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  1. A blonde, brunette, and redhead walk into a bar. To their left sits a Texan, a Frenchman, and an Irishman. To their right is a priest, a rabbi, and a Buddhist monk. Bartender surveys the crowd and says, “what is this, some kinda joke?”
  2. You can look for clues: the mounting brackets for locking up the fast hitch, and two piece drawbar come to mind. But that can easily be changed.
  3. I bought mine in sw Missouri and drove it home. No plate, no permits, no insurance. (Allegedly!) I rode my motorcycle down, loaded it crosswise behind the cab and drove home. I never stopped at a scale, I’m not even sure if they were open. A recreational vehicle doesn’t have to abide by dot rules....
  4. A 656 wouldn’t be my first choice for a pulling tractor, but the 301 will help. Pulling in a dyno class helps more. I think you would have to work hard to make 6000 pounds so the 7500 class would be better. I ran the 686 (312 diesel) in 7500 class with decent success for several years until guys started showing up with big cube big power built pullers. If you are not gear restricted, pull in second gear. Have fun and don’t get obsessed with winning; that gets expensive!!
  5. Yes they have. I looked at a mid-90’s international with a B model Cat that was a factory glider.
  6. I never thought about glider trucks being an extra challenge. For sure it’s expensive to fix a heavy truck. I had mine in the shop for ten days, I wrote them a check for five grand and they didn’t have the bill totaled! I’ve got it back in for smaller stuff now. I fully expect the total to be five figures. Old trucks ain’t cheap to run OTR!
  7. This was in Sinclair Wyoming, and only AFTER I pumped did the cashier tell me about their savings card that would give me I think ten cents off. I wasn’t in a position to shop around, as I was oversized and ran out of daylight before my running hours, so I simply filled after I stopped.
  8. This is part of the reason trucking is expensive!
  9. The 360 is a good engine, but it is two steps down from a 1066. It would, however, benefit substantially from an added turbo.
  10. That’s a little more work, but it can be done!
  11. A 1947 twenty horse tractor isn’t what most farmers would consider “useful” these days....
  12. Engine wise it is. But a 1026 has the lighter 3-point of an 856. I’m not sure how many other components are even comparable to see what it shares with an 8 vs 12.
  13. I saw a YouTube video of a guy doing a cannonball run- going for record speed coast to coast. He went to fill up with gas and the card got declined. Apparently American Express decided there was no way to get from his first gas stop to his second as quickly as he did!!
  14. My current work boots are on the backside of their useable life, and I’m looking for new ones. I have typically worn the cheapest thing I can get from farm and fleet, and they last a year to a year and a half. I’m in a position to spend more if I can get a better shoe, but I don’t want to spend more just to brag about the brand. My current boots are Cat, only because I couldn’t find cheaper boots in my size that day. They are made in China, but have been a decent boot. I’d like to go American made, but I’m more concerned with getting good quality. Give me some suggestions please!
  15. When I last dealt with applicators license, a private license allowed you to do your own, and for not more than two others with a restriction on acres. More people or more acres required a custom applicators license. I’m currently using my local coop to spray because I’m on the road in the semi and farming as a side gig. But I hate not being the one in charge of spraying. Gaps, overspray, and run down corn are always harder to tolerate when someone else is responsible for them!!
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