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  1. Weight/rock boxes

    Mine is 20x25
  2. Weight/rock boxes

    I have a rock box on my 986, love it, I use it to carry a lot of things for planting and spraying I work by myself so can’t always get stuff to fields and no room in cab to haul stuff
  3. The Passing of a Forum Member

    Sorry for your loss For some reason projects like that seemed to help heal after Bad things like this
  4. I might need a new battery

    I wonder if AGM batteries can blow up? At least the acid wouldn’t spray anywhere if it did
  5. Will I be committing sacrilege?

    Just cut them, there your weights, i would do the same thing if I needed them that way, spend a lot of money to get the same result why ?
  6. 44 years ago today

    I have a dumb question on this, so what tractors were produced with that 1066 on the assembly line ( like 666 thru 1566? ) and does anybody have the serial number tractors , one before and after it ?
  7. Super Parts People!

    John Utez, Value Implement Menomonie Wi awesome ih caseih parts man, he makes that store a lot of money!! Im glad he’s in my area !!
  8. Shop with a living quarters

    I think there great but make sure you put over the top firewall in!! There has been two that burn in my area, one lost everything other had all lot of smoke damage both fire started in shop one was semi wiring started fire other was electrical
  9. Dog

    We’re on our 2nd golden, awesome dogs, fun and loyal and female definitely respect the Alfa, you will definitely enjoy one !
  10. Another IH Related Modelling Project!

    Now that’s cool
  11. Any of you guys remember rendering lard?

    Always love rendering lard because we get the cracklings then mom would make a loaf called Balkanbray (probably spelled wrong) it was made with buckwheat flour, sliced thin fry in cast iron pan and syrup on it it was awesome!!
  12. I love my job

    That is one of the good perks of being a mechanic and it’s sure sign of a good one ! Enjoy and Merry Christmas
  13. What's your favorite crop to harvest?

    Corn first but all harvesting is good
  14. Combining soybeans Today IH 80 Combine

    Now that’s cool