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  1. I'm pretty sure the way I did it only pushed the garter spring off #5 and in further, and never slid inside #4. Based on VacDaddyT, I am pretty sure what I need to do now. Slide the spring over #5, while I am sliding #4 back on.
  2. This is very helpful! Thank you!! I never got to the farm today to fix them, so I don't have an update yet.
  3. Hi Matt. No, I meant I think those will be the ones I would need to replace to reduce the play. There is a lot of wear, and I knew that it needs to either be rebuilt or beefed up with some welding in places that have wore, but I was curious if there were any other options for tightening up the fast hitch sway in an adjustment.
  4. I am thinking I would need 1 and 2 to help slow some of it down. Hagan's sway block idea is interesting. It doesn't look aftermarket, so I am not sure how that all works. I wished International would have left the option to mount a drawbar somehow when necessary, and then remove it when you wanted. Similar to what they did with the '06 series. I have another 560D with a narrow front, that has a much "tighter" fast hitch, so I know I can improve it simply with replacing some parts, but not to the extent of a drawbar.
  5. I agree, if there is something out there aftermarket I would definitely be interested.
  6. Hi All, I have been planting with my 560D for a few years now. I am wondering if there is anyway I can firm up my fast hitch sway. It is very prevalent when I get to planting side hills. I absolutely love the fast hitch and its help around hooking and unhooking, but when it comes to planting or pulling a disk down the road, not so much. I don't see sway blocks or something like that, but I would have thought they considered that when developing it, and I just haven't learned how to fully operate it. Then again, maybe not. If you Guys have any advice, I'd appreciate it.
  7. So, I'm guessing they are not inside the collars then. I will try them again this weekend, then update you. I appreciate your advice.
  8. After I pulled the 1 collar off, I slid the spring over the valve ( I think ) that moves forward and backward with the handle, up to the groove. Then I pushed the collar back on, and pushed the handle forward and it snapped, as if it went in perfectly. I wonder if the spring just went in further...
  9. Hi Guys. I am trying to put on new garter springs on the hydraulic valves of the 560. I have read before, in different places that they are difficult to install without a special tool. I opened them up, pulled the front metal ring off (sorry, I don't know the technical term) and removed my old broken ones out of the inner channel of that ring. I saw the channel in the back they were supposed to slide on to, so I just slid it up and over that cone end and moved it all of the way back to that channel. I put that front metal ring back on, and moved the valve and it seemed like it slid right into place. I closed the cover, and assumed all was done, but they still don't hold. I'm sure there is more to it then that. Can you guys tell me what I did wrong? Thanks in advance.
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