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  1. Yep. One or two boxes at a time for the house. I can’t imagine what they go thru at work
  2. Metabo are nice, but yeah, expensive. We buy them with the cut off wheel option. Run 6 inch by 1/16” discs for cut off. Very handy
  3. Same here, if your house has been broken into you have to go down to the station and fill out a report. They will not even come to your house even when guns are taken. It has been stated that it is not the priority of the police department to deal with
  4. I think your right. Not many but there are a few
  5. Happy birthday Tony, Hope you have another good trip around the sun.
  6. AKwelder

    Tooth Fairy

    It’s real easy. When they don’t believe the presents stop.....for everyone. It was my mother’s method. And we all still keep our mouths shut and I am 47.
  7. Nice pictures, thanks for sharing
  8. AKwelder


    True. But my favorite reply to this is you only die once, you can live everyday
  9. AKwelder

    Tooth Fairy

    I also like stumping them with presents, my daughter was a real nosey one, one year I took a box and taped a heavy chunk of steel in one side, very off balance and awkward. In the other side I put a metal tin with broken glass in it. sure enough she went to get it from under the tree when no one was looking and dropped it with the sound of broken glass. Oh man, did I get some stink eye when she figured it out Christmas morning 😏
  10. AKwelder


    I agree very much. And the same people shopping in the organic section of the local supermarket and protesting against GMO and the people here who farm are going to the local dispensary, buying a plant that has never touched soil, and is genetically modified when they buy pot. The hypocrisy of the $hit heads doing this is all to common here. My rub against the original remark, and if I was off base or took it wrong I apologize, is people thinking pot is all natural and organic. When the cultivation and growing is more like a test tube, it’s is more like cooking meth than farming. By the way, my stance is to let it be legal. People are going to do it anyways, and in my opinion alcohol is a much larger evil in our community. I have never heard of someone going home and smoking a few bowls, then beating his wife. But until we can have a reliable test for under the influence, not present in the last 30 days, it will remain banned at a federal and some job levels wow. What a ramble,
  11. I really enjoy me and dad going out back and shooting a box of pigeons, and when we do part of the fun is trying different guns and calibers, and maybe mixing it up. Well said, and so true
  12. AKwelder


    No I wasn’t, and if you do? I don’t care, just don’t drive
  13. Is that suppose to be from the wind blowing ice as it melts, or the snow sliding off the roof and curling under the eve? either way it is a great picture
  14. Dang. I am at a loss for words. Glad the ole guy is still with you, but man....
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