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  1. From what I’m seeing it is definitely a smaller crowd. But I’m hearing it is spread out over a longer time frame. So the numbers will probably still be about like a non-anniversary year. But this time last year they had figured the numbers would be on par with the 75th- over a million!
  2. I’m assuming documents incriminating the clintons...
  3. Ain’t it nice when it turns out to be something simple! (Well, after you FIND that simple thing lol)
  4. Double check that the Johnny stick isn’t causing it. My mechanic was pulling his hair out until I told him to check the Johnny stick. Turns out he pulled it to check the brake lights and forgot to take it off!! But I’m sure it has a switch that could give you trouble, too.
  5. That seems to be more common, mostly to keep the show moving
  6. Does a DQ take away your rehook option? Or have they done away with first puller getting an option?
  7. Most places have switched to being disqualified if a weight or part falls off under green flag, but some are while hooked to the sled. For sure a bungee cord would do you some good.
  8. Rules?!! Lol you’re funny!!!
  9. Standing or walking in such close proximity to a moving truck requires an acceptance of a certain amount of risk. When a man was killed climbing on a fed ex truck in St. Louis the truck driver was not to blame
  10. I’ll be in South Dakota, but in the wrong part of the state! And I’m not traveling through at the right time, or I’d convince the wife to stop in. But we’ll be enjoying ourselves in the black hills on the bike. Everyone make sure to watch out for motorcycles on your way there and back, and I’ll keep an eye out for red tractors!
  11. I’ve been throughout the Midwest in states with and without mandates. Compliance seems to not be correlated to mandate or not, and ranges from 10%-90%. Only once have I been told I needed a mask to be in a gas station (Illinois), and I complied.
  12. Please don’t do that! We had a fatality near my local hay sale due to round bales not adequately strapped. At least get a strap on every row. I put two straps front and rear in case of emergency stopping or maneuvering.
  13. That’s well within the capabilities of my company to haul those bales. But we typically do hay as a back haul from the dakotas or further west. That far north about the only thing we haul back is lumber. I’m guessing it would cost between 2500-3000, but maybe higher because of oversize permits, to have them hauled. I can pm you my boss’ number.
  14. You are correct on both levers will run the hydraulic under the hood And the left lever will run the left side and the right lever will run the right side
  15. On an 06 the inside lever typically runs the valve to the rear. This is because with single hydraulics that is the default lever and outlet location.
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