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  1. Nothing wrong with the E's other than the oddball 3 boxers. After 2004 and tier 3, then 4, then 4 final (which was past down the toilet and into the sewer) it went downhill as every engine did
  2. Were the sides as steep as ours? That seems to be the catching point that it transitions the way it does. There is a back section to this barn that was done later with prefab rafters. A roofing guy said that can be done with the special stuff.
  3. This has been years in coming but were going to have to address how to roof our main barn permanently. Being built in the 50's, it simply has too many layers of roll roofing. Also, I'm dang well not getting up on this stupid thing every few years or after a windstorm to redo it. From what we have heard metal will never bend to the radius this roof has. We have heard either get sprayed on rubber roofing....or run steel roofing horizontally. It needs a semi permanent solution though. I'm not dealing with it, and my folks are too old to be messing around and getting hurt. It wa
  4. Man 20k for an engine, I dont even think a Ferd reman would be that salty. You didnt say what chassis this was. If just a pickup its scrap. If it's a 4 or 550 and has a service body or other specialized outfitting I'd think about it a bit as they hold value considerable better. Once in awhile I come across VT365 engines taken out of IH trucks, they're usually unscathed from the abuses of of Ford trucks, and are the same other than wiring, fuel and air system stuff than you can switch over.
  5. Had I experienced even a part of some of the brutality the Japanese dishes out I'd probably want to rid the earth of them too. The Nazis were bad but man the Japanese had absolutely no mercy whatsoever
  6. What's one to do though now? I'm in an argument with a group of people elsewhere that think nothing of shutting down avenues to express themselves, saying it's all "hate speech". I have an editorial submission into our local newspaper, 10 bucks bet it never gets printed. When in history have so many people been exposed as communist scumbags? If you push back you get boycotted, defunded, lose your job, get doxxed etc etc. If Creepy Joe was a real leader and honestly wanted this big group hug "soul if america" bullshite he always preached about he would call the dogs off. Stop t
  7. Were northern region so just visual and gas cap. I really pity people that have to pass OBD as that's a true pain. Pretty slick method there. Illegal I'm sure but in the end, who cares......surely not me as half the stuff government does is illegal anyways.
  8. The worst thing about aftertreatment is the damage that can be done to them with fuel system, cooling system or turbo failures that prior to aftertreatment would just result in a harmless smoke show after the repair We had a '13 vintage GU Mack that pooped a turbo this spring. DOC catalyst and DPF were done for. By the book it probably should have had an SCR catalyst but rolled the dice and so far not getting any efficiency codes. That job with the turbo was well over 10k just in parts. That's just one scenario. Lots if other stories of damage due to over fueling, or coolant usage d
  9. Believe it or not given my rant everything we have has Hy Tran in it now, but after this last barrel is done, everything is getting switched over unless theres a drastic price change. We kept the same due to the concern you raised. The NAPA stuff works well, and lots if people using it along with me using it when people request something other than hy tran. My only dislike is it definately doesnt handle water as well. One customer leaves tractors outside for lots of PTO work, and has issues with water in the oil, and it not suspending it. Cant really blame the oil though for being i
  10. So, I'm gonna be the bad guy here and ask the hard question. At what point does a "current" hydraulic oil become an unneeded expense for older equipment. Everyone screams "hytran only" but let's face it, what you buy today wasnt designed in any way, shape, or form to be run in anything IH built. Does mother CNH/fiat give two shites about keeping your 1066 going? Heck no..... 100+$ a 5 gallon bucket is asinine for Hytran. A QUALITY aftermarket oil that meets specs is plenty good for older stuff. New OEM oil is so incredibly overspeced for old iron, and you're paying for properties you
  11. As I always say you never see a poor scrap dealer. I dont think its necessarily think its "wrong" but every car I junk gets the trunk stuffed full of scrap that's usually iffy on being taken, usually oil filters or a few rims with tires on them. A few whacks on a tree or with the skid steer and that trunk is never coming open again lol
  12. Have some very good driveline shops around here that can make or get about anything (and wont brush you off), but doubtful about metric stuff. I'll try them and give that outfit a try. We do have a local Deutz and Agco dealer, but after what I paid just for the axle and hub seals, I dont want to know about the joints.
  13. I'm doing some front end work for my cousin on his Deutz 6275 and need to source some axle shaft U Joints. Found have 30.2mm caps and 93mm cross width. Only thing I found that matches that measurement are PTO joints. I'm guessing theyll still work? Metric sucks, one look at these if it was US and youd say oh, that's 1350 joint....
  14. I used to know guys who would soak the upholstery in cars then take them in to get extra weight lol
  15. As I say, you can have a list of emissions OBD codes a mile long, but as long as everything is there and appears to be correct for the vehicle it gets stickered. As long as the upstream O2 sensor is there it matters precisely dick what's after 😁
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