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  1. Congrats. You can't go wrong no matter what you do with it. I love the 66 series without a cab
  2. All your insulation and sound proofing in place and floor mat??? What about the muffler leaking under the hood?
  3. Got my Farm Collector magazine yesterday and inside the front cover is FARMALL LAND USA auction. Sad to see it close. Also glad I got to see it 2 years ago. Quite the museum and Jerry was awesome. It is like INTERNATIONAL HARVESTER HEAVEN
  4. Are all 35 still accounted for, does anyone know??
  5. Welcome aboard sir😀 what are you harvesting? Stay safe
  6. Very nice 2388 there, and I like the rolling hills. Flat land here in Mich. Our harvest going good also and soys are running very good
  7. I have snap on sets from the seventies and have no issues at all, been used an awful lot over the years. Maybe the older ones are better quality?
  8. I took the strata tube off and washed it out with water and found nothing, blew it out with air also,found nothing but a little dust. That small filter would restrict the air to much
  9. Yes.... Old filter was very bad and I'm guessing the hose was collapsing but installing new filters created the same problem. It did run fine with the wix, large filter then when the small filter was installed it would run fine without a load but not under load. Long story short, the secondary wix filter restricted the air
  10. Had an 8950 that was losing power and smoking. Changed out the air filters and fuel filters with new wix filters and didn't help. Would run fine with light load but under heavy load would start smoking and lose power, bad. Under load with the hood raised I noticed the intake hose from the air cleaner housing to the turbo collapse. Order new hose and same thing would happen. Removed the air filters and it ran fine. Install the new large air filter (wix) and ran fine. Installed the secondary filter (wix) and the trouble was back, would smoke and lose power. Threw new wix filters away and put n
  11. Had 806 with D361, just shy of 12,000 hours when we sold it. Never opened up the engine. Only had one clutch replaced and never touched the TA and removed both rear axles just to knock out those large soft plugs and drilled holes so oil would be same as the rest of tranny and rearend. Still have 656 with over 14,000 and still running strong. It's a gasser, been overhauled twice. What great tractors😄
  12. Never heard about this Taylor case. News to me. Prayers for the police that were shot. Don't watch the news anymore,sick and tired of what they broadcast. They probably help provoke all this violence
  13. Congratulations😊😊😊 that is so awesome.. My wife and I are 10 years behind you..Hope you have many, many more.
  14. Off the political subject but I love that there is another college wrestling fan here.. I have season tickets to U of Michigan wrestling. Followed wrestling ever since high school wrestling. Competition in the big ten is quite fierce as you probably know, but I love it. I do get to watch the cowboys once in a while. Great program down there😊
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