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  1. I just did some thinking today that with the way diesel is, a low/mid HP gas tractor might not be a bad thing if diesel gets tight. They usually go pretty cheap too
  2. I'm gonna be the "bad guy" here and call BS on the dealers side to a point. If so many dealers are hurting why has there been massive consolidation the past few years with these mega dealers buying large swaths of territory? If business were so bad I sure wouldnt be pumping money into more locations. To find another Deere AG, Deere CE, Cat, or Case CE or CaseIH dealer I have to drive easily over 2 hours to just touch another's territory. 10-15 years ago this wasnt the case. The pace of takeovers is only accelerating I've had bad experiences working for a lot of dealers around here as they're 2nd or 3rd generation "handed to the kids" operation and a family business only because of the name attached. Now they're playing with monopoly money in a segment of the industry where there is 0 competition in their brand, and the brand sells itself.
  3. What's the reason for the stanadyne kit not working correctly?
  4. Quoting jobs accurately has tonbe one of the most stressful jobs going in my opinion, especially when you dont have the luxury of knowing your customer on a first name basis. I got screwed or screwed myself twice under quoting and getting into the pitfall of "I gotta get it right before it leaves" Any big jobs I tell a customer to prepare for absolute worst case scenario. It's better to under promise and over deliver. Lots of dealers are getting very greedy in the parts department and judging by other stories I see I'm not the only one. I'm an A&I dealer now (go ahead give me a hard time, but some stuff is ok and much much better priced) and its eye opening seeing what our local dealer was charging for some if the stuff as well as marking up the shipping. A customer was replacing tie rods and I just so happened to have the same ones in my truck with the bill. 60% markup and about 30% on the freight. I'm all for markup on inventory parts because inventory costs you money and upkeep, but when you get mega markup just doing keyboard work and ordering in for guaranteed resale, that's getting greedy.
  5. I ran someone's 7110 yesterday and noticed the shifter is very slow to move through the detents. If you push to upshift it takes longer and more effort until it let's you move to the next spot. 75% of the time I guess this could be overlooked but going from reverse to up to say 8th forward to start out is rather annoying. I'm sort of curious how those shift valves work anyways as never really got into one.
  6. Put a bottle where your pressurized cap vents to and be sure it's not blowing out due to cooling system pressurization. Did you cut the deck and shim the liners up on that? Those engines are old enough I think about every one needs it done now or else you'll have head gasket issues. Dont forget that the air compressor can cause this too both by pressurizing coolant system through it's own head gasket, or put it into your air system. I HATE troubleshooting your symptom probably the most out of any engine issue.
  7. This would be a good experiment to run using an inductive amp clamp and an accurate tachometer to find out. Personally, I'm not sure why 24v has not caught on with all of the HD on and off highway market completely. Most earthmoving equipment is 24v, but AG and Trucks aren't. 24v carries half the amps so money would be saved on copper wire one would think. I used to be dead set against gear reduction starters but dang they work good when they work. Biggest downfall I see is theres no 2nd, 3rd, 4th life like your big old Delco starters, when they're done, they're junk. Gear reductions are cheap enough though (well WERE cheap enough) that it's no big deal buying another one.
  8. My kids have grown to love the Tractor Mac series of books and the few videos out in youtube. I noticed one video had Billy at the RPRU doing drawings and having some entertainment for kids. Being we will be making the trip to Springfield in June, does anybody know if another appearance is in order?
  9. It's a '20 so may as well be new and that's pretty much the same warranty as any other vehicle. All this is nice when new but who can afford always driving under warranty vehicles. Tesla has a stranglehold on these things like no other and eventuallybtheough its lifecycle someone is gonna take a shot bv together neck with it given its LOADED with gadgets.
  10. I'd say EV's are a perfect match for about 5 mayyyyyyybe 10% of the population as of now who have dedicated, predictable driving cycles like your friend. The 3 year warranty on a Tesla is laughable too. People knock Deere for right to repair, try getting your Tesla fixed anywhere but Tesla....
  11. I dont have access to internal company info, but I'd be a betting man that if one did you would find that these EV projects have ZERO expectation of profit anytime soon and are simply an appeasement to the media and public. I get into arguments with EV people all the time about range. Way it is now I could barely drive (and pray you dont get stuck in traffic) to pittsburgh and back on a charge which is a common trip for people around here. When I can drive 500 miles, take 10 minutes for a stop and be good for another 500 miles I'll buy an EV.......
  12. That's what gives a PS Case that high pitched "whine" whenever in reverse. The only thing that hurts those is stationary PTO work while in reverse, nothing else. We used to run our 970 in a 3pt snowblower back before we got a loader tractor and it would spend some time moving in reverse at PTO operating speed without any issues.
  13. This weekend us "large garbage day" here in town where theres no size limits. The scumbags come flocking like flies on crap to dig through the piles for metal. Usually a bunch if rusted out junk trucks running around piled to the cab with stuff. I've never understood how it pays to drive around to scrounge a few hundred lbs of metal (most stuff is tin/sheet) but I guess if your on relief and need drug or beer money.....
  14. Honestly I think the future looks very sad and meaningless if one chooses to conform to what will be pushed on us by the tech industry. Millions and millions of people are going to find themselves obsolete replaced in every way by automation and AI. There will be very small class of people considered useful such as engineers, techies, a few limited jobs such as doctors that still require in person services, and of COURSE politicians. The rest? Probably will be on a universal basic income and live off the government and told to be happy with it. Unfortunately I dont see much ti change this, progress ALWAYS wins, but as an individual or a family we can choose how much we partake in it with our lifestyle living "off the grid"
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