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  1. 1600. 12-13 all the lights on 11-12
  2. Is the standard setting at 500 ACV to test the alternator??
  3. The tester had lots of options on. I used the standard 500 to test it. 13.5v might be. When it's running its 26-27, when all the lights are on its 26-25
  4. Used the tester. I got 26v on both the battery and the alternator. Not dropping
  5. Batteries are just new.. Shut the 1270 off after 10 min of running while its cooling down. Shut it off and turned it back on. Fires up like a charm. What I did was if the 1270 is going nowhere. I turn off the whole lights. If I'm plowing. I'll turn on the front and rear lights. Are you sure it's not the front and rear fog lights that I'm using that's causing the alternator to not charge the battery??
  6. Did a voltmeter test before and after chisel plowing on both the batteries and the alternator
  7. When I chatted with the parts store guy. On his 4020 The alternator is good on the tractor. But it's not charging the batteries. It's one of the wires etc.
  8. Not saying I won't test it.. but with new batteries. I can always recharge the other 2 batteries and replace it.
  9. From spring to summer. Every week. I start it. It fires up instantly. After using the fog lights for 2 whole nights recently. I noticed that the battery is out of juice. Replaced the batteries and it's back running. Talked with one of the parts store guys. He's owned a 4020 and From him. he just recommended replacing the batteries and charging it.
  10. Just these lights. Not running led lights
  11. Belts are tight by play and I'm running at 2000rpms pulling my 22ft disc at 3rd gear 1st range. As for the lights. Two front fog lights and 2 rear fog lights. One on each side. Had those lights fixed to work when it was at the shop after the Powershift rebuilt..
  12. Do you think it's because I'm using the front and rear fog lights for too long?? Before I was doing night tillage. Every week. It starts like a charm.
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