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  1. I just read an article about a car dealership in Madison Wisconsin getting shut down for fraudulent business practices. They have annoying commercials where they yell about having too many cars, so they have this amazing sale that ends as soon as they sell x number of cars. They call themselves the dealer for the people. In my travels I hear nearly identical ads all over the country, using the exact same yelling, sale over after x number of cars, and dealer for the people phrases. Is this all one big dealership company? Or are they all using the same crappy and unoriginal advertising agency?
  2. Air ride is nice on the road, but I wouldn’t want it in the field. I have rubber block walking beam, Hendrickson suspension. I’ve seen other versions as well. The rubber blocks are extremely stable on side hills, and the walking beam keeps the rubber in contact with dirt to maximize traction.
  3. What is the bolt pattern on the rims? I’ve seen a few people switch out to old combine tires and rims- 16.9-26 or 18.4-26. If you are making a living off this machine it may be better to stick with purpose built tires, but if it’s an around the farm/hobby machine that could be an inexpensive solution.
  4. In high school on a trip to the national ffa convention a few of us walked through the McDonald’s drive through. Took a couple cars before we got recognized to take our order, but we got served!! Lol also, I have yet to see a truck stop closed, and very few rest stops are closed. Honestly with all this going on the traffic is below average to downright scarce, fuel prices are cheap, and freight is still moving. A few places have restrictions for the drivers, but I haven’t had any real problems. One Deere dealer makes truckers call to get unloaded vs going inside. Minor inconvenience compared to the very real risk us truckers bring by moving around the country collecting and distributing germs along with our cargo!
  5. She did. And I’d like to know how perfect her diet is that one sheet does the trick for her!!
  6. And other places... lmao best line ever!
  7. But essential sexual activity by three or more in an indoor arena is ok?
  8. For reasons I don’t know, with a traditional 4x4 and open difs, you will spin opposite corners more often than not. IE: right front with left rear. Of course this is highly dependent on available traction
  9. You know my wife?! Lol
  10. I just put gas in the wife’s pickup for $1.459!
  11. Cheapest gas I’ve seen yet was 1.65 at Walmart in mason city Iowa. Diesel this week I’ve seen as high as 3.40 in Pennsylvania, as low as 2.029 in New York on the Indian reservation. Lots of 2.39-2.55 throughout Iowa.
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