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  1. That was also my understanding (and why I grabbed them)
  2. Couldn't give you a size other than I was at the auto parts store and they were on the wall. If memory serves me, I misspoke a slight bit.... The fabricator guy near me made a cable for me out of welders wire. So, three of them are store bought and that one is a larger diameter wire.
  3. New cables too however, they're a more typical 12v cable and not one of those monster welder sized cables I've seen. (so perhaps that is also a consideration) So to recap since it's been a bit disjointed (by me) New wiring harness New Ignition New Ammeter New lights (all the way around) 2-new 12V batteries (long skinny type) 4 new battery cables New alternator New dash light fixtures & bulbs New Tellite fixture & bulb I didn't change out the clutch safety switch All that said, I can't think of much else that's electric that wasn't touched or replaced. I'll try to test in place out in the field or fire it up and bring it home to tinker on. I appreciate the shared wisdom, thank you.
  4. It's new too (I realize that doesn't mean it couldn't have a bad diode) I like the idea of doing batteries first, then pull starter off.
  5. Batteries were new this past spring (doesn't mean they were weak on the shelf but I did slow charge them prior to installation) So "new" batteries, new cables too. The starter though.... I hadn't thought of that!! Easy enough to yank it out and have it gone through. There is a shop about 20 miles from me that is highly rated. I've had my alternator from my backhoe off & there probably three times.....(it simply wouldn't charge) EACH time he's told me the alternator is fine.... This past summer, we did more detailed searching and ascertained I had a wire that had snapped, rusted something, inside the harness so bypassed from alternator to switch and now it seems to be working & charging just fine! The guy at the shop could have charged me three times (note that this was over maybe 10 years that I did this so it wasn't like "omg, here we go again" 3 weeks later) I used to have one of those blade style disconnects on my backhoe to preserve the charge that was in there. With two batteries in parallel, if I did that on the 1066, I'm going to presume I would need two of them, one for each battery.
  6. I do have straight 30 weight. (no idea what's in the 444 since it's not mine) One of the main reasons I waited to buy new batteries was so I wouldn't have to deal with this... oh well.... I can make my new process: 1. Drag 100' extension cord to backhoe (needed when it's battery is weak) 2. Attach charger to cord, charge battery & use the chargers jump start feature to get backhoe running 3. Drive backhoe out to tractor and use jumper cables to jump start tractor 4. Leave tractor idling, drive backhoe back to house 5. Walk back to tractor and go about my way and here I thought I was going to have it easy-peasy with the new harness, new batteries, new ignition, new ammeter, new lights.
  7. Last spring/summer I put an entirely new wiring harness on the 1066. I bought two new (long skinny type) batteries for it. I've only used it intermittently but when I have, the ammeter gauge started at (for example) +1.5 and by the time I was done was at zero or a touch above. Went out yesterday and though engine turned over, it was slower rotations with wisps of smoke coming from the stack, unable to start. I rode my riding mower out there which has a 12v system (and I'm under no confusion about jump starting a 1066 with a lawn mower) I DID however, hook the mower to the tractor to see if it might trickle charge for a while (like 5-10 minutes) and nothing discernible to the speed of rotation. Since the batteries are new, I'm a bit befuddled as to why they're so weak. It's been cold but the IH 444 went nearly 12 months once (parked) and fired up. The 1066 was last run a handful of weeks ago. Has me wondering if something is putting a drain on the system however, the harness is brand new front to back. New switches, ignition, lights... other than the Tach and Temp gauges, I don't think anything of old was kept. How might I check for a drain or do these long skinny batteries lose their charger easier/faster than a more squarish design? I HAVE thought about replacing the right side battery (in the future when the time comes) with a larger more square type as I have a fabricated step on that side where I could place it and that would give me more reserve power. I'm not going to worry about that for a while unless this maintains being an issue in Spring. Thanks for any thoughts.
