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  1. Lol oh I know it’ll go over like a fart in church but hey a guys gotta try!
  2. We ll definitely do that. Not planning on working it too hard, mostly light duty for it. But definitely a good idea for sure.
  3. That’s correct. I mistyped it as a 65, thanks for the correction
  4. Mine are probably known from yesterday but I’ll chime in with my reasons. 1. 560 diesel with a wide front and flat top fenders. We had one originally and once we put the cab on the 1256 we put the fenders on it and it really looked sharp. Had to use glow plugs on an 80 degree day but could run all week on a tank of fuel. 2. 1026 hydro. I remember running one when I was in my teens for a neighbor that had one and I thought it was so cool that a large frame like that was a Hydro and it was so easy to run and didn’t need to use the clutch. It’s sold about five years ago and I really wish I would’ve bought it. Would definitely like for it to be a gold demo as I really think those are a neat tractor and paint scheme but if not it’s not the end of the world. 3. 1979 4586. We had one that we bought when it was only a year or two old and after the original motor going out numerous times dad put in a Cummins 903 motor and it ran great after that. I remember when I was a little kid looking up at that tractor and how I thought that was a monstrous tractor. I’d love to find it but unfortunately I don’t have the serial for it. The 903 conversion would be the tell sign of it and I’d recognize it if I saw it.
  5. Thank you! Lol hey we all have that row. Seems like we never get to it lol. Wow a bareback? Sounds like a rare one? Lol Depending on what’s going on with the 656 , the 706 will most likely be a cheaper fix lol
  6. I would agree. Not sure yet if I’m gonna leave those on there or look for like an 11L15.
  7. Thank you! It needs a few things but overall it’s pretty straight and mechanically is good.
  8. I definitely agree lol. I mean whenever we move something like that we always do our best to be careful and make sure everything is secure but some guys get just a little too picky lol. And thank you!
  9. Oh yeah? If that 4586 had a 903 in it I would be for sure asking for more details on it. Definitely would be curious as to what they would want but between just buying this one and after all the work I just did on redoing the 806 probably should let the bank account rebuild a little lol
  10. Hey that sounds like a good way to handle it! We all have to have some kind of vice. I’m not married yet but If my future wife ever gives me grief I will definitely remind her of her spendy clothes or other things like that lol.
  11. You might want to take the tank out and have someone clean it out. And I would highly recommend putting one of those strainers in the bottom of the tank that kind of stick up right and filter the fuel before it comes into the sediment bowl. I remember when I bought the 806 from my uncle it had been sitting for a number of years and after we put fresh gas in it there was a lot of junk in that tank and it was always giving us a hard time and pretty much exactly the problems you’re describing. I eventually took it to a radiator guy and he opened the tank and cleaned it out really good and sealed it back up and then we installed that strainer and I’ve never had any problems since.
  12. I probably could’ve did a fourth one but it was pretty well secured and we were both confident that it wasn’t going anywhere and it rode comfortably the whole way home. That however sounds like a recipe for disaster for sure I mean it’s not that hard to at least throw one over it even if you’re only going a few miles.
  13. Definitely agree with that!! I realize it costs money to not only keep the tractors going but when you do a full-blown restoration that adds up quick. That being said I know people that have boats and it’s unreal what they spend on fuel in one summer alone. It was funny when I brought this one home, a friend of mine said oh like you need another one! My reply was I don’t drink or gamble or smoke so what else is left in life besides collecting ih tractors? 😂
  14. Absolutely. That was a big reason my great grandfather bought a gas instead of a diesel originally. The gassers do like fuel but it’s nice to hit that switch when it’s 10 degrees and it fires
  15. Absolutely. That’s kind of my thought. We’re putting some hay in for next so between that and running an auger it’ll be a good fit. And I agree. Seems like it gets longer as we get older lol
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