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  1. if you have the bosh pump your 6 is early 40's probably up to 1944. from what i have heard is the bosh injectors and pump will interchange with the ihc pump and injectors. i have not done it to confirm this. farmall or ih it dont matter. i have a 1944 6 here with the bosh stuff. actually i sent u the picture a couple years ago. i had it running.
  2. its one of the most produced tractors by ihc, believe over 300,000 so they are not a high dollar fetcher, or sought after unit. should get 2k anyhow. the decals are not instlled where they belong. rear fender ones go at least a foot higher and hood ones go lower right to the hinge. purists will look at this. other than that looks good. lots of this old old stuff is worth more in its original state , unpainted.
  3. just loosen the lever bolt and slide the lever in or out to get .030 clearance between the bracket and lever.
  4. thank god for sheds ! i always wonder why museums want painted stuff. i refuse to paint mine, thought a museum was to preserve actual original? they got weird ideas here.
  5. go to your local body shop.
  6. you finally let the monster out! , get the women and kids off the street.
  7. champion D16 is all these old tractors had in them in including other makes also. nothing wrong with their plugs and i use them before any other plug. autolite is a lighter made plug and will break off if it gets seized in the threads, i know had it happen. and compared it to champion and champion had more meat on it and it would have never broke. tell me how can u tell the difference between plug brands on a running engine ?? this is my specific's from experience.
  8. was just wondering how long this fordson sat before u found it? going by the rear tires rusted out , ur gonna have a flat soon ! lol.
  9. the WD40 which was 461 cid before the super wd9's to 650's 350 cid . , they turned slower with a longer stroke and were definitly more powerful than the 350 cid which ran faster. the the newer tractor were running faster yet to get their h. p.
  10. we got our tractor show and pull this weekend here in westlock, better get your helicopter to drop er in.
  11. superb! looks like a good canola packer! maybe could have replacement roller for the front and rear wheels widths. ha ha dreaming also. excellent job.🦾 too bad Henry didnt see his tractor now. lol.
  12. i have never used on either, just grind the pins on the side and pound them out. how big is this chain your talking about?
  13. TDC can be found by sticking a straw in the #1 plug hole and rocking the engine in the centre of TDC , that will point you to the correct mark.
  14. well i am sure if you keep using a new pipe to see where it turns blue the blue will be in the same spot every time. so if its cut at the top of the blue what more do you want? i have seen for my self the pipe just dont turn blue it entire length. so your saying if you install a new pipe the same length as the one you cut off it will turn blue lower down , as yes it has to. run with out a pipe and you see flames, put a pipe on and you dont see flames.
  15. yes, pull the other gear shift cover off on the right side of the gear shift and that is where u add oil. oil level plug on left by clutch rod. and id hydraulics are slow change your filters.
  16. i have read somewhere that on straight pipes for top performance, was to put the pipe on then run the unit hard and where it turned the pipe blue that is where u cut it off.
  17. Shania Twain would tell you , you gone and done it! remove bull gear first.
  18. i just knew u had a use for them cans, !
  19. rustred


    now there is some bs ,... never used. people post stuff with no idea. plus its after 1935, in the 1940's. it would have the muffler on it not some galvanized pipe and elbow. was quite common to bolt them to wood. plus the hopper tank cover is missing. plus no boot on the mag wire. pull the valve cover and spark plug , u will see its a used engine.
  20. kinda late<... but it sound like you need a starter bendix.
  21. i remember dad going to the bulk dealer in the 1960's and gas was 11.00 for a 45 gallon barrel for the W6. cant even buy 2 gallons for that now.
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