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  1. I have the cab top off. Mostly to clean evaporator and everything else up there. Has anyone tried putting spray insulation or any kind of insulation on the underside of the cab top to help keep radiant down? Would it help or am I over thinking this?
  2. Well first of all I didn't know I had to be a specialist to respond. To answer your question it probably wouldn't. I've had systems in which the desiccant bag came apart and had these symptoms. The expansion valve was plugged and the compressor also had desiccant in it and was replaced. So, the hi low side pressure was probably a result of a failed compressor, but the expansion valve was plugged and the overall failure was caused by failed desiccant bag. I hope this explanation is acceptable.
  3. Couple more questions. I've never been in one of these tractors at night. I have no backlighting on the instrument cluster. Can't see the bar gauges. I'm assuming I should be able to, is that right? What about the buttons? The ones to select engine rpms, etc. Should they be lit? And the earning lights above, should the icons by the little lights be lit up? Also, it's looking like the a/c condenser doesn't slide out so radiator can be cleaned. Does the front grille have to be unbolted and removed to get in there? Thanks for any info.
  4. If you have 100 psi on low side I'm surprised the line is cold at all, that's way high. Should be around 30. You don't say if freon was added but I think the high side would be much higher if overcharged. There's a few possibilities I can think of. Faulty expansion valve, plugged expansion valve, possibly the dryer desiccant bag broke, a hose coming apart on inside and it could also be the compressor. I've replaced many compressors because it wouldn't pull low side down but usually hi side would be lower than what you have.
  5. I have a new to me 8950 that has a few issues that I knew of when I bought it. I would like to ask a few questions. The shield around front drive shaft is missing. Should that be a concern? I'm assuming it's primary function is to keep anything from wrapping the shaft. Pyrometer gauge flashes all bars all the time. Is that usually from a faulty probe? Fuel gauge has every other bar blank, does that indicate a failed sending unit? I haven't done any diagnosing yet but pretty sure it's the same setup as my 5288 as far as the wiring. Thank you for any thoughts.
  6. Why are you thinking it's fuel related?
  7. TB5288


    I'm looking at purchasing an additional tractor. What I'd really like to find as a 8940 magnum. Anyone know of one for sale? I'm not finding very many, which supports the low used tractor inventory we are seeing. I would consider a 8950 and probably 7240/50 also. Just don't want something that's getting ready for salvage yard.
  8. The spool valve that moves up and down is 2 pieces, they thread together. I've had them come unscrewed, it'll act just like the linkage needs to be shortened. Just a thought, maybe something to look at.
  9. I agree, I just meant going by the picture it was pull to engage style.
  10. The pto engages when the spool is pulled up.
  11. Do not straighten that rod, it's supposed to be bent like that. Basically all that happens is when you engage the pto the other rod on that linkage pivot pushes back and goes over center. Kind of like an over center cam mechanism. I think you need to check the adjustment on the spool valve on the pto, it needs to be adjusted so the spool valve gets pulled up more when engaged.
  12. TB5288

    1066 AC

    There is a relay behind the panel that holds the switches. Lower that panel for access.
  13. Understood. I think some of the problem is the straw has been soo tuff. On the straw coming out the back you can still see the stem where the head had been. It doesn't appear to be grinding anything so far as I've seen.
  14. I think the adjustment process Sno is describing would be for a 66 series. On the 86 series you'll need to take the top fuel tank out to get to the small adjustment cover. It's the same adjustment cover just different process to get to it. Maybe removing the tank is not absolutely necessary but I sure have never been able to get in there without removing the tank. It's hard enough to get to it with the tank removed. Removing the tank is fairly simple, draining the fuel if needed usually takes longer than anything else.
  15. Not saying you are wrong, this I don't quite understand.
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