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  1. Why would an oil pan be expensive? We’re you going for custom specs? Or are they just in higher demand than supply because of truck engines going in tractors?
  2. It went downhill after they lost Danny Masterson aka Rooster. I haven’t watched the latest episodes. When they release the last of them I’ll probably watch the last two seasons at once. I strongly suspect it will pi$$ me off, so I wanna minimize the time I spend feeling that way!
  3. I definitely notice this on Coleman axles, but I haven’t seen it on Elwood axles. I would think they would have replaceable ball joints.
  4. I don’t know the size of that building, nor how lumber compares to steel buildings, but a 20 by 60 steel building weighs under 10,000 pounds. That includes doors, hardware, and everything.
  5. Tractor data lists the “standard size” tires, but you could get most anything. But the 15.5 and smaller sized tires should have been on the 8 hole hub that is most associated with a 706. This one may have started life with 16.9 or 18.4, but the owner wanted to run in row crops or perhaps match the chains/duals of his previous tractor.
  6. From what I’ve seen it all varies group to group, and sometimes is based on how soon the elders are coming. I sold an M to an Amish who told me he had a year to put it on steel. A mutual friend said that it was still on rubber at least three years later! Lol
  7. The serial tag shows it to be a factory lp?? That’s really interesting! Unfortunately propane tractors don’t really correlate rare with valuable.
  8. brewcrew

    The draft

    We can do more with a small army of volunteers and some high quality technology than we could with large numbers of unwilling participants.
  9. Honda builds goldwings that go 250k plus regularly. The Honda rancher sells more machines that all other BRANDS combined! I wouldn’t be afraid to buy one for long term use.
  10. Well when you’re plowing deep... never mind!!! Lol
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