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  1. not quite, this is the 6th 660 now. getting hard to find them .
  2. i can crank it no problem with glow plugs out. as i said its the cats azz for for checking timing, setting valves.
  3. since i robbed the pump off my other 660 i also robbed the rear tires today. that was about a 3 hr job for one guy with switching 2 sets of loaded tires. need better tires for field work. tubes were darn near sticking out of them .gonna add couple more weights to each side tomorrow . she is coming along.
  4. had a rain here so gave me more time to check this thing out. got fuel system cleaned out and had to replace injection pump with one i had to rob off my other tractor. she fired up on her own power. runs pretty good. took it for a field ride and things appear ok. need to get some better rear tires on it and couple more sets of weights and get it field ready for fall work.
  5. i have it looking like a 660 now. and can climb on and off a whole lot easier.
  6. what engine are you working on?? rings is one thing that is not hard to get. definitely never leave one out. you probably know,.. but make sure end gap is checked ,.003 -004 for every inch of bore. make rings are not upside down or you will pump oil out. go by the dots, bevels . when none of these either way is good. chrome to the top ring. make sure piston ring lands is not wore. . like .002 feeler gauge between ring and groove would be max.
  7. remember Sonny James ? ' A Little Bit South Of Saskatoon." was over 1200 km trip.
  8. i have no problem to do that carb but your way too far away. i even have couple of those on my 2 old 1600's.
  9. the LB model is the improved model after the LA. the LB has different head, removable valve guides, automatic oiling for valve rockers. and no that is not the fuel tank. the fuel tank fits inbetween the skids.
  10. no, i offered to bring a chain saw , then by the time i got there he had it pulled out for me.
  11. . things were left abandoned on the old farm site. they figure sitting around 20 years. was parked by the bush , now its in the bush. brought it home couple days ago. removed glow plugs and squired snake oil into the cyl's. tryed the hand crank and it not stuck. tank has diesel in it, good sign. should not be hard to get it going once i get time. cab will be coming off first thing . its actually a pretty straight tractor.
  12. they are all the same points and condensers, and same with the fuel filters are the same on all these gas starts. BUT the primary filter takes the adapter at the bottom as both filters are the same now. case ih has these parts in stock as just bought filters.
  13. i know , traded for more hammers, lol.
  14. on diesel engines you keep a small piece of plywood handy to block off the air supply when not sure of the outcome. but yes switching back to gas was the answer also on that engine.
  15. i sure am curious where you will find parts for this pump. pretty much the same as the bosh PSB pumps on the old case. obsolete. it would be easier to install the ihc pump. ih only used these pumps for a very short time.
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