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  1. Don't know where your located, but, saginaw county tractor parts has rebuilt pto in stock. He will swap you out 810 638 5569
  2. Gonna try and find time to stop there. Looks pretty cool, especially that truck
  3. Going to Iowa this coming weekend for Michigan, Iowa football game. Have heard about a truck stop that is popular. Is it going to be on our way to the game or is it farther west. Is it worth the stop???
  4. mrfred54

    Sold .....

    The 5088 went cheap enough. Couple weeks ago near me a. 5088 sold for $45000, which I thought was ridiculous but this one may have some serious issues. I also thought the 986 was a really good buy
  5. Wednesday it was 86 degrees, this morning 39, yes it does feel like fall
  6. Thank you!!! I will have him read this😁
  7. Got a customer wants to know if the oil leak at the throttle shaft can be fixed on the tractor. Leaks quite bad and makes one **** of a mess. Trying to convince him it needs to be sent to pump repair shop but he's wanting to fix it on the tractor if possible. I'm guessing both shaft and housing is worn.
  8. It does help. Changed it on a 656 bout five years ago for a customer and he is really pleased with it. His tractor has a loader on it also. Only problem with yours is, it may already have the lighter spring and you could have another issue. Have you checked steering pressure? Good luck
  9. A year ago on a 1480 had a guy call and said his combine won't move. Was fine and was unloading the bin and combine would not move after.. It was the pin that hooks to the swash plate from the control valve, as ksfarmdude is talking about. Good luck😀
  10. Great place to start. Filter and clean bypass screen on the filter.. How long since hytran fluid been changed,? Its probably over due also
  11. Neighbor has 1460 combine and always has issues with no brakes. Keeps losing fluid from slave cylinders. He said he has replaced the slave cylinders numerous times. He was wondering if anyone has tried hytran instead of DOT 3 fluid???
  12. Two point hitch with adapters. Wonder how long his clutch will last with all the stopping and starting?
  13. Hang on those shims... If you ever replace the pads you will need them!😃
  14. I don't believe that gear fits all that tight to start with. If any thing,can u get a shim between the gear and snapring?
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