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  1. Danny Deans Red Rooster, my favorite.
  2. Been using pertronix on 4 tractors and my pulling tractor, just like boog stated get a 40,000 coil and and that set-up will out perform and out last any points, conderser rotor cap.
  3. Lots of M, SM pulling with 500 cu running 200 hp. All it takes is a lot of money.
  4. Bikers always have a death wish , you can't fix stupid.
  5. My dad bought a brand new 706 gas the first year out. Pulled 5-14 plow.
  6. Has the show been cancelled?
  7. Is the show on or off this year?
  8. I would do a 400 series swap instead.
  9. Low ash oil helped a lot.
  10. I guess you will follow this advice, of injecting disinfectants, household cleaning products or ultraviolet light to cure covid 19, it will kill covid 19 in 10 min only side effect is it will kill patients in 15 min. of course sense you don't believe in clinical trails , and health experts, its like you need a heart transplant and are going to have a plumber apprentice instead of a heart expert at Mayo Clinic
  11. The expert who worked for 6 presidents , Funny Trump is the only one who won't take his advice
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