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  1. Coytee

    Mea Culpa...

    Thank you for the kind thoughts. Don't worry too much about me though, I can take it. I honestly thought my making a comment about them being right would perhaps lower their attitudes and realize maybe I'm not (quite as much) the dumbazz they might think I am. (not to say I'm not one, perhaps I'm only a 54 instead of a 98 I am of course rounding.... it would have been a 98.34745932 and I took the liberty of rounding down!) Anyway, their vituperative attitudes/comments do more to show things about them than me. I'm not a psychiatrist but wouldn't be surprised if they have some suppressed issues elsewhere in life. Heaven forbid I post a picture and ask them if it's ok to use John Deere either in the red 1066!!! They might blow a cord. (guess what either can is hanging in the 1066!!) In my work, I come across people every day that do absolutely S.T.U.P.I.D. things.... I just smile and without berating them, try to show them some different options. If I see them a year later and they've maintained their S.T.U.P.I.D. ways... I just smile and without berating them, try to show them some different options. I once read something somewhere and I'm sure I'll butcher it.... as I recall it was one of those chinese proverb things, maybe something Confucius said or maybe Buddah.... I don't know. The gist of it was "The burden of patience belongs to he with more wisdom" So if you take your current glasses off..... look through the glasses of that comment, THEN read some of peoples comments.... it perhaps suggests things about them.
  2. Finally got some pictures on the 20' unit Seems it comes with double blades for chopping cotton stalks??? I've never seen double blades on a mower so for mowing a pasture, is that a waste of money, is it very useful? Are they the same blades where I could take one off and have a set of spares??? (I'm guessing the mounting bolt is longer to fit the double blades) Having never seen doubles, are there any concerns about how I might use it? Guy told me over the phone that it was structurally sound, just roughed up paint. Asked him how it might work behind a 1066 he said if I was just cutting a field, probably ok.....but if I got into long stuff or tried to cut sherwood forest, it might bog the tractor down. (given what's been going on with the 540 shaft, images of the 1000 shaft snapping quickly came to mind....so how big are those concerns??)
  3. Coytee

    Mea Culpa...

    Perhaps so.... however.... I thought I was getting a "good used is good enough".... Truth be told.... it looks like it IS good enough but for the mounting bracket having bent. Hard to blame that on the mower. Ironically, there is an absolute auction nearby (local Kubota dealer) this upcoming weekend. Logistics wouldn't allow me to place it in there if I were ready to (and I'm not quite ready) Guess I'm as stubborn & thick headed as your father in law!
  4. Coytee

    Mea Culpa...

    I kind of wanted to fess up and say you guys were right! I try to be man enough to own up to something if I’m on the wrong side of it looks like I am
  5. Coytee

    Mea Culpa...

    Yeah I’m not a big fan of it I would imagine if the engineers thought that it would be a great way to make it compact and easily removable they would’ve done that in the beginning. I don’t know that I want to be riding on this thing if the welds break and that starts flipping around If they want to give it a try I’m game to do it otherwise my attitude is I’d rather just buy a new mower Yes this means their materials their expense their time.
  6. Coytee

    Mea Culpa...

    You can buy the plate from them and it’s a universal fit. So you still have to mounted to your tractor which means you still get in these spacing issues that exist. If it’s hyper critical to be straight on with the shaft then you’ve got Similar opportunities to get it misaligned at least in my opinion
  7. Coytee

    Mea Culpa...

    Yeah, tis what my two brothers in law are thinking. Since I don't have welding tools nor skills (they do) AND this is also their land, I might tell them to have at it (at their expense). After all, I've already bought the tractor....to cut their land....I've already bought a mower.....to cut their land.... so if they want to fabricate this, then they can do it!! I'm not a huge fan of the idea (from a safety perspective) but I've not yet seen a layout of their idea. We'll see if they decide to put some effort or funds into a project designed to take care of their co-owned land!!! (farm is now owned by 12 people so we're all involved yet I'm the one buying the equipment....however, in their defense, I DID choose to do it, nobody forced me)
  8. Coytee

    Mea Culpa...

    That's kind of my gut feeling too.... I'll be intrigued to hear what he/they have to say. That said, it's also crossed my mind that perhaps this setup is just a bad match for the 1066. The increaser can be used with either 540 or 1000 shafts. Regardless of which shaft I might use, the other one is still in the way. The bottom section is what's bent. Now that I know to look at it, you can see it with your eyes.... but if you're not thinking about it, it might not be seen. None the less... there are no supports or bolts holding the lower section to the PTO. Looking at the entire rear end, I can see how it won't be easy to make it mount to the large (PTO) bolts. It might be able to fit to the sides so the smaller PTO shield bolts hold the side in... that might be better than what I have, but still not sure if it's a great match. My brother in laws (two of them) like the idea of getting out the welder (I don't have one but they can both weld) and make a concoction where the increaser and pump are now mounted on the A-frame of the mower, driven by a shaft from the tractor TO the mower. Definately a rigged setup....and not sure I like the backyard engineering on that. I don't know how much torque is in the system but I've got to think there would be a lot of pressure on the welded A-frame to hold it... I told them if we get to that, my thoughts are it's simply time to look at a new mower (which frankly, I still might do if those bozo's will ever send me more pictures than that one which hides the entire machine) I've got to think the 1066 will handle the Schulte 20' cutter I saw??
  9. Coytee

    Mea Culpa...

