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  1. Repair governor then adjust the rod to carb. Unhook rod and move throttle to full throttle position and hold carb butterfly at full throttle and adjust rod to fit without any binding and pin at the clevis is loose. This will be the correct gov.to carb. Adjustment
  2. X2 agreed. Happened to ours. RRR Tractors can fix you up for parts and INFO. Mike is real good on these 50 series.
  3. Years ago back in the 70's a road lost all mailboxes within a mile. Everyone replaced their boxes and bout a month later it happened again, all boxes and posts were destroyed. Well everyone replaced posts and boxes again and one family used a 4 inch steel pipe and filled with concrete. Bout 2-3 months went by and it happened again. All posts and boxes destroyed except when they hit the concrete post the pickup got spun around and upside down in the front yard. The kids had a railroad rail chained to the rear home made bumper that stuck outside the truck bout 4'. Well they found the culprits and it never happened again, but guess who go sued!!!
  4. Never seen the ocean in my 65 yrs. Have enough water to see right here in michigan. Have been to the Hudson bay for caribou hunting. Also seen enough below zero temps also
  5. I agree 110%. These 66&86 series tractors are very good tractors if treated and used for the horsepower they were built for. If you need parts, Saginaw county tractor parts would probably have every thing you need. Good luck
  6. Thanks for sharing😀 some nice equipment you got there. Still like them black stripes.
  7. No snow down here in central mich. Lots of rain and lots and lots of flooding and 40 mph wind
  8. No rebuilding this engine, spun bearing and rod broke and took out cam and cracked the block
  9. What's all included with a reman 466. Manifolds, inner cooler, waterpump, head, injectors, fuel pump, pan, rear engine plate?????? Overhauled these 400 series engines but have not done a reman before, just wondering what all comes with one.
  10. Remove third link cover and Jack up one rear wheel and start tractor and put in gear and see if ring gear is turning. If it is and wheel isn't then spider gears are gone. Do this with a second person so they can stop tractor if need be. Good luck
  11. Very nice, shed and all the red😊 is there a concrete floor in the future?
  12. It looks like the 856 that used to sit outside a barn near Chapin mich. Tried to buy it bout 20 years ago.
  13. Looks like all posts have covered your issues, and yes the fuel return line should be open to tank.looks like a great tractor you got there,sure you will love it.😊
  14. In 2011 when we were carbon hunting, a village of Nunavut had probably 5 blocks long of polar bears lined up to be processed. Our guide said that the bears were a nuisance and way over populated. Just the opposite of our liberal news.
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