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  1. By the 3 times being there it sounds like they're not
  2. Phew that's a pile of hay. We bought one with 10k through it and were told that's a lot.
  3. I'd much rather deal with one pump/motor combo vs. two, and not deal with the mistracking adjustments that come wit it. Also dont think I've seen any machine outside of crawlers that utilize anti stall controls, which without electronics is a system of itself. Regardless, hydrostats are one thing that really, REALLY benefitted from electronic control. A controller, potentiometers, speed sensors, and electric/hydraulic pilot displacement controls eliminated so linkage and adjustment headaches.
  4. Dunno if I'd say the most complex, dive into a Cat hydrostatic trackloader before the C series, or a 755 Deere sometime.
  5. Funny you say that, lots of people put hours on higher hp mfwd tractors doing a 30-60 hp tractors job. Pretty dumb if you ask me, glad I'm not the only one that thinks that way
  6. I'll see how late we stay, but doubt it will be till 6 with the kids with us. Just pulled in now and can say it's a pretty good turnout! BTW, man you guys are dry up this way, I though we had it bad
  7. Think we are gonna wander up today. Looks like rain will hold off and its gonna cloud up so it's not so darn hot. Sorry about your experience, you share similiar luck with me, except any extracurricular tractor activities I partake in result in tire troubles
  8. Biggest reason I just order complete valvetrain kits anymore and get everything new.
  9. I've put quite a few northern radiators in with no issues. The prices I get for recoring or any work pretty much make me not bother with radiator shops anymore, if in doubt it gets a new one, unless it's something rare or a good quality bolt on tank unit.
  10. I see that a lot, especially with people retiring with pensions and just sitting around, or saucing themselves at the bar every day. Lots of old farmers in the family and in the area still active (not doing bull work but doing what they can) into their 70's and even early 80's.
  11. You must really have a miserable existence to constantly hate on people.... I'm not a huge fan of needlessly smashing stuff up, but it is a bit of a guilty pleasure getting some "revenge" for always having to repair stuff and take care of it......and instead intentionally destroying it. Derbies are really an art if you look into it.....
  12. I've been at it since 2007 full time after exiting post secondary schooling. Hard to believe how much things have changed since even then. At 33, I'm starting to kinda burn out doing it for 2 jobs. I've done well for myself but with 2 kids, and another on the way it's tough, along with trying to help with farmwork as some of my leisure (which usually isnt very leisurely anymore). I've spent a TON of money of tools and equipment and for a guy that does it "on the side" probably have some stuff some dealers dont even have. Carved a pretty good customer base out just locally with that. It's just hard to quit when you have the stuff. Diagnosis is like a drug for me, I'm a sucker and love schematics, electrical, and hydraulics etc. Probably the only thing that keeps me in it. Heavy work and tearing stuff into 2000 pieces isnt my cup of tea. Your post stirred some thoughts though, Its just not the same anymore. Stuff is stupid expensive and difficult to work with. Technology is used to stymie us. People are difficult to work with. Its physically demanding.
  13. I'm not much of a cummins guy but heard the stories such as yours. Certainly an animal of their own.
  14. Hey, details are often the difference between a successful job, and varying degrees of failure. It pays to do your homework beforehand and do some reading cause theres some weird stuff out there, and as SDMan gave an example, the European influence has upped the ante on that.
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