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  1. I didn’t have any trouble getting a nice finish. Like any tillage tool in poor conditions you will get poor results of course. The worst was in frozen ground I pulled up some big chunks that required a second pass in the spring to level out. Next worse was seeding rye on clay that didn’t work down adequately. On black dirt it was fine but the clay got hard like bricks and we didn’t get a stand. Rip in the fall and it will mellow over winter.
  2. I have a disc ripper and it’s definitely built right. Mine has big leaf springs and will let the shanks pull clear out of the ground for a rock or other obstruction.
  3. brewcrew

    IH 1466 4WD

    Looks like an Elwood to me based on the bolster. Coleman had a large round hubcap on the wheels, while Elwood usually had a planetary that is visible. I don’t know off hand what fluids they use.
  4. I noticed a school bus in our district labeled as propane powered. Sounds like a good way to limit the problems with emissions!
  5. I know plenty of people who buy based on image rather than function. And remember it may have been a dealer’s perception, not a true customer need.
  6. A good 806 propane may not be the most highly desired collector tractor, but it’s certainly not common. I’d be more inclined to use a regular gas or diesel tractor for your swap ideas. As tempting as it is to just find a dead tractor to start, I have found a running tractor can result in a cheaper end price vs fixing everything a dead tractor needs. Or find a recently parked tractor from someone you can trust about the condition of everything else.
  7. I wonder if some dealers added them. I could see some owners being hesitant to trade their turbo 1466 for a 1486 that doesn’t say turbo on it.
  8. This would be like comparing an H to an M. Bigger, longer, heavier, more powerful. Similar in looks, although I doubt you will ever make them “all things equal” no matter how hard you try.
  9. I’ll explain it the quick way: if you owe the bank a million dollars that you cannot pay, you have a problem. If you owe the bank $100 million dollars that you cannot pay, the BANK has a problem!!
  10. A 3688 with factory mfd would be an Elwood. Dad has one on his 806 and I could turn a 20’ field cultivator with just two end rows. It’s the Coleman that doesn’t turn worth a darn. That said, a 2+2 will turn shorter yet, and pull harder while doing it. And you could probably trade your 36 straight up for a nice 35. A 63/65 would probably cost closer to 20k, but that’s probably comparable to a 3688 mfd.
  11. I have a kelly Ryan so I knew it wasn’t that. Artsway makes sense since they worked with ih on feed mills too.
  12. I would have to guess that was made by someone else and rebadged as ih. I’m thinking maybe schuler, but I’m not sure.
  13. Hold off til July to plant, and use 105 day corn or longer. That will make pretty decent silage November 1.
  14. I had poor luck trying this, but I probably didn’t get it sprayed at the right time. The fields that I moldboard plowed were great, no till was barely a crop.
  15. The great thing about political jokes is that if they are funny everyone can laugh at them. I don’t care if your joke is about Trump, Obama, W, Clinton, or whoever, just make it funny!!
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