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  1. AKwelder

    Hey Ak

    If the mower is worth $1600 then the tractor is being sold for $2300, which seems a bit steep if the TA is out. I just don't see the 110 mowers for sale very often, and they sure seem handy
  2. AKwelder

    Hey Ak

    Ok, gotcha i got the impression it was all IH, but who knows
  3. AKwelder

    Hey Ak

    I called and talked to them today, good people and very nice to talk to the mower is an IH balanced head unit. You can raise it all the way to vertical with the hydraulic ram, no more getting off the seat they saw Tanker taking pictures they say the tractor is in good shape except the TA. They want $3900 and do not want to separate the tractor.
  4. AKwelder

    Hey Ak

    tanker, thank you for the pictures looks to be in fair condition for the age, did you see anything to make a person walk away?
  5. Drive south this week for some work wonderful views
  6. Snow blower I would guess, just missing the blower
  7. AKwelder


    Sorry for your loss,
  8. And they wouldn’t keep running while he was chasing with the lights on
  9. Sounds like a place worth shopping at,
  10. If you can that would be great, thank you I have been looking around for a front mounted Sickle for a few years. This one has been on their yard for nearly three years. Which makes me really nervous, why has it not sold?
  11. Saw this on Craig’s list, is this a jockey lot? It’s been listed for sale on CL now and then for a couple years https://minneapolis.craigslist.org/ank/grd/d/farmall-300-tractor-international-110/6893377567.html Its a ways from me, but if it’s a balanced head mower I just might....hmm
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