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  1. Wi Ih

    Low hour tractors on auction

    This is close by I don’t know him but my nephew does said he was a hobby farm with money
  2. Wi Ih

    Arctic Cat Jag 2000 won't rev up

    Clutch stuck ?
  3. Wi Ih

    Red power showdown '86 tractors

    Does anybody have a demonstrator 86 series and do you think they’ll be worth more money in the future, like the gold demos are ?
  4. Wi Ih

    48 below and no power

    I worked at Dunn County electric (rea) in Menomonie part time for about 10 years doing maintenance on the trucks, watching them guys go out in all types of nasty weather and put power on for people was truly crazy and brave and thank God there’s guys that are willing to do it Always thank a lineman!!
  5. Wi Ih

    986 heater fan speeds

    Thanks!! just want to reaffirm my Diagnosis
  6. Wi Ih

    986 heater fan speeds

    On my 986 I have no low speed fan rest of the speeds are fine, I checked it out it does not have a resistor, I have power coming out of the switch at all terminals, I replace the switch because only $15 so I figure it’s the fan motor, anything I am missing ?
  7. Wi Ih

    Vehicle scan tool

    I have an OTC encore, good scanner. biggest reason I bought it was if you buy the updates each year they give it a lifetime warranty
  8. Wi Ih


    None here either but always stop at one when traveling !
  9. Wi Ih

    986 turbo install

    Ok thanks
  10. Wi Ih

    986 turbo install

    Holy crap ! i won’t be turning any screws ! Thanks
  11. Wi Ih

    986 turbo install

    Thank you I appreciate the information
  12. Wi Ih

    986 turbo install

    Just got done installing a turbo setup on my 986, should the pump and or timing be adjusted ? This is my planting and spraying tractor so don’t need big power, I just wanted a little my lugging power in road gear going up hills.
  13. Wi Ih

    3 point skidder winches

    I have a farmi and love it, don’t know model number but I believe it’s rated for 40 horse tractor. It’s amazing what it can do !
  14. Wi Ih

    A guide to roundabouts.

    They have their pluses and minuses just like intersection to do, the other day I came up to one there was solid traffic coming from the left and there was a lot of cars and we were yielding and we sat there for 20 minutes before there was a gap to get in that’s where stop and go light intersection would be better. Plus they take up a lot of real estate