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  1. Could also check on tractor house as well. Plenty of 2350s out there for sale. 2450s are kind of a rare one to find. I don’t know if they just didn’t build as many of them or what. We had a 2450 before. Would love to find another one, as they had a taller lift on it. Have a 2355 currently and is a good loader. The extra lift would just be nicer.
  2. If you can get the serial that ll up your chances quite a bit. Good luck with finding it, it can be done.
  3. That is correct. Tri stripes only had them
  4. If you don’t have any luck finding it , might have luck finding a nice set in a machine at the parts yard
  5. Nice tractor indeed. But for 40k it better come with duals and weights and have the correct decals/interior.
  6. Nice looking tractor. Very possible it’s original but I don’t think a price tag of that amount is worth it. But then again someone may pay it. It’s unreal what things have been bringing. I don’t know if anybody caught this but Bates had their sale earlier this week and there was a tube of ih grease brought $150. I just don’t understand people paying these crazy amounts for things but it’s collectible so
  7. I sure like the looks of them. Especially the tri stripes. 06-56 are a big favorite of mine as well. Ours does pretty much lighter work these days. Pulls a set of wagons in the fall and runs the snow blower in winter time and occasionally on a fertilizer spreader.
  8. My great grandfather bought a super 55 brand new. Bought it with a 3 bottom plow but was alittle too much for it so traded it for a 2 and was much better. We still have the tractor and the plow. Very handy tractor that we still use to this day. First tractor I drove was that one. We’ve never had issues getting parts. Great tractor with three point and hydraulics and live pto. That one looks alittle rough but it would depend on the care it’s had.
  9. Wow that’s terrible. Hope all involved are ok. Hope those weren’t family tractors either.
  10. 1980 had them as well too. 80 would have been the first year for the tri stripes. I always liked the look of the tri stripes over the regular 86 series.
  11. Looks like a nice one! Congrats!
  12. Didn’t look at it real close but was my thoughts too
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