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  1. My thoughts too, I shudder dealing with Agco for parts. Cousin has some Massey and Deutz stuff that I always get stuck working on
  2. Wolf may not be up, but remember every state rep IS. I'm curious to see if any districts are flipped this go around away from incumbent Dem candidates who have steadfastly given Wolf support. We have one here, who was with wolf up until May then realized his arse would be toast if he didnt back off and defect. I'm a political junkie and for the life of me cant figure out the Wolf administration's end game. The shutdown/restrictions were popular up to this summer, but man hes really peed in everyone's wheaties now, especially with the veto of the HS sports bill......
  3. Wish I was a legal guru to know how this changes things by setting a precedent or not. Not sure why anyone is following this BS honestly as I don't think theres anyone in law enforcement that wants to get involved in this mess. We had a few businesses here in Ebensburg that said screw it during the red phase and it wasnt enforced more than "warnings".
  4. You share my thoughts. If you wanted weight, and nothing else I'm sure you could do as you say and get them cast, or call a steel fab place and get ones cut.
  5. It seems these light duty setups have some idiotic routines to clear DEF faults too with weird drive cycles required on Fords. HD stuff is pretty simple.
  6. The years from 2009-2012 were absolutely HORRIBLE for me as well, and I kinda want to tell some of these young voters how bad a poorly run economy will set you back. Cat shop I was at closed due to company downsizing, then landed a job at a Deere c&f dealer due to the surge in the gas patch, which the bottom dropped out of that too and was let go. IF I had a head on my shoulders I should have just started on my own then, but kinda wallowed in the misery of there literally being nothing in the job market.... Not that the downturn was obama and bidens fault, but they were not friendly t
  7. I used to be big into hunting. This time of year would be spent with every spare moment small game hunting, and hunted HARD in rifle deer season. Never got into archery though. Now, I dont think I've seriously hunted in almost 10 years. Tough to find time, got tired of fighting with neighbors over deer who hunts who's ground, and as my uncle says "man, that warm bed is hard to leave to sit in the cold woods" lol. Best of luck!
  8. I dont know if any 18-25 yr old makes all the right decisions, it's just not genetically programmed I think. Too many teenage tendancies floating around in the brain yet. Personally, I think it took until my very late 20's or even getting past 30 until I realized what was truly important and could remove a good deal of emotion and irrational tendancies from decision making.
  9. Blue point just came out with a flex head with a long soft grip handle. I literally bought one of the first sets on the truck so I cant really find any pictures. Really like them so far. Honestly, most of us rarely reach for a ratchet wrench for the open end, so this was a logical choice to up the comfort and leverage. I have regular blue point wrenches, and the "good" craftsman reversible ones as well. The craftsmen ones all die a slow death getting dead spots and locking up. Have yet to warranty a blue point one yet. Gearwrench is okay, but warranty is a pain in the arse. My snap
  10. Never figured out the high value of weights, there was gazillions of them made so cant see how they're collectable. They're literally indestructible, and let's face it, every day theres less and less tractors to put them on of that age. Regardless, I feel pretty good paying the guy I bought my 1566 from an extra 500 bucks to get the rack of weights with it 8 years ago. That almost sank the deal lol
  11. Easy to work on and skid loaders usually dont go in the same sentence anymore......
  12. Honestly, a high school diploma to me is nothing but a participation trophy. Sure, some do well there but it's not a gauge of a person's potential by a long shot. I'm sure we all can name off people who were "most likely to succeed", valedictorians etc who kinda flamed out as they aged, or never really left bv the school atmosphere. Call me nuts, but I think our kids could be much more successful without the teenage meat grinder high school is with all the angst, stress, cliques etc that it introduces into their lives.
  13. The coolest thing is when you have a wife that shares the same passion as you. Lots of marriages occur due to looks, money, personality, etc.......but if you can't agree on working towards the same goal in life its tough. Some may not even have goals. You sir certainly did it right though. BTW, I'm working on year #4 of marriage, but can say I'm much happier now than before, so it must be a good one...
  14. Interesting topic..... I drank some beer while in college, but not really in excess as the guys I partook with were paying a good part of their own tuition, including myself, so less apt to "waste" it. Never stayed on weekends, and left as early as I could for the week to help out at home, and buddy with my "townie" friends. Looking back, I should have picked up some more schooling when I could at that age. Learned a lot that I still use to this day (heavy equipment tech degree), but could have gone further. As others have said, I've learned a lot from the school of hard knocks too.
  15. Gasses are always a solid option, you just have to ask yourself (and do the math) if you can accept fuel economy cut in half, and going a bit slower when loaded. Diesels are okay, but theres A LOT of expensive components on them. As I always say, I can blow a rod out through a gasser, and drop a brand new OEM engine in cheaper than a catastrophic fuel system repair/replacement bill would be on a common rail engine. Same goes with other catastrophic failures.
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