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  1. Friend of mine got his red power roundup Springfield Ohio 2022 cub toy in today . Is anyone else's muffler and breather pipe switched ?
  2. It was great to meet everyone again and I will try to be more regular on here with posting . Thanks
  3. Hey everyone , Its good to be back on the Red Power Forum . Its been a while but glad to be back . Just some photos of the progress on my sons 47 Farmall Cub . It will be the $545 plain jane no option Cub so Basically just the Magneto and that's it . First photo is how it started . and second is where we are now . He has enjoyed helping every step of the way Original Fine Mesh Grille restored and painted using IH2150 Remember to Follow me on Youtube at Farmall51
  4. Our Cocker spaniel appropriately named Cub
  5. Time and money probably but I dont think it would be possible . and there wouldn't be a class you could pull in or compete most likely
  6. haha it doesn't work just for show . but sure is a conversation piece when we pull .
  7. Ive done exactly what you are doing . If you have any questions id be glad to help .
  8. haha yeah , Its been challenging at times but Im going to see it through . 72 years of service it deserves to be revived . Thanks for watching . I need to change my name on here since I no longer have the 504 lol .
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