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  1. I’ve had it back in 2003 and got on Valtrex and gone in a few days. My wife got it a couple years ago and she got valtrex and was also gone in a few days also. A couple friends have got the Shingris shot and made them very sick both times, one was out for a week. So glad yours was only a sore arm.
  2. It’s funny that you made this post as my dad gave me my lunch box today.
  3. Wi Ih

    Cub pics

    I have to thank Nate on the trailer he got me a copy of brochure and information when I restored it.
  4. Wi Ih

    Cub pics

    Just going through some of my stuff and thought I’d share some pics. The 60 I bought from the original owner, he was still mowing lawn with it when I bought it few years ago, gave him $250 for it, so he mowed his lawn for all these years for 200 bucks. The number five trailer I bought in very rough shape and I restored it. The outdoor power equipment sign came from the local I H dealer. The neon I bought on an auction, I’ve never seen another one but I’m sure there’s many out there.
  5. Nice to see that, 4 generations.
  6. We had one on the shed when I was a kid that was from the ih dealership. I called the guy in town here that owned the ih dealership here and he said they had a couple different models(tractors) of weathervanes and 88 series one cost them over $300 when they came out, said he wish he still had it.
  7. Does anyone have a picture of an original one ?
  8. Its a die cast tractor and I thought the original ones were plastic tractor.
  9. I just got this, can anyone tell me if it’s original or if Somebody made it ?
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