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  1. Lightly blow out the core. Put the clr in the heater core and let soak for 15 mins and flush back and forth a few times and blow out with air again and flush with water again
  2. RIP Tommy it’s very hard to loose a guy like that!
  3. Very nice you should be proud and keep up the good work!
  4. Not a decal but but got our old home town implement on it
  5. So should we go back to this then or are you a hypocrite?
  6. Help a buddy do that with an H grill there awesome
  7. Typical Indy stir up a sh** show make a bad comment about IH and run and hide!!
  8. The question above? Is that coherent enough for you?
  9. Of all you said there isn’t their government laws now that say we can’t do that anymore? so again are you the hypocrite? I believe them laws we’re good things because it stops people from doing the wrong thing.
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