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  1. Thanks, will try him. Ran out of luck at pilot knob resto.
  2. mrfred54

    New Member

    Welcome,and nice tractor. Looks like you also have a future farmer,congratulations.
  3. I would go with D15Y plugs. Also for the carb., I would remove the drain plug and put a fitting in the drain plug so you can slide a clear hose on the fitting and make hose long enough to the it up so that it's higher than the carb. Bowl. Then you can visually see the fuel level. Should be just below the top of the carb. Bowl (gasket). Start tractor to see if fuel level goes down or maintains level. Will drop a little bit and maintain, then throttle up and see what happens. Bowl should not go dry. Good luck😊
  4. Maybe have to go threw carb. again and double check all passages. Is float level set correct??
  5. 65321C1 is the part number. Can one be found or am out of luck. It is nla through caseIH. Fuel gauge works but heat doesn't.
  6. Wow!!!!!that is a super deal. Only way I would find one around here for that price would be with no engine no tires and no steering wheel😯
  7. We used to have a stoneboat to put the rocks on. Was a piece on flat 1/2" metal plate 5 foot wide by 10 foot long . Front of the plate was bent up about a 30 degree angle with 3/4 " chain welded to each corner for a hitch. Had 4" angle iron all the way around it for sides. Loaded,it made the ole H just snort.
  8. Won't see one of them in michigan, though maybe we should be in the rice business as wet as it has been.😕
  9. Probably bout the same in michigan. Talked to a neighbor farmer yesterday, has only 70 acres planted out of 1500 acres. Had almost 4 inches of rain 10 days ago and then over 4 inches two days ago. RAIN all day today as well. Not going to be a very good year. Temp is only 53 degrees as well
  10. Check head and block for trueness
  11. Nice original 52, hope it treats you well, there very good tractors
  12. Have to replant my garden. Planted bout 2weeks ago then we got 5" rain then another 2" the other day and now it's nothing but mud. Still haven't been in the fields much
  13. X2 (government waste) should be in capital letters
  14. X2. Wow that's different, none here that I know off
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