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  1. It's a super A. It's our very first owned tractor since we started farming 32 years ago. The 100s and 140s have a lifted fuel tank, hood and grill.
  2. This one I can't find the serial number. Not sure how many styles of radiators for the early and late super As.
  3. The 140 radiator is on my super A because we ordered another radiator for the super A and it won't fit... If it's not a concern with you guys. I'll take it that coolants flowing in the engine...
  4. Took it out making a couple rows for planting sugarsnaps. its working good, Caps tight fans working, sometimesit spit out a little coolant from the open overflow tube. My concern was the cracked open overflow tube. Would the radiator still flow coolant good in the engine after long hours even if the tube is cracked open??
  5. Questions can the radiator still keep the engine cool with this little hose broken by the cap??
  6. Is it normal for those 100s to burn out those ring gears?? Hes replace the ring gears before. I don't recall ringgears going out that fast on our super As and 140s???
  7. I might try that or buy a new ring gear..
  8. Have you checked if the fuel injector pump is working. Try unlocking that little button and push it in and out if it's squeezing fuel into the pump... if not. That's a problem.
  9. I just brought a farmall 100 from a relative. He mentioned to me that it needs a new flywheel to start. He mentioned that it's known to burn out.. It's got a 12v starter. Do you guy's know anything about the 100s burning flywheel starters?? I don't recall anything like that happened to our super As and 140s??
  10. My 1270 pushes 135hp compared to the 1066 at 125hp... The 1066 is mainly dad's. Don't get me wrong. It's a beast.... But my folks wants the 1066 to leave it as it was. I brought the 1270 because it had cab and duals with lockers. It has two Hydraulic quads vs dad's 1066 with one Hydraulic quads... I decided to make it my main workhorse because it's personally mine. The 1066 is a spare for now.....
  11. I was chisel plowing at another lease 9-15 miles to and from my other farm. I was running gear 4 1st powershift back at 1500 rpm. I'll never use the pto on these cases since my powershift was rebuilt.
  12. 😃Thank goodness... Thanks
  13. Should I be concerned with the tractor. There's no slipping in the Powershift yet??
  14. If it's better for the engine pulling implements. I'll take your advice. This tractor is still new to me. Still learning..
  15. The manual says you can't reverse and shift the Powershift gears when pto is on. It says you'll overheat the transmission.
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