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  1. My dad had a 300U 1955 with loader, got a real work out using loader. The 300 also got used in heavy tillage and later on it was used as a planter, the TA was used at end of fields for turning and back to direct drive after turn. It has the original TA , still going strong, adjustment and maintenance of clutch and TA is the answer.
  2. Wind mill farms do studies on wind speeds and number of days the wind can make a wind turbine operate. There are wind turbines operating in Antarctiic at the Princess Elisabeth base. The zero-emmission base is powered by solar and wind energy . All the wind mill farms were working in Ohio and Indiana of course the had cold weather equipment for cold weather and maintenance.
  3. The Gov't has been subsidizing since 1912 to get back on there feet after anti trust court loss. With record profits for decades maybe big oil would get off of subsidize now.
  4. First to shut down were coal, nuclear and natural gas plants because of lack of weatherized of power plants that led to low pressure in gas lines and and frozen instruments and generators. Texas also aggressively deregulated the power grid under Ercot to cut cost and over head rules. Solar power needs sun but the wind farms problem with icing wouldn't have happen if Texas would have done what OK , Kansas and northern states do , equipped the blades with heat like jets do or use automatic deicer sprayers but they wanted to save money. The cause of the disaster was a complete failure to plan
  5. Looked up Texas problem. Most of the plants that went off-line were fueled by coal, natural gas and nuclear power. 40 percent of Texas electricity comes from natural gas fired plants followed by wind turbins 23 percent, coal 18 percent and nuclear power 11 percent. I say maintenance and no up dates over many years is the problem
  6. Just as cold in Indiana and over 12 in. of snow and windmills doing fine same in VanWert Ohio witch powers the Ft. Wayne truck plant. Winter maintenance programs is a must before a artic blast. You ever see drivers in Texas drive in snow and ice, one problem its hard to do going 75 plus. Texas needs to spend some money on there power grit because they get nailed every 8-10 years just like they did this time.
  7. Wild swings in temperatures , record drought, record floods, snow in Mexico that is what climate change is.
  8. You have to some winter maintance for power stations ,windmills and gen. none was done. Its colder in Indiana and Ohio wiht 10 to 13 inches of snow and our windmills are working just fine.
  9. I have them on a 3588, works great and I'm on 30 in rows. Be sure you get the hand rails also.
  10. Its amazing how many people don't have a clue what climate change is.
  11. Stay away from Denny's , he is the biggest crook selling parts.
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