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  1. I think I've made some casual comments about a metallic rubbing sound that I feared was a right side rear bearing. I was told maybe.... but it might also be the brake rubbing. So, now I'm clueless. Yesterday, my brother in law was over. He used to own/rent (and therefore fix) heavy equipment so asked if he'd take it for a spin around the field and get his thoughts on brakes verses wheel bearing. He jumped on it, took it for a ride....came back and said "What noise?? I didn't hear anything" WTH??? Later on, I jumped on it to give it a whirl and cut a field AND to listen for the sound. It is either gone or greatly reduced. I didn't hear it at all. The only thing that's different is the fluid was changed to Hytran and I'm scratching my head. Since I've never figured out exactly what was causing the rub (don't know how to word it but it really was more of a resonance, if that makes sense). So I've never figured out why it was doing it. AND, the (prior) hydraulic levels were FULL, if the change to Hytran improved it, would that suggest it was indeed a bearing or could it still have been the brakes? (I'm convinced it had to be one of the two.... well, I'll include that Bull gear since I understand they can cause issues) Right now, my train of thought has evolved to if I'm not hearing it, I'm going to ignore it for while (I'm not going to dig into brakes/bearings "just because") Any speculation on why a fluid change chased it away? Is Hytran really that omnipotent?!?
  2. Coytee

    PTO Pressure

    Well, I gotta say, I didn't realize what he was suggesting! CIHTECH=1 Me = 0
  3. Coytee

    PTO Pressure

    AH! yes I recall that. My jam nut was REALLY jammed. I snapped several allen wrenches, a couple drill bits, bent a couple awls.... literally, maybe a dozen different things before it finally gave way (I kept hitting it with some PB) I thought it's purpose was to help tighten/loosen like I used it for. Didn't realize that was the adjustment point. I've been taking the top part apart thinking the whole time "really??? they couldn't find an easier way??" Now I know!! Thank you!
  4. Coytee

    PTO Pressure

    Can you explain how it's infinately adjustable ? I must have missed something. When I was adjusting it, I had to fit the pulling pin through the hole in the top. Pin only goes through one direction so I can only make 1/2 turns at a time on it. Is there another way to adjust it that I missed? My interpretation of the book is the "nut" on the top that has the pulling rod go through it is the Adjustment Nut. Perhaps I'm wrong?
  5. Coytee

    PTO Pressure

    Oh, and regarding the metal seals.... I called Bates (if I recall) went over what I need he said they were something like (forget) $25/each.... I said fine....send me two. What he SHOULD have then said is "do you realize there are TWO in a $25 pack??? do you really need FOUR of them?" No, instead, he rang me up for "two" and now I have two packs of two rings so I have two spare gaskets now. Not going to kill me but since he's in the business of selling the part, I would think he'd know that there are two and I only need two. However, maybe not. Just tossed them in the drawer.
  6. Coytee

    PTO Pressure

    It's not really rocket science... just darn heavy. almost had to put it back in alone but had some help (to guide the suction tube) Tossed a ratchet strap over the ROPS (if that's what it really is verses just a canopy frame) anyway, tossed a ratchet strap over it and bolted a hook into the top bolt... that and also took another strap around my shoulders so I could adjust with my legs and it was pretty easy. I just wish I could work on it more often than the weekends. Makes things go really slowwwwwwwwwwww for me.
  7. Coytee

    PTO Pressure

    Worded differently, is that to say if I can get 230/240 (at speed) and when I drop the speed to idle, I would drop to approximately 190/200 (about 40 less than the running pressure) ?
  8. Coytee

    PTO Pressure

    Replaced every seal and replaced the teflon seals with those metal ones.
  9. Coytee

    PTO Pressure

    (I was joking on the wrench size as I got picked on elsewhere here for asking that question) Sorry that you weren't aware and took it seriously. I presume there is nothing more special than a washer for a shim? I didn't take any shims out when I rebuilt the PTO nor did I add any in so, I have no idea how it was set when I bought it last fall. I can only presume engine is stock but again, have no clue... So, would I infer from your comment that I'd be ok to leave pressure at 240? (I don't know how fussy these things are to something being outside the range it calls for)
  10. Coytee

    PTO Pressure

    Book says to get pressure to 235 at PTO speed. Been tinkering with mine and can get it to 220. With 1/2 turn, it jumps to 240 1. Is that close enough? 2. How to get it closer? (is that where the shims come in? From what I read, they deal with the lower pressure reading ) 3. If that's "close enough", is it better to have it 220 or 240? PS, what size wrench would I use for that? Edited to add: My lower pressure is around 35 PSI and 41/46 is called for.
  11. Coytee

    Hytrans is RED!!

    Well..... I guess that cat is out of the bag! (that I've never read the bucket)
  12. Tractor has been sitting idle with the PTO back on.... 10 gallons of drained hydraulic fluid sitting in two buckets. I had decided to drain the rest of the hydraulic fluid since it was low and I didn't want to put the old stuff back in with a newly rebuilt PTO. Went ahead & drained everything with no drama.... went to pour the Hytrans in.....and discovered it was red. Seeing that made me feel better because I had no clue what old oil was in there.... for all I knew, it might have been Hytrans....it might have been your mothers sewing machine oil.... Now that I see Hytrans is red, I know it wasn't in there and now, have a known starting point. I did discover on the bolts that hold the filter cover on, one of the wing/finger-tabs looked like someone crushed it in a vice. Came out fine but I might replace those over time. Today is more rain.... I was going to dial in the pressure. Instead, looks like it will sit in the driveway obstructing part of my wife's parking spot. Oops...
  13. I don't know if off brands are available.... I simply got the name brand (Woods)
  14. Gotta admit, that made me laugh 👍👍
  15. Here's a picture of the egg skillet. It is deceptively small when you get it (especially compared to the others) BUT, when you want an egg sandwich.... it's the perfect size.
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