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  1. Thanks for the reply’s. I need to ponder it a bit.
  2. I am getting tired of looking backwards. Anyone have pictures of a front mount snow plow on a 460 or done it them selves? I am hoping to mount a truck snow plow to the front of my wide front 460 in place of the loader, just looking at where I would tie in the frame and how it’s been done before
  3. Thanks for the McMaster lead, ordering some now FYI, I have ordered those pins from Steiner a few years back, maybe 4 or 5 now that I think about it, at the same price so they have been selling them that price for years. The difference between them and McMaster is the pull ring. The Steiner ones have a heavier ring like original OEM, McMaster has a split ring. So they are probably a custom order that Steiner did
  4. Just saw the box arrived for the 460 manuals. I will be opening them up shortly and see, but it looks good. If this works out as well as it appears I will get manuals for the other IH tractors and sickle mower. I see they do not have a manual for my mid 80’s kubota, oh well i need to check on continental engines and welders
  5. Just orings like shoe said. I read on here about using bolts or threaded rod to make line up pins and disassembled the block on the tractor and changed the orings out on my 460, hardest part was getting there
  6. Thank you gents appreciate the offer, shipping might be a pain though
  7. Getting ready to order the square head bolts to mount weights on the 460. Since we don’t have any dealers near I was going to order off McMaster, does anyone know how long they should be? i want to mount at least three sets on each side if it matters
  8. AKwelder

    IH 1456

    This was on facebook
  9. Tony, that truck is amazing. And truly a labor of love. but that interior, oh my. That is amazing
  10. Thanks Doc, you just won me a beer. LOL He should be able to get the correct number soon
  11. Gents, can you tell me what year and engine is in this? my buddy picked it up this weekend, cheap
  12. I need to take the sheet metal off to get to the valve to look, but that sure would make sense. The one valve has a broken spring/clip so it doesn't hold the the selector in place. I need to spend the time fixing that, or coming up with a work around. My valve block is leaking again so we will split the valve assembly and replace O-rings to fix the leak. Then change fluid & filters and she should be good for awhile. I also need to work on the pressure regulator and make sure that it is set right.
  13. On the 460 you have the two (at least on my tractor) valves on the lower center counsel that are turned to select single or double acting hydraulics, do you turn them counter clockwise or clockwise for double acting? Anyone have a picture of the correct decals? mine are way gone and the cylinders work both ways, and i have got it so mixed up in my head that it is driving me mad, to say I am having troubles and think this is an understatement, but the ole gal is dong a good job Thank you for any help
  14. Are you saying the frame is cracked lengthwise on the top flange? if so, and it being u dear the box it sounds like a very reasonable repair. Anything can be welded, it just some times it’s not worth it. This sounds like it could be done reasonably Never hurts to check
  15. I believe they make an LED version now. Maybe check with RRR tractors
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