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  1. For clarity, I just looked again before I cut the field. I presume I used the incorrect term. If the remote is what the hydraulic lines plug into above the 3pt area, this is under the seat. Poked around a bit at the moisture. Someone (someone before I bought it) stuffed one or two of those blue shop cloths under there. I'm guessing it's had a drip and that was put there to collect it. At least, that is how it appears to me. It certainly is not "leaking" in any constant fashion yet it's certainly got a coating of oil on it. Guess that will be a project I look at when mowing slows down.
  2. Yes, I mean oil. Been dry as a bone here lately....so no water. I just took a closer glance at it....decided it would be beneficial for me to take a pressure washer under there. It's got a light layer of dirt/grime on it. I've never cleaned this area (had higher priorities to do on it like new wiring harness) So this issue is now raising itself on my radar. It's not a big issue either. My JCB doesn't drip anywhere as when it does, I track it down and fix it. I'm now to that point on this machine to see what I have and start addressing it.
  3. I've noticed some moisture under the seat. I've come to understand that SOME tractors have a hydraulic seat, mine doesn't. (I don't know what does/doesn't). Without having looked into this too much yet as it's just a moisture issue verses a puddle, I looked at it yesterday. My guess is, without having seen it weep out, that it's from the remotes. My question is, are they terribly difficult to rebuilt? I can't think they would be. I've rebuilt the valve block for my JCB backhoe so I'd have to think these are on par with that. I was however, able to rebuild those without having to take it off and very easy access, if you could contort yourself a bit. I'm not getting that vibe on these. Any special tools or settings to be aware of when taking these apart? I'm hoping they can be gutted from behind the tractor, new parts as needed inside, then put back....leaving them in place.
  4. Today's Update: We have boom. Fired it three times. First time was a quasi-dud as I didn't have the wadding in tight enough and it was more like a big smoking fizzle. Being quick to learn, I fixed that issue on the second attempt. Both the first and second shots were fired with three ounces of powder. The last shot, this one, was with TWO ounces however, it had the best wadding/packing of all three attempts. I could hardly get the "projectile" down the muzzle. My "projectile" was a 8 1/2 x 11 sheet of paper, wadded into ball and all that was wrapped inside a wash cloth. I had to really crush it in my hands to get it down to the diameter and then had to really push with the tamper rod to get it down to the charge. As a practical matter, the tighter wad with two ounces, was just as nice as the "not quite as tight wad" with the three ounces. The first shot, with three ounces, weak packing, was a fizzle-dud.
  5. Side comment... I was put onto a guy who is local and owns five cannons. He said I could put a pool ball into the cannon.... said he did that once and it went THROUGH a tree. To be fair, he didn't comment if it was a sapling and only 1/2" wide or was it a 3' diameter white oak.... (don't intend on ever firing pool table balls)
  6. Number of years ago, my aunt passed away. Her son, my cousin, and myself were at the house getting things cleaned out. I had not been inside the house in a couple decades and much of the upstairs (the 3 kids bedrooms) was much as it was. Going through a closet.... I found a mortar (if I have the correct name) Explosive on the top, fins on the bottom and I think some threads on the bottom that I presume is what you screwed to the propellent charge (???) None the less... thought it was cool, tossed into car and brought home. On making inquiry about it, had more than one person go white-face on me telling me to be careful as it might blow up.....I should take it to my local armory or bomb squad or something... At the time I'm guessing it was 40 years old. My cousin said he was maybe 10'ish years old when his mothers boyfriend brought it to the house. It ended up in the closet and was forgotten until I stumbled upon it. Long story short, turns out it was a practice (inert, non-explosive) round that I guess is used for targeting practice (?). As I recall, it was essentially bare metal BUT, you could see specs of blue (I think) paint on the warhead, maybe on the fins... don't recall where. But as I was later told, the blue paint indicated it was a practice round not a live round. I'm not sure today, if I still have it. I think I got rid of it so that years from now, when someone is cleaning out MY garage, they don't go into shock wondering why I've got a mortar round 'laying around' that might explode and put them through all the grief I got. (I get safety issues).
  7. Yep, we did the tennis ball cannon as kids too. Away from home of course, parents never knew about it. Moved here and now, as someone hiding as a semi-responsible adult, we did the spud-gun. Even had a Wildlife officer meander up the driveway as he was in area and heard the retort of the gun and was curious as to what someone was shooting. It would lob a spud several hundred feet. We were seeing who could get it to or past the line of grapes we have. Now, I progress up to 2 1/4" bore...
  8. For work, I help state/county people with their pensions & 401K's. By pure happenstance, the other day, the local Sheriff called me. (preparing his path for retirement). Went over his stuff....and figured I had a good opportunity with "the boss" on the phone, so told him about this and asked if this would get me into any trouble? (don't want black helicopters hovering around with dark clad Ninja's repelling down on ropes) He said I was good to go. Might be good to call dispatch as SOMEONE will likely call them and they'd have to investigate. (I live across lake from a fancy retirement community so yeah, someone would certainly hear this) He went on to say that, he's got a neighbor who's "into this stuff". The neighbor is a city policeman.....so I happen to also be HIS retirement representative! Told the Chief to feel free to give his neighbor my number. I ended up talking to the guy. He's got FIVE cannons, one of them he fires bowling balls out of. He said the bowling balls don't LAUNCH like it might in another cannon, they more "lift off" as I guess takes more energy to fling them and, being much larger, are easy to see/follow. Went on to say, you can drill holes into projectile (or use finger holes in bowling ball) and fill them with ??? I forget what he said, but think of something like a crushed up sparkler that you waived as a child. Said cannon ignition will light these off and they'll burn while in flight adding kind of a "sparkle trail" as the projectile goes its way, allowing you to follow it. Much like a tracer bullet I suppose. He is also the armorer (sp?) for the police force. He reviews/repairs all their firearms. He ALSO has a bunker at his home that has something like an 8" steel door and inside there he's got hundreds of guns. For someone who's into firearms (I'm not to be honest, at least not to THAT degree) none the less, he sounds like a very interesting guy. Said he'd be more than happy to swing by and check this out for me. So now that the balls are out, I'm going to reach back out to him and see how that develops.
