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  1. AKwelder


    See a couple running around here down to 30* below ambient and they seem to be fine. I would assume they are garage kept
  2. You should come a bit further west and north, whole different deal
  3. You would be low here, that set up and low miles would have people going to war, start mid 30’s and let them talk you down Definitely, tell them your not buying to day and if they have a buying customer let you know and we will come back another time
  4. I think if you go to the bottom of the page there is a small word Theme with a downward triangle. Give it a try
  5. AKwelder


    We only have roads I would take it out on in the summer, so a solar panel in the land of the midnight sun seems to fit for me. the shop is getting closer to usable, and the ridge line runs east west, so a solar array is being considered, seems I can get at least an average of 500 kw/hr (Monthly average) with a single setup, and if a double fits maybe 1000. At 23 cents a KW/hr it might pencil out.
  6. AKwelder


    And that’s what I would want. Seems like a good match, now I just need to save a bit There is a school of thought that the power industry needs to move to clean power, and then we will can charge our cars from green power. Not very cost effective at this time, but it’s better
  7. AKwelder


    I live in a small urban area with horrible roads between here and the next town. I was pondering how fun a Tesla would be here in town, I rarely go more than 20 miles from the house, we don’t have any straight away for high speed runs, out of town the frost heaves are to much in most places so I drive a truck, and 5 months a year there is snow and ice. Instead of buying a midlife crisis muscle car why not a Tesla? Huge speed and acceleration, great for around town with plenty of snort, and why not? Or not, who knows
  8. I was driving and really wanted to get a picture, but... anyways I passed a Tesla pulling a twin axle deck over trailer with lumber on it the other day. Would have never believed it, but dang. Trailer was a rental from the local lumber yard, but who would have thought you could get a hitch for a Tesla much less tow with one
  9. It’s what young people say when they were texting while driving. Can’t be their fault
  10. Take them with you. So they tag along with you when you go for parts, stop for a candy bar. Make a plan your not doing projects every night after work. Make plans for a family vacation that you do every year Like camping on the Fourth of July (Christmas on the beach has been good for us). I have not done as good as I should have, maybe not a regret but I sure wish I could change it
  11. Different water everywhere you go. We are lucky to get 10 years out of a water heater now a days. I keep a set of elements and a wrench on the water heater, and should do a better job of flushing. Lots of room for improvement on that here dig, stir, flush, rinse, repeat. Pulling the Lower element and putting a section of small pipe (I use 3/4 copper) on the shop vac has worked for me. Put a bend on the end to get more of it seems to work for me. I have pulled half a 5 gallon bucket of sediment at a time this way.
  12. I would seriously do my research regarding replacement costs. The cost of a new heater and a couple hours for a successful end may be much lower than you think. Compared to spending many hours, some parts, and in the end not solving the problem or needing to replace the heater anyways. whats your time worth? What’s the normal time of failure for water heaters in your area, here it’s 7 years, so you would be on borrowed time,
  13. Yep. We are also seeing issues at work where they are considering the impacts of an employee being infected, who is responsible? Where did they get infected? Who pays the bills? How is workman’s comp applied? What if god forbid someone dies after being infected at work? Was the employee following guild lines on their own time? Lots of unknowns. Has the company taken the proper precautions? Was there a mitigation plan and was it followed? There will be lawsuits about this In the years to come. and it may drastically change business in the years to come.
  14. Regarding the magneto, try Standard Magneto At 1-800-624-6386 great people, and they know mags
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