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  1. I thought I'd update my comment and say 'thank you'.... I was in garage doing something unrelated.....recalled my ratchet. Pulled it out and it had either a hex bolt or a star pattern. I don't know as it was dark... I have BOTH types and the one I picked up happened to be the right format. Gave it a bit of a twist and viola, snugged it up nicely. So again, thank you!
  2. Just looked in the book, it calls for a 300 psi gauge to be attached to the port. As it happens, I have a 200 psi and a 400 psi.... would one of those suffice "good enough" for this measurement or should I just grab another? If one of these would suffice, am I better off using the 400?
  3. If it doesn't rain (and maybe above 35 degrees) I might try to dig into that tomorrow.
  4. Thank you! Looking at the manual, (which covers 766, 966, 1066, 1466, 1468 & 100 hydro) It mentions "Steering (both power and manual is slow or week" Does the reference to "manual" apply to the 1066 or one of the other? Reason I'm wondering is yesterday, the steering wheel was "fighting me" to turn but, would turn a little and the wheels wouldn't. I didn't go he-man on it to try to force things. WOULD (should) the wheels have given in a bit had I fought it harder?? Later points in book talk about the brakes being poor or slow to respond... Normally they have been st
  5. Question if I may.... and a bit of an update. I pretty much parked the tractor after I had the intermittent tellite come on/off. Wife had other house projects then cold/rain... I don't need to tinker on it, I can wait. Today, I needed to go to a far field....thought I'd take tractor instead of backhoe. Fired it up (batteries low so had to jump) and the tellite was on 100%. It did not go out after I let it warm up a bit (needle moved from dead stop to "C", maybe 10 minutes around 1,200 rpm's. (was full of Hytrans for anyone concerned) I was presuming the oil being cold was d
  6. Coytee

    Which LEDs

    When I acquired my 1066, the prior owner (or someone) must have replaced the fenders with a different version. My fenders have dual lights on each one. When I got it and started to sort out (replace) the wiring, lights.... I went with two spots in the front and four floods, two on either side. I have a normal job during day, don't farm...and this is essentially a lawn mower for me so I can control when I work and I've always worked in solid daylight. I was out once cutting the back side of the farm after work... started getting chilly....sun was going down. I was going to call i
  7. My backhoe (JCB) had steering starting to act up.... long story short, some of the internal seals in the steering cylinder were wearing out so it was fighting itself. Fixed those and I was back in business.
  8. I've got a 1066 open station. I've messed around with it, pulled PTO, shift cover... I don't recognize any of the angles here. I'm guessing you've split it?? Can you pull camera back to show a more broad view so a dummy like me can get a perspective? I'm guessing it's split and the angle iron I see is part of the hardware to hold part of it up (??) What I don't get is well, frankly EITHER picture!!! but the top one doesn't look like the deck (if that's what it is) on mine... yours is much longer.
  9. Since we're talking about various brands... I had an "internet friend" (someone from another forum I go to) who posted for sale: 72" Snapon rolling chest. Had a shelf unit on one side and a short drawer unit on the other side with the tall center sections. Along with that he had maybe 100 various singleton sockets.... various brands. Snapon, Craftsman, SK... Along with that, he had a full metric set of Snapon metric combo wrenches Along with that he had a full set of SAE Snapon combo wrenches vertical air compressor (gasoline) 1,500 (if I recall) genera
  10. Bought the wrench new from Snapon... it works perfectly fine. It's just when you've got a socket on it and you're laying on your back, reaching the assembly up to catch a nut..... the weight of the socket droops the whole thing downward. I really, really, really detest that. To the point I immediately thought about selling the stupid thing and buying the "right" one. I've not done that... so I only make mention of that so that the next unsuspecting person won't think it's got the detents in it like the Craftsman does. I really like that feature. I've never seen a locking
  11. Couple comments: 1. I've got a 1/2" Craftsman Flex wrench. I recently bought a Snapon 1/2" flex.... I HATE how the Snapon "flops" around rather than the detents the Craftsman has. I really wish I had bought a locking Snapon but I presumed the one I bought would work the same as the Craftsman with the ball and detents. WRONG. Chalk that one up to a lesson learned the hard way. 2. I had a Craftsman 1/2" extension (10") that needed replaced. I called the local stores....they won't touch it...gave me an 800 number to call Craftsman directly. Now, to their credit, the pro
  12. He makes a good point here. If you can attempt the following....(preface, I happen to live next to a lake) Go to a body of water and dip a bucket load of water. Practice moving that bucket around (forward, backward, sideways, up/down) while trying to minimize the spilling of water. That might get you some practice on being smooth with the controls rather than jerky. Of course, you could attempt same thing with a bucket of dirt which will take more jerking before you 'slosh' some dirt out. (I've got a JCB 1550-B industrial backhoe/loader)
  13. Just found someone on ebay that appears to have both of them (newly fabricated by him I'm sure) .... sent message to see if he's got a pair for 1066. They're about $60 each give/take.
  14. This tractor is really nothing more than a glorified lawn mower so I'm not concerned too much about visually appealing. I hadn't thought of a hose instead of a hard line. My innate tendency is to keeping things "correct". I don't really care for what I'd call cob jobs.... I found the OTHER hard line on a website and it was $100. If that's the case for the line I need, I'm more than happy to convert it to a hose and move on with life!!
  15. Called dealer that is 90 miles away. He said he didn't have access anymore as it has no part number showing (I asked him for it after he saw picture) Did I get a young-one who didn't want to lift a finger and try or, was it bona-fide not available? I'll never know his situation. However, I've got a friend who's got a machine shop nearby.... I'm going to bet he's got the tools to flare this after cutting end off.
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