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  1. mrfred54


    Start filling your freezer and the neighbours
  2. That should show up if he does a compression test. Agree with kinda hard to pin down.
  3. He needs a 5088 with reverse air flow
  4. People can worship which ever God they want, I don't have any issues with that. That's each ones right and I respect that, but don't tell me that what this country was founded on offends you ( IN GOD WE TRUST ). Everyone should respect their country and FLAG, period. No matter their religion. This issue will never change as long as their a morons in this country who say that your founding fathers rules offend me
  5. X2. Retired from road commission and was on roads every day working and you pretty much fear for your life out there
  6. X2. Never done the seals without the bushings. Don't like doing the job twice
  7. Beautiful tractor and plow. Nice job on retro. Like the trailer setup to,sweet.
  8. Same here after 41 years, still going strong๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜€๐Ÿ˜Š
  9. Should go out just before tractor begins to move!!!
  10. Glad your ok. It happens. Friend of mine this past spring was cut wood with his compact tractor and throw in the logs in the bucket. On the way out of the woods his lane out has a close turn and he had to raise the loader to clear for the turn. You can guess where the logs ended up after raising the loader. Spent a few days in the hospital. Lucky he's alive and now ok. Tractor dash and steering column not so lucky
  11. Pump flange oring??? Are prone to blow.,..
  12. Thought out governor claimed she was going to fix the dam roads. I vividly remember her saying this before her election
  13. X3 where do these idiots come from???
  14. I would jack up front axle, remove the rods and make sure both spindles turn freely, bushings are good and spindle thrust bearings are good. These things can cause great binding and make it steer hard. Good luck!!!
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