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  1. My truck repair shop loves me because I pay my bill. I’ve spent around 30k there each of the last two years, and I’m usually calling them looking for the bill rather than them looking for their money. It’s simple- they fix my truck, I pay them.
  2. I’ve been hearing that too. I built mine ten years ago for right around $100/sq, all included even geothermal hvac. I’m honestly thinking I need to talk to my insurance guy to make sure I’m covered adequately!
  3. First rule of planting is don’t plant perpendicular to the highway! Lol
  4. Every so often if my truck is down I’ll borrow a friend’s newer kenworth. It’s an elog truck but I’m able to use the 8/30 exemption to run paper. He’s got it tuned to 600, still full emission compliant, with a 72 mph restriction. I find myself sometimes glad it’s restricted running a light load on two lanes!! But I also get frustrated when the signs say 75, and I can’t keep up. My truck is really only limited by rpm. My gps keeps a high score, but it’s not triple digits lol.
  5. We have that setup on a couple tractors and I like it’s breakaway capability. But I really never liked how it hooked up
  6. So those you can just push the pioneer coupler in like the newer tractors?
  7. During planting I developed some leaks under the seat on my 806, so I’ve got to address those before hay. I was thinking while I was working on it, can I upgrade the couplers? Is there something out there like the newer tractors that simply push in and pull out? Yes the old pioneer couplers are reliable but they are a bit more messy and clumsy.
  8. I’ve heard of 466 swaps, but they have always involved cutting into the passenger compartment with a custom doghouse. A 360 should be similar sized to a Cummins, but I don’t know if either engine is an easy fit. Probably 25 years ago now I saw a crew cab of that style with a Detroit 4-53 I think. It was seriously cool and I would have been interested if I were a couple years older and a couple grand richer!
  9. Most ambulances, fire brush trucks, etc have gone back to gas engines. Not due to catastrophic failures like this, but the small failures that put them in limp mode when needed most. It’s the reason Ram offers the 6.4, and Ford the newer 7.3.
  10. I’m not a concrete guy, I hired people who know what they are doing. It looks really nice, I just think there is a better option than letting it fill with dirt
  11. We just got the floor poured in my new shop. They finished it glass smooth and put a sealer on it, the cut grooves on about 8’ x 8’ grid for relief. Should I do anything with those grooves? They said just let them fill up naturally, but it seems silly to let dirt go in there. Advice and experience is welcome.
  12. I would think there is plenty of axle to put them where you need based on the back spacing you have available.
  13. How much you need is dependent on type of hub, tire size and rim offset. I usually have the hub stick out past the end of the axle, but keep the U-bolts on the axle. I know a guy who had his 856 set for a mounted picker, with dual hubs barely on the axle with a single U-bolt.
  14. I just read an article about Bobcat making an electric skid steer. They even did away with hydraulics, using electric rams instead. I would be very much ok with that if it used a Diesel engine rather than battery pack.
  15. Twenty years ago Trac Four (I believe they were the remnants of the original Elwood) could get basically anything you needed, but the transfer case parts were machined individually. And priced like a one-off part of course. It’s been a long time since I’ve heard of anyone doing business with Trac Four, so I doubt they are still in business. As much as I love an Elwood MFD axle, I wouldn’t want to farm with one anymore.
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