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  1. Look up girard auctions. They’re conducting the sale. Looks like some neat ih items
  2. We had a 4586 that had the international motor in it. Kind of a junk motor. After having it rebuilt a third time at a hefty price tag dad said no more and replaced it with a 903. Ran so much better and pulled the 490 disk and 10 bottom 800 plow like it wasn’t back there. Could actually run without having the throttle all the way open. Made a heck of a difference. Ran great all the way up until we sold it. Would love to find that tractor again. Be easy to spot as the air cleaner on the side sticks out like a sore thumb.
  3. Well said. Happy thanksgiving to everyone
  4. Our tri stripe 1486 has red numbers
  5. Man that’s a sweet 1256, can’t beat that setup!
  6. Around here the 100 pounders bring $1 a pound. I did buy a 75 pounder on a sale last week for 100 but it was just a single weight. I know they usually bring 125.
  7. Nice tractor and welcome! 706 gassers are a nice tractor, have one myself.
  8. Both good tractors but I’d take the 856 given a choice. Just like the looks of the 56 over 66s.
  9. It certainly does! Great pic! Hoping my 12 turns out that nice when we redo it.
  10. Either one is a good choice. I have both 06 and 56 series tractors and I tend to favor the look of a 56 series but I’m partial to a 1256 as most on here know why. Price wise youll be in the same ball park as both are a hot commodity. You’ll have a few more options with a 1456 than a 1206 (ie, tilt steering, hydraulic seat, etc). Either way you’d have a great tractor with either one you chose!
  11. Nice 560! Welcome to the forum! Lots of good folks and info here. We love pics too!
  12. Might try worthington ag parts or all state
  13. I would definitely agree. I bought a 706 earlier this year that the motor was shot in and had been sitting out. I took all of the parts off of it that I wanted, ( flat top fenders, Wide front end, weights, tool boxes, 3 point components, hydraulics, all tin work, drawbar, and a few other things and still got 900 for it from the boneyard. As others have stated with a bad motor one you’re just going to have more in it plus the possibility of having to redo the TA. But hopefully someone out there could help you out with it and make a go of it. Good luck in your search!
  14. Started becoming pretty common here in the last 5 to 10 years. I know a few that charge both commission and buyers premium and some that don’t charge buyers premium. Plus then there’s the 3 to 5 percent fee to use a card if you do that. Sale we had last weekend didn’t charge buyers premium if you were at the sale in person but did if you bid online. I understand they have bills to pay and have to pay the help but it is getting ridiculous anymore to pay a premium to buy something on a sale.
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