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  1. horses and cows are tough animals. they eat more to stay warm in the cold weather, think about all the wild animals like deer, moose and elk that are scavenging for food in this cold weather. i like to see them get water instead of snow. we had that blizzard her a few days ago.
  2. Shania Twain would say" i like it like that"!
  3. hummm, maybe we should vote the idiot out now also, as one blue guy just got voted out. the "only virus is the guy in hiding!", get him gone as a wild goose in winter. he can hide on his own time then.!
  4. i am talking about the lever operating the push button. looks homemade, unless the I 9'S are like that.
  5. that is because ur's has a homemade lever on it, not factory.
  6. looks more like an I 12. seat is not correct either. i better sell him some fenders for it before he sells it, as its not a finished tractor yet.
  7. "are not lined up",... that is why i said to unbolt the drive housing from the timing gear housing. and pull it out. and match the mag housing slots to where the mag slots are then slide the mag gear back in. as i said before do this with #1 on TDC on COMPRESSION. PLUS THE MAG ROTOR HAS TO BE POINTING TO THE 2 OCLOCK POSITION ON THE CAP, AND JUST MATCH UP THE MAG DRIVE TO THAT. if you look very close at the timing gear i think it has a slight slant on one tooth. i mark the teeth with white marker on both so i can watch to make sure i get the 2 gears matching when sliding them in.
  8. well u got to get #1 cyl .on tdc on compression. then pull of the mag. drive . then rotate mag so the points are just to open for #1 cyl. then you see where the mag drive slots position is. then you install the drive gear back in. so that both are matching. i just did this procedure this fall on a wd9. i did not use any manual either just figured it out on my own. tractor fired right up on the first crank. i also rechecked my timing so everything was spot on with timing marks on the front pully when the mag clicked.
  9. i dont know what all you have done with this mag,... but that diesel engine has a left hand rotation mag. ... so do you have the marks lined up as in my photo? the r is for right hand rotation in the gas mags.
  10. well find out where it is then go from there. dont need a timing light. u need to turn the engine ever so slowing so that the instant the mag fires you can see on the pully where this is happening. then look at the rotor also and see where its pointing. then u can procced . #1 wire position on the mag is at 2 oclock.
  11. first thing i would do is verify if where the mag is tripping for #1 cyl on compression at tdc. watch the timing marks as your hand cranking it to tdc on the compression stroke. then u go from there.
  12. outhouses?? parliament is going to be really full of it now!
  13. yep, dough was bragging he has three shots also, hummmm, there sure is a lot of people there not following the distancing rules. now we shall see the real out come of this also.
  14. that is a sign of a valve problem. check the valve lash for spec. and report. if no tight valves good idea to get a compression check. can you hear if its hitting on 6 cyl's or 5 cyl's. another thing is you can loosen each injection line one at a time till you find the line that makes no engine change in engine sound.
  15. come on u guys, this is red power,... fits w4, w6 w9 mccormick tractors. sorry no farmalls
  16. we have been patiently waiting with popcorn , then along came the convoy commercials! lol.
  17. where is your image? "saddle mount starter button"?
  18. his day 5 of hiding is coming due on ground hog day. will he poke his nose out ?
  19. we all know Canada is great place to live, till baby casto got his fingers in our pie !!!
  20. count the the teeth on the crown gear then count the teeth on the pinion. then post.
  21. yes but that is not from factory ,... starters in the box off the shelf are black. only 2 colors involved, tractor red rims galvanized and if you had the original black add on stuff thats a diff. story. any painting has to be red.
  22. ya its strange because we have strange at the top instead of bottom. talks like a aww umm daa we fellow canadians i have your back. never helped me out one bit. a grade 2 kid makes more sense.
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