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  1. I want to say that he had an estimate from a dirt outfit claiming an outrageous number of loads of sand. Maybe thousands? Sad.
  2. AKwelder

    Hey you welders

    👆What Mike said, 👆☝️ and they made those welders for a lot of years, maybe even 40 years. I don’t know. That welder should bring $850 at your auction and you won’t regret having it,
  3. Yeah, like at the corner restaurant. Good stuff.
  4. There was an article online that I only got a part of, one farmer had a field that was covered in sand, is this common?
  5. Rainer Darigold and Boise ID Darigold in my fridge right now
  6. 36 meter? I always liked Schwing, they had a very old one at he spread I worked on,
  7. https://www.wkbw.com/hiring716/there-will-be-nearly-half-a-million-vacant-jobs-in-this-industry-by-2022 plenty of good paying jobs, just a lack of instant gratification
  8. AKwelder

    What is it?

    I was just looking at those hooks, is this part of the trolley from when they put loose hay in a barn with horses?
  9. Where can I get a set f those hubs? Lol
  10. There is a Lincoln data plate, get the information off it, it will zero it in with those guys. They are to Lincoln welders what this forum is to IH, and mostly a nice bunch
  11. I would suggest that you got to Welding Web and look at the Lincoln page. Get an account and ask. They work on those fairly regular and most will help you out. A guy named Duane is great with all the engine drive Lincoln’s
  12. No offense. They are totally different types wife bought a horse when we were dating. Looking back that was a sign, I stepped in when she was getting the horse yard set up since there was a ring on her finger at that point. All kinds of stupid ideas from horse people. We turned it around and kept them like livestock, she has noticed how much better that was and is a convert.
  13. Around here a contractor did the math, and a remote village job that was only accessible by plane or river had a construction job, remote site with expensive shipping. He did the math and mailed all the bricks to the jobsite. It was cheaper. There are weight, size, and other restrictions. Get it within them and you can send a lot of things over the horizon
  14. AKwelder


    After wading across the water, and working high voltage when your wet.
  15. I forgot, Congress and the courts are helping us. Is it brass or bronze anywhere on the valve? If it is they discontinued it due to it not being lead free, and good luck
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