  9. (not that I'm an expert) but I agree. This appears to be, an inner liner that has the exterior around it. Think of a 2" piece of PVC where the walls of the pvc are 1/4" thick (though this is metal of course). Put that tube into a mold I guess...and pour (I'm guessing bronze?) The cannon does NOT hold a magnet so it's non-ferrous. I was told if the liner is compromised, I can put a sleeve in it....taking it down to 1 1/2" bore and with that size, I can shoot golf balls all day out of it. My neighbor smiled and said he's got 1,000 golf balls (he made a driving range on his field that's no longer used). I said are you SURE you'd want to give me 1,000 golf balls? I don't want to go pick them up in my yard/field....so I'd have to aim it back over your way and they'd all come back to you as projectiles. If you look at the 3rd picture down at the muzzle, you can see the outline of the liner.
  10. This would have likely been south east Indiana as I grew up in Hamilton, Ohio.... not too far from the border. That said, it was 50 years ago so I'm clueless. I DO recall the day we brought it home. We went "somewhere" and went to a guys house. My dad and the guy were yaking doing "old people" stuff while I was out in their yard playing on their zip line which I thought was really cool..... today, I don't care so much about the zip line and think the cannon is pretty cool. (though it WAS fun 4 months ago when wife & I went zip lining and at one point, were 400 feet above the ground as we went side to side in a canyon)
  11. Might add, as a kid, we'd stuff a rag into bore and simply shoot the rag a hundred feet. (no idea of actual measurement but it really put it out there) My intent is really to only shoot a rag out of it.
  12. as in, a real cannon. The story is almost at a conclusion so I thought I'd post here thinking some of you might get a kick out of this. This cannon has been in my family for probably over 50 years. Went with my dad as a kid to some long forgotten location in Indiana. Brought it home, put in basement (walk out basement to concrete back driveway) and we'd roll it out every now & then to fire it. (I have stories about parents divorcing, me finding the "Charles Chips" can that held the gunpowder and fuses and making my personal little bombs, but that's for another thread) Folks divorce, dad takes cannon with him. Puts it in his office for YEARS (he's going to be 93 this year if he makes it to October). His office staff bought some cannon balls for him and some tools (tamper, cleaner...) SOMEWHERE along this path some dufas put not one, but TWO lead balls in the bore.... Today, my 92 year old fathers 68 year old wife, said cannon has to go, time to give it to Richard. Now I have it. Discovered a ball in it. Got my wood boring drill bit out, put on extension.... needed a hone, so cobbed a hone into an extended hone. Got the first ball out and WHAT? Some moron put a SECOND ball in there? I've oiled bore, used hone to some degree, the only thing that did it was just drillint into the ball. It's evidently lead so was easy to drill in. The SECOND ball however, would NOT budge. I need a slide hammer but don't have one. So, I cobbed one by taking a 2x4, put hole in it for end of drill bit extension, clamped drill back on and it pushed the drill off. I could not tighten it enough. So, took drill off, clamped some vice-grips onto end and used board as lever....ball moved.... did again..moved again.... finally took 5-pound hammer to board and pounded the ball out. here's my home made slide hammer and the second ball. Put flashlight back to bore, vefified there were no more balls in there. Put some oil in and took hone to it. Started to thunder so shut things down and that's where it currently stands. I bought 2-pounds of gunpowder today. They didn't have fuse material. I have some fuse material but don't know yet that it will work. It might be 30 years old for all I know. Might light some of it over weekend to see what happens. I'll not fire one of these balls out of it. I was told, I could maybe go to store, buy some orange juice....take container, fill with concrete and use it as projectile (as long as container fits inside 2 1/4" bore of course) Be nice if I can get this done in time for the 4th. Not sure yet but now that the balls are out, I'm much closer. Wife is just rolling her eyes at me.
  13. I think I've read that you want to season with a high (flashpoint?, smoke point?) oil. What I've used for mine (I'd say "ours" but my wife won't touch them, "too heavy") anyway, I dunked each one into a home made electrolysis tank (mixture of water and soda wash and then used my battery charger on low voltage along with a piece of sacraficial metal) dunked into electrolysis tank for 1-3 days as I changed position to get whole thing clean....and it is spic/span clean by the way.... then I used crisco to coat/season it with. What I've read is that Flacseed oil is the best as it does (insert something fantastic) that is better than Crisco. Maybe it's a harder finish. I don't recall. It is amazing how a rusted piece of iron comes out of the electrolysis tank. Virtually all of the rust is gone and the only cost was the materials but mainly, TIME. Just let the tank do the work and it will get every bit of it off.
  14. I know zero compared to these folks BUT I did have a 540 shaft that snapped as I recall, twice on me. As I was reading your comment, I was reflecting on my situation and then you stated the above..... which makes me ask what you mean by engaged a little oddly? In my case, I had a speed increaser attached to the shaft. All is well and good BUT (and pardon that I don't know the real name) there is a lever that links both lift arms so that they sway in unison verses independent of each other. As they sway in/out, this link rotates a bit. In my case, this link rotated a bit and just barely put pressure on the speed increaser and that SIDE pressure transferred through to the shaft and was enough to snap it in pretty short order. I removed the link that rocks in the middle so it can't touch the speed increaser and all has been fine ever since. Long winded description to say, could there be something that is putting lateral pressure onto it?
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