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  1. that is a repaint. not even correct green for the type M engine. its a darker green . non of these are green.
  2. also NAPA can get them . i have bought at both places.
  3. i would have to look on my bill. why not just ph and ask someone with knowledge, its the parts man's job. try to remember tonight. there is nothing hard to get those filters.
  4. thats a rarer than rare find ! even power steering.
  5. just wonder what wrong with this one? take it apart and clean it.
  6. yes, why is the pushrod damaged? why are u removing the rocker? nice to have info.
  7. are the filters properly bleed? when bleeding running on gas you should have a lot of flow out of final filter
  8. just out of curiosity was the throttle open and give give each cyl 5 puff's of compression on a warm engine? those readings are not all that bad. first time i saw results posted following the firing order. a burn valve is more of a huff ing sound in exhaust. to check you stick your hand over the pipe at idle and it will have suction on the burnt cyl. exhaust valve.
  9. how did this become? tractor running and stop? or went to start it and no go? first check point gag and set also clean points. quite possible its the condenser. a bad coil on a running tractor will be hot to the touch.
  10. this is my brothers tractor he had our neighbor do. took him a year and a half but the end result is fantastic.
  11. i am trying to find out why low oil lube pressure is affecting my hesitation. i keep saying that cold everything works just fine... till after one hr of heavy pulling the deep tillage then this hesitation comes up. everytime i let the tractor cool off then its good again. no one has given me an answer to that.
  12. here is the factory ih set up. then the control , but i did not get pic.
  13. yes , it appears that way now. i blew air in those oil tubes and it comes out the other tubes. so that sure dont seam right. if things are sealing in those ta and direct clutch pack it should not do that.
  14. rustred


    holy man with the price of gas increases lately here, he might change his mind . 1.42 per litre. or it will be expensive freight at the end of the line.
  15. i am pretty sure he will be taking the head to a machine shop that does head rebuilding. lots more to it than just grinding the valves. plus i have never heard of doing only one valve anyhow. i guess maybe some backyard guy might though, but that would be just a patch up job as some do to get it going and gone down the road. a job on this head is about 500.00. and if you need to start buying valves and seats and guides it will be more.
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