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  1. I would never buy a cheap hammer or sledge or even use a mushroom sledge, had a friend of mine die from a splinter coming off of it going right between two ribs and severing a main artery drop dead almost instantly
  2. Wi Ih

    Odd fenders

    I think they cut the top and the front off hinker cab and mounted the fenders to it
  3. I did double of what they recommended for lumens, I put half on one switch other half on another switch. I used maxxima led lights4400, I put outlet down the middle of my shop and plugged into them and then there linkable so I plugged them into each other.
  4. Heitman tractor http://m.heitmantractorsalvage.com/
  5. I put one on my combine and I have the smaller tires I just had to flip them around also had to change the hydraulic pump mounting and the drive now comes off of that rock trap instead of down on the front of the feeder house and you also have to have the shorter feeder house
  6. Finish corn yesterday and chopped stalks today and put everything away before the snow got here
  7. Would like to ask the judge if he better off now !
  8. Wi Ih

    codiene sulfate ?

    Try kiefer it helps me but don’t have it as bad as you
  9. Tony Govin he advertises in red power magazine
  10. Wi Ih

    Blue Jeans

    I always dribble little dawn and it let it soak,rinse it out in the sink to get most of soap out and then throw in the wash machine
  11. Wi Ih

    Blue Jeans

    Dawn dish soap
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