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  1. leeklancher

    Cover Tractor Needed - Fredrick, OK

    Yes, it's "Frederick." Thanks Randy.
  2. leeklancher


    Thanks for posting, Dr. Evil. I enjoy your posts. Quick note: I did author a John Deere book, called Art of the John Deere, back in 2011 for another publishing company. I recently bought the rights to that back, and Octane Press owns the rest of the stock. Not many of those left, and once they are gone it's probably done. We are working on a book on all brands due out this fall, and the JD vs IH FB post was part of our getting to understand that market. We picked two interesting and popular machines. Fascinating to us to see all the activity on FB in tractors--there are some great groups out there--and we expected the 1206 to trounce the 4010, mainly because a lot of our FB connections are to red fans. Note that the JD was up early, but the 1206 nearly beat it out in the end. We more typically use FB to post articles related to our books, and we do them weekly. You can check them out at https://octanepress.com/blog/farm-machines. One of the best was Bermuda Ken's piece on serial number plates--lots of good info there. https://octanepress.com/content/farmall-international-harvester-tractor-serial-number-plates
  3. leeklancher

    Cover Tractor Needed - Fredrick, OK

    Hey guys, I'm photographing the cover for my newest book in Fredrick, Oklahoma in the end of May, and I need a 1206 or possibly an interesting black stripe for the cover of the book. The machine would need to be either a very clean restoration, or a clean working tractor is good as well. The shoot will be done in ready-to-harvest wheat, and with a local farm family in the shot. We're expecting wheat to be ready May 23 at this point--the date may move a bit depending on harvest. While we are in the area, Case IH will demo'ing their new equipment. Should be a fun event. If you have a lead on someone willing to bring a machine down, or if you would be, please contact me at lee@octanepress.com. Cheers, Lee
  4. leeklancher

    20 Most Important Red Tractors

    All good points I'll consider. Tough because the Farmall was such a leap in comparison. And I will ping Smoker about Doug's 8-16. Really want to shoot one of those--I never have and they are one of my favorites.
  5. leeklancher

    20 Most Important Red Tractors

    That's a very interesting point. 560 recall is overblown, I agree 100%. And while the machine was a major departure for IH, it was not an innovation to the market. I will probably take that out. I was considering McCormick-Deerings for reasons you cite, plus the fact it is very interesting comparison to Regular (design by committee versus innovation of one individual, Burt Benjamin). Downside to the McD's is the design was essentially a very well-engineered version of the Fordson. Engine was high-tech for the time and lifetime bearing warranties amazing . . . def food for thought. Perhaps, yes. On the bubble at the moment.
  6. leeklancher

    20 Most Important Red Tractors

    HT340 is my fill-in there. Oh . . . and Super M-TA. So that's in.
  7. leeklancher

    20 Most Important Red Tractors

    Yeah you are right. Adding it. Now I need to go to Montana . . . might be able to time it with the trout opener!
  8. leeklancher

    20 Most Important Red Tractors

    Yes, Barney is in. Lots of Steigers actually!
  9. leeklancher

    20 Most Important Red Tractors

    Here's what I have so far--interested in thoughts. I'm still tinkering but am close. Not positive about the Super M-TA. The Letter Series was really long in the tooth by that time. 4300 and 1568 are interesting failures, there to show how IH let #1 slip away. 560 somewhat like that as well. IH was number one so story of their decline very important to tractor industry tale IMHO. I'm also looking for a nice 8-16, Cub Cadet, H, 560, to photograph this spring. Ping me at lee@octanepress.com if you have or know of really exceptional examples. And I'm trying to track down significant serial number machines to show, so that would be a bonus. And, incidentally, the N series tractors are in the book of course (the book covers all brands). My quickly gathered figures show 660K Farmall H & M made, and 520K N series built. I'm still working on a good source for Ford production numbers, so take those numbers with a grain of salt. We'll get them nailed for the book of course. Thanks for the input! 1912 IH Mogul 45 1918 IH Model 8-16 1924 IH Farmall Regular 1939 IH Farmall H 1947 IH Cub 1948 IH Super M / M-TA 1957 IH 560 1960 IH Cub Cadet 1961 IH HT-340 1961 IH 4300 1965 IH 1206 1976 IH 1568 1977 IH 1086 1979 IH 1486 (actual tractor used in 79 DC March) 1979 IH 3388 (Snoopy launch) 1982 IH 50 / 30 88 Series 1984 IH 5488 FWA (last one produced) 1984 IH 7388 / 7588 / 7788 1984 IH 7288 / 7488 1988 Case IH Magnum #1 1994 Case IH Quadtrac 2001 Case IH CVX-equipped tractor 2008 Case IH Magnum (good design award) 2017 Case IH ACV Prototype
  10. leeklancher

    20 Most Important Red Tractors

    Agreed. My records show that was the highest production large tractor in history (400,000+ as I recall but I'd have to double-check). So yes great suggestion.
  11. leeklancher

    20 Most Important Red Tractors

    One thing: I'm very interested in hearing about the most important red tractors 1980 to today, especially from those of you on the list who were using machines at the time. I also would be interested in first-person stories for the book about how that tractor changed life on you or your families farm.
  12. leeklancher

    20 Most Important Red Tractors

    Hey guys, So we are working on an all-brands tractor book, and are looking for the most important tractors in history to include. I'd like to hear what y'all think. 1. What are the most important 20 Farmall / IH / Case IH tractors? The tractors should have brought on a technological leap and/or a significant impact on the market. Obvious models are the Farmall Regular (first row-crop), 33/35/3788 (first 4WD 100+hp row-crop), and the original Magnum. What are your other suggestions? Looking forward to your thoughts. Cheers, Lee Klancher
  13. leeklancher

    2018 Farmall Calendar

    Here's a gallery with images from the Farmall Calendars going back to 2005. We just built this and haven't gotten around to promoting it yet . . . hope it helps! http://www.leeklancher.com/Tractors/Farmall-Calendars
  14. Gorgeous work, Mike. I drove a green '79 F150 in high school. Your mint rig is bringing back memories . . .
  15. leeklancher


    Yes, there is quite a bit about 2+2s in the book. Bud Youle, in particular, offered some great first-hand stories about the machines. We also found photographs of the 2+2 launch at Dick Van Dyke studios. Our researcher found a number of previously uncited documents that trace TX-160 development in the McCormick IH Archives at the University of Wisconsin, and those offered some good new material as well. We also have concepts drawings and scale model photographs of the Gen III 2+2 and 50 series tractors (never produced), and drawings and photographs of the prototype of another the Gen IV evolution of the 2+2 (also never produced). Oh, the topic of the Red Power panel discussion on Thursday (1 pm) will be 2+2 development. I'll be moderating a panel that includes have Bud Youle, the colorful product specialist who sold the 2+2; Bil Schubert, one of the key engineers on the project; and Gerry Salzman, who was part of the Dick Van Dyke Studios introduction.