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  1. I think 7 pm is too late for our warehouse, and it's a long way out of your way. Thanks for the offer!
  2. The pickup would be in Menasha, Wisconsin. Looks like that would add about an hour to your drive. We'd pick up mileage from Menasha to Lima (420 miles x .58 per mile = $243.60). Oh and note that we would want you to bring 10 cases of books--which is 330 pounds! It's a big ask--and up to you if the extra hour and weight is worth the gas money! If you are interested, we would need to know by Tuesday at 9 am as we have to cancel a UPS order and arrange for you to pick up the cargo Tuesday late in the afternoon.
  3. Thanks for the great feedback! We have all your comments in and corrections made. Much appreciated!!
  4. We are looking for someone who is driving from Green Bay, Wisconsin to Red Power on Tuesday, June 21 or later of this week and has some room in their truck. Our shipment of the new Red Tractors edition books arrive in our warehouse in Menasha, Wisconsin on Tuesday, and we are hoping to get the books to show ASAP. We can of course use UPS two-day, but it is so expensive we can only ship a few books. If someone can haul 6 or more cases of books (about 180 pounds) to the show, we can offer mileage (.58 per mile), a free book, and eternal gratitude. This would allow anyone at the show who wants a book to get one. Total long shot but if someone lives in the area and has room, it's a win-win. If not, hope to see you at RPRU! Cheers, Lee
  5. Annnnd we have a winner! That's the field across from Farmall-Land in the background, and it's Jerry's 826.
  6. Thanks for the offers to help! PMs are sent with links to view and comment on the book. Much appreciated!!!
  7. Hello all, We are publishing a new children's book that uses red tractors to teach 8-12-year-olds about farm technology, and would like a couple of knowledgable people to pre-read the pages and note anything odd they see before we go on press. Bermuda Ken has already offered, but we'd like 2-4 more We will have files shortly, and would send you a link to preview the book online. We would need feedback in about a week, and you would need to be reasonably computer savvy to read the book online. I'm attaching some sample pages to this post just to give you an idea what is inside. If you'd like to volunteer to help, drop me a PM here or an email at lee@octanepress.com. Thanks in advance for any help you can offer! Cheers, Lee P.S. Anyone recognize that setting from the photo on the cover of the book? We're honoring an old friend . . .
  8. Hello Toyboy,

    I understand you have a 966 FWA. We need a photo of one for our book about 4WD tractors. Do you have a few good images you could share? 



  9. Our 4300 was repainted  sometime in the past before we purchased it , it diffently has its working clothes on 

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