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  1. I was kind of hoping to out a relief valve off of an industrial model to raise my pressure
  2. Cant run the rake without the pto though
  3. No mines a drawbar type rake i think the 504 will run it perfect just need to lift the hydraulic cylinder
  4. Honestly not sure what it’s putting out now but seems fine for my other implements but the rake no because its newer i want to say rake needs at least 2000 psi to lift so if i can get it up to that
  5. I need more hydraulic pressure at my remotes to raise my rotory rake what are my options
  6. So I adjusted the clutch to spec and it seems muchh better pulls hills good for now so what about the higher pressure relief valves
  7. Also the clutch seems to catch very high like almost before its at the top of the throw
  8. Yes it has a TA it seems to work very well i though, my father was following me up a hill when it did the just gradually stopping deal and said he say some smoke come out from underneath
  9. Hi all i just bought this farmall 504 and I believe it needs a clutch since when its in high gear all day of a sudden it’ll just start to slow down and stop. So does this sound like a clutch im not afraid to just dig right in and so it but could someone walk me threw it and id like to put a higher pressure relief valve in so i can lift my rotary rake any idea where to buy one
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