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  1. that is correct, these are a grain machine. you dont cut grain with a haybine. plus these work for hay.
  2. dont think there is any advantage , other than this would be like self propelled, plus it would need a hay conditioner, or crimper as we call them. mounted on it. these are basically used for grain cutting. with a haybine it is manufactured for cutting hay and does work better. i have an old 489 new holland haybine i use for hay. plus haybine has better reels and can go lower to the ground.
  3. well i just backed it off this evening , had to wait on rain. i jacked the rear wheels up and turned them for reverse. the used creeper slow to get it off. all went good. also thought of taking a video. got a picture anyhow.
  4. ya ramps are the pain. this is a grain unit, has 2 canvases. trip was 160 miles one way.
  5. neat! least he always will have a place to sleep, unless the bed is wore out too!
  6. i got it started and loaded and home. next thing is to get off off now, lol without dumping it over board.
  7. this one has no points , is that the normal to have electronic ignition in them.? going to pick it up in the morning. did not even start it yet. as is sale.
  8. yes its positive ground as pretty well all 6 volt stuff was from that erra. if it is sparking when hooking up the cables then you have either the switch on or something is turned on like the lights or ignition, or stuck regulator contacts. hope your not boosting it. think 60 ft away would be better, lol.
  9. this one has no crimper , just used for grain.
  10. it has a steering wheel. i would never want levers.
  11. i bought this swather and cant find out the year of it. serial # 131000000001751. it has the AMC 6 cyl engine.
  12. no dought about it.. be lots to replace in there even that bull gear. plus it not like he just lost the oil , been sitting like that for years with no oil.
  13. neat stuff! i was also just thinking if you got that fordson running ?
  14. there is no rack in the rosa master pump. most likely the delivery valve is stuck. this fuel nowadays does funny things. when u get it running add a pint of 2 cycle oil to the tank of fuel. plus if you know the engine will be down for months make sure it gets oil in the fuel.
  15. where there is no oil there will be noise later.
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