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  1. CCR Fortunate Son and The Boss Glory Days
  2. Thats strange I used the same parts you removed but mine was a custom cam for my engine plus a LP exhaust and intake. I also put in thin sleesves to make 281 cu, Ran 65 to 70 hp at 20 percent over on rpm.
  3. Someone needs to tell Trump the Chiefs are in Mo. not Kansas unless he's used a sharpie again and changed state lines like he did with the hurricane.
  4. The area I live in had a chance for a wind farm. There was the same false information pushed by outside agitators with a radicial political agenda. My county set rules for the wind farm and the county commissioner board was in charge. The rules took care of all of the problems most of you had a concern about. . Roads , drainage , set aside from houses, waterways they had to have a 10 million bond to remove wind mills if they were to be decommission. If a wind mill was initiative for 30 days it had to be removed. AS far as birds wind mills aren't even in the top 10 in killing birds. I went to several meetings about the project a learned alot both true and false and emotions ran high at meetings. After looking at several wind mill farms at Van Wert OH and Elwood In and taking to several wind mill owners about payoffs to them 98 percent were pleased with them. As far as subsidies ,they do get a tax right off if the windmills make a profit. Big oil has been getting subsidies for over 100 years, farmers just go 28 billion in subsidies because of the tariffs on China. The agitators went yo court and and lost in Wells co. appealed in Huntington Co. and lost again, couldn't prove any of there complaints. THe Wind Mill company is now waiting to see how the Gov't is going to handle subsidies before moving foward and only need building permits idfthe want to start projects
  5. You can get M's down to 4250 lbs. There are some H's that run good to 4500 lbs in running pulls.If that H has all the goodies and cut tires go for it.
  6. I run a SM, first motor 281 just [put thin sleeves in SM block, carb work LP head ran 65 hp. Worked great in Div 2 classes at 3 mph. Wanted more power for jack pot classes and had a Marlatt engine 360 cu, ran 95 to 100 hp. Every 6 or 7 years you need to update to have a chance to win. I allways ran 2 nd gear 4500 lbs to 6000 lbs. dead weight and running pulls. About 3 years ago went to a bigger motor to run 5 mph classes, it will handle 3 rd gear unless you run 18.4 38's . Started pulling in the late 1950's and still enjoy the hobby.
  7. Looks like a copy of a DMI , CIH, Speed is the secret to running a rolling basket.keep them out of mud is another no, no.
  8. Danny Deans Red Rooster won more national championships.
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