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  1. rustred

    Super W6

    you would need to find another w6 or farmall m with hyd.'s and do a swap. not that hard.
  2. rustred

    Stuck Engine

    stick a shiny piece of metal out side when its raining, couple days and it will be rust. and you expect the rings to slide up and down in a cyl. like that???
  3. rustred

    Stuck Engine

    looks like the exhaust pipe has been left open , so pretty sure that is an engine tear down job. the soaking thing only works on lightly stuck from condensation or a quick catch on it when rain has entered.
  4. rustred

    W30 timing

    agree those holes only two bolts will go in at a time. are u sure about that. it is fine tuned with those two bolts.
  5. you will never figure them out!
  6. as far as I know, if you have the solid heavy cast front hubs you have the slow low creeper gear. mine has the heavy hubs.
  7. I would be interested in the front wheel weights.. those tractors should have the heavy cast front hubs. those look like the standard 4 front hubs. i also have an os4 I would sell.
  8. any tractor with the 282 engine. common problem on these engines. make sure the head and block is flat. plus do the job correctly, with a retorque and valve set after an hr or 2 of running. I have a 560 and the head has never been off, has 5600 hrs.
  9. nice stuff, even the cupcakes! only complaint, you didn't get a picture of the complete pulling sled.
  10. grade 5 is plenty, but grade 8 wont hurt a thing either. your choice. its the front rims not a lot of stress to those bolts. even a grade 2 would be good enough. bolt grades have there application.
  11. when is this show? think I should ph. you . just never have spare time.
  12. yes I did have it running. perdu? thought you were by rosetown?
  13. rustred

    WK40 wheels

    no nothing like that.
  14. my grand father used to say "good for strong"!
  15. rustred

    WK40 wheels

    yes, the old guy knew what a good tractor was! I said if I won the lottery I would buy every 40 there. lol. im sure there had to be at least 20 of these tractors plus the gas w40's and others.
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