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  1. AKwelder

    Stupid transmission clips

    Most shops won’t rebuild them with out a new converter, to likely to lead to failure otherwise. Most auto parts stores sell a tranny flush. If the radiator is reasonable change it, it never hurts, and flush the lines. The last tranny I did myself we took it over to the guy who benched it after we had it running, and he inspected it to make sure it was good. To me this means he would stand behind it
  2. AKwelder

    308 vs 6.5 Creedmoor

    I read a book, the world undone, it talks at length about the ANZAC’s and Monash . It also tells of thier incredible record, amazing unit. And horrific battles.
  3. AKwelder

    Tire rant

    Hmm. Never saw that coming, Firestone? Really? For winter driving its common here to run Blizzak tires or the copies from the others, soft tires that grip well. Most guys have the wife on these and some even stud them. They are really impressive when you stud them. Good winter tires and long life are not available in the same tire it seems
  4. AKwelder

    560 hydraulics

    What size rear tires are in that?
  5. AKwelder


    We were talking about this and why they are for sale with low mileage. I think this and rentals are why. We can afford one now, and then after awhile we go, ehhhh. And sell. Have you driven one? Irented a mustang one time, I was really looking forward to it, what a let down. Low to the ground and not very good visibility
  6. AKwelder

    Some fun from today

    Looking good
  7. AKwelder

    Farmall super A with cracked block, What's it worth?

    If you want it go for it, it’s not worth much, but most people disagree. i would suggest there are a lot better options for less money that are closer, unless I am missing something
  8. AKwelder

    Real Estate 🏡 Market (house ) Dilemma

    This ^. My parents built their own recently, single level, wide doors and hallways, all in shower, not a step in the place. I don’t think they will have any regrets, and I would say the same for you. good luck
  9. AKwelder

    Bugs, Gee who could see this one coming at us

    I have been watching this, and I hope learning a bit. The Varroa mites are really bad, and when the mites weaken the bees you start to have other issues. The bee industry is changing, hopefully in time
  10. AKwelder

    IH Gas Turbine

    The smaller units are not cost effective to run, the 800 Kw generator unit runs thru 2000 gallons of diesel a day, a piston unit would be less than half of that. Piston units have been getting better fuel economy, running longer, and cheaper since the heyday of turbines. If on the other hand you can tie it into a natural gas feed, you can run a long time between maintenance shutdowns. Like 9 to 12 months without stopping, or more.
  11. AKwelder

    IH Gas Turbine

    They have them along the pipe line for powering a few pumps, and generators. They had a power pack set up for pumps and compressors and then they had a generator set up. Some were in enough of an enclosure that they could set outside and you could order an arctic package for them. The ones we see they still get parts for and order them from Cat
  12. AKwelder

    ebay jerk gets a lesson

    I fell for you, it will get me upset, even amzon does it. They will ship anywhere in the US, then refuse Alaska after you order, then you find a seller that will ship to the contiguous US, but then refuses Alaska, why not just claim lower 48 only.
  13. AKwelder

    Vehicle scan tool

    I found that by using a basic tool, I can scan my vehicles and get any codes. Then I use google to dig deeper. I only have a couple vehicles so I will never do enough repairs to justify the cost of a high end tool, and likeJ-Mech said, you need a major tool platform to do much more.
  14. AKwelder

    Making a purchase this weekend (pics)

    Two checks? Way to good to pass up
  15. AKwelder

    fencing pictures

    Study for HAM radio, add another certificate for work, write a computer program, find out how to set up your welding machine, there are items out there good luck with the mono tone class. Been there