    If you want to "read & leave" then I'll acknowledge real quick "you were right" and now you're done! For those who are aware of my rotary cutter saga.... not only here's the rest of the story but now, the WHOLE store (I'll make it short, as I'm quite capable of getting into all the sordid details that nobody cares about!!) I've been noodling about contemplating a different cutter to pull behind the 1066. I've snapped not one....not two....but now three 540''s (just put the 4th one in today) When this one snapped, I had just replaced it (again) and didn't get to circle the field even ONCE before it snapped. I decided on the spot that I'm going to start going up the food/power chain & take things apart to make sure they're ok inside. I don't think I need to do that as I think I've found the culprit. After I got the PTO replaced, I started looking at everything but now, with a (much more) critical eye... Looks like the mounting bracket is bent. Well, it doesn't LOOK like it.... it is demonstrably bent, all it takes is a straight-edge. It's a bit interesting to me the angle that it's bent, you can't really notice it while on the machine (unless you get down there with a 5" straight edge, I suppose you could then) It's bent slightly AWAY from the tractor (shrugs shoulders) Anyway, I wanted to come, acknowledge all here who said something about the bracket and tip my hat to you. I'm going to go back to the place it was made.... just see where that conversation goes. My brother in law has a 15' finish mower he's going to bring over so we can get the place cut in the meantime (though I don't really relish the idea of using a finish mower out there.....but he grew up on this land so I'll defer to his decision) BOTH of my brother in laws were watching/talking and helping a bit while this was being done today. One of them brought up an idea about moving the mechanics OFF the tractor and mount them to the mower itself and now, use a shaft.... I just shook my head and said if it gets to that, I'll just get rid of the mower & maybe get one of those I've been eyeballing. So you were right!!!
  10. Here are some pictures & links (if they take) I had never heard of Schulte until I got here. Been looking them up, found a couple relatively nearby (maybe 4 hours one way, perhaps further for the 20') https://www.machinerypete.com/details/batwing-mowers/1999/schulte/3020/19784894 This one only has a single picture. I called & spoke with them making the comment that the picture might be construed as look how clean the unit is.... or, it's hiding the REST of the machine and its related problems. Really struck me interesting that they only have a single picture AND, they seem to be a dealer of some kind. It's a 20' unit. Would speed things up around here over a 15' unit. If these are so fantastic, then I'm curious as to the price....then again, I admit my ignorance to the price so have nothing to back that up with. The second unit https://www.tractorhouse.com/listings/farm-equipment/for-sale/33949789/2014-schulte-fx1800 Looking at the listing, I don't think it's a dealer, more likely his personal use. Says he bought it not knowing it was a 1000 shaft and all his tractors are 540. This is a 15' unit which would sneak into smaller areas here... and it costs double. Since I know zero about these, what are your thoughts??
  11. The farm has passed down to my wife's generation and now, there are 12 different owners. Most of them live out of state. My wife & I, her cousin & his wife and his daughter/husband all live on the farm (250 acres) on three deeded tracts of land. Some of the other family members use the farm as their private hunting lodge during the season.... and OTHER members of the family are thinking 'Gee, I only go to visit them, I'm not getting any of my value ($$$) of the property I inherited.... So the game plan is to sell the farm "down the road". Because of that, the last farmer's lease was allowed to lapse so nobody has anything going on that isn't family related. Over time, we'll (if I get my way) get the farm back into nice looking and then, put up for sale.
  12. Most of our fields are grass, I don't usually have much large stuff to chop up. If the fields were smoooooooooth, I'd actually consider buying a 15' finish mower. I think it would get bounced around too much so I don't. The only time I have rough stuff is when I'm at the fringes. Since the farm was leased and I haven't been cutting it (other than once this summer) for the last six years or so, there's a lot of crap growing that wasn't there before. Once that's done and things are shaped up the way I prefer them, I don't really "need" a rotary cutter to cut things.... however, given the terrain is uneven or rough in some places, it certainly is my better choice. I like to keep the fields all trimmed & looking nice all the time. In fact, my wife rolls her eyes when I cut the field in front of the house (finish mower) every weekend saying it doesn't need it. I make the comment back to her that it's because I cut it before it looks like it needs it, that it always looks so nice. I'd like to cut the rest of the farm every couple weeks (but I don't....I resist and only do it spring, maybe twice during summer and then fall)
  13. Yes really. I fully understand you don't know what experiences I've had. The 444 with a 6' Woods finish mower, BRAND NEW BLADES (so they're sharp) will go out into a field I've been finish cutting for 20 years now. It will do an absolutely PATHETIC job of mulching up what it cuts if it's long. Frankly, I attribute it to the 444 being old/tired and not getting things to actual full RPM's (tach cable broke) Even when cable worked, I seem to recall it never revving very much. So now I have a field of ripped grass instead of mulched cut up grass. So yeah, now I'm wondering about blade speed and how that might change things. Then again, it's only 6% faster which is why I'm wondering if anyone cares about that difference. My inference is that you don't. Because of how poor the 444/Woods cuts the field, I've been cutting it this summer on the JD 430 which totally shreds what I drive over unless it's those 24" weed/grass stalks that whip around in the blade and remain vertical when you're done. Everything around them is cut but those sometimes escape. It's called doing your due-dilligence and I'm trying to turn all the stones over.
  14. I've never delved too deep into specs on these mowers (always used the 444 with a 5' behind it but for the short while my father in law had the Rhino) Anyway.... Scenario: Two mowers, 15' cut.... one with blade tip speed 15,000 FPM (if I recall) and the other, 16,000 FPM? Part of me says "meh... not a big deal, it's only a 6% increase" How much weight do you put on blade speed? Is that enough to pick the 16K mower?
  15. I'm guessing you didn't notice my calling the 1066 with mower behind it my lawn mower.... For my purposes, that's exactly what it/they are. (and the lights work on both of them now!!)
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