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  1. I wonder If US citizens thought they were nuts and we bought Alaska ?
  2. Wi Ih

    Stuck Engine

    I just heard a guy talking about he’s unstuck a lot of stuff with just putting kerosene in it
  3. Give tank a rap the sensor sticks at times
  4. Wi Ih


    Just glad to hear he’s going to stick around!!
  5. Take the old time trolley ride! if you love history there’s two historical parks centennial and bicentennial parks,the Ryman Auditorium is awesome The grand old Opry The trolley tour you learn a lot of the history of Nashville there’s also marathon motor works and all the music don’t forget Hattie B’s chicken Been there twice and want to go again!
  6. Well it sure is going to be interesting! you kind of wonder what they’re up to ?
  7. 2009 Wisconsin was the first one I attended and Albert Lea I just felt was a good show, I can’t say anything negative about any of them that I’ve attend, they feature IH stuff !!
  8. 2009 Wisconsin for me Albert Lea 2nd
  9. Wi Ih

    Mea Culpa...

    So why is it nobody else is giving him the stern talking to, they’re just trying to help him that’s what I don’t understand
  10. Wi Ih

    Mea Culpa...

    Did we not just have a tread about you dropping a bucket off your tractor and smashing stuff and I think everybody was pretty kind to you, here he is admitting that he made a mistake and what he did wrong and you still go after him. I just don’t get it !
  11. Wi Ih

    RPRU how many?

    6 Wisconsin twice South Dakota Minnesota Iowa Indiana
  12. You could do both and then you got the best of both worlds😜
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