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  1. Looked at the ones I have. Name on them Bemis & Call. Must have been popular way back
  2. I’ve got one with a metal handle on it 17-18”long. Found at yard sale
  3. Now ground hogs are another story. Usually get 8-10 with lead poisoning. When I was younger and had more time if I didn’t get 40-50 in a year I was not trying
  4. In Indiana they are protected. Caught one once years ago in a body trap. Thought it was a ground hog till I saw claws and teeth. Mean looking customer. No too many around here anymore.
  5. #1-1959 560 Diesel because I’m a 59 model #2-1026 with a 2350 loader #3-4186 because I ran one when I was just married and farmed
  6. 14 Ford 250SD. Std cab and 8’ bed. Plain Jane as it gets. Hauls fuel tank and tool box. Only way to get a truck that you really use as a truck. Why pay for fancy seating and carpet just to cover up with grease and cow sh!t? Only option was 4X4. Hopefully last one I will need ?
  7. That guy just wanted to sell tires. I call bull puckey!!! Hydrostatic drive is fluid drive. Don’t care how fast it’s going. One side just gets more oil. Split by steering valve. Just like adjusting the hot water in your shower
  8. I believe that is a mid- late 70’s t-bird
  9. The only 3 speed rear axle I know of was a tandem drive dump truck with a 5 spd. tranny and both rear axles were 2 speed. Low side were the same ratio. Mid range used low in front and high in rear split by power divider. High was both in high. I believe power divider only locked in low. Pretty sure that is how it works
  10. Agent Orange is Paraquat. Gromoxone. Both are dumbed down agent orange
  11. Spot on KWRB. We have both. Dry and dry
  12. Bet that cost about the same as your home. Can you live in it?
  13. I had a straight pipe on my 1456 when I first got it 16 years ago. Nice of your not working it. First time I hooked on chisel plow I ran it for 1 hour and went back to barn and went to town and got a muffler. Been on ever since. My vote is muffler. If you need ear plugs with straight pipe you need a muffler
  14. Have a really nice one in my sock drawer haven’t worn in 40 or so years. Still married to the wonderful woman that gave it to me and still have all my fingers intact. She understood from day one that I couldn’t wear it and work. Don’t have to have a ring to be happily married. We know it
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