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  1. I'm and expert I will tell you?πŸ˜„ πŸ› οΈ From the letter series to the number series were a lot of mechanical changes. The split two piece weights were easy to handle easy to load.😲☺️ Get out the measurement tape and check.
  2. pt756 put some new battery's in your electronic hood? for occasional use all of the above. welding helmets with the flip up lens works well for set up, tack welding, production welding, with the flip up you can grind, wire buff, burn, run a cut off wheel, you use as a shield for safety. I tested and welded on the Alaska pipe line project in the 70's, I flew from Seattle Sea- tac airport to Anchorage Alaska from there took a bus to the Valdez tank farm.
  3. The 1949 Farmall MD - diesel, starts on gas and switched to diesel is all mechanical.😲 😊 mags spark on the bench, mags don't spark on the tractor, mags are getting grounded out on tractor πŸ˜• 😩🀠 check the mechanical rotating switch in the manifold, opening & closing butt butt boss, no butt's just do what I tell you!!??##%%$$ πŸ˜„
  4. if your 6 volt system is complete, keep it. 6 volts on and H is a strong setup. πŸ› οΈ 😎 Remember and this is for every one, The less you do the more you preserve.
  5. Choose your radiator??!!%%$$&& πŸ˜„ https://02b3d20.netsolstores.com/ Northern Radiator | International Tractor Radiator - 21 3/4 x 18 3/4 x 2 11/16 Northern Radiator | Northern Radiator | Complete Cooling Systems Truck Radiators, Tractor Radiators: RadiatorGroup.com. Charge Air Coolers, Forklift Radiators, Skidsteer Radiators Farmall Parts - International Harvester Farmall Tractor Parts - IH
  6. Super MTA radiator now that's a hot subject 😈 A new core job would be great, good experience shops are few and long gone.😲 There is a lot of working dimensions on the radiator to hold, width, height steering shaft go's threw the top pan. the radiator is fit inside a steel frame and together hold the front & top hood in place. the radiator mounts on two rubber pads, with two 3/8 studs, springs & nuts that's all 😲 😡 the weight of a full radiator is a lot.🌊 let us know what way you go, I'm going to need some radiators also, thanks
  7. grease guns will pump 500 lb's psi 😲 I have a needle tip for the serks zerks you cant get too ? 😑 😎 Keep your grease where it's 70 + degrees so when it's time to go, the grease will flow.
  8. American made pistol grip style grease gun. go to antique shops and garage sales that where the old stuff says made in the USA.πŸ™„ I bought my pistol grease gun 35 years ago, that's all I ever used, it's the best for chasing grease serks. buying today Napa, Car-quest, China brand stuff the Gov. chased all the big and little company's off to China and that built up their powers. use the red colored grease
  9. Been there done that: I took apart three Farmall M's washed every out, replaced the bearings and put them back together. You need a good frame stand to hold the whole tractor off the shop floor about 4" inch with tires on. With a moving hoist above to handle the heavy parts. I built the stand about 25 years ago it will hold H or M, I'm putting a rebuilt H motor in right now. seal coat inside; Sprayon red insulating varnish, resists oils, moisture, acids, Alkalies trivia; What color is superman's cape?
  10. I hear ya; In the past I've told people we live way out in the sticks ( where It's safe and quiet ) and they would say ow' you live way out? with no interest? πŸ™„ ☹️ They are not saying that anymore they are thinking & wishing. 🀠
  11. Bitty; was you eating a sandwich when you took the pictures?
  12. Test hydraulic operating pressure at 1800 -1900 psi, that will tell the pump & relief valve are working proper. I-H relief valve $ 800.00 bucks, WOW 😲 😡
  13. OK every one here seems to be on the same channel πŸ™‚ I have a few things to say about bolts. I have 43 year's in the Industry. bolts are not round with .025th. + or - round out, nor is the head square to the shank, nor is the surface square to the head of the bolt. So you have high spots touching only, and threw time the bolt gets loose or breaks, hammer setting helps, draw them in even, use a 4 foot torque wrench. In a quarry garage the guys put on new cutting blades on front end loaders, the bolt heads are counter sunk with a keeper slot, so they beat on the head and impact the nut
  14. I've cleaned 4 tanks now, So with one good way. one gal. of super clean, bought at Wal-Mart 😎 use rubber gloves, keep your hands out, it well dry your skin and kill a layer pull tank, remove sediment bowl, and plug pour in one gal. of super, shake it all around inside leave it set in all four position for a day tie a rag on a stick and work what you can on the 5th day, pull plug, drain back into super jug wash out well with water, blow dry install tank 😁 So as long as the tank is clean, your going to have rust on the walls and the sediment bow
  15. bolt grades butter bolts, no grade bought at big box stores. very light duty grade 5, count three marks on the head add two = 5, good all around bolt use for tillage equipment. grade 8, count six marks on the head add two = 8, good axle clamp choice grade 12, count 10 marks on head add two = 12, high strength where every thing breaks except the bolt, Cat equip. bolt. use small washers, helps eliminate torque stress. I use silver anti - seize on every thing I put to gether, there is 3 torque specks when torqueing bolts , dry, oil, anti - seize money
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