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  1. mrfred54

    574 Hydraulics

    Pull filter and look for metal shavings in filter. Did every thing work before this??
  2. mrfred54

    Err....Interesting 86 series cab

    Think that is a 66 series not 86
  3. mrfred54

    766 mcv pump

    Does the hitch and auxiliary valves work??
  4. mrfred54

    Official front end repair thread

    you have manual lift on your 147???? I thought they had electric lift....
  5. mrfred54

    IH 966 Hydraulics

    ya, I thought of that also but, he says the tractor is new to him, so he probably does' nt know when the hytran has been changed last, which would still be a go idea to change it.
  6. mrfred54

    IH 966 Hydraulics

    yes//// change the hytran and filter. if the mcv pump is ok, in a short time it wont be if you keep running it like it is. there are five drain plugs to get all the old oil out. after changing the hytran you may have to bleed the mcv by removing the rear lower plug on the mcv. 5/8 wrench fits the plug. then roll the engine over, and you may have to let it start, but ready to shut down in a hurry. good luck
  7. mrfred54

    Isn’t it pretty?

    nice black stripe,,,,, whats the ornament in the center of the hood???? I guess someone likes yellow paint
  8. mrfred54

    Heres you a shot of some red eye candy today

    Nothing like the color RED.... Every time I think red i think of the saying of a watermelon, you save the red and throw the green away.
  9. mrfred54

    troubleshooting an 806 that just "gave up"

    I agree. He should have more issues according to his first post
  10. mrfred54

    troubleshooting an 806 that just "gave up"

    your kinda confusing everyone. now you say you pulled both fill plugs on the diff. no such thing...…. there is a dip stick next to the brake pedals through the floor plate where you fill it. with better explantion of what is going on would help all of us who are trying to help you.
  11. mrfred54

    Brass float crack

    Have had good luck bye warming the float with a propane torch and hold the float with the crack down and the gas will spray out under pressure and then solder. I have also had luck with sealall glue which is excellent with gasoline. Just smear a little over the crack and let it dry
  12. mrfred54

    IH 5288 coolant loss

    Put a pressure test on the system and leave it set for a few days at about 12- 15 pounds of pressure and see if you have any leaks. Good luck
  13. mrfred54

    Bought a 986

    Nice looking 9. Park is normally stiff on them because of the spring that is used. Reverse could probably use some lubrication on the linkage. Would,nt hurt to lube all the linkage
  14. mrfred54

    1466 white stripe

    Not sure but I think you could get one for about 20 grand or less. Our dealership sold quite a few of them without a cab
  15. mrfred54

    966ih power steering quit

    Sounds like pressure plate and pto drive is ok. You have gauges to check pressure??. If not you can remove steering relief valve to check for blown o ring it would be bottom front plug in the MCV.