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  1. rustred

    McCormick W9

    its a 1950. this tank was the same. plus had to remove rad and flush out the peas and canola.she was a mess. but runs good now. 1/2 revolution to start.
  2. rustred

    Need your prayers

    your a lucky guy! now get a wide front , may have tipped those things over, some not here to tell the story.
  3. rustred

    McCormick W9

    W9 has been sitting since 1967 not started. got her going on sunday.
  4. rustred

    Head gasket question

    u want Permatex high tack sealer. I been using that stuff for over 40 years and wont use anything else. its sticky and holds the gasket in place and oil and gas resistant. . . paint is paint.
  5. rustred

    Year and make of Ih

    look on the serial number tag and it will tell u what it is. it is located by the starter. looks like an engine tag u have posted, plus it says 264 engine. 450 has 281.
  6. rustred

    TD18 manuals

    I am interested in them, I have a 1949 td18.
  7. rustred

    mccormick W9

    neat, looks like it has the 23.1x26 rear rubber. hate to buy those new. maybe thats why it has combine tires.
  8. rustred

    450d brakes

    that trans oil looks gross, as said its probably frozen.seen this many times,... the bull gears are frozen in ice in the bottom of rear. stick a propane torch under it on low for a few hrs and let er warm up. also the brakes like to stick and you will never move it either. loosen the bolts holding the drum on and whack the drum with a hammer and they will be free to move the tractor. don't that also a few times when it comes to loading a stiff tractor.and why would you start tearing down an engine without diagnosing the problem??? find out if it is stuck first. pull valve cover and check the valves to make sure they are not stuck. can tap the rockers with a small hammer if they bounce back they are good . stuck ones will be solid or keep going down without coming up. don't know why you would tear down an engine that is hard to get parts for and very expensive if you find parts. them old engines run ok even if they are worn as im sure ur not going to be working it to death. the tractor is not worth 3-5k in an engine for a 1k tractor.
  9. rustred

    mccormick W9

    grabatire,where are you from in alberta?
  10. rustred

    mccormick W9

    plus had 2 more cyl's.
  11. rustred

    mccormick W9

    its not the original grill on it though.
  12. rustred

    mccormick W9

    a 600 diesel is not all that hard to find, my brother has one and I had one also. I have the 650 diesel and also the Super WDR9. its the gas models that are hard to find. , W9 gas is easy to find. but just wanted an idea of how many of them were built. I would take a guess at about 15-20,000. have a W9 im working on that has been shedded its life and not run for over fifty years. its in really decent shape.
  13. rustred

    Painting a certain engine part question

    ya but it is not PAINT , it glyptal which is a special sealer for cast. I use it at work also, paint will not hold up .
  14. rustred

    mccormick W9

    that is not correct, that is the total number built which includes the W9, WD9,WDR9, AND WR9. I am trying to find out how many gas w9 produced.
  15. rustred

    mccormick W9

    I was wondering how many of these gas tractors were made in the w9 model. can only find a combination with the diesels.