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  1. That is completely different than the 4186 that was asked about, but man what a time capsule!!!
  2. I LOVE the smell of hay- fresh cut, slightly dried, dry enough to bale, everything. I used to love milking cows with the hay mow freshly filled. I’d stand under the chute where the breeze blew through catching the scent and just suck it in like a hippy down-wind from a fat doobie!!
  3. We have used a buster bar for as long as I can remember. I think the design shown here would flex more, which would probably be a good thing. In GOOD soil we could actually plant right behind the plow with no additional work. Although we only ever did that in the garden, because most fields have at least one bad spot that needs to be worked. Plus I like to settle the ground with the rollers of a cultimulcher or everything sinks too much.
  4. That is a 282 American glow plug diesel. Certainly not my favorite engine, but I’m not a huge fan of the German 310 either. But don’t take my lack of enthusiasm over those engines to mean they are bad, just not my favorites.
  5. The one and only time I made 5th crop was 2012, and I was able to bale it dry probably early October. It wasn’t crispy dry, but enough to keep without wrapping or having spoilage. It took more than a week to get dry. Short days and lack of heat don’t dry hay quickly!! I’m gonna cut 4th crop today and it looks like it could be dry next weekend.
  6. I think they do three to four vent holes per tire on mine.
  7. I foam filled my tires. It cost as much as the tire, but I was spending that much fixing flats anyhow. They ride like steel tires. for years dad would use cheap tires, but I found Bobcat brand last much longer. If you’re gonna get it filled, use a good tire.
  8. They make a HUGE difference, and keep it looking pretty close to original.
  9. I suspect someone looked up numbers for a 1026 and found numbers for the I-1026 (wheatland style). 1026 was only hydro, but in a gold demo is definitely something special. Probably not as special as a wheatland though.
  10. I’ve seen them on smaller 88 series equipped with 15.5 tires. The 14” and narrower rims only had 8 bumps for the clamps, thus needing the lighter hubs.
  11. FYI: my 686 that dad bought new is identical to a 666 diesel, and the factory battery location is left of the seat. I honestly had no idea there was an option for under the fuel tank, as all of our 656s were gas or hydro.
  12. I could save you a bunch of hassle and sell you the correct parts for a power beyond valve from my 706. It’s currently set up with a 2 spool loader valve, giving four total valves.
  13. There are different narrow front posts. If you are wanting to put 8-bolt hubs and big tires on it, (which I’ve heard of but never seen in person) you will need the heaviest and tallest one made. It will not be on a 656 or 706 unless someone put it there after the factory. Perhaps someone has a part number that would help you. Unfortunately they didn’t make many heavy narrow fronts new, and people seem more interested in them now so supply and demand dictate you won’t get one cheap!
  14. If you are buying Firestone tires for 1/3 to 1/2 price of Michelin, I wanna know who your Firestone dealer is! The last time I priced tires was a few years ago, bu Michelin were on par with Firestone. Firestone loves to advertise how efficient they are compared to a 45 degree lug, and they are. In ideal field work conditions…. If you want the best tire for a tractor that only does tillage, the data says use Firestone. But many of us do things other than tillage. A 23 degree lug will get pushed sideways on a steep slope, so for mowing hay on steeper contour strips I like my 45 degree lugs. The guy who used to mow roadsides for our township swore my Goodyear DT-710 because they held so well on really steep banks. Even Firestone offers tires with 45 degree lugs because they know that certain applications will need something other than the 23 degree lug.
  15. I’m pretty sure the double bevel uses 16 wedges on a magnum
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