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  1. If you want to get it out,the best way usually is through the hydraulic pump mount. Gives the most access with a magnet
  2. I always use new and heavier wiring when converting to 12 volt. Minimum 12 gauge wire.
  3. Acem, did you check the pump shaft seal when you had it out. Just had a 1586 with same issues. Found the pump shaft seal half blown out cocked side ways. Hard to see behind the gear. Not saying that your issue but worth checking
  4. Sounds like broken governor spring
  5. Just remembered, a test you can do to check the pump. Remove pump and install a piece of aluminum can over pressure port at the oring on rearend housing and remove the plug from the pump casting and hook to flow rater. Make sure flow rater is open when you start engine. Should be 15 gal. Per minute. as you stated.Slowing turn down flow to higher pressures and watch flow, but don't turn off tight as you could destroy pump
  6. Everything snowshoe said. I have seen a couple cases where the New pump was not pumping the specs. Its is suppose to. Have also had a new pump blow out the shaft seal partially and flow will be real low
  7. Congrats to you,should work out fine. Maybe if you took your 756 along you could convince you new employer to go red­čśä
  8. Very unique. I like it. Never seen one like it. Do you know the manufacturer??
  9. mrfred54

    cub ?

    Remove the pin in the linkage from the governor to the carburetor and run by hand. If you can make it idle down then time to remove the governor. I hope it don't turn 4000 rpm, it will desinagrate­čśâ
  10. My cousin has one and works great. Uses it for a beer fridge in the shed.
  11. It should steer but will be stiff as long as someone didn't install a sump check plug in and not put the proper check valve in while doing a TA job. I would tow it a little ways and try the steering before just taking off and assume it will steer.
  12. I happen to know where a set of IH hubs are
  13. So sorry to here about your brother. Prayers for him and your family in these tough times.
  14. Wonder what hurts worse, his heel or his tailbone. Probably neither, no brain no pain.
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