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  1. So sorry. May God comfort your family for your loss. This is a great tribute to your baby. Good luck to you and your family
  2. Typical for American fake news media. They don't know we exist in the mid west
  3. mrfred54

    Shift Fork Noise

    If transmission had gear lube and was turning do you think the noise would begone, with everything getting lubricated or is the scraping sound really bad
  4. Had a 4366 delivered to our dealership and exhaust stack removed and the pipe that stuck through the hood had been taped but most of it had blown away. Well, when the truck driver fired up the 4366 to unload it there was what seemed like a huge explosion. Well that turbo blew up and came right through the hood and must have flew up in the air about 20 foot. It scared the !!!!!! out of all of us that were there. So, you see why I always make sure the exhaust is sealed up when hauling a turbo machine. I saw first hand what can happen....
  5. mrfred54

    Music thread

    Agree with you 110% on George Strait­čśä
  6. Ya, the only thing green on our farm is the corn and beans
  7. mrfred54

    H fuel tank

    There are places that will cut holes in the tank, clean it and weld the holes back shut. Had it done to my M. Cut four, three inch holes in it and you would never know it
  8. mrfred54


    Could try shiming the pressure regulator spring. Maybe triple r tractors will chime in. He,s the expert on the these tractors.
  9. My son works in hamiliton, lives near lebanon. When we go down there ,usually see a few red tractors out and about.
  10. X2. Would love to see them up close. Awesome!!!!!
  11. X2 on the boonesfarm. Guess i,m older than dirt, I remember 13 out of 17
  12. Impressive!!! I will stay tuned for more to come.
  13. A drain plug that gets overlooked on the engine is the oil cooler. I always remove it when changing engine oil.
  14. Same here in michigan. **** actually does freeze over here in mich.
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