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  1. when is this show? think I should ph. you . just never have spare time.
  2. yes I did have it running. perdu? thought you were by rosetown?
  3. rustred

    WK40 wheels

    no nothing like that.
  4. my grand father used to say "good for strong"!
  5. rustred

    WK40 wheels

    yes, the old guy knew what a good tractor was! I said if I won the lottery I would buy every 40 there. lol. im sure there had to be at least 20 of these tractors plus the gas w40's and others.
  6. rustred

    WK40 wheels

    my tractor has the 18.4x34 rubber and original hubs. it don't have double nuts on it. has the metal locking ring. pretty sure a person could locktite that nut and she wont move. this picture is in sept of 2015 after I started that wd40 and tried it out. was sitting in the quanset for a long time.
  7. rustred

    WK40 wheels

    I took a picture of that tandem when I bought thisWD40 from Jim. they are 4 speed tractors. 1939. I always was amazed at these WD40 's. I use mine at tractor pulls and it does very good. in class 5 I have beaten all others in class 5 except the 660 ih. its one heck of a lugging machine. john the owner of these tractors had one heck of a bunch of these. I would say these 3 were the best units there. some had TD14 engines in them, as can tell by the yellow engine. I took a pic of that one also . the super wd9 is no comparison to what my 40 can pull.
  8. I have one also with the boche pump. I should bring it down and pick up that 660.
  9. there is special pliars for twisting safety wire. I use them at work a lot on all overhead equipment. .
  10. what is the compression readings??? many times these old tractor got parked because of poor running issues like valves. in there working day burnt valves were a common thing.need details details, not there and cant see whats going on. also make sure the wires follow the firing order 1342 in the clock wise rotation. if you have it wired in the counterclock wise rotation 2 and 3 will not fire.
  11. your not going to tighten an already seized bolt. they need to come out and run a thread chaser on the threads or buy new bolts. even if you have to cut them off to get out. then tighten them good with lockwashers.
  12. I have one also. but in alberta, Canada also.
  13. Hector, do have or know where I can get a fuel pump for a W9 McCormick tractor?
  14. those are the gaskets not shims! one under injector and one under precup! plus there is a dust seal for the top of injector. don't know where you got 85 lbs from , but that is totally wrong. those 2 bolts are grade 5 3/8 and max torque would be like 25 lbs on them. plus don't tighten them down all at once, need to tighten little at a time on each one. plus make sure the precup is installed correctly, plus did you remove the injectors and pump?? do you know how to intall pump?
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