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  1. Make sure the clutch pedal is coming up all the way. Sounds like it's not and that's cutting pressure to apply clutches.
  2. I guess my main problem right now is PAI needs the engine serial number. Anyway of knowing what the original serial number was? Or are you saying what I have "is" the serial number but they will not get it to come up under Cummins?
  3. Ok so now another problem. I contacted PAI. She asked for engine serial number. No problem, I have a picture of the engine data plate, all the information is very clear. She tells me serial number is wrong, it doesn't come up. Well there is not doubt what is on the tag. I log on to Cummins website, enter engine serial number. I get the same message, "serial number not found". What's going on here?? If this was a reman engine would the serial number "not" show up?
  4. There are so many after-market options anymore it's hard to know which to stay away from.
  5. Direct from them or through a dealer? This would be for an 8950.
  6. What is an approved aftermarket brand for an overhaul kit? I have installed several Maxxiforce kits in IH engines and I have to say I've never had a problem with any of them. I know some will not agree, nobody agrees on everything. What about AgKits? Not sure what brand they sell. I'm thinking of an exchange head also. They offer a "new" head that seems pretty reasonable. Is it junk? If it's new, who would be manufacturing a new head?
  7. Anybody know there is a wiring diagram available on-line? I doubt it but thought I'd ask. The cab solenoid is not always getting activated and when it doesn't activate the signal wire is dead. I wanting to find out what route that wire takes from the ignition switch to the solenoid.
  8. TB5288


    Run the engine with valve cover off and see what you can see. Pour some fluorescent dye in the fuel tank.
  9. I think it does have a return hose. I think what he's saying is there is no oil returning to the tractor unless a function on the valve is being used. That's how I understand it.
  10. I just dynoed my 8950 a couple days ago. I had to have injection pump rebuilt and I just wanted to see what kind of horsepower it had. The pump shop set the pump to specs., it's not jacked up. Rated rpm pto horsepower was right around 245. Boost pressure at this time was 24.3 psi. Max horsepower was about 252-255, the boost at that time was a little over 25psi. So as Injpumped mentioned, 1 pound of boost per 10 hp is pretty dang close. On the exhaust temp. Not sure of the actual degrees but the bar graph was 1 bar below yellow at max horsepower. Plus it was fairly cool outside, so I thought that was a little higher than it should be for the conditions.
  11. If your going to try this with it still installed it's going to take 2 people. Put a scrib mark across the side of the end cap/sleeve/and pump housing. It's always good to get everything lined up as close to where it was when going back together. If you've never done this before I would NOT do this without removing the motor. It's not rocket science but there are things that can go wrong when you remove the lower plate. You've got the gerotor that can fall, you've got the wafer springs that hold the vanes out and they can fall....I would not do it. It's not hard to remove, just unhook the 4 lines and remove 3 mounting bolts. Then you can mount it in a vise upside down so the is less a chance of things falling out of place that you don't know where they came from. When you reinstall the end plate and are tightening the bolts, make sure you are turning the pump as you tighten the bolts, and tighten the bolts gradually. This is why I said it would take 2 people to do this on the tractor, you need another person in the cab turning the steering wheel while tightening. Don't over torque. It's easy to lock the motor if you don't follow these steps. More than likely the 3 rubber mounts that the pump mounting bolts go through are shot. Now is a good time to replace them also.
  12. Thanks for this information. I will check into it.
  13. I had a problem today with my 1680 and wanted to see if anyone has had this happen. I was cutting along and suddenly lost all electric power. Everything shutdown except engine. Engine shuts down with throttle cable, so no power needed to keep it running. Had no electrical power on cab except 1 thing, the engine tach. For some reason it still worked. As I was driving to the pickup to get tools, it all came back. Worked the rest of the day. Not sure what happened. I assumed the cab solenoid was the problem but I've never seen one start working after it quit. Is there some sort of a auto set relay somewhere? That's what it acted like. Another thing that has started happening it at random times the alarm rings on shaft monitor and all lights are on. There is no actual problem. The alarm rings for 2-3 seconds and then shut off, and the lights go off also. O don't know what this problem is. The fact all the monitor lights come on makes me think it could be a power supply or ground problem. Any ideas?
  14. The very latest serial number tractor's had the in-line injection pump. The governor's on these in-line pumps are much more sensitive than the one's on the rotary pumps. I have a 5288 that had the rotary pump, it acted just as you are describing and always acted like that. I replaced the engine with an engine that was in a 5488 that had the inline pump. It acts totally different. If I set the rpm's at 2200 before I drop the implement in the ground, and then drop the implement in, the rpm's come back to 2200, or very close to.
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