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  1. Only you would put skirts on your chicks sandhiller!?
  2. Another covid pill like ivermectin https://www.winknews.com/2021/03/08/pill-that-treats-covid-19-shows-promise-in-early-testing/
  3. Minimum wage hikes only make the dollar more useless, all we do is exchange more money for the same services. Just think if minimum wage was a $1 how powerful our dollar would be in the world.
  4. Wi Ih

    Bad semi wreck

    They have not talk to him yet to see if he remembers what happened, he is a very safe driver.
  5. I’m taking the horse juice, does the same thing just have to take it every two weeks.
  6. When the drug companies are not liable for whatever happens that’s my reason.
  7. Lindstrom equipment a local agco dealer, there driver got hit by a train. He’s alive but lots of broken bones.??
  8. Rip chubs sorry for your loss mark
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