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  1. A few months ago I purchased a can of the early touch control fluid for IH equipment in the lifts and hydraulics . Best I can tell its the original fluid that was in the can because it smell just like some of the other IH touch control fluid cans I have .
  2. Hey I know Ive been away a while and will try to get back on here more . Here is a few photos of the Restoration .
  3. Our Cocker spaniel appropriately named Cub
  4. Time and money probably but I dont think it would be possible . and there wouldn't be a class you could pull in or compete most likely
  5. haha it doesn't work just for show . but sure is a conversation piece when we pull .
  6. Ive done exactly what you are doing . If you have any questions id be glad to help .
  7. haha yeah , Its been challenging at times but Im going to see it through . 72 years of service it deserves to be revived . Thanks for watching . I need to change my name on here since I no longer have the 504 lol .
  8. Yeah I will be filling in the holes with a back plate to cover them up and put the switch on the bottom hole
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