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  1. I think this was in reference to our tractor, if so I removed the brake valve assembly off a parts tractor we had, he rebuilt it, and no more problems. He thought it likely that there was an internal crack in the housing itself. I hated that the tractor gave him such problems, I really appreciated that he kept on with it until the end.
  2. I don't know anything about it, save that I had never seen one before. https://www.purplewave.com/auction/210330/item/IU9016/1956-International-300_Utility-Rollers_and_Compaction-Single_Drum_Roller_Compactor-Kansas
  3. Axle looks identical to what speicher used on their trenchers. If so it is a gm two and a deuce. On those axles the 5 ton had an oval differential I believe.
  4. dhanraha

    farmall land

    What did the 8-16 wind up bringing?
  5. Thanks for the help. The lower outside bolt of the four crystallized. The o ring gave way at the same spot.
  6. Thanks. It's coming from the square plate. I've rebuilt one before but in that case oil was coming out of the bottom of the bolster. It's been awhile
  7. Hi guys. I have an 806 leaking oil from the rectangular plate on the front bolster. Kinda by the crank pulley. To repair do I need to pull the entire front bolster away from the tractor, or can I remove the left frame rail and leave the bolster in place? Thanks
  8. Unfortunately I got it put back together and still had the same rattle. Seems to be more under the floorboard now. Funny how the sound changed with the fender now off. I was going to remove the top of the range transmission and see if I see anything more.
  9. Kept pulling it apart, removing the axle housing. The outside bearing (towards brake cover) seems to have the most play. I think you can feel the tapered edge getting rough near the rollers for the bearing. No pitting on any of the rollers that I can find. Axle itself was tight when we removed the wheel.
  10. It has taken me a while to get to this, but with the brake removed I can rock the shaft back and forth by hand a small amount and I can feel.the shaft move slightly in and out. I don't feel any up and down movement. Is slight movement normal?
  11. I know this topic comes up a lot oh, but I couldn't find a clear answer. 806 quit moving. No PTO hydraulics or power steering. Off the top of my head, I assumed I either stripped the splines in the clutch or have trouble with the MCV. Is this correct?
  12. A question for you: would that shaft possibly been in a slight bind or something limiting play? Do you need to have the wheel off the ground or the park brake released to check?
  13. Pardon my ignorance, but the end of the pinion shaft is what the brake discs rest on correct? I did check for play when I had it disassembled and thought it seemed tight. Don't have a book in front of me at the moment, what needs to be disassembled to replace bearings? Thanks
  14. I've begun to notice a rattle on the 1256. It sounds to me like it is around the left hand brake while tractor is in motion. It doesn't always do it. When it does, applying the brake usually makes it stop. It got new brakes this summer while at a mechanic's working on the ta. I took the brake cover off, expecting to see something loose or wore. It all looked great. Anyone have an idea on where to start?
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