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  1. mrfred54

    Milky fluid

    the four bolts in the center of the plate attach the pump to the plate and there is also a test port plug that does not need to come out
  2. mrfred54

    666 grille

    already tried steiner tractor and no luck. agree with George 2, there are no aftermarket ones. already tried a couple salvage yards and no luck yet, will keep checking .thanks guys.
  3. mrfred54

    666 grille

    where can I find the upper grille. the plastic one that holds the head lites. help????
  4. mrfred54

    5288 Electrical POwer Loss

    cab solenoid is behind the cover between the pedals where the fuses are. but I agree with 5488duke,sounds like a bad connection. start right at the source,the batteries,test, clean all conections including the grounds on the frame
  5. mrfred54

    Looking for 38" cast center 397188R1

    try Saginaw county tractor parts (810 638 5569) last time I was there he had lots of cast centers layin around. this is in michigan
  6. mrfred54

    Hydro84 Transmission Clicking / Ticking noise

    sounds like a tooth missing on the gear for low range. have you checked the filter for any pieces of metal?
  7. mrfred54

    IH, July 4th and 1976

    that was the year dad bought his first new tractor...….. a black stripe 966, got it that spring and had a yearround cab installed on it the following year. if we still had that tractor the cab would be gone and back to an open station.
  8. mrfred54

    666 gas

    cant figure out what the carb is for a kit. took it to stieners tractor parts and they couldn't find any gaskets to match up. customer is buying a new carb. he bought the tractor with it this way and hasn,t run right since he got it. also getting new manifold. his is leaking exhaust and manifold surface is burnt bad.
  9. mrfred54

    666 gas

    yes and has new points cond plugs wires cap rotor. compression is good, manifold gasket is not sucking air. good gas flow and new gas
  10. a few years back a neighboring school district had all the tires taken off around 15 school busses. someone must have needed to retire there fleet of trucks and trailers
  11. mrfred54

    666 gas

    is the correct carb. for this tractor have a electric solenoid shutoff. this engine idles fine but misses bad when under load. thinking someone put a different carb. on it. has a zenith on it with cast upper half and aluminum lower half and no electric shutoff. help please...………. no numbers on it anywhere
  12. mrfred54

    My Winter Project- 5488 Rebuild

    sweeeet…….. you should be proud. did some work on a 5288 awhile ago with only 3800 hours and I thought that was low hours. that is very low hours for your tractor. good luck with her,should get many years out of her
  13. mrfred54

    What she don't know won't hurt her.

    ya, its all in their head. we had a cookout a few years ago and I had venison steaks on the grill and a few beef hamburgs. after we were done eating had lots of complements about how good the steak was. then I revealed that it was venison and one of the women began crying that she hated venison but was one of the guests that said how good it was. she actually made herself go out back and throwup. I remind her every once in a while how she said it was so good but she tells me she will never eat meat at my place again. some women??????????
  14. mrfred54

    New ta install

    have never used that steel plug either,for liability reason
  15. mrfred54

    424 steering hand pump

    same seal kit as the other series tractors. simple job as long as the steering wheel comes off