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  1. Are you calling me fat??!!!!! Lol I add a mere 200 on a truck scale. Bathroom scales may vary!
  2. What vintage do you describe as pre emissions?
  3. My boss is trying to put the semi on a diet. I’m currently hauling corn and byproducts in a belt trailer behind a T800 with Eaton auto shift and sleeper, weighing about 32,500 empty. He has it stuck in his head that auto transmissions are the greatest thing ever, so I think that’s weight we’re just gonna have. He’s looking at a hopper which should save a bunch of weight over the belt. But what other ways are there to spec a truck lighter? Right now he’s talking Cascadia Daycab. Is that the lightest truck out there? How much weight would the auto shift add vs a ten speed manual? Personally I’d go manual, skip the pto and wet kit (he’s got three trucks so one could be dedicated to non belt trailer uses) and maximize payload. But I’m not the boss so all I can do is suggest. Thanks
  4. If I could sell dairy manure for $50 per gallon I’d still be milking cows!! Lol in all seriousness, what they are selling is microbes. Compare it to eating Activia yogurt- the bugs make things work better. But if you put a bunch of bugs on barren soil, they won’t do much good. Get your soil right and the right bugs will come anyhow. Manure is a great tool for building soil; it comes with much more than the N, P, and K that you test for!
  5. Man if this word gets out stocks for Busch’s is gonna plummet!! Time to short? Lol
  6. brewcrew

    New joke

    A fairy godmother decides to grant three wishes to a little old lady. “What would you like for your first wish?” the fairy godmother asks. The little old lady says, “I would like to be rich.” POOF! Her rocking chair turns into solid gold. “And for your second wish?” asks her fairy godmother. The little old lady says, “I would like to be young again.” POOF! The little old lady is now a beautiful young woman. “And for your third and final wish?” asks her fairy godmother. The young woman’s cat, Burt, jumps into her lap. She asks the fairy godmother, “Can you turn Burt into a handsome young prince?” POOF! Suddenly, Burt is a handsome young prince. The handsome young prince leans down to the young woman and whispers softly in her ear, “Don’t you wish you hadn’t had me neutered.
  7. Dually pickup over 10k gvw plus 20k trailer easily puts you over the 26k combination that requires a class a.
  8. If a guy got a class b with air brake endorsement, could you take a manual transmission pickup and trailer for your class a and not have restrictions? I’m just curious because I know several people who got their class a with a pickup several years ago.
  9. My job includes driving a Kenworth with the Eaton autoshift as well. It’s not bad, but it doesn’t shift any faster than a guy can shift a manual. I like to shift it manually in town or it has a tendency to shift too often and at the wrong time.
  10. brewcrew

    New joke

    Beer doesn’t have many nutrients in it, that’s why we have to drink a lot of it! - Irish proverb
  11. They DID impeach him. They ATTEMPTED to remove him from office. I was in high school at the time and our history teacher was teaching us some real time history with that incident. He said that Clinton deserved to be impeached far more than anyone else that had been attempted.
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