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  1. the question is how far would you go bidding ?
  2. no, i was told by a guy that knows him that he was there with his buddy . could not stand them being sold so he packed his bags and went back to the U.S. and said call me when they are gone. they must have been sitting for years in that quonset as there was lots of nice original units there.
  3. the thing is the threads are most likely rusted and seized. so loosen them all with lube on the treads then tighten them evenly . nothing saying u need a 250 lb guy to do the job. tightening them in a star shape a bit at a time is the key. then a final pull with a 3/4 drive rachet. when something is loose and stuck you always loosen the bolts lube and tighten in this case.
  4. well u missed the big sale by Red Deer AB, here . i heard the scrapper chopped up 165 m.h. tractors at 1000.00 each. complete would be running tractors. there was over 200 tractors for sale. many many same models if you wanted it it was there. some really nice looking originals , some painted. the quonset was jammed full and lots outside. that was sick just thinking about it. lots of 33, 333, 44's up to the 444, 55 and 555's and lots of smaller ones too. the 44 special was a good tractor . they were all decent tractors.
  5. that was back when the tractors earn their keep at working all day long and half the night. with gear oil i would not be one bit scared going to a tractor pull or puttzing around the yard. its the same metal gears as in the rest of the tractor. i have how how many 560, and 660's here that have hytran in them and the ta's dont work. sure is odd to me that one with gear oil works perfectly. what actually is failing?
  6. yes but it still was not thin like hy-tran.
  7. i dont think so. my 400 still has gear oil in the trans and diff. its a low hr unit and the TA works just fine. but in colder winter weather thats another story. they actually came from the factory with gear oil and i think mine is still original iol.
  8. i find it odd that a person needs all the safety stuff to prevent an accident. how come they cant see a big red tractor but they can see a tiny sign. kinda obvious the driver was distracted while driving. i shutter when i see people riding bicycles on the edge of the hyway going with the traffic.
  9. i have looked on my MD and now i see the reason for the indent. it is to get at the oil filter housing bolt. so it appears they used the same rail on the gas engine. but why only in 53.
  10. And as I pointed out the super 6 has them under them under carburetor also. So some other reason for that. The diesel don’t have indents on the left rail.
  11. Yes but why did they get used only on the 53 models. 54 models have no such indents and all are flat
  12. ok had a look on my farmall MD and it has that indent to get at the oil filter housing bolt. yes thats the reason on it. but i cant find any reasoning to have it on the gas engine.
  13. rustred

    460 std

    ooh ok u want to be technical , ok yes farmall 1939
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