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  1. This year's corn crop

    In a normal year it would be go time right now. But I'm looking out the window at a snowstorm. When the weather allows, it's gonna be full throttle til the crop is in. But at this point the hay crop is falling behind as well. That is not something that can be pushed.
  2. Value of 966 mfwd

    That’s an Elwood axle and would have been put on later. They turn pretty well, but not as tight as a 2wd.
  3. Iowa DOT portable scales

    Scales are accurate on the day they are calibrated. They become less accurate every time they are used from there. If his scales were just a few hundred pounds off, and the elevator was a thousand pounds off that would make the difference.
  4. Has anyone been able to do any field work

    It has been dry enough that a guy could have put oats in but I haven’t heard of anyone going yet. Manure is being hauled like crazy. Some of my piles still have frost, but it breaks up easily. My neighbor asked me to seed a fence line for him. His bto renter said he would but with this weather he may not have time. The dozer is behind schedule due to wet and frost.
  5. Consignment Auction

    A 7140 is an old tractor; he should have taken that price. There are more than a couple for sale at half that needing basic tlc
  6. For a work tractor I think it would be just fine. But I was under the impression Mecum was a place to sell collector tractors. It is not a collector set up like that!
  7. 4840 motor

    Fuel in the oil may not be as bad as they thought. I had my 1026 seize completely and it only needed the crank polished and new bearings. But maybe the green ones aren't as tough
  8. Our Privacy is Being Stolen?

    Art I don't think you are wrong about what the government can and will do. But I don't expect them to just go fishing to see who may be breaking the law. More likely when they already know someone is doing something wrong, they can confirm it. I would love to go off grid and cash only, but it is very difficult in this modern world.
  9. This spring explained--------

    Exactly! Everyone complains about the weather, but nobody ever does anything about it!
  10. M rear weights.

    They will fit all clamp style hubs. If your 7 has had wedge locks put on it gets a little complicated but can still work
  11. The milkweed?

    We subscribed to the milkweed for several years. The editor gives unfiltered information and opinions about the dairy industry,m. The price is high so he can avoid running advertisements, thus allowing him the freedom to speak his mind without losing revenue. Dad saw him speak once, but said he’s a better writer than speaker. Dad asked if he had ever been threatened by those in the industry that he was speaking out against; he said no, but he discontinued putting his family picture in the paper just for safety. Bottom line is that we quit subscribing because although it was refreshing to see someone write the truth, all it really did was make a guy mad.
  12. 7 more herds next week!

    I sold out at the end of March. Could I have continued? Yes. Would I have made any money in the next year? I doubt it. There were many factors that went into the decision beyond finances, but that was definitely a major factor. If your facilities are in good shape, you have little or no debt, and are on state insurance and assistance you can still make a little money but not much. If you have to buy your own health insurance you are up a crick!
  13. Question about the DV-800

    Some people confuse IH and Detroit engines because IH built some that were labeled Detroit for Agco products.