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  1. why would you need to interchange main caps on those c15 cat engine??? i am lost . keep your chit in order. just changing a crank dont mean it needs a line bore. why would you even say such b.s. any mechanic knows this is not true. seams like your trying to pull the whole sheep over our eyes. about 35 years ago i was overhauling the neighbors gm grain truck with the 292. the mains were not numbered and got mixed up. so i carefully used plastigage and got them back in order plus numbered them. it ran for many many years. and you saying you will check them later is something i never heard of.
  2. i got the rear tires installed on sunday. the step son gave me a hand and we had them on and aired up in 45 minutes. nothing like a bit of help. went with titan 15.5 x38 as it was the best deal way cheaper than firestone. bkt i did not like the cluttered up centre. so will try these short long high traction lugs.
  3. how would we know that with that post that says you are experimenting? you said you just used a cap off a different engine . did not plastiguage it or even say if it turns over , so we are not wrong in pointing this out. i dont know of any mechanic's that would just install brg. caps with out checking clearances. sure seams odd. something not adding up, it is just not correct is what i know.
  4. not going to work!! we are telling you you cannot do that. has to be line bored. the ends on the caps are ground to reduce the circumference and caps are torqued in place then a machine is used to bore or hone out all bores in one straight line. it is a big job. what i meant by experimenting was if the original cap can be used, with other modifications ?
  5. i am curious as to what you have found with your tractor? where the injectors at fault?
  6. at least you could have checked the clearances with plastigauge, as that will tell some of the story.,... but it wont work! have you tryed to turn the engine over? usually you cant. so you will have to do other experimenting , or do the line bore.
  7. sure looks like a nice clean tractor! like to see the rear view. i agree on the cab and loader decision. what part of the country u at? those original tractors are out there just to find them.
  8. i was just saying or meant that the M hubs cant be used on the 560. i have one with a crack and looked at my M's and its a no go. someone tightened the clamp nuts too much and it cracked the hub. i have double bevel rims. those old M rims use 2 clamps , one on each side. the tractor wreakers are nuts on their hub price. so i was thinking to find a good welder for that.
  9. never mind, i got the holes backwards. but yes the M uses 2 keys and 560 1 key. but the hubs dont interchange.
  10. the farmall M has 8 holes in the hubs, vs 6 holes in the 560 which uses double bevel. the hubs are not interchangable. even though the axles are the same size. the M uses different bolts and wedges.
  11. the 14's and 18's have the same pistons and sleeves. i presume the valves are the same also. just that the 18 has 2 more cyl's. and it has 2 heads. i better ask more for my crawlers then, lol. but i might need parts for my WD40 in the future if i keep pulling it.
  12. so a picture would have helped everyone a lot, thank you. you know the saying...
  13. the picture is for you!! i understand it , and have done it!
  14. i dont think they are air cooled any more. the neighbor here had those air cooled tractors in the sixty's and 70's think one was a 65 duetz.kind of a clumsy old thing. but he liked them.
  15. dont really know what all this adapter stuff is? if you have the proper muffler why do you need adapters? post a pic of this setup.
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