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  1. Not sticking up for harbor freight but if you put a 5 foot pipe on anything you will ruin it. Get the right tools for the job.
  2. Around here we call them Amish jacks😖
  3. smfarms


    Still there as of 0926 today
  4. That man is right on. He can see through all the media BS. I agree that fully with him.
  5. Ok all you old farmers. Didn’t anyone have 60’s era cab over IH truck with a 5 on the tree? 2 speed rear was a toggle switch on the dashboard. In late 70’s I worked at an IH dealership and had a 1700 cab over with a roll back bed for delivering equipment
  6. Why is the same few keep pushing the limits till something good gets banned? You know who you are. Why aren’t they banned?
  7. Most of the world’s spare body parts are made in Warsaw Indiana. 8 miles down the road from me. Zimmer-Biomet, DePew and Med-Tronic
  8. You have to be careful with just cutting of an end and putting on somebody else’s fittings. Not all brands interchange with each other. Especially with no name fittings. Hose and fittings are where all the money is.
  9. smfarms

    Close call

    Man that is the hard way to get a new shop. Hopefully nobody hurt
  10. I guess it wasn’t coined in Indiana
  11. You have all those nice splitting stands and not even a cherry picker?
  12. smfarms

    The Dog Thread

    Ever have them lock you out of your truck?😖 With the keys still inside
  13. Indiana Amish are the worst. Nothing but a cult. Wouldn’t let them build a dog house. All trade on the notion of Amish craftsmanship. I call BS!!
  14. Supposed to get 4-6” today across northern Indiana today. More snow today than all winter long. Isn’t this April? Seems more like February
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