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  1. the thing is you will hear the click when the mechanism locks in. plus the starter will have a slow crank if its in diesel mode is another way to tell. plus tell us if you have experience with these gas starts as we dont know what u know. i been around them for over forty years. and yes the linkage holes get worn but it still should change over. plus there is adjustment in the manual. the last photo has the Return Spring i am talking about. for some reason pictures are sideways but you have some info.
  2. when bleeding ,... you need it running on gas then bleed injectors last after doing the filters. also there is a small spring in the switch over mechanism that sometimes breaks and will not hold it into position. i have had the same thing happen with that spring. its on the right side.
  3. is the pump out??? it is unclear what your asking.
  4. first of all is there fuel at the injectors when you loosen the lines and switch to diesel? lots of times the rack in the pump will stick when these engines sit for long periods. that means no fuel getting to injectors. you need to verify this first. and what is the story on this unit.? even if you run it on gas and open the throttle it should smoke blue from the diesel. does it do that?
  5. another post and run, must have found it and wont tell us.
  6. Wow happy birthday! liked your posts , u still posting? my mccormicks should still be going at 98 also! lol. cant keep a good man and good tractors down.
  7. yes, and it came out on the super W6 T.A. tractor in 1954. the same setup continued right through all series to the 560, 660 with the same basic design.
  8. yes that is the old style valve stem. only see them on old equipment i can get a pic of both as i keep them on hand as i try to keep up with replacing those things at the sight of leakage.
  9. im basically saying that set up does nothing.
  10. mine kept on plugging up with some kind of brown stuff. myself i use a hand crank to turn the engine over.
  11. somebody's crazy idea. it has that deal off the head going into the air cleaner from factory. that set does nothing other than get some oil fumes back into the intake air. be doing more harm than good. humm why is my plugs fouling now.?
  12. plus if it a mule with foot feed i can see it.
  13. he said the return line was not plugged... but they never plug its actually the check valve that gets plugged with the pump wear disc that looks like coffee grounds. yes u are right... but he also said that he has fuel at injectors so it can very well be that check valve!! my 660 was doing the same thing then took the check valve guts out.
  14. picture please of left side that will tell the story.
  15. all the same, from 460-706
  16. not really a big deal to set it at TDC on compression now, or when installing pump. remove #1 glow plus or all of them for ease of turning engine. once you have compression blowing out of glow plug hole turn engine slowly till the timing marks on the front pulley line up with the pointer. the 460 is 3 degree's btc like the 560. once those are lined up remove the pump side window and you can check those pump timing marks to see if it was actually timed correctly. they should be lined up with each other. when installing pump be careful not to fold or damage the shaft seals. of course this is after you have determined it is the pump at fault. may times just from sitting they get gummed up. i have a few here like that.
  17. that is the correct rotation of most engines. rotation is actually viewed as sitting on the machine, or viewed from the rear of the engine. so its called counterclockwise rotation, and it turning correctly. . i see he has the fan blowing out the rad also. should be a good little unit.
  18. from the start u were in a better shop. you must have moved it out to a different place.?
  19. i kinda saw that in your post so i asked. lucky you had warm weather to paint it. 660 is my favorite tractor. have 6 total .
  20. and its sort of looking good too ! what part of the country you at ?
  21. i built a splitter on the back of my w6 ta last little while in spare time. basically from scraps i found . i have a char-lynn pump of the pto running it and it actually work pretty good. did a little splitting today .
  22. a little advise... when not sure of the outcome when starting an engine that has sat for a long time make sure you have your self a piece of plywood to place over the intake pipe. there is no other way to shut down a run away engine. and yes the problem is in the pump. engines have destroyed themselves due to this piece of stompin tom plywood not handy.
  23. ooh yes i learned to drive the w6 at 6 years old. think i am the only person around here that farms with old tractors , no cab, basically use 660's for farming. i keep them running and they do the job for me. plus get the enjoyment of using a different tractor for different jobs. im getting as old as these tractors.
  24. did some snow clearing today after yesterdays storm. has a blade mounted in front and works good for an old unit.
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