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  1. Just read an article, Bill Gates is now the largest farm land owner in the USA, 242,000 acres. 2nd is the Offutt family. Didn't know he was into farming😕
  2. I been draining the oil cooler on these engines since they were introduced. I like to get all old oil out. The time it takes to prime up is nothing compared to leaving dirty oil in. I agree with ya, if it takes a minute to prime up a new oil pump would be considered
  3. mrfred54


    Just did a 1586 TA. Got TA from hy capacity for $800, gaskets $85. It's heavy duty with larger sprag also, mcv spring kit $35. And new Hy Tran oil won't be cheap either.
  4. Congrats, that's awesome😊 were seven years behind you and your bride
  5. Just read an article, Rep. AOC says that your governor is racist. He won't allow illegal 's to get the covid vac. Hard to believe😯
  6. Congrats, I'm sure you will like it. We have one and its a great tractor. See your from Mich. also
  7. Had one also and wish I had it back also.
  8. Like snowshoe said, fluid change.... five drain p!ugs to remove. Axle housings may have to be filled separately. Check pressure at remote outlets. Should be at least 1650 psi. 18-1900 would be better.
  9. The Griswalds would be proud. Merry Christmas to all
  10. My favorite all time show about nothing. Think I've seen each episode bout 3 times
  11. Welcome aboard 😊 that should tractor will treat you well for years. Congrats. Owners manual is a must. Ever have questions, we're here to help
  12. Beautiful family 😁 Merry Christmas and Happy New Year
  13. Looks like our 5088 two years ago. Hope all goes well in reassembling. Got all our parts from RRR.
  14. mrfred54

    Mez 4300

    Got to see that tractor 2 years ago. Only 4300 I have ever saw. It's a beauty. Hope it went to a good home.
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