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  1. REMOVE THAT IDIOT FROM HIS HIDING PLACE , make him stand up to the people !! then get him the **** out of the big hill. this is ridiculous already with that clown that thinks he is a leader. W**. I AM GETTING TIRED OF TAKING HIS BULL CHIT.!
  2. get someone to step on the clutch then look and see if its pushing down on the tit sticking up, sometime they have to be adjusted. to by pass it just unplug it and plug in a made up a wire with spades on it to each terminal. good to go then.
  3. OOH, so HE is admitting the VAX DONT WORK... the guy took his shots and claims to have! and when they show him on tv taking his shot dont mean there is the stuff n the needle !!! what a clown that charlie brown ! lots of B.S. leaking out of his mouth. he is only scared of one thing and its not what he says!
  4. i wonder if that groundhog will see his shadow when he pokes his head out the door and go back and hide in the corner !
  5. they have a safety neutral switch, check on that. or run a wire across it to check it out when unplugged.
  6. what ever happened to the old "up", "down" method. ,,... ooh darn it takes another person.
  7. the two legged gopher is going to hide in his hole now that the truckers are arriving. second time already he has used that excuse !! said he was exposed to it. coward in real life.
  8. your missing half the tach , at least get a good full picture.
  9. its a tach, very easy to read. post a picture of it. adjust engine speed to what?? idle or w.o.t.??
  10. they just removed everything from face book to keep us in the dark !!! see thats how the crooked operate. crook crooks and more crooks!!! want you to believe what the big cheeses say! media is just as crooked. its about time people stand up for them selves and do their own thing. this has become a none free country! just sheep follow sheep. or one cow gets out and the rest follow. !!!
  11. i sure hope they block every hyway and there is no reason not to. we can survive for a while even though no supplies will be moving. let them power trippers and day dreamers shut the frick up and listen to what is going on in this country!!! someone should wipe the smirk off that wanna be's face , hopefully everyone of those truckers block that idoit in his tracks. they are already spreading the wrong turned around info from the media form that jackazz.!! he has the funds seized already also. the media has changed everything opposite of what is happening. just like this pandemic !!!
  12. that castro junior has no clue. he sure is pushing dictatorship here. and its coming fast
  13. i am at a loss what all the fuss is about. our gas is twice the price here in canada. our gas dropped to about what your is now when this covid hit and the country was shut down. it sure did not take long for it to get boosted right back up.
  14. mine done slide either, they just kick up with a loaded trailer. lots of times have to back up to get the ramps flat on the ground.
  15. i wanna see that tractor haul another BIG load of potatoes.
  16. ya i kinda got surprised when i saw Junk mechanic's handle here also. he had that little ihc tractor he had the head off and did not even get that fixed . and these engines are before his time also.
  17. if you can find 20 grade use it , buy not likely u will find it . those single grades are pretty much obsolete. plus plus 0-40 is a semi synthetic.
  18. that is because a low weight oil like 10 grade for a diesel can be too thin and hard on rod brgs. remember the old 5.7 olds deisel conversion. they said do not use a 5 grade oil in them. but it was ok for the gas engine. 0-40 is perfectly fine, but i would go petro can , i have no faith in shell rotella.
  19. nice to see ur getting to it and at it, cause if you dont get to it and at it you wont get at it to get to it! lol.
  20. where do u live? just went through that wild blizzard here yesterday. today quite and sunny. darn near was stranded in the field feeding cows as it was blowing in faster than could keep up plowing the snow.
  21. dont know what that means,... " seam ok" . get your self a hammer handle or what ever and push down on each rocker. if they push down and snap back up they are not stuck. if they push down and stay down or cant push them down that is the problem. have you checked them like that? not going to tell a thing just to look at them. same with the gas starting valves under the caps,... push on each cap and it should snap back up.
  22. my old massey 850 and 65 chevy was picked for august. picture is this fall combining.
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