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  1. any machine shop can make that with the old one for spec.
  2. its a 1937. what else do u need to know ?
  3. forgot to ask if you have the bosh pump. or post pic of it.
  4. the early diesel engines use a bosh injection pump and injectors. them are pretty much obsolete. u need to find ihc injectors and pump. they should not be that hard to find with all the wrecked units out there.
  5. who worked on the pump? i cant see where the pump was worked on as its still sealed with red paint.
  6. nice job! yes agree with the sealing of the wood. it will rot in no time.
  7. the pump gauge should be showing pressure at all times. that gauge must be junk. on factory gauge even at idle it should show over 1/2 way. this gauge is for your fuel filters. have u checked the fuel filters? and do not idle these engines that slow for any amount of time. sitting there idling keep them at 900 rpm to cool them down. i would not have that idle below 600 rpm. sounds like a bad injector to me. plus them engines never roll black smoke as u say when its factory set its a grey smoke in the field and not a lot either. home made way to check them injectors is to remove one at a time and hook the line up to it to see how it sprays. have a replacement one in the hole being tested. a bad injector can sound just like a rod knock. the transfer pump pres. should be 45-50 psi. used injector opening pres. is around 700 psi. no leaks at 400 psi. but u cant do that , as you need a test bench. engine timing is 12.5 degrees before top dead centre. if you have a slight miss at high rpm advance it 2 degree's at a time till she runs good.
  8. i hardly think so. that voice has been on advertizing way before a.i.
  9. look, you even get a red muffler! lol.
  10. why is this pin out? did u remove it??
  11. you need to measure your old valves with a mic. the stem length and and thickness , plus the valve face. then u get them to do the same . any thing else i dont trust , them saying ya its the same. just another reason talking in person is best. i take it you have the new guides and seats?
  12. yes, on my 450 the rad shop put on a new neck and it takes the regular auto cap. but this 400 is original.
  13. it does not have to be hytran oil like ihc uses in their transmissions, or john deere hyguard. you only need a cheap hydraulic oil , in a 32 or 68 viscosity depending on your weather. be saving money that way also.
  14. i looked at the cap on my 400 yesterday and nothing odd about it. i even took the 560 cap and tryed it and it fits. the only diff is the 560 has the fancy top on the cap. if you want me to measure it up i can. my 400 is a none touched original unit.
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