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  1. Can you ship me some Jeff, would like to try them.
  2. Vaccine was the worst thing we ever could’ve done. The virus only has to mutate 2 to 5% and it can step right around the vaccine, in my mind the vaccine will only keep Covid around longer. Like sledge I believe people on the ground not FB or internet links. There are medical facilities that are only reporting nonvacs cases but there are vaccinated people in the hospital also. Medical facilities take lots of money from the government, do you think they’re not gonna be influenced to say what the government wants. Ivermectin works I saw it with my own two eyes but medical facilities and the government won’t aprove it. Again my information is from people.
  3. They will get oil on the mass airflow sensor and screw up mileage and cause drivability problems. Waste of money.
  4. Me too when it was sent to me
  5. I have a Briggs & Stratton 5500 had it for 20 years and never had an issue.
  6. Have not seen it but i wouldn’t doubt it .
  7. I love my crew cab short box, at times the box is a little small but it sure is nice for maneuvering around. I pulled my fifth wheel camper and my gooseneck trailer with it.
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