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  1. Just found someone on ebay that appears to have both of them (newly fabricated by him I'm sure) .... sent message to see if he's got a pair for 1066. They're about $60 each give/take.
  2. This tractor is really nothing more than a glorified lawn mower so I'm not concerned too much about visually appealing. I hadn't thought of a hose instead of a hard line. My innate tendency is to keeping things "correct". I don't really care for what I'd call cob jobs.... I found the OTHER hard line on a website and it was $100. If that's the case for the line I need, I'm more than happy to convert it to a hose and move on with life!!
  3. Called dealer that is 90 miles away. He said he didn't have access anymore as it has no part number showing (I asked him for it after he saw picture) Did I get a young-one who didn't want to lift a finger and try or, was it bona-fide not available? I'll never know his situation. However, I've got a friend who's got a machine shop nearby.... I'm going to bet he's got the tools to flare this after cutting end off.
  4. Hmm.. I'll keep looking around, thanks. Tractor is dead in water until I get this fixed (this wasn't a drippy leak, it was coming in a good stream)
  5. Hmm.. I'll keep looking around, thanks. Tractor is dead in water until I get this fixed (this wasn't a drippy leak, it was coming in a good stream)
  6. I suppose I should put those bolts back before I do any tubing! I don't have a flair making tool.... may I presume any would work? I see them in the $30+ range at box store up to $100+
  7. Thanks, I went out again and started it to look under and indeed, it seems to be oozing out from around the nut somewhere though on the glance, couldn't see exactly where. I'll take it apart later. That said, I looked the part up on their website and presuming it's nothing more than that, it looks like it's not made anymore? It's item #16 and seems to be missing from their parts lineup, which I can understand. https://www.mycnhistore.com/us/en/caseih/na/tractors/agricultural/over-100-hp/international-66-series-diesel-tractor/drive-train/drive-train-hydraulic-powered-clutch-c
  8. Got to thinking about New Holland.... there is a dealer 25 miles away. I think their fluid is called Master-Tran My understanding (confirmed by them) that it's Hytran in a different container. I think he said something like $97 for 5-gallons AND a much shorter drive!! He went on to say that they have (insert another brand) that they keep stocked up, that they don't sell a lot of the Master Tran..... as it's more expensive.
  9. A bit of an update and a changing angle of question. Got home from work and spent 20 minutes looking at this. What I did NOT bother to say previously above (because it was irrelevant) is that I had checked the oil probably time prior to last time being used, found it a bit low and topped it off, maybe 1 1/2 gallons. Those moronic comments from those who jump to conclusions don't always know the whole story however, I don't want to point fingers to Sparky. Be it as it may, I can always (and usually do) ignore him however, I do find him having a good nugget every now & then and I did
  10. Heh, I doubt I put 100 hours on it per 12 months. I've never really paid attention though, but recalling back to when my backhoe was new (and I DID then tend to watch the meter), I was lucky to hit 100 hours/year and I used it more than I use this. Since I don't know what oil was in it when I purchased it, I drained all old and replaced with HT. I was planning on running it for this past summer, then swap it again just to 'wash out' whatever might be old.... but at approximately $150/5 gallon bucket, I decided to slow that one down. Side question for anyone.... aside from
  11. Filter was changed when I replaced fluid.... still think the same? (were you thinking it was old?) I was getting it ready to park over winter.
  12. 1066 open station Cut some fields several weeks ago. Had a leaking height cylinder on flexwing so disconnected it. Later on, had leaking cylinder on wing lifts, got it fixed. (point being, some oil was lost and I'm not sure how much AND this was over several months during summer, not all last couple weeks) Everything worked 100% fine when I cut the fields. No discernable oil under tractor when parked. Today, headed out to visit the orchard, on way there noticed the Tellite was on while driving in low range, 4th gear. Steering was jerky. I recalled (if I recall correctly) t
  13. Oh, and if you have (or can get) front weights..... get them. Mine doesn't have them and they'd make a difference.
  14. Hi Murr.... I thought I might be able to give some commentary. I live in Loudon County TN (Lenoir City area). According to my father in law, the hill we're on is the tallest hill in the county. I cut (guessing) 125 acres. Farm is 250 but a mix of fields/woods so I don't have any real clue. Bought a 15' hydraulic mower, much to the love of the guys on this forum. Works great and leaves a very nice cut. I bought a 1066 which is probably more oomph than I need to get it going but that wasn't my concern. My concern was getting it stopped coming down the big hill. I don't have dua
  15. Yep, I didn't realize that until it happened then the little voice in the back of my head.....slapped me upside the head.
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