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  1. Including PTO drain plug, there would be six.
  2. That's awesome.๐Ÿ˜€ same thing round here,everyone is always willing to help their neighbors, and receive help back when needed. Its a good feeling.
  3. Best looking White tractor I've ever seen from the rear๐Ÿ˜
  4. mrfred54

    450 TA

    Looked like to me the ta clutch was not releasing. To much free play?? Did you check the adjustment before disassembly. Was the large nut for the ta pressure plate tight with the lock ring, have seen those loosen up?
  5. Shouldn't the decal say "super A" ??
  6. I would only have two! Already have my grandfather's "M". Next would be the 806D I used to have unteen years ago. Last one would be but would never happen is the last 5488 that IH built.
  7. Nice pics. A friend of mine has a 220 with the big balloon tires on it. No Chrome stack though.
  8. Beautiful story. Pray the little girl gets better. Classmate that I graduated with has a granddaughter with the same disease.
  9. Thank you Maynard
  10. Those little ones (grandchildren) sure are special. Great pics.?
  11. Is the rear axle seal just an easy pop it out and replace it. Axle is tight with no movement with a dial indicator. Just want to be sure or should the axle housing be removed. Tractor makes no different sounds and no shavings in the oil.
  12. Almost has to be steering shaft seal. Does it have tilt steering?
  13. Thanks, did not know that. I have restored 14 A's and super As and have never seen one with that hole in the hood
  14. Not sure what that hood is from, but the hole for the muffler is on the wrong side and radiator neck is to tall but is does look like an A
  15. Looks like a great ride. Love the pic holding granddaughter. I know what its like to have grandchildren so far away.
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