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  1. Happy Birthday, jmwi

    Thank you. I appreciate it. Jesse
  2. 800 cyclo accuracy

    Sounds like you have everything like it should be, maybe it is the speed of the drum as bkorth said.
  3. 800 cyclo accuracy

    Yes the brush is up for corn, wired down for beans. Make sure that your seed level is high enough in the seed drum. I had trouble with my 950 not planting right because I didn't have enough seed in the drum.
  4. 966 fuel hose

    The hose that runs from the fuel filters to the injection pump on my 966 is getting bad. Is that a special hose ? Where is the best place to get that hose ? Thanks, Jesse
  5. 966 hydro filters

    How often should the Hydro filters be changed on a 966 hydro ? I used to change them every year when I used the tractor more, but now I only use the tractor about 50 hours a year. Does anyone know how many hours they are suppose to be changed at ? Thanks, Jesse
  6. Tilt steering wheel 66 series

    I checked into switching my 1066 from tilt steering to non tilt last fall. The salvage yards wanted around $ 1000.00 just to exchange all the parts that I needed. They wanted all of the parts that I had to change. Jesse
  7. 1066 rubber seat springs

    I am rebuilding the seat suspension on my 1066. Where is the best place to buy the round rubber seat springs, part number 380712r1 ? Thanks
  8. 1066 clutch pedal

    What is the best way to fix a clutch pedal that has a lot of side to side play on a 1066 ? Is the bolt that the pedal pivots on threaded into a hole in the transmission or is there a nut on the backside somewhere ? Thanks.
  9. 1066 steering

    I have a 1066 with tilt steering that is really loose. I want to change it to the regular steering. What parts do I need to convert it to regular steering ? Thanks
  10. I am looking at buying either a 1066 or 1466. What is different between the two, other than horsepower. Thanks, Jesse
  11. IH 560 Performance - Comparative Analyisis

    I believe the 560 gas has a 263 engine not a 282. Jesse
  12. Neighbor blocking grass waterway

    I am finding out that there are a number of laws that apply to this situation. Whether or not they are going to be enforced and by whom remains to be seen.
  13. Neighbor blocking grass waterway

    They won't say .
  14. Outdoor wood furnace

    I have a Central Boiler that I have had for 15 years. Very simple, trouble free operation. Jesse