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  1. Well MTO… Lisa was OK… Back then!? I like this little cutey from Sweden… ?? She can come and back up my wagons anytime!? Or wash my equipment! ? P.S. happy belated birthday again IHrondiesel!?
  2. @IHRunner My condolences to you and your family. I realized the same thing a year ago last February at my mother’s wake and funeral, and there was a lot of people I met there that I haven’t seen in many years! I Must say that you clean up well runner! Can you introduce us to the rest of your family in the picture? Again, my condolences. Dale
  3. Very nice pictures! Sandhiller has some nice landscapes! Isn't it great the places we have to go with our trucks! I haul mostly hay, last year was crazy from the middle of July until the end of December! There was such a shortage of hay in this area that I had to go up to seven hours from home. One guy I trucked for it was taking three days to do two loads! Here is a couple of pictures of one laneway that I had to get in and out of, I had to use full lock to get up the hill and I chewed up a little bit of the gravel. @Lazy WP I always enjoy reading about your trucking adventures and seeing the pictures to go with it. Keep it between the ditches! Dale .
  4. Those are some big stones, we get the odd big one come up around here, maybe about half the size of yours. The average size around here is smaller than a basketball. Here is a picture of my forage BOP (barley oats peas) for cereal silage. This picture was taken five days after seeding.
  5. I heard you guys were having it pretty cold and snowy out in Alberta and Saskatchewan! It’s been quite warm here, the last few days we’ve been hitting 30°C (86°F) plus and feeling like 35°C with the humidity! I just finished my planting yesterday, I would’ve been finished three or four days ago but the last 12 acres was very wet so I had to let it dry. I seeded 80 acres of cereal silage… It may be the last time I ever put a crop in. I also planted 25 acres of corn for one of the neighbours and 2 acres of sweet corn for another neighbour. We could use a couple of days of good rain, getting pretty dry here! Doesn’t look like there’s gonna be a good yield on the hayfields again this year, last year was a disaster! The yield on the first cut was only about 30% of the average year, and it was a dry summer until about mid August when we get started getting rain so second cut was in late September. here’s a couple of pictures of my seeding rigs
  6. That’s my goal!!?
  7. My father always drilled holes in the PTO shields, I’ve done that too but now I prefer to weld a piece of round or sometimes square tube On the outside of the shield. some of the newer tractors I have built pin holders and bolted them on wherever I could find a place near the drawbar I really need to give the tractors a bath!
  8. Oh yes!! And so much we have to export it to England!
  9. Happy birthday! I can hire hot plug to give you a call and sing you happy birthday if you like! ?
  10. Well maybe… But ONLY if My regular driver isn’t available!
  11. We started growing it 15 or 20 years ago, we never grew it straight but we always bought a mix of forage barley and peas and sometimes oats with it. We would chop it and put it in the silo, it made really decent feed, we usually planted on the fields that we were seading down for hay. One year it got a little bit too mature because of the weather, we chopped it anyways and the last few rows we had a breakdown on the harvester, we decided to leave them dry and bale them for bedding, We baled them into small square bales and run them through the bedding chopper under the cows… It was really something when it was firing peas all over the place! LOL
  12. I was looking at mine last week, then I remembered that yours was a couple of weeks ahead of mine last year. I was thinking you would be posting about it soon... And you didn’t disappoint! I’ll have to try those recipes! Thanks for posting them! I’ll eat your piece! Same here!
  13. Happy belated birthday!! I don’t know how I missed it yesterday… I guess I’m too busy! Three more years and it’s the big 5-0! Do you like my math better than MTO‘s? LOL Nice pictures and video! I often think I should get a dash cam to record some of this crazy stuff I see on the road! I have a couple of videos from last winter when I was hauling way out in the boonies… One video is of going down a steep hill empty. Two minutes of continuous Jake! The other video is going up the hill loaded, I get partway up and spin out on the ice… So I had to back down, put on my full locks and head up again, it took over six minutes to get up the hill! Keep it between the ditches!
  14. WOAH!!?? I think I’ll pass on that cake! I know some people that love cats but I’m not sure if they would love a cake like that!
  15. Happy birthday Chris! Am I reading your age right… do I see 35? ? Have a great day! Hopefully the borders open up soon so we can visit!
  16. Some great Canadian talent! some nutritional facts.
  17. Ayer’s Cliff... just west of Coaticook.
  18. Happy birthday young lad! ??? I was down near the Vermont border looking at a tractor today... My birthday was 10 days ago… I’m still looking to buy my gift for myself! Hope you had a good one and many more!
  19. Thanks! She’s a heavy one all right! Sometimes I have to move it around a bit to use it, it sits in a crowded area of my shop, the block of wood it sits on adds a few pounds too!
  20. I was supposed to post this in your other anvil topic, Here is a picture of mine that’s been around the farm for I don’t know how many years!
  21. Nice job as always, but I just don’t understand why they would build around bale wagon like that! It seems like a lot of cutting and welding! Pretty much everyone around here uses what 495man posted, The bottom waggon in his picture should have a rub rail on them, I’ve seen a few guys break those cross tubes on fence posts or trees!
  22. Last year I bought a magnetic drill and it uses those annular Cutting bits. I don’t know how I ever drilled anything before them! I bought a set of six bits from 9/16” up to 1 1/16” The larger sizes have to be bought separately, I have 1 1/8”, 1 1/4”, 1 3/8” and 1 1/2”. The annular bits make lots of “steel wool“ when drilling. Yesterday I drilled a hole in my 1486 drawbar, I drilled a small hole through it first to use as a guide for when I flip the drawbar over to drill from the other side because my bits only drill 1” deep but the drawbar was 1 1/2”.
  23. I’m planning on posting a bunch of pictures of it as I progressed with the restoration, just haven’t got around to it yet! Here is some pictures of it when I brought it home in 2017.
  24. You either need to buy more tractors or stop living in them so much! LOL I am amazed at the number of hours that you put on your tractors! All my 86 and 88 series tractors have between 2800 and 9900 hours on them!
  25. That’s an interesting tractor! Could that be one of the tractors they built for the Mexico market? They don’t have the PPC hydraulic pump with the flow controls and quite possibly no TA. Where do you live in Ontario?
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