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  1. jmwi

    CaseIH parts

    Has anyone else had trouble with CaseIH parts being no good ? I had a thermostat for a 560 gas that quit working after 1 hour and had to be replaced. Now I have a new tachometer that I put in a 1466 that the hour meter still works, but the RPM gauge went haywire after just 4 hours. Thanks, Jesse
  2. It is only a few thousands on one of the big bearings. There are some deep gouges on the shaft between the bearings. I am not sure if they need to be built back up to maintain the strength of the shaft or not.
  3. Thanks for the tip. I really appreciate it.
  4. Thanks for the help. I will clean it up and take it to the local machine shop when I get a chance.
  5. I have a heavy Ih narrow front 379989r11 that I would like to put on my 966. The problem is that the previous owner must have ran the bearings dry and they made grooves in the axle. The large bearing on one side fits a little loose from the axle being wore. Can this be repaired ? Do you think that a machine shop can rebuild the axle ? I hate to give up on this narrow front because they are hard to find. Thanks for your help. Jesse
  6. I ordered a front drawbar support part number 108508c1 for a 1466 from a salvage yard. What they sent me was part number 73158c1. When I looked up part number 73158c1 it says that it is for a later 86 series. Will this work on a 1466 ? Part number 108508c1 says that it is for late 66 series and early 86 series, so I wondering if they sent me the wrong part. Thanks, Jesse
  7. Does anybody know if you can still get the wire holding clips that are made out of metal on IH tractors ? I have been making some, but it would be nice to find some that are already made. Thanks, Jesse
  8. Thanks for the replies. Sounds like I should look for something that is hydraulic fold. I already have a bad back, I don't want to make it worse.
  9. I am thinking about buying an 18 foot IH 45 field cultivator with manual fold wings. How hard are the wings to fold up ? I will have a harrow on the back so I know that will make it heavier. I plan on pulling it with a 1066. Does a 1066 have enough horsepower to pull it in hills ? Thanks , Jesse
  10. jmwi

    sweet potatoes

    Good luck with the Cancer.
  11. Thanks for your input. It looks like a good mower. I looked on a lawn care discussion board and they had a couple of guys bashing Ferris mowers, so I wasn't sure what to think. We will see if I can get it for a good price or not. Thanks again, Jesse
  12. Looking at buying a used Ferris zero turn with a 27 horsepower Kawasaki engine. Are Ferris mowers dependable ? Are the Kawasaki engines any good ? do the engines last ? Thanks, Jesse
  13. Is the new Milwaukee stuff as good as the old ?
  14. My 1/2 Milwaukee drill is on its last legs. What are the best 1/2 drills that you can get for around $100 or less ? Thanks, Jesse
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