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  1. Run unground shell corn through it if possible. I don’t know if you can shut your hammers off on an artsway, but that’s how I clean my farmhand
  2. Have you done any math on the labor of making those bales? Obviously they are more valuable but does it justify the extra work?
  3. It’s been a long time since it was explained to me, with a cut-away for better understanding. Maybe sprag is the wrong term. It was little rollers in the mechanical ta which would get a flat spot in them.
  4. This is for the mechanical ta- 560, 656, etc. shutting the tractor off in direct can damage the sprag. Since they are basically a one way clutch, as the engine dies it will rock backwards slightly causing wear. A person should push in the clutch as the engine is shut off, or in the instance of stationary use being shut off while not seated you should have the ta back.
  5. I think sitting at a show making the bales is probably more profitable than actually selling them retail. Just seeing them in the store will get some buyers, but watching them get made will get interest from those who wouldn’t pick one off the shelf.
  6. I fully realize that you guys are not set up for temps that cold, but I’d seriously consider trading my first born for temps like that!!!
  7. That is the location for combine engines. Definitely a place to check if it’s not in the correct location for a tractor engine. But if it’s smaller than a 301, the combine engines were sleeveless therefore could have been bored to the 301 spec anyhow.
  8. If it is the factory engine, it is a 301. I can’t think of any reason someone would put a smaller engine in it, but anything is possible. It is also possible a different block was used, but machined to 301 specs.
  9. Corrosion is something I’ll look at, and probably get a computer on it ASAP. I’m told these engines don’t read as precise as newer ones, but it’s worth a check.
  10. Heater output seems consistent regardless of gauge readings. Low coolant was definitely a suspect, but I can’t be running in these temps without good heat in the cab.
  11. My semi- a ‘96 ih with n-14 Cummins- has been having the heat gauge act up lately. It will read a steady 180 ish, then suddenly plummet, sometimes to 150, sometimes to no read, and just today it was setting off the check engine light. Sometimes it goes back to operating temp, often it just bounces around for an extended period of time. Typically when I am running it harder so I would expect a higher temp reading it will read accurately. Does this sound like a gauge malfunction? A temp probe issue? Cable? Or something else? Thanks in advance!
  12. Like someone said, adding a mfd unit to a twd hydro can be done, but if it doesn’t already have the reverse idler it will be a lot of work. We took a Coleman unit off a 1026 years ago, and traded it for the parts to keep our Elwood going on the 806. Just the little bit I drove it with a Coleman and loader, I would never want a Coleman for anything but show!!
  13. Anyone else see this happening and think that it’s similar to the movie “Trading Places?”
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