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  1. Hmm. Meadow gold? https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Meadow_Gold_Dairies_(Hawaii) probably not that one, but hmm
  2. I worked Defoe a company that ran several tiered loaders and a few other Detroit’s, we had this oil for them, worked very well for a lot of years
  3. Classic sled? And what kind of oil should we run? Lol in the 70’s there were a huge number of manufacturers including Deere, Harley Davidson, Sears, Rupp, mercury, Ski Roulette, Moto ski, arctic cat, Polaris, Ski doo, and many more. I think the longest running sled was the Indy 500. They made it for something like 14 years ending in the early 00’s. Lots of parts and items out there. Not a bad first sled to try.
  4. She don’t cost me much to keep
  5. I saw where someone countered these by demanding they remove Martin Luther King day and statues since he was against homosexuality, that got real quite for a bit before they claimed it was racist people can always find something that someone disagreed with to complain
  6. There is also the ski doo expedition, a cross between a mountain sled and a skandic. Some around here have them and they like them. You never find them for sale used,
  7. What rig you running it in? Most people use way more additive than needed so the cost per gallon is wrong. But if your buying 25 gallons and save 50 cents a gallon I would think you will save money adding anti-gel additive. I wouldn’t have any problem with that to below zero.
  8. What kind of riding do you do? Trails? Groomed? Boondocking? Mountains? If you mentioned it I missed it
  9. Lol. Yes, quicker and way more adrenaline. I have tapered off, used to run a lot of mountains and deep powder. ATV or side by side are kinda “meh” now.
  10. AKwelder

    Had to share

    If it was only the schools, here it is the schools and our state university, looks like the university of Alaska will lose their accreditation, so that degree is now truly worthless, and now they have made such a worthless model of financial responsibility the bond agency have dropped their rating, so they are running out of money
  11. AKwelder

    radio antenna

    Looks good there 73 KL4TG
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