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  1. Wow, Glad she is ok. that Burban is a lot easier to fix. and easy with the gender neutral-stuff, it may identify one way or another
  2. and that’s why there was very few stupid stunts, the consequences were real, immediate, and severe. Amazing how that works
  3. Kid pulled up beside me waving, I pull over and he apologized and said my load had come loose, I think Ed him. He then apologized more saying he wasn’t trying to be disrespectful, told him he was fine and I really appreciated it. Never thought he was disrespectful. on the flat tire thing. Daughter had a slow leak, told her it was low one day and she said she knew, okay then. She called a week later and asked where to buy tires, guess she got to know more. some people can’t be told, they just have to touch the stove
  4. Looks good 1/16” tolerances? Fun
  5. Lol, I can picture this, and even have a few names and faces to put with the people in the story.
  6. Where’s the face palm button? Geesh
  7. Great neighbors here, everyone keeps to themselves but is willing to help, and they all say hi, or wave, stop and talking occasion, but not nosey.
  8. Don’t ever put your job ahead of life, because if you died today your job would be posted before your obituary, and maybe filled to
  9. Always heard black pepper was good anti leak, never heard of it used to flush, but who knows.
  10. I graduated from the same school as Catech in 90 and left for basic. Want around much for the next 6-10 years. Dang place turned into a suburb. and they got a tractor supply, I was not impressed
  11. Just heard today that one of the back country lodges we have been going to got so much snow one of the beams in the roof cracked. Lodge is 100 years old. time to warm up a sled and pull out my clutch tools
  12. The forum members I have had the honor to meet are great, Troy sure is a great guy, Tony is the most gracious host, only a couple hundred more of you to meet
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