  8. Might have used the wrong words....but looking at the pictures above, it seems it's possible to mix/match pieces that don't fit as well other combinations. Keep in mind that I have zero experience with weights & brackets hence, my question(s). I've seen images like this from time to time and perceived there were differences. That is all I was trying to clarify.
  9. Haven't replaced the mower yet however, am contemplating a 20' Schulte and from what I've read, the "shipping" weight is 6,000 lbs. I don't know if the "shipping" weight is more or less than it's operational weight however, it seems it's heavy regardless. That said.....the 15' unit I do have, has caused me to use the steering brakes several times while going up our hill. I can certainly get by with a few taps every now & then to steer as the front end gets light.... but if I get a heavier mower, front end bounce might become a bigger nuisance. If I end up getting some weights.... how many is it designed to hold? I'd rather just fill up the front than have three/four of them bouncing around with dead space around them.
  10. Wife's (now deceased) uncle took a 20'ish inch piece of railroad track that he set between his brush guard and front hood (IH 444).
  11. Suspecting I might need/want to get some front weights for 1066. Currently there is ZERO bracketry there so I'm starting from scratch. Looking at some of the weights, there seem to be different configurations. If it matters, I'd rather buy the more common, lessor expensive version verses the "fancy" (if it exists) version and pay a premium. Or, perhaps there is only one style for that tractor...I don't know. How would I ascertain which are the correct fit and how many would I need to target for the front? I've looked them up and there does seem to be some different shapes available.
  12. This place does have some nice folks.... (and a vast amount of knowledge).... That said, I might urge all (so as to not single people out) look in a mirror because I've had some of your above thoughts about this place. Perhaps your accepted better here if you have a tractor background of some sort (I don't). Coming back to give a Mea Culpa didn't seem to help much either. Simply offering food for thought, not trying to poke the bear. (and nothing I've said is directed towards you nor anyone specifically....)
  13. Coytee

    Mea Culpa...

    Thank you for the kind thoughts. Don't worry too much about me though, I can take it. I honestly thought my making a comment about them being right would perhaps lower their attitudes and realize maybe I'm not (quite as much) the dumbazz they might think I am. (not to say I'm not one, perhaps I'm only a 54 instead of a 98 I am of course rounding.... it would have been a 98.34745932 and I took the liberty of rounding down!) Anyway, their vituperative attitudes/comments do more to show things about them than me. I'm not a psychiatrist but wouldn't be surprised if they have some suppressed issues elsewhere in life. Heaven forbid I post a picture and ask them if it's ok to use John Deere either in the red 1066!!! They might blow a cord. (guess what either can is hanging in the 1066!!) In my work, I come across people every day that do absolutely S.T.U.P.I.D. things.... I just smile and without berating them, try to show them some different options. If I see them a year later and they've maintained their S.T.U.P.I.D. ways... I just smile and without berating them, try to show them some different options. I once read something somewhere and I'm sure I'll butcher it.... as I recall it was one of those chinese proverb things, maybe something Confucius said or maybe Buddah.... I don't know. The gist of it was "The burden of patience belongs to he with more wisdom" So if you take your current glasses off..... look through the glasses of that comment, THEN read some of peoples comments.... it perhaps suggests things about them.
  14. Finally got some pictures on the 20' unit Seems it comes with double blades for chopping cotton stalks??? I've never seen double blades on a mower so for mowing a pasture, is that a waste of money, is it very useful? Are they the same blades where I could take one off and have a set of spares??? (I'm guessing the mounting bolt is longer to fit the double blades) Having never seen doubles, are there any concerns about how I might use it? Guy told me over the phone that it was structurally sound, just roughed up paint. Asked him how it might work behind a 1066 he said if I was just cutting a field, probably ok.....but if I got into long stuff or tried to cut sherwood forest, it might bog the tractor down. (given what's been going on with the 540 shaft, images of the 1000 shaft snapping quickly came to mind....so how big are those concerns??)
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