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  1. took the H out and raked hay for 4-5hours now it's running good must have been a carboned up valve and the seafoam finally took care of it. Thanks for all the replies. My grandfather bought this tractor new in the fall of 1947 have the original sales receipt paid 1400 for it with the options
  2. plugs are normal not oily autolite 3116, will try opening plug gap, at this point.
  3. did a running comp test and it turned out good running compression at half of snap compression comparable with the other cylinders. when you snap open throttle the miss will go away momemtarily. did the seafoam too sprayed right on valves through the springs have it in the oil and gas run it through the carb choke it to death treatment. Hate to take the head off just yet afraid I might not find anything wrong the way things are going so far. thanks for the replies so far will post what I find if I get this resolved
  4. yes pulled wire off plug, has solid wire plug wires , swapped #3 wire with #2 wire still misses on #3 , runs perfect until warmed up good beginning to think mabey a valve is not closing all the way when warmed up, to tight in the guide? wouldn't think on an engine I overhauled way back in 1983 and is used a little every year.
  5. Farmall H runs fine when first stated up (cold) Take it up the road 1/2 mile and it starts to miss when up to operating temp, put a load on it (step on the brakes) it comes out of it, take back to the shed to check it out missing on # 3 (Should mention this problem started last fall so, over winter rebuilt magneto, so has new coil,points,condensor,coil cap,distributor cap, new plugs ,wires checked out.) swaped out new plug checked compression on #3 120psi, checked valve adjustment , checked timing, what am I missing
  6. Fairbanks Morse X series probably a FMX-4B3 I would check the points to start with as stated above parts available from Brillman. search Fairbanks morse magneto on youtube Dan Gingell and Rachel Gingell Steiner tractor have a vidieo on rebuilding a J series FM magneto similar to x series popular on Allis Chalmers tractors
  7. Thanks for all the replies split the tractor yesterday it was the main clutch not much left of the disc
  8. Have a 1086 use as loader tractor had new clutch and TA no more than 1000 hours ago. Tractor has been working great then with no warning one day use it and it slips in TA and direct drive not sure if it is main clutch hopefully, or TA. All linkages seem to be in adjustment clutch pedal free play is good, good hydraulics. hydraulic tell lite operates as should. Cant remember but usually doesn't a TA fail you still have either direct drive or TA, I would think if it was main clutch I would smell it . tractor will move in lower gears TA shifts as it should but crack the throttle and it will stand still. Any ideas
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