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  1. Wow that’s nuts. Had an auction today that had 10 stamped 100 lb ones for 90 a weight.
  2. My great grandfather started the farm Back in the 20s. Then my grandfather and great uncle went in together and took it over and expanded things quite a bit not only through grain farming but cattle and horses as well. Then my father and my uncles came along and joined the farm and took over. When the 80s crisis came Things got tough and we had to scale back and then when my brother and I came along, We started to build things back up. I also took over for an older gentleman who wanted to retire and that also has helped us grow in size.
  3. This will be the 8th year we’ve had our 2188. Been a great machine with little issues or break downs. It’s a late model one before they went to the 23’s so it has a lot of the upgrades on it. Sure beats the old gleaner n7 that we had
  4. Would definitely agree with you on that! That 12 12 speed tranny is definitely a good one.
  5. We run a 9330. Great tractor. Has the the 3 point and pto. Never had any power hop issues with it. We run it on our 25 foot 496 disk And run the grain cart in the fall with it. Been a great tractor so far with no issues. The only complaint that I have about it is every time you push the clutch in it goes back to first gear.
  6. Had a local protest here this weekend...
  7. I would take it. Especially for free. If motor is free would be a good restoration project. Heck you could part out some good parts on it if nothing else.
  8. 🙏 hope all works out ok
  9. I think the rare term gets thrown around a lot anymore. I would agree the 706 with the front wheel assist is not a common sight. I do think there are some iH tractors that could be considered rare,(certain setups, gold demos, etc). One that I laughed about though was when I bought our 1256 back on the sale earlier this year, The auctioneer had it listed in the sale bill as a rare getting hard to find model. There was two of those tractors sold two weeks after I bought that one and I think 15 for sale on tractor house at the time. Not exactly what I would call rare
  10. In the movie, in the heat of the night they visit an iH dealership to question a guy about a murder suspect and in the service area there was an 806 in the background getting worked on that actually had 1206 painted rims.
  11. That things awesome! Anybody ever see the travelalls? We watched grumpy old men last night and didn’t realize it that Walter Matthau s vehicle of choice was one!
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