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  1. I’ve always want to make a sticker saying enlarging My carbon footprint every day
  2. Wi Ih

    Cub tires

    I checked my supplier they have none but there is some on the Internet
  3. Kind of an oxymoron isn’t it 66 series on the label John Deere yellow
  4. On my 1066 Always had a rattle rolling noise found a three-quarter inch pipe 2 feet long and the rest of a fuel gauge and float
  5. I had carpel tunnel and cubital tunnel surgery today, walked in the hospital at nine walked out at noon. I’ve lived with carpal tunnel problem for probably 20 years and finally had enough and had the surgery done today, but 20 years ago when I looked into it was very evasive and I would’ve been out of work for probably six weeks now I’m looking at five days I have to do nothing and two weeks of light duty.
  6. I heard that you have to a license or permit or something like that to grow peanuts is that true ?
  7. Wi Ih

    Red power pics

    pete1468 thank you for the pictures
  8. Very sad and scary too glad she is ok
  9. Wi Ih

    Red power pics

    Where’s the pull in Wisconsin?
  10. Wi Ih

    Hit a lick

    Good deal sometimes things just work out
  11. Wi Ih

    Bad day

    Just think of the rust in all the nooks and crannies
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