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  1. Several places, and Cat is one, sell cutting edge lengths. You might check around for a piece that works and maybe save a few bucks. Last case bucket I remember had rolled corners for the bucket, which makes it a bit more
  2. They are tough plants. I have moved more than a few with the backhoe and very little care or finesse. Seems like they prosper from the abuse.
  3. Here they got the point. And enforced nothing. But did offer friendly reminders, advice, and helpful guidance.and most took it as it was offered. might have to do with the ratio of armed citizens to bureaucrats. And open carry laws
  4. Small world. It’s been a good loader, I need to spend a couple hours on it soon the garage is set to be 24’ wide and 28’ deep and then a 12’ add on off the back. This will house a small mech room and the majority will be the wife’s new Coop.
  5. AKwelder

    Corona virus

    There is some room for questioning the data, but with a pandemic one would think there would be a large difference for 2020,
  6. Brisket was pretty good, I have some more learning to do but it was pretty good. rented a tracked skid steer. Boy they are handy moved the tractor hooch then moved an old section of deck I have plans for got the oldest boy in the seat and got the tires broke down rims are going for blasting and paint tomorrow and dug a hole for the foundation of the garage just need a couple hundred yards of gravel now. It’s all glacial silt and you can not build directly on it today it’s raining. So we are winding down a long weekend.
  7. Lol. Like it would be your choice. I think your right. They must work on reactions or triggers. The guy who is willing and agreeable mostly gets a pass, but stories, excuses, and whining, and they get the rubber gloves out.
  8. I listened to most of that myself. I second that recommendation
  9. Previous quote for this picture was New contest, hold the cat and touch off a round, whoever holds the cat the longest wins. Current record is 0.3 seconds
  10. “Layfette we have returned” is said to have been stated by a GI when they entered Paris there is also credible sources that when the French post WW2 government ordered the US to remove all US servicemen from France the reply was “including the ones buried here.”
  11. I would recommend Snap-On for screw drivers if you have a local dealer that you can reach. My dealer I can normally meet at his lunch and he will leave things for me at a friend’s business if I ask. He will also pick up and warranty tools at the buddies. But I don’t turn wrenches for a living anymore so I have three levels of tools First level is my shop/garage. I like good stuff that is warranted. I have some Snap-On and I will freely admit to being a fan. If I use something a lot I buy Snap-On or an equally good product. I am not a total tool snob though, I have plenty of cheap tools for single use to. One example is the clutch fan tool set I have, rarely use so it’s just a O’Rielys kit. Snap-On screwdrivers and sockets, Knipex pliers, Gear wrench ratchet wrenches, Proto punches, Cresent adjustable size, and so on. Second Level. Tools that I use on the job site (I am charging for the work) . I buy quality that works. I watch the budget but use Klein screwdrivers, Rigid tools, channel locks and crescent for some other stuff, they Craftsman or Kobalt tools. I want good stuff to get the job done but not so much that if it walks off or gets left behind I lose a mortgage payment Third level. Tools I hope not to use. I buy the cheap sets as needed for behind the seat of the truck, in the camper, and on the tractor. Besides being in position to be stolen, I don’t plan to use them. If I do they are good enough to get the job done. I also have some of these for loaning out. so where does your use fall in this? Lol.
  12. Wow, after taking a direct hit center of mass she continued to perform the duties of her post in the third such attack in 6 months https://www.navytimes.com/news/your-navy/2020/05/21/security-forces-member-at-nas-corpus-christi-injured-during-active-shooter-situation-shooter-neutralized-officials-say/ Bet that leaves a mark,
  13. Better to pick the time that is inconvenient that be forced into time that is horrible. The number one comment we hear from people who have done it is they waited to long good luck
  14. Wow, hope your all right. Just thinking if it made me cringe. I wear steel toes constantly. When they get to best up for work they get used around the yard.
  15. Getting to be the land of the midnight sun now no more full darkness the tires on the 460 finally went so it’s time for change out, going to be working on it in my spare time. Going to blast and paint the rims, and not put calcium back in the new tubes. I won’t know how to act with a match set of tires the new garage site, this will take a bit of effort but it’s time and I put some brisket on the Trager. Here’s hoping Happy Memorial Day all
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