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  1. That’s awesome you still have the original manual. Oh wow that’s been awhile. Don’t give up hope though. You never know. This was the case with our 1256. After it got sold I knew where it was for several years but then when the guy that bought it had his sale I lost track of it and never knew where it went. Little did I know it went East of here 20 miles. And 23 years later after his sale I found it and was able to bring it back home. It was nothing short of great luck and a miracle imo. Don’t give up, you still may find it!
  2. I would definitely believe that. It’s good stuff and really brings back the the color.
  3. I’ll be darned! I had no idea! I have seen the straight across ones but didn’t give it much thought as to it was series specific. Learn something new here all the time! And thank you! It’s definitely my favorite one of the bunch!
  4. Thank you! We did. We ordered the cab brand new and put it on the tractor back in the 70s. Originally had the ac unit on the back as well but somewhere along the line it got taken off. I didn’t know they made the cabs for series specific? Learned something new today!
  5. Thank you! Hoping to do some field work with it this fall!
  6. Actually have that, it’s up at the other farm. Just haven’t gotten around to get it and get it on. But you’re correct though!
  7. I gotcha. I have heard of those cabs but haven’t seen many. Looks good on it! And good luck finding it! I hope you do! Do you have the serial number for it or know if it’s last whereabouts?
  8. Thank you! That is a nice 1256 too! Was that a factory cab?
  9. Thank you ! That’s awesome. I remember my dad telling me the same thing when we bought that tractor new. At the time we had a 706 And putting that 1256 next to that 706 was quite intimidating. 706 was a good tractor but the 12 like you said is just a beast. And it’s funny you mention that because dad always says the reason his hearing is shot It’s because of Listening to that straight pipe all day with no hearing protection lol. And I can certainly agree with turning back the clock knowing what you know to do things differently. But hey that’s what makes this ride interesting
  10. Yeah, I’ve called a couple of local ones with no success but I may call a few others out of state and see if I can’t find one
  11. Thank you! That would make sense. I didn’t think about a difference in that respect. They do work but there’s not much gap between the two
  12. Thanks Matt! Oh it’s got it’s own special spot in the shed! I’m afraid if I sent it out to you to store I’d never see it again! 😂😂. Thanks again for the light set up, turned out great!
  13. Hi Brian, I agree they definitely make it look good. Still have the 2355 loader for it But it’s actually been off since spring time. Took it off when I changed filters and fluids and did some other work on it and just haven’t had a reason to put it back on. It’ll probably end up back on it this fall. The one thing I do like about that loader is there’s enough room in the front that you can leave the weights on. Couldn’t do that with the old 2450 that we had on the 1486. The muffler that was actually on that tractor wasn’t an original IH one. It was an aftermarket one somebody put on it. When Grandpa bought that tractor new it had the straight pipe on it but then later on dad bought an oval muffler for it from I H and put it on. Somewhere along the line that one got taken off and that one got put on. I like the look of the straight pipe and the sound of it but the oval one that was on it originally looked sharp too.
  14. Thank you! Awesome memories! Those are the best. Some of my best memories are with dad or grandpa on the tractor. And that’s cool that you know who has the tractor. Maybe someday you can buy it back
  15. Thank you! And I agree! I know a guy that has a black original tombstone complete setup he took off a 1466 and I’ve been trying to get him to part with it but not having much luck lol. And I’ve looked at those, they do lol nice! If I can’t find an assembly that’s probably the route I’ll go. Just would like to find the hydraulic setup to have that. This tractor had it originally but someone took it out years ago.
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