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  1. Same here.... Always check bearings and splines before assembly 😯
  2. aint going to come across one like that very often
  3. mrfred54

    Re-ring 282

    I did a ring job on one bout 8 years ago. Also did a valve job with new exhaust valves and guides. Still runs strong. Like others said, bore and piston condition are critical, if it checks out good, go for it. Not out much of it don't work out
  4. Should be a friction disc where the nut is that your tightening
  5. if pressure is low, try swapping out relief valve with another. Easy to change, on the right side of seat casting. 1& 1/8 socket, just thread it out. 06,56,66, and early 86 series all the same except some have higher pressure settings. If you clean the paint off the valve, some had the pressure setting stamped on them
  7. Just read this post, a lot of good info from all these guys. This is very interesting, good luck with the ole girl and keep us informed😁. Buy the way,,, nice place and fish. Makes our walleye Saginaw bay look small
  8. X3..... I wouldn't change my grandchildren for the world but I would like to change the world for my grandchildren, all six of them
  9. Like directions say. Remove steering wheel, remove dust seal with small screwdriver, remove snapring, put steering wheel back on spline shaft so u can snap steering shaft right and left fast and hard and the seal will pop out and then reinstall per directions
  10. Like J-Mech said, find the root of problem. Bout 20 years ago had a customer who had same type of issue on a 966. If I remember right he replaced one of his bull pinion shafts because it was all chewed up. Little while later he calls me and says his tractor won't move. Pulled third link cover and ring gear was turning so, spider gears I thought were gone. Short story, Bull pinion shaft that he replaced was broke along with ring gear carrier bearings and spider gears were a mess. I think you might need to look a little deeper. Good luck
  11. Dad had a 4020 back in the late 60's. Had tranny repaired and about 10 hours later had it redone again by the dealer. The dealer ate the cost the second time. Then about a year or so later broke a rear axle. Traded in then for a 756. Only green tractor that was ever on the farm and there will never be another one. That tractor had other multiple issues to, maybe just a lemon. Remember dad saying that it should be painted all yellow with LEMON on it for decals
  12. Has the hy tran been changed. If not there are 3 drain p!ugs, the draw bar has to be removed to get at the rear plug. and 2 at the transmission. U say the pumps were removed, are they new???. There is a jumper tube from the filter housing to the pumps, make sure it's in place
  13. X2, check these first, also the pto. If they don't work, your due for a split.
  14. My bad... Didn't think 404 had a 135 in it😊 and I did get a pulley from Steiner that a customer broke. For some reason it is not listed in their new catalog, and maybe they don't carry it anymore. This was a couple years ago.
  15. So your in Saginaw county, and I am also but real close to shiawassee county. And yes it is very very wet with more rain predicted for this week
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