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  1. Prechamber engine exhaust to me has kinda a "sweet" smell to it. Its weird that I can tell engines by smell.
  2. No offense, but if you sell that 68 you need an intervention
  3. Methinks things are finally starting to get a bit tight financially for more people
  4. Am the only one who thinks the value went up quite a bit just with the intercooler being that's kinda a rarity among DT's? ? Honestly 15's should have had one from the factory.
  5. Man someone REALLY rolled the dice and lucked out not trashing the gear train if that's the case
  6. 2 years ago I had an 806 that needed a PTO rebuild that was strictly an auger tractor. I made sure to wait until after dark to run the PTO on the dyno and WOW the sparks show that thing put off burning the crap in the manifold off when it got hot was cool. Ran it for an hour or so and it actually really cleaned that slobbering thing up too.
  7. Hot water pressure washer with wide fan nozzle and pressure dialed back is by far the best. I've also adapted a brake line up to a garden hose with a 90 degree fitting to get into tight spots where accessibility is an issue.
  8. The fact that the market price hasnt done more than waffle back and forth 10 cents or so despite inputs going crazy like they have makes me wonder why people arent up in arms. We have been selling ours direct since winter and had the ability to make some price adjustments, but that market has dried up for the time being unfortunately. I think people are having a hard time shelling $800 for a quarter out
  9. Doesnt take a 4 year degree to realize the better you pay, the better candidates you get who will work hard, be on time, and be dependable. I dont need people who make excuses. When we grew potatoes we paid $12 an hour. People showed up on ntime and stayed till we were done AND came back year after year retaining experience. That's worth way more than the extra money we paid out Our old hay buyer went to doing that. Only bad thing theres LOTS of leaf loss getting pounded around like that. But do horse people know any better? Also would love to do big bales but I'm still not keen with the moisture you need to get them down to to keep, and the amount of acid you have to douse them with being it went WAY up in price this year. Even the round bales we make if they're not nuclear dry they will get a bit funky inside not treated.
  10. I'm a pretty healthy fellow and dont shy from work (so long as it's not useless busy work) and 1, 2, 3 loads is pretty easy. It's when you have 6 or 7 sitting in the morning staring you in the face to unload that you start to think differently. We dont unload during the day other than a load or 2 if needed, it waits till early next morning. This takes a good part of the morning up, and remember you dont get an afternoon siesta as it's usually go time again that afternoon. Its begins a vicious cycle lol. It's an opportunity to get a lot more done and not feel like collapsing at the end of the day, or having to fret making phone calls finding help the next morning. Also, I couldnt see paying a penny less than $150 per hard day for someone if they were good help. Any less and someone could make almost as good of money slinging pizzas or some other easy job. This quickly starts to pay for that "unnecessary equipment"
  11. When it gets much past the 1st-2nd week of july we usually begin to write it off and its cow hay. This year it really went the other way fast as hot and dry as it was. Maybe we are too fussy lol
  12. How much do you (and others with a kuhns setup) have to allow for back pressure into the bale case? How good do the stacks stay on wagons?
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