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  1. I would love to be a member but not in there current form
  2. Might be that they never stop begging for money? When I joined, every other day there was something in the mail asking for money, after 6 months I canceled my membership and it still took 3 years for them to stop all the mailers. I believe in them but can’t stand the constant harassment and waste.
  3. 1st my place 2nd is current family farm 3rd is around 1982
  4. Who you having do it, if I can ask
  5. I wouldn’t fix it, a lot of the time you fix the engine then trans fails or something else then your obligated to keep fixing, and fixing. Just my 2c
  6. I have 16.9s on my 460 and it made it a better tractor, I think you would like it. Are you mounting yourself ?
  7. I’ll leave it up to you, your the pro!
  8. I have been 2x2 on my beans for years the biggest gain has been adding pell lime to the sulfur and nitrogen. I read that beans really like neutral soil so I tried it with good results. No scientific formula just a guess that helped.
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