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  1. No some do have the washer , you’re correct. We have some with a washer and some with the square plate.
  2. Your best bet is to check at boneyard for the pin. Or check with bates. There is a small rectangular plate that is held in place by a small bolt that screws into the belly of the tractor that holds the pin in place.
  3. Wow those are very strong prices. I’m surprised the non stamped ones brought that much
  4. Sorry to hear Matt. Glad no one was hurt. Prayers for your family.
  5. Right you are on that Matt. I remember dad telling me when he bought the 1486, the deal closer was that they put a chrome pipe on it. Still on it today.
  6. Ok, glad I asked. Wasn’t sure. To me they looked similar. I have one off a 66 series but it’s had a one of the hinges torched off it so besides a few of the parts it’s pretty much junk. I found one online from an 86 series so wasn’t sure. Thanks for the info
  7. Is the hydraulic seat suspension the same on a 1486 as a 1256? They look the same to me but maybe I’m not seeing something. I found one that was out of an 86 series and would like to put it in the 1256.
  8. 30 bucks to get into an auction??! Wow they must not be making enough on the commission plus all the buyers and sellers fees too. You want me to pay to get into an auction as a potential buyer? What’s wrong with this picture?
  9. Top pic is mid 80s and bottom is today.
  10. Ohh gotcha. Makes sense. Can’t beat finding an original especially in near perfect shape. The black one I found is ok shape. The backrest is almost perfect but the seat cushion needs some help. If you’d ever want to sell the white one let me know!!
  11. Say Matt, I believe that 1466 is supposed to have a black tombstone seat, I’ve been looking for a white in for the 1256. That 14 would look much better with that black one! And I just happen to have a black one!
  12. You’ll need the support that bolts to the belly and then the pin and retention bolt and little square piece that holds it in place. The draw bar then rests on the support at the rear of the tractor below the pto
  13. It is an original ih filter that’s been stored inside and good shape. I have used NOS filters before and never had any problems. If they have rust around the top of the cylinder then I would toss it but that’s not the case here.
  14. Ok thank you for the replies, appreciate it
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