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  1. i got the head but the whole unit needs to go with it. its a TD14 A
  2. looks good. i though i saw them advertized a while back.
  3. i am asking because they do not turn that fast on the tractor. get a plug and stick it in the vise set the mag on and give it a flip. it should have a snap and blue spark jump.
  4. and what is happening turning it over slow so the impuse does its job? just flip it over by hand or with a vise grip on the drive lug.
  5. are u in wetaskiwin alberta ? then u have an 18 for the museum.
  6. ok, ... so when cranking the fuel will shoot out of the lines not dribble. will shoot out a good 3 feet! never ever put your finger over the end of the line. you will get diesel poisoning. i can shoot the diesel right into your skin!! so if you have a dribble its pump trouble.
  7. while its a good idea to use fresh fuel, but i have started my 560 after sitting 30 years with a full tank of old diesel. it even had the old diesel smell. if no algea its not the fuels fault. and if the shut off was shut off you would have no fuel at all coming. they do not smoke much on start up when things are all correct and working. you will have about 10 seconds of smoke. my concern is it cranking fast enough... one of most important things also. dont know how you are trying to start it either. ok, hold glow plug button for 45 seconds the push starter button at the same time do not release glow plug button. after starting keep holding button for a few seconds till smoke is gone. and have 3/4 throttle to start once it starts release throttle to 900 rpm. reading story's is not like being there with eyes on the subject. i gave the spec's and what to look for so then that should be all verified ,... then you come back and give your info what you have done and found. what else can i say. AND u did not hear the engine run is the most important fact. check it all as you put the head gasket in got no info to any of them spec's, i dont know what u know, then people get pissy why asking questions, well its part of diagnosing your problem. if i am stuck in the great white north and i phone to my office with a problem i cant find , the policy is to list everything in order you have done and give all spec's before calling in. how else would they give me info.? if i just said engine wont start that would be an azz chewing.
  8. i would say you need a starter these engines as with any diesel engine must spin fast or she will not start. is it turning fast? plus leave the lines cracked till the fuelis dripping out of each one tighten them as the fuel drips out. is the timing set???you sure dont need 6 battery's to start that. 2 good batt's in parallel is lots. with fuel and timing set and glow plugs for 30-45 sec it should start in 2 revolutions , basically as soon as you hit the starter. your really testing your head gasket with starting fluid, throw that away. so till you verify vales are set to .027 , it is timed correctly it think 5 degree's btdc. thats what the 660 282 is. fuel to injectors , glow plugs working, starter spinning at rated rpm, houston u have a problem yet. also was this tractor running before u took it apart??? just verify and set the timing... there is no need to be playing with it once it is set. be sure of your work.
  9. sell you the whole crawler TD14A.
  10. yes, thats right, i just went through all this with a guy on his 460. the tdc mark is about 1 1/4 inch before the R for retard. there should be a T there for tdc. many times these marks get rubbed off with dirt. i clean them up when running with a wire brush held on the pully. that A is for advance and will be before the tdc mark. to orientate the dist u must line up the rotor to the number one plug wire terminal in the distributor. is the distributor out or in now?? if you can see how that pickup coil works you can get it close to start it then time it with a light.
  11. wow, u cant turn it that far. time it as i said. plus lots of times you put a chizel mark on the distributor housing and block when its timed correctly , that way if you need to advance it a few degree's you have a mark to go by. so just time it to top dead centre as i said and see what happens. oooohhh but you have no points. to me that is foolish , you cant beat points.
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