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Found 1 result

  1. So the age old issue each fall for us... "What the heck do we do with these corn stalks!" What are you guys doing in the fall for tillage to burry the corn trash? I know EVERYONE does it different, understandable, but I'm looking to see different ideas and how successful you are with it. Every region is different, soil is totally different, winters are different too. Here in Eastern Ontario, we get or at least tend to get as of lately, wet falls, snow on and off, cold then hot and back to cold. We don't seem to get a traditional fall and progression into winter anymore. Needless to say our soil can be dry and rock hard or it can be slippery and sticky, so tillage can be tricky some years, especially if you're looking to get a decent, level finish. Nine times outta ten, we chop the stalks with a pull behind #50 chopper to help speed up that decaying process. We have moldboard plows, and do use them when needed. Do we like using them, no not really. We have tried using our regular discs on the fields, and we are really not getting the nice incorporation we want. It seems if we don't have at least some "black" showing in the fields, it takes a lot longer than we want in the spring to dry them up. I guess we are looking for about 50% of the trash to be on top for winter. Tried chisel plowing, that is just a waste of fuel and creates a huge mess to deal with later, so that isn't happening again! What are these new fancy Speed Discs all about? The horsepower required for them is mind boggling to me in a way, but I guess when you're doing the suggested 10-15mph across a field (which I really don't think I have a field I could do that speed across in a tractor) I guess you're moving a lot of dirt!? The smaller 3pth models, usually 8 to 11 feet wide it seems, are they any good? Does anyone have one? Likes, dislikes, regrets? In my mind, I would rather a pull behind model, would think would be easier to pull than a 3pth model, but doesn't seem like they make one that narrow in a pull type? Are these 3pth models giving the results you should get out of the machine? Are they actually covering up trash as they should? Price aside as of now - only because its crazy what some of them are worth - which makes it very hard to justify. Especially if you'd only use it in the fall for tillage - unless you guys find they work just as well in Spring to make a proper seed bed? Disc cultivator Softer NS - Farmet Looks like the 3m size is what a 120hp tractor would handle? I'm assuming it would need to be weighted in front end too? Speed-Tiller 465 High-Speed Disk | Case IH The CIH site is confusing as I can't seem to do the "build" scenario correctly to show the actual disc (3pth version) so not sure??? 465 cih speed tiller - Bing images This is the style I was referring to - to be comparable to the Farmet model above. Any information, personal experiences, neighbors who have and you watch over the fence each fall..... would be appreciated.
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