade cooking... I make an awesome oatmeal cookie… I use very little or no brown sugar and lots of maple syrup… I get my syrup from a fellow forum member (Hot Plug) and he always gives me the “high octane” syrup! Everyone that tries my cookies say they’re awesome! (Either that or they’re all a bunch of liars and trying to make me feel good!) I like to put my cookie on a full cookie sheet and then cut it into granola bar type shapes when it’s partially cooled off. I also got to try out my drone on the weekend!
  11. Thanks to all for the wishes! I had a busy phone day… Too many people calling and texting me! My girlfriend came and had supper with me, we made burgers and fries (one of my favourite meals) and she made some kind of a frozen cake (which was awesome)! She also made me a video of her singing Brad Paisley‘s she’s everything to me… But she change the words to customize it for me! Watching her blooper videos was funny too! She also bought me (herself) a drone!
  12. Happy birthday Bitty! ???? You have one more year to go before the big “50”.... Then life is like a slippery slope downhill and the years start flying by!
  13. Last fall I had a blowout, middle axle, inside tire of a tri-axle dump trailer, I was an hour and a half into a 4 hour drive. I heard a loud bang and rubber started flying everywhere! I pulled over to check out the situation, I pulled a couple of strips of rubber that got wrapped around the axle off and then found a tire dealer 10 minutes away. An hour and a half later I was on my way again, just as I was arriving at my destination I was turning in the entrance when another tire blew this time on the front axle of the trailer. After I got my load dumped I lower the air suspension and put a chain around the axle and the frame of the trailer and then aired up the suspension and drove home.
  14. Happy birthday to you and everyone celebrating today! ??? I’ve been told good people are born in March! ? I’ve also heard that great people are born on the 18th! ? Do you think you can slow down a bit… I’m not far behind you, the years are starting to fly-by too fast! ?
  15. Happy birthday Aaron AKA Nepoweshiekfarmalls, and everyone else celebrating today!??
  16. The C stands for……Canada? ??
  17. My condolences Mark! I’m sure you gave him the best life he could’ve asked for, and I’m sure he gave you the best he could too! I seem to recall you even took him north of the black line… I bet they were some of the best days of his life! Take care man, and when the time is right he will find another buddy…
  18. My friend bought one to spread sand with, the dealer guaranteed him it would work to spread sand! He was using a sand salt mix, it would spread about a 5 gallon pail full and after that it was bridged in the hopper! He tried to get the dealer to take it back and get his money back but they said well we will sell it for you! It took them two years to get rid of it for him! It was hydraulic driven. Hopefully you have more “flowable“ sand down there in Vermont.
  19. Happy birthday Mark!???? I texted hot plug to let them know it’s your birthday… So you should be hearing from him, you can thank me later! ?
  20. Am I supposed to use my imagination? Or was it just snowing very hard where you took that picture? All I see is white! LOL
  21. Don’t know what I did there… But here’s a few screenshots of Google maps of the area.
  22. Last summer/fall I was through there about seven times hauling hay. It was the first time I’ve ever been up there, and man was I surprised about the size of the mines up there! It’s about a 5 hour drive from me, There’s at least two hours driving through the park where the roads are rough as HE!! Some places! The first couple of times up and down I hit a few “bumps“ in the road where my phone went flying out of the cupholder and on the floor of the cab of the truck! Coming up to the town of Malartic the main road runs along side the mine for a bit and then you see the old road goes straight where the new road curves to the right as you come into the town. Mining is the main source of income for that area and after that would be logging or agriculture, and then probably tourism. It would be a nice place to visit for sure! (In the summer) Unless you like snowmobiling. LOL It’s amazing the pile of rock that they are moving just to get gold! I have pictures!
  23. I have to tell you Lorenzo that you post some awesome pictures! Are they all pictures that you take or do you “borrow” them? The picture below was just taken a couple of minutes ago, not really awesome but it just doesn’t happen very often. Yesterday afternoon and evening we had a couple of inches of very fluffy snow, and it seem to be very humid last night so it created a frost on everything, if you look at the blue silo you will see the sun is melting the frost off as it is coming up. Also the snow on the roof of the buildings look like they have diamonds in them.
  24. I use my skid steer loader with the bale forks on to remove the tires.
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