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  1. That's what I figured. Like running a dozer. But when using any trailing implements it's a pain and they were so close to having a perfect non synchro transmission other than reverse being too fast in most cases
  2. We have 06-86 tractors with a similar transmission and I'm a little surprised nobody has ever brought this up but the only complaint I have with them is the reverse gears are too fast. A lot of your work is done in 3 or 4L and if you wanna just throw it in reverse for whatever reason it's too fast. Switching speeds is what slows the process. If it's work that you can do in say, 1H or 1HTA it works great because you can just move the range selector to reverse and if everything is adjusted correctly they shift damn near as fast as a shuttle shift. My 1256 with 7200 hours shifts like a new tractor no bs
  3. I don't care for the park brake being in the way on the 86 series cab but I understand they wanted to stay with the two door design and figured that out on the next series. I've never ran a JD with a sound guard cab but I can say that the cab shape/design on the new ones are more similar to that old IH cab than the SG
  4. I thought the 806/856 had the 301G and late 706 and 756 had the 291G
  5. We do the same with ours. Nice cab, well mannered and agile. Also haul grain to town and on Michelin Agribibs it rides and handles like a Cadillac.
  6. I wish I could find deals like that 1566 and 856
  7. I used to watch basketball religiously in the 90s but playing styles and attitudes have changed since then and it's a turn off and before the tourney I havent watched a minute of college bball this year. However, did fill out a bracket at work and luckily picked a couple upsets correct so far. I've always liked Charles Barkley as an analyst, he's toned things down a bit in recent years but he's truthful and entertaining. I picked Houston and North Carolina in the final with Houston winning
  8. I don't ever buy anything with a motor without driving it and looking it over as good as I can. It might still have problems but at least I can say I did my part to make sure it's up to my expectations. My dad did well when he bought his 5488 without looking at it in person but I think he got lucky although it was from a good dealer and talked to the previous owner. That and at $15,500 delivered it was a steal so he had some room
  9. I had a few dirt bikes in my younger days and liked them better then but more of an atv guy now. But the atvs I've had in order are Yamaha Warrior, Polaris Scrambler 400, CanAm Renegade 800, Polaris Sportsman 850, Polaris Sportsman 850 2up (for me and the wife) now I have a 4 seat Polaris RZR 1000 for the family. The CanAm was sportier and held up to abuse better than the Sportsman but the Sportsman rode nicer
  10. I don't blame him. When they're repainted and done with the correct shade of red, it doesn't get much better than that in the looks department in my book
  11. It appears to me that it's a 1973. The year they went from 2400 to 2600 rpm for a few more horses. My dad has a 73 1066
  12. The worst job I ever did was pitch moldy silage out of the silos on a hot day.
  13. Just thinking out loud here. I wonder if 34s with the fast rear is close to 38s with the slow rear end as far as speed and lugging.
  14. Do you happen to know when they changed it? I consider mine a later one serial #32737
  15. I've heard from a couple of guys now that the earlier 806s had a faster "rear end" than the later ones and the faster one is more desirable for the high speed pulling crowd. Is this true? And if so, when did they change it? Also does a late 806 have the same speed rear end as the 856. I would assume the speed would be changed in the ring and pinion ratio?
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