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  1. well have you soaked the carb in gunk overnight ? that spray stuff is not the ticket.
  2. yes i used to have to spread them in the 1980's installing them target master engines. pretty sure it was that cold water that would splash on them.
  3. those are for the w4 and he early w6 with the 26 inch hubs. and i also have those on both of them tractors.
  4. plus heating the cab would be another problem.
  5. no it was the factory 2 banger john deere. i had it happen right here on the yard. blew all the oil out of the air cleaner.
  6. yes, even saw a john deere 720 run backwards.
  7. might be best to check if the engine is not stuck from sitting with an open muffler.
  8. i often wonder if some posters even look at our replys as we never hear a thing back as to what the problem was. i had the same problem on a 730 case a couple days ago and it was one pushrod out of place and valves not set properly. did the valve set and it runs perfectly.
  9. they dont lap valves for a lot of years already. an interferance angle is used to make a quick seating valve. that means u run a one degree angle difference on the valve and seat. would like to see those valve faces and how they were seating. i am presuming it was just a job done with the guy not knowing his stuff. as for piston slap he must not have did clearances correctly.
  10. my 1939 45 degree is the same. yes you were to wash the fuel filter out. i have done that to mine. i do not know what filter would replace them though. and if a person rigged up a modern filter it would look kinda wierd. i guess the only thing is the clearances in them old pumps are not as critical as this newer stuff. plus there is screens to clean in the pump lines.
  11. humm, poor restoration. even the headlight lens is held in with a 3 inch nail !
  12. i would not use it. , especially if old one has round fire rings. i dont see how that can seal.
  13. will it start ?? it would start much better if he held the glow plugs while cranking and till the smoke disappears.
  14. its ok, some time better to sail the ship alone.
  15. rustred

    304 V8 carbs.

    my 345's have holly's, so 304 could be the same.
  16. when my original victor gasket arrives i will post a picture.
  17. thats Mikes "Field Of Dreams" in miniature!
  18. olsons gaskets phone number... 360-871-1207 in washington. i can tell by looking at your gasket it is a cheapy. not meaning the price. they are about 200.00.
  19. you are wasting your money on felpro gaskets. i just got the last original victor gasket from olson's gaskets. the guy said that he has some company making a better gasket if i remember right. i told him felpro is useless. i can blow one of them out in my 660 if i want to just by pulling it hard. plus i have never used anything but permatex high tack sealer on all my gaskets including the head gaskets with good luck. i have never used copper coat or aluminum paint either. i have relpaced lots of these gaskets. put a felpro in then use a soapy spray bottle and spray around the gasket and u will see the bubbles coming right through the felpro gasket. i have tryed and proved this.
  20. i did not say it was. look at those pits. coolant has been getting into that cyl. somehow at one time. plus if it was planned those pits would no be there.
  21. you have a hard time to convince me this head was resurfaced. it is leaking coolant internally causing those pits. just did not happen with a few hrs. of running. also why is it so dirty for something that was just put on?
  22. i dont think the exact date can be found. on the early old McCormicks in the 20's and 30's if u crawl under the tractors they had the day , month and year stamped on them. all u can go by here is the casting code on the block and that is your year. the letter at the end stands for a year. that would be all u need anyhow. as i said before ... your best bet is to look for a wd9, superwd9, or 650 tractor engine. you are going to have thousands of dollars in this engine at the end. sleeves and pistons are a couple grand. and if you were to look for the engine , go with the 350 , not the 335. post your casting code and someone can give you the year of your engine.
  23. the same thing i thought when i saw that head resurface job. it should be a lot smoother that that. i use permatex high tack sealer on my head gaskets. i have never used copper coat in my life and have done a lot of engines. techically when both surfaces are done u dont need anything but the gasket. plus lots of gaskets have the sealer built right into them. it works once the engine gets to operating temperature. that finish looks rough meaning scratchy. a milling machine dont do that.
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