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  1. i have some very good used 4. 5 sleeves. that is what the 350 engine uses. it seams u have the 335 engine so u need 4.4 sleeves . or i can sell u the whole 350 block with good sleeves.
  2. as far as i know the 335 and 350 use the same block and parent bore is the same.
  3. i am very aware of what the 282 engine is. and its head gasket. and very particular on doing the job. and have been around these tractors for over 50 years. and replaced lots of gaskets, as what i am saying the Felpro is junk and cant find the better victor gaskets any more they lasted better. on the Felpro the compression leaks right through the composite. use a spray bottle of soap to check it after assembly and you will see what i am talking about.
  4. the 14 definitly has a longer block . dont matter if in pieces, measure the block. i will measure tommorrow. i was asking what your engine needs if its in pieces??? post some pic's of the problem.
  5. the sleeves would be thinner in the 350 block.
  6. yes its the same engine, just bigger bore. i was gong to measure that td 14 block and the super block but it got dark . try tommorrow. have both here.
  7. with the junk we get nowadays retorquing is required more than ever!. those junky felpro gaskets now from case ih are useless. have uses a couple in my 660 and in 2-3 years they are leaking bubbles in rad. just asked the other day for a head gasket for 282 and he told me 280.00. and that is just for the gasket! the 660 is sitting now till i find out where i can get a victor gasket.
  8. here you go. t6 my neighbor has.
  9. full of diesel fuel... how? better than water. diesel in cyl's or oil pan ? i have a few parts tractors with that 350 cid . parts are scarce and expensive.
  10. what is wrong with the original engine?
  11. when u look in the oil fill tube once it is off there is an adjustment there. also u have no reason to be switching back to gas. let her cool down and shut her down as any diesel engine.
  12. my question is who was working on it prior? many times they will come out of the bore when pulling out the pushrods. there is a trick for that.
  13. heart attack? did it come back to life before the ambulance got there and you had to bury it! ? lol.
  14. plus get a timing light on it to check the advance. it may not be advancing and that is causing the hot running. ALSO show us a picture of those electrodes, i can see some in your photo and they still are nice and flat, so give us a better picture to look at. tip them upward so we can see whats going on. drill some holes in a board or something then drop them in.
  15. plus forgot to say check your timing also might be retarded to much. and yes point setting changes timing but not that much to burn the plugs out.
  16. you need to install a colder plug .point gap the little it might be off will not do that. research the original plug for that machine, which should be the D16 as most every tractor and such used that plug. if those 386's match then go one # colder plug.
  17. you could e mail me . thanks.
  18. raining now ,and dug out a bill and its 376374R 91
  19. i would be interested in the 282 head.
  20. well that would have been the first thing done before the valve grind.
  21. that is a repaint. not even correct green for the type M engine. its a darker green . non of these are green.
  22. also NAPA can get them . i have bought at both places.
  23. i would have to look on my bill. why not just ph and ask someone with knowledge, its the parts man's job. try to remember tonight. there is nothing hard to get those filters.
  24. thats a rarer than rare find ! even power steering.
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