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  1. Hi all I got a 1086 and it had the side windows broken out when I got it. I got the new windows but I need the latches that hold them open and closed where can I get these from I can’t see to find them anywhere
  2. I meant to invite you over for pot roast peggys wiping up the capodanno family secret recipe pot roast
  3. hey take it easy little midget
  4. whos to say they dont even use the barn and just use the silos for storage
  5. Hello all I’ve got a 1466 that shifts fine in the speed trans but in the range trans when I stop it doesn’t like coming out of a range to neutral you have to slip the clutch out or drive forward more and pop it out. I was thinking go through all the adjustments is this the problem or something else
  6. I’d say wengers is a good place to go nice people and good service
  7. looks like you got to replace that cab
  8. Perfect that’s just what I needed. Anybody got any pictures of this
  9. Hi all I recently upgraded to a 1466 and want to remove the cab and add fenders and a canopy now my question is if I add a canopy do I need to buy fender brackets and mountings or do they just bolt up on to the roll bar part of the canopy
  10. I actually just bought a 1466 with an ih white cab its the loudest tractor Id ever driven at higher speeds definitely making her a fender and canopy tractor. So if anybody wants some nice doors or anything with all good glass i got them
  11. Go to napa take the old one and they can get you a two piece cap thats what i did, that being said it shouldnt leak if your talking about the junctiom block on the right, thats if you dont hit the teledepth handle
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