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  1. Nice 686 you got there😁. Good looking rubber on it to. I like the ROPS too
  2. Gathering chains and sprockets also nee
  3. There new, square shafts,knives,water pump style bearings,left and right gathering spindles. The little triangle piece at the top of the stripper plate is only thing left, didn't know they were replaceable. Gonna check with case IH dealer, see if there available
  4. That triangle piece is worn and looks tipped down a fraction lower than the other ones. Is that replaceable?? Does not really look that much worse than the others
  5. Don't mean to steal this thread but does anyone have trouble with a 1063 with one row always plugging with stalks. Have changed knives, adjusted rollers in and out, and can't see any difference from the other rows. This same row always gives us headaches. Any suggestions as what to try????
  6. Lube pressure is good, have you tried a new sender unit, is wiring good?
  7. Hope your arm isn't hurt to bad, at least you found a leak. Good luck with quick recovery
  8. Yes sir. Part # IHS 248
  9. I replaced one a year or so ago. Got new cable from Steiner tractor parts.
  10. That's something we don't have to worry about here in MIch. We did have kids throw rock from an overpass a few years ago and killed a passenger in a car. That was a sad story.
  11. Any fire is a sad thing to deal with, IT SUCKS. 544 utility was the first new tractor my dad ever bought, used to be my favorite 😅
  12. Lift tach and gauge cluster out of dash. Unhook pin connectors and clean with contact cleaner then remove floorboard and look for possible mice working overtime on the wiring harness?
  13. Personal opinion, but THE UNIVERSITY OF MICHIGAN band a little bit better with my nephew playing French horn😄
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