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  1. And propane doesn’t get funky over time. For stand by fuel it’s hard to beat propane, it will be the same in 20 years.
  2. There also seem to be a lot of people who think the tractor they bought will be so handy, and it gets a couple hours a year. And then it’s for sale, because it’s still work
  3. Just so I am keeping it straight in my head, A law is passed that prohibits a market for a product in the future. Now companies have a date after which they can no longer sell their product Companies no longer invest in the product/facilities/new sources since there is less opportunity for it to pay back the investment. prices and availability of the product become volatile. The producers are blamed?
  4. If you’re concerned take some oil samples and send them out.
  5. When I built the shop it turned out the roof is well situated for an array. I had the local company give me an estimate last spring. With the tax write off it was going to pencil out in 8 years. Without it was just under 10. the largest cost was labor. But if I did it myself they wouldn’t warranty the panels. I am still interested in doing it. But not at 26k to install and 8 years to pay off. And the tax credit, you have to owe that much to get the credit.
  6. I drove into town for a week while we didn’t have power. I have been looking at getting an EV but not as my only transportation Our community already tried this in the 80’s. Power company campaigned and sold people on total electrical house. They failed when the grid became overwhelmed and the change over started. We have been changing heat pumps out for high efficiency gas boilers now. The technology is not up to the task yet for our climate.
  7. More likely a pileated wood pecker, my grandparents had some in the pasture and that is exactly what they looked like, or other wood pecker
  8. This wonderful creation was on a FB page it appears to be exactly what I want
  9. That lead based stuff is probably the best you could ask for in this application. Works great. My normal flux is Oatey #5, works well When you clean it, you can heat it up, dab flux on it (it should boil and clean) and repeat until it’s clean enough for solder, if the solder does not adhere to a spot while soldering add some flux and reheat.
  10. On a pin hole I have used a propane torch, flux from my plumbing box, and plumbing solder. on larger repairs I have hammered patches from cheap copper fittings and the same stuff as a repair. You can also “Tin” it by coating the separate pieces with solder before putting them together. Clean it good, lots of flux, heat it up, flux it again, solder it. You will be just fine. If you see green flame it’s to hot
  11. While I am ordering tools, what tools are needed to rebuild the Torque amplifier on my 460? Any special pullers, collets or drivers? then a clutch and new IPTO drive shaft
  12. Well things are out of order. Time to work on something My big truck, a 94-1/2 F250 power-stroke with a manual tranny needs the tranny fixed. Gears are getting hard to get into, and 2nd gear is about impossible to shift into. Well I started by getting a manual, and ordered a few tools. I have access to a rebuildable core, and I might do that.
  13. Glad your doing well. Sounds like some interesting iron, keep us posted Happy Holidays, Merry Christmas, and stay warm
  14. Well I was think of this today. We didn’t get to the lister before the season ended, and my buddy left for the year, so we will be going off the beaten path in the spring to drag her out. On top of that I am a weeee bit behind on projects and was not ready to install it yet. On a different note, so far we have been on the little suitcase generator twice today, and 7 or 8 times this winter. And we have had quite a few short hits (less than 10 minutes). I hope your doing well @Twolines with this weather. Sweet britches has decided my priorities will be different this spring, cause this sucks. She has had to drag the suitcase gen set out and hook up three times to keep the pellet stove from filling the house with smoke. I did break down and buy a UPS ago keep the dang stove running for those minor outages. so now I am trying to figure out where to order a PTO generator, if I buy it to big I will have to get a larger tractor…oh what a slippery slope
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