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  1. Don’t believe that you will find any sockets larger than 1 1/2” in 1/2” drive from anyone. Will have to go 3/4” drive for larger sizes
  2. 8-9 years ago took a lightning strike on the transformer to my grain bins in January. Blew it up. Pieces in the snow all over the barn yard. REMC didn’t believe me till they came to fix it
  3. 30-30 still works for me. Just old school.
  4. How do you steer these trucks on slick roads if you never grease 5th wheel?
  5. smfarms

    Ford F250

    2014 6.2 11mpg empty. 8-9 pulling 14K trailer. No problems at 51K miles
  6. Thank you Veterans for your service. It is appreciated in this family
  7. smfarms

    Ford 6.0 diesel

    You guys talk about all this fuel saving and fuel cost difference. I’d like to know where you are buying road fuel fo 20¢ more than gas. In northern Indiana it is at least 60-80¢ more per gallon. You might get fuel savings on farm fuel. Is that what you’re doing?😖
  8. Terex oil press. gauges. I hate spell check
  9. 15-40 will make them use more oil. 30W or 40W low ash is a must. Terry oil press. gauges used to show 10 psi safe at idle. 25-35 good when hot. If you don’t use low ash formulation oil rings will eventually start sticking
  10. Be careful if you jack up. Man lifts are very heavy
  11. I will take a little Knob Creek thank you in mine
  12. On my second forester. Had a 15 and now a 18. Never any problems so far. Great mileage good ride. First one had 40K miles. Didn’t burn a drop of oil between changes. 18 has 21K miles so far. Much nicer car than 12 Rogue had before. Better mileage and much quiter
  13. used to work on them a lot 4-53 6v71 they would neve blow just started to leak oil 

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