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  1. I'm suprised.....and not suprised by this. Chauvin was gonna get something out of this, I figured the manslaughter charge. His negligent actions caused a death. But murder? Man that's a stretch. I'm not suprised they just gave him guilty on everything though. This is nothing more than mob rule plain and simple. Anything other than guilty of all 3 would result in a month long tribulation of violence and billions in damage. Guess it's easier to sacrifice one fellow sadly.
  2. Sad thing is I wouldnt mind a 40/50/55 series Deere someday, always liked them since I was a kid. The things are just STUPID in price now with no end in sight that I could never bring myself to pay that kind of money. This mechanic special at best bringing almost 10k is a fine example.
  3. Honestly this should be followed for ANY dry sleeved engine, gas or diesel truing the cylinder bore up then installing sleeves, then measuring each piston and ensuring proper skirt clearance in its corresponding cylinder.
  4. Not sure why people often overthink knotters, yes they can be finicky but an absolute or very often no tie can be obvious. As others said look at the other tying knotter. I usually trip the knotter to tie and then move it through a tie cycle by hand with an assistant so you can see everything work and if proper clearances and relationships between components are there. Sounds like you dodged a bullet with that fellows attitude.
  5. Havent done any major base engine work for awhile and have a 466 Deere that's going to need an in frame. I'm probably going to take the jump away from Reliance as their gaskets flat out suck (found out the hard way on my own D282). My Ag Parts sales rep has been pushing Riley for awhile, and I'm curious as to what aftermarket manufacturers parts they sell. Even though Reliance quality sucked a bit, I really liked their website, model/ kit coverage and they were always johnny on the spot getting orders right and shipped out and gave e-mail tracking updates. Hope to find someone who do
  6. If people were smart and modified stuff to appear stock and keep the programming so there was never more than a slight puffy haze of smoke they would have very little to worry about. Punch the catalyst and DPF out, leave the cans and other noise suppression intact. Unfortunately when you hear a newer truck with engine brakes barking through straight pipes or a cloud of smoke taking out at a light it's a huge red flag.
  7. If you dont think that's going to change and other states begin implementing that OR the feds float the idea you're pretty gullible.
  8. Our mack dealer said they had to "look around" to find NOX sensors. That's scary as no matter the manufacturer they're all pretty much very similiar, and theres nothing that will put a truck down faster than SCR components Navistar is about as bad, lots of backordered stuff.
  9. I just had this same conversation this morning. According to the "who's who" of society I'm probably considered "poor". In reality though I think I'm pretty well off. Have titles for all my vehicles, own everything I have except for 65k left on a mortgage which isnt a big deal at all. Other people dropping big coin really confuses me as to how they dont worry when A) the economy turns south and their employment is jeopardized getting upside down on something they financed when said economy/market goes to poop C) interest rates going up (which they're going to HAVE to eventually)
  10. The past 2 years we have put a bunch if metal roofing on, and still have quite a stack of 1" rough cut hemlock boards. A co-worker is erecting a car port and got sticker shock with plywood. He was inquiring about just sheeting with boards and I said "hey, I can hook you up" Everything is sticked, dry and ready to use. Never sold rough cut lumber so kinda clueless how to price it. We cut the trees and had a relative saw them with horse trade payment, so it's tough to even put a number on that.
  11. Neighbor across the street from us sold earlier this summer. Only lived there maybe 2 years, did a bunch of work to it then went through a nasty divorce and just wanted to move and get away from bad memories. He got a CASH offer for his asking price 1 day after putting it up (and I thought the asking price was a bit high). Kinda wish we were in the position to sell now as I want the heck out of town, and I think we could really cash in on some improvements we have made. Main holdout though is theres going to be a major shuffling of family housing/properties in the very near fut
  12. If it was to the point of laboring I hate to say that pump is the least of your worries 😥
  13. Lots of jobs are looking better @ 15$/hr versus the harder work I do now that has tons of liability and accountability with it.......just sign up for food stamps andsubsidized health care and can probably live the same as we are now. Unfortunately us suckers just cant do that
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