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  1. Wi Ih

    A few old timers.

    Nice #5 cub trailer I have the same one
  2. Mine was bad connection at back of display unit.
  3. Gm vehicles ,worked at the dealerships for many years then on my own. And you are in your wheelhouse there the way you got everything set up, very nice !!!
  4. Looks fun 👎🏻
  5. Do what ever it takes, hope it works for them
  6. Wi Ih

    My young assistant

    Wow that just bad, hope he get all of his use back in his hand and well wishes to him and you
  7. This is my planting and spraying tractor but I did moldboard plow about 10 acres this year to try to work it harder and it helped, I use ih 30 in all my tractors and have no issues, but this one I do, I used fleet farm non detergent 30 weight and glad I did and I’ll switch back in 50 hours.
  8. I wasn’t trying to say magic oil I wanted to share that I ran some cheap oil to break it back in and it worked so far and funny that you say about an 8.1 is that I have an 2003 and uses no oil and I run citgo in it .
  9. If I remember correctly bitty cut the hooks off and welded ball on a while back try searching it
  10. I purchased this 986 about 6 years ago and previous owner said motor was rebuilt(had around 5100 on tach when I bought) and he said used a little oil, well it uses a lot of oil, so I call a guy that does lots of ih work about a rebuild kit for a 1066 project and ask him about my 986 oil consumption and he told me to try cheap non detergent oil in it (been using ih 30 #1) and well no more oil consumption 👍🏼 so his reasoning it that the ih oil is to good and the cheap oil will let it break back in so I’m happy and will try to go back to ih oil at about 50 hours
  11. Wi Ih

    Pre cleaner

    https://www.bigiron.com/Lots/392039R91PreAirCleaner i’m not tied to this I just saw it and thought there’s a lot of guys restoring tractors so I thought maybe somebody be interested in it
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