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  1. 460 utility info

    Hello, I am looking into picking up an IH 460 Utility on Saturday for the trade of two mowers. Is there anything to look for on these tractors, any pros and cons? thank you
  2. Give and take word game

    Green Bean
  3. 986 rear axel price

    wish i saw this before i picked up one in PA. do you have other parts for a 986? while im doing this i want to redo the whole tractor.
  4. 986 rear axel price

    something happened in the tractor and I lost all hydraulic power, rolled downhill on a road with baler jackknifed and hit a tree, broke rear axle housing and axle.
  5. 986 rear axel price

    You got a steal!
  6. 986 rear axel price

    Yeah that’s it, I’ll have to measure the axel and see how long it is
  7. 986 rear axel price

    Thanks guys, love this forum
  8. 986 rear axel price

    I’m in CT. Was gonna call Wengers of Myerstown in PA tomorrow as they have used scrap parts that are still good. Just wanted to know what a fair price would be.
  9. 986 rear axel price

    Hello does anyone have an idea of what the rear axel of a 986 is gonna cost me? Mine is snapped and I need another one. Had to replace rear axel housing as well but I have a new one now.
  10. 986 rear axel housing removal

    Thank you
  11. 986 rear axel housing removal

    Will try that with the forks that’s a great idea
  12. 986 rear axel housing removal

    Thank you very much
  13. 986 rear axel housing removal

    Has anyone removed the rear axel housing off a 986 or 86 series tractor? Need some help on what to do and how big of a job it is. Any tips are welcome. Thanks
  14. Hello i am looking to build a drawbar mounted hydraulic lifted rear snow plow for my farmall H. Does anyone have and pictures or blueprints on how to build one. Thank you
  15. Farmall H 2 way hydraulics

    Could you send a picture to me or a link to the kind of valve I need, also how would I instal it to the tractor? Sorry I am asking so many questions