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  1. Probably chillers. Or AC units
  2. Lower your standards and improve you odds
  3. It’s a good truck, but well worn. A few are still around. The Gin poles allow me to not use my loader to lift things it shouldn’t, and are much better than getting up and down off the tractor to adjust or re-rig. For old technology it sure works well, and it’s pretty nice on the back
  4. Yeah, now that you mention it. One in every cab is not a bad idea,
  5. Been working on the new garage. Borrowed my favorite unrelated uncles mini excavator. Was doing great putting in the power pole and trenching in the conduit. And suddenly we had a small spray in the cab. Yeah, hose under the floor boards got it back together after getting two new hoses trusses are here. Putting them up with a material lift bringing them to the site with the ole IH getting to have a roof i need to get it dried in so I can go moose hunting and harvest the honey from my hives. Also need to get things cleaned up for fall, we had 45* last night
  6. Yeah, and most still have a Bernie sticker on the back. To many running around here. The Subaru image has faded in the last decade or so and the resale value has gone with it, wife is setting rid of hers now, she bought a Honda CRV, whatever, just so it is dependable. Toyota's are tuff, I have a tacoma (my third and I will keep this one for awhile). wife used to have a Sienna mini van. In over 15 years in Tacoma’s mine have been into the shop for one thing (smelled burning oil, it was the front dif leaking onto the exhaust, they replace the whole assembly) they don’t leave you on the side of the road. To bad the fuel economy sucks, but you break even with not having maintenance bills I think
  7. I was reading a book about this, I believe the invasion of Japan was operation Olympic, they said the plans never mention one of the marine divisions after the first few days, it was expected to have been all but wiped out. The expected casualties were staggering to say the least. In the end the bomb probably save the Japanese culture if the battles in the island hoping campaign were any indication of what was to come. Neither side was taking prisoners.
  8. This goes with a issue we had here, four lane divides the local box store area from where they were building a new hotel. They were building a new hotel and needed someone to sweep up and haul out trash (warm building work in early winter) Construction manager walks over to the pan handlers at the light and offers them a job and lunch for the foreseeable future, got turned down. boss had me stop into local soup kitchen, we needed Snow shoveling. cash and lunch, no takers out of 40 people (granted some we not able) but WTH? It’s a very interesting number when you look at things in percent of income, or days worked to pay for. Very interesting
  9. Lol. I know, but it sure gave me a chuckle at the end of a long day
  10. You repaired it yourself? Good grief. That’s impressive. lol
  11. AKwelder

    ALL lives matter

    Until Valhalla Brothers. RIP, and peace to the families after the loss
  12. I assume this is your freeze dryer, can you tell us more about it?
  13. On my recent drive up from Minot I crossed the border at Portal, in Saskatchewan there was a stretch of huge drag lines strip mining coal. amazing machines
  14. Yeah, I just ruined my 3 year run without going into Walmart. Three visits now in 12 years this year I was in Minnesota and looking for a cooler, after target and several stores I tried the Walmart in St Cloud MN, I did find what I want but had a heck of a experience
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