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  1. If tractor won't drive then sprag clutch is bad on low side of TA. Should drive even if MCV pump is bad
  2. Before you condemn the pump make sure you don't have a coupler problem. Seen them bad more than once. You say the mcv pump quit on your 10, did you lose power steering also. If you still have power steering you probably have other issues with the mcv or if no steering Maybe pressure plate spines are gone, does pto work, does hitch raise??
  3. Open center or closed hydraulic system?? Try a pressure gauge in the outlets, open center should be around 2200 psi. Detent are adjustable at the bottom of the valves, pop out the little plugs and us a flat blade screwdriver. The position control and draft control levers have a friction donut where the linkage pivots where it goes into the housing,they are adjustable with a half inch socket I believe. May have to loosen them up, get linkage moving then get it ten them. Probably have to use torch to get the eye bolt loose
  4. 2009 he said. Anything special about bleeding the brakes when back together?
  5. Spool on right brake of master cylinder puking oil out big time. Is it a big deal getting valve off to rebuild or replace. Customer says it mounted to front of cab but don't know how to remove it. Have never had one off
  6. Surprised A C don't stand for Amphibious Car. Could be ACAC
  7. Anyone familiar with these mowers?? Know a guy that says I can have it, of course it has a blown motor, says it will roll bout a half revolution than back and locks both ways and side of block has a crack. Don't know anything about these mowers and if parts are available when needed.
  8. Funny how the paint of the truck and house paint and roof match. Nice tough, truck.
  9. His complaint is that it sounds like it needs oil added. My thought is the oil is probably 40 years old maybe more, why not change it and the filter. Have seen pretty nasty gunk for oil come out of some of these old tractors and the pump has been screaming for oil and they still work with new oil. Believe it well worth a try😀
  10. Maybe its time to change the oil and filter. How long since fluid has been changed???
  11. Another legend gone to rest in peace. Really liked his music.
  12. Not from that area but know it pretty good. Been there several times. My son inlaw, his older brother is the mayor of cartersville. Very nice part of Georgia, alot better than Atlanta.
  13. If that's a 4786, don't look like it has the DV 800 anymore. Nice picture though
  14. Heard that a case 30-60 sold for over $1,000,000. Also wonder what that thing must weigh.
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