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  1. FARMALL1880

    Farmall H rear wheel weights ?

    weights look better IMO
  2. FARMALL1880

    Does this happen in your town?

  3. FARMALL1880

    Cub cadet 126 problems

    Has brand new gas, new battery, has a champion plug though. Went through the points and had new condenser. I’ll replace plug and hopefully that fixes it.
  4. FARMALL1880

    Cub cadet 126 problems

    I have a cub cadet 126 that will start but I have to play with choke to keep running. I have taken apart carb and cleaned it. It seems to be running really rich as the plug is black. Could it be a bad plug?
  5. FARMALL1880

    Farmall H sprayer ideas

    Hello all, looking for ideas for a mounted sprayer on a farmall H I can fabricate. Any help or pictures would be great. Thanks
  6. FARMALL1880

    986 project

    Thank you!
  7. FARMALL1880

    986 project

    Yes it was, we also had to replace the right rear axle and axle housing.
  8. FARMALL1880

    986 project

  9. FARMALL1880

    986 project

    Just finished refurbishing this 986. My friend and I did it we are seniors in high school. Can’t wait to put it to work in the hay fields this summer!
  10. FARMALL1880

    86 and 88 series foot throttle

    I would be very interested in one for my 986
  11. FARMALL1880

    986 park problem

    Tractor goes hard into park and roles out of pin guide as you take out of park. Any ideas what’s wrong. This happened every time and we had to roll it and use a screwdriver to get it out. Any ideas what could be going on?
  12. FARMALL1880

    Really?! Come on

    Thanks for getting all the snow guys, I got mostly rain out here in CT
  13. FARMALL1880


    looks so cute! hahaha
  14. FARMALL1880

    Salvage yard find

    I agree probably a heavy trailer mover. your right about hooking up to anything, I have a 986 and 1086 and it definitely takes some getting used to.
  15. FARMALL1880

    Small gas tank on distillate H.

    not sure but I believe they are the same size.