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  1. Yes it’s worth a lot I’d start high 20s my Jeep Cherokee sits up and nice to get in and out
  2. I’m not much help but I’ve heard that when they run out of fuel the auto tune goes full rich and hard to get it back to normal, not saying this is your problem
  3. Wi Ih

    Auger vs. car

    Yes there is a slow moving vehicle sign on the auger it says it in the police report
  4. Happy birthday have a great day and weekend
  5. Wi Ih

    Auger vs. car

    My brother who lives in Baldwin we used to haul years ago to the elevator down Highway 63 and that was a freaking nightmare so I know exactly what you’re talking about, glad when I help him now we don’t have to haul to town
  6. Wi Ih

    Auger vs. car

    I haul equipment down a major state highway and it’s not fun when you’re trying to turn left and people are passing you, there’s been a lot of tractor accidents that way and if these people driving cars can’t wait 3 to 5 minutes for you to get out of their way or to pass safety to bad it could be somebody’s life And I would never ever take an auger to the shoulder. Ive put beacons on all my stuff and flashers on equipment which I think is the right thing to do and I think all farmers should do that and when I get time I’m going to convert everything over to turn signals so people know wh
  7. Wi Ih

    Auger vs. car

    On there Facebook post one lady had this to say I just wish tractors would employ a level of courtesy for vehicles as well; for example, letting vehicles pass. Too often I get stuck behind a tractor that could easily fit on one half of the roadway but insists on driving on the center line so that no traffic can pass. she got schooled in reply’s !!
  8. PRESS RELEASE DATE OF RELEASE: October 20th, 2020 INCIDENT #: 20-01573 SUBJECT: Motor vehicle crash involving farm equipment AUTHORIZED BY: Sheriff Kevin Bygd FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE ----------------------------------------------------------------------- On October 19, 2020, about 2:27 PM the Dunn County Communications Center received a report of a car that had struck an grain auger being towed by a tractor on STH 29 near 270th St in the Town of Lucas. The Dunn County Sheriff’s Office responded to the crash. There was minor injury and road blockage. The initial crash invest
  9. Wi Ih

    MN fall pics

    Nice, glad your done and nice fleet !! what model combine?
  10. Royal crown (RC) for me, between coke and Pepsi. Coke is syrupy, Pepsi is watery.
  11. Wi Ih


    Got about 6 plus inch’s here and lots of crashes and one fatality, 25 year old girl
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