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  1. That’s what I was wondering? I follow the freighters on the lakes and history of them and I’ve never heard of ih having their own ships, but this is the first I’ve seen of them. I know ford had their own fleet of ships back in the day, one that even helped to search for the Edmund Fitzgerald the night it went down. Pretty neat though!
  2. The first one is from the 70s up at the original farm. The last two is from 2014 where I live currently.
  3. Do you mean 1486? I would assume that being an 80 year. I would highly recommend fehr cab kits
  4. Darn! Thought I had a rarity lol. And this guy was definitely ingenuity equipped! And I’ll have do that!
  5. Took a few more pics of it now that it’s in the shop. The tires are 16.9 34 tires. Not sure about the 32” centers? Maybe someone can tell if they are or if they’re something special? The levers were added on to make the single one longer. And a second remote was added
  6. I can read it, I don’t remember what the serial is but I can look tomorrow
  7. 😂 I figured you’d eye those up Matt! It definitely has some good useable parts on it! Actually the fenders were the big eye catcher for me on it, very straight and good shape. Those I think I’ll save for the 1256 when the cab comes off 😁
  8. Brought home this 706 from a neighbor whose husband passed last year. Guy had a bunch of old machinery that got parked and never moved again until this week. This 706 was one. Story was it was only running on 5 of the cylinders when it was parked. He bought a 986 to replace it and never used it again. This was 10-12 years ago and unfortunately sat outside. I’d like to fix it up and get it going but the motor is locked up and has water in the oil. All levers are froze up. I think a guy would have wayy more in it getting it going than it’s worth. Could buy one good to go for less. So it’s probab
  9. The serial on it is 50471. Would make it an 80. And it is very sharp interior. Was very impressed
  10. They are there, I just didn’t get them In the pic that good
  11. They started all of that in 1980. Our 1486 is an 80 model and has all of those things except it has the western interior
  12. Yes the floor mat was excellent condition, most I’ve seen are tore up or shot. I was amazed how good of shape it was along with the seat. Guy took good care of it. Has a couple other ih pieces that were excellent shape as well
  13. According to the serial it’s an 80. What makes it look like an 81 versus 80?
  14. Went and looked at a 1980 1086 tractor that’s coming up on an auction later this month for a friend. Very sharp tractor. Everything checked out on it and the interior with the exception of the lower was excellent and original. The hours are not correct on it as the auctioneer said that has been replaced. Shifting linkage was nice and tight. Even had the original sears seat in it. I ran the tractor and everything seemed good but the ta is slipping and will need redone. Tractor sells as is with no duals or front weights. Has two sets on the rear though. Any ideas on price? Besides needing a TA I
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