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  1. The Hydro in mine died last year I pulled the motor back at the tranny and the shaft wasn’t turning so bad hydro
  2. How thick is the floor? The hoists I have put in only use 4 inch anchors so if your thicker it should be ok.
  3. Did you get done chopping?
  4. I put a Thomures on my 986 when I added the turbo and it fit perfectly and no noise difference in cab
  5. @RainmanI wanted to go to the show. Nice show ? Thanks for the pics.
  6. Helped my brother and nephews do there’s about a week and half ago, was smooth sailing this year.(luckily)
  7. Running a wire from left turn signal to horn
  8. Bottle of trans fluid strapped to the frame of car with vacuum hose in it then run up to the carb. Huge white smoke poured out of exhaust.
  9. Note to self don’t build house next to volcano. That’s just sad.
  10. Wi Ih


    Was down helping my brother chopping corn silage and I got dads only new tractor that he bought out and got it running. His 95th birthday is the September 28 but we’re celebrating it on Sunday so I thought I’d get it out for him to see. Thought It be cool pic between the two packing tractors. When is was a kid that 350 pull a # 16 chopper.
  11. https://myweego.com/product/crankenstein-c154/ I have the previous version of this one, had it for four years now never had a problem with it, start my 1066 or whatever I need. The link above is the big boy and they say that I’ll start anything.
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