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  1. Howe’s that global warming working out for y’all ? Like to meet the a-hole that coined that phrase and let him know 😖
  2. Did what Sledgehammer did to my 3388 years ago
  3. Coldest I’ve ever seen in northern Indiana is -26. Many years ago
  4. For the ones that can regularly screw up something, They could break an anvil with a rubber hammer!
  5. Starting on 43rd year for me. Milford/VanBuren TWP. Indiana. Back when I got on, IVFA didn’t give out 10 year pins. Had to wait till 25 to get a pin. Glad they are recognizing younger members
  6. Left hand thread. Big gun with a large hose
  7. Hence the name.... Briggs & Scrap Iron
  8. Looks good for that old of tractor. Maintenance been kept up?
  9. Pickled eggs are great. Reminds me that I haven’t had any for a while.
  10. Now why is it that combines cost several hundred thousand dollars and are protected with a $10 dry chemical fire extinguisher? What little it does is just blow the burning chaff around and spread fire. Best is a 3gal. pressurized water extinguisher. Reusable and cheap. Don’t cry that they are too heavy. You won’t be thinking that when your $350K+ machine is burning up.
  11. I burn used jet fuel. Really clean and low oder. My son is a helicopter mechanic and is always looking for a place to get rid of drained fuel. Apparently if it is drained it cannot be reused. Diesel is not as bad today because of sulfur removal
  12. Which one killed off the Armstrong brand? Can’t find them anymore. Very good industrial tools
  13. I feel your pain. I have been a volunteer firefighter for 41 years in a small town. We had to cancel our main fundraiser this year because of this dam COVID BS. It is difficult to make ends meet sometimes but we have a good community that supports us. Not to get off topic, it is very dry here also. We had a combine go up Saturday. I am in Leesburg IN area
  14. Sounds to me you have spent more money on a piece of junk and still have junk than if you would have just bought a new unit. Fire protection is not something to trifle with
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