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  1. Interesting, and I think it will be more common in the years to come
  2. I think Milwaukee just came out with an 18 volt to about match that IR, a 1” beast Hard to beat a Milwaukee corded drills, it will last for awhile and you dint have to worry about the batteries being discontinued like Milwaukee had done a few times already
  3. I think your right. They have just about got the public believing round up treated products are unsafe, no matter what the facts are. Most recently they have started to pursue the results of the antibiotic properties of glyphosate and its effect on honey bee digestive system, and is that hurting the bees? i can’t see glyphosate being on the market many more decades
  4. Yeah, it was warm, not the record highs but warm and dry because the pressure system stayed in the same place for what seems all summer, now we are cold and raining, flood warnings and watches, leaves turned early and the roads are going to heck The enviro-nuts are all Giddy when it’s cold, and say it’s climate change, then they are all serious When it’s hot and it is global warming. The weather guesser actually stated it was the warmest month in 5 years the other day. really reaching.
  5. AKwelder


    Around here we can shoot them, in season. If your able to get them in your sights I believe the bag limit is 5 in possession
  6. More construction union members are supporting the the red as time goes by. There Is a grass roots change starting
  7. AKwelder

    Cover crop

    Very hard, it’s invasive here and taking over ditches and fields
  8. We have been busy, We took the old deck down and have been working on the new one, a bit left My boys helping, and of course momma wanted the old stairs salvaged and used off the driveway saw this, northern most I bet working up north they are digging. Hole, the last batch of pumps were to small to keep the hole dry. These ought to do it And the leaves have been changing,
  9. Depends on how long my wife lives
  10. Right. Just to watch, wink wink
  11. Left for basic training a few weeks after graduation, came back and visited a few time, yeah, I have not been back for a reunion if they had one. Next year is our 30th, although I am not sure I care yet
  12. This, also I would make sure you run some welds in the middle of the field, otherwise the metal distort a little from loads and no longer be tight to the frame, and then it sounds like a drum
  13. yikes. She don’t have to beat you up, you got there first. Hope she she does well healing up
  14. I have a diesel truck. 95 power stroke that is just fine for my needs my everyday driver has no need to be a diesel, I mostly drive in town and may pull a trailer over the horizon a coupe times a year. Therefore, I won’t buy another diesel. They just don’t pencil out for me, not even close
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