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  1. I too have a Quadrafire pellet stove that also burns corn. When corn is less than 4.75 I’ll burn it. Over I burn pellets. Buy 3 ton in August for $185/ton. Will last till February. Then buy 1 ton more. If I had the room I would buy all in off season. Had same stove for over 12 years. Mostly trouble free. A couple of fans and a computer board because of lightning. Heats whole house till down to 15* with wind then propane furnace will run once in a while to supplement. Overall really happy with this unit and would buy another
  2. I have many of their long tail long sleeve t-shirts. The best to layer with in the winter. Heavy too
  3. What 88 power says X2. Those have metal pegs for most everything
  4. Now let’s be realistic here. On a farm use truck how many people hit every gear? I have run 5&4 set up before in a tandem Ford with gas 534. Even loaded if you hit all 20 your just having fun 😖NOT
  5. That crimp looks like one of those Baum Iron do it yourself crimps. Can you even get that stuff anymore? Been a long time since I have seen those
  6. Normally custom tractors said so on number plate
  7. Thank you all veterans for your service. Our family will never forget. Have many members been there- done that 🇺🇸
  8. Tractor fuel $3.26 road fuel $3.75 2days ago in Warsaw Indiana
  9. Like was said earlier any gains that the union negotiated are spread over several years. Sounds like they were looking at 6 year deal. Really isn’t that much spread out over that length of time
  10. Hobbyfarm you spout numbers and data. We’re you there? Did you vote? Maybe you don’t know all the facts. Proud retired union operator. Just saying. Media blows everything out of proportion
  11. Don’t ever call a locomotive engine a Detroit screamer to an engineer. Even though that is exactly what they are. EMD is big boys DD. All made by GM at one time
  12. That mower will never know the difference with that small amount
  13. I played with a 1456 when I was a kid. Now I ‘m a big kid at heart and have the real thing. Still would rather be on that open station tractor on a nice fall day chiseling than the 9380 QT
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