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  1. Wi Ih


    It looks like he’s tied off to me and if it was you without power, phone or Internet you probably be happy he’s doing that
  2. Here’s my little support for our president who needs it desperately, I’ve been doing it since he’s been elected because they never stop going after him, if they would just to do their jobs and quit worrying about him maybe our country be a better place
  3. Wi Ih

    Save this

    It’s close to me but to many projects, hopefully some one saves it
  4. Did the same today got 1066 running and out got my buddy B started and exercised and 1980 chev grain truck out and running nice to get stuff out
  5. I was raise on 40 guernseys, I sure miss the milk, cream and butter
  6. Could you look up woods mower and maybe get some ideas
  7. Crack the drain plug see if anti freeze come out then you know Which it is
  8. https://wpt4.org/portraits/?&utm_source=email&utm_medium=social-media&utm_campaign=addtoany
  9. Just like a wheel bearing on a trailer zero lash or play , one other thing I’ve found on them is with that retaining system if you can’t get it to close to zero lash because the notches don’t line up they take out the wheel seals out so I’ve taken the nut to a lathe or belt sander and take a little off to make it closer
  10. The snap ring in your hand goes behind outer bearing race the other snap ring is very thin and light and meant to hold in the little square block in, that goes into notch on spindle and notch in nut to keep it from moving
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