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  1. I missed that part of the post. Usually on a sanden it's a broken Reed valve when they do that.
  2. I've replaced a few faulty expansion valves the past few years. I would verulify the correct charge then start there as it's cheap and easy.
  3. I've thought about these, but curious as to who will put them up and if my wife would go along with it. Honestly just having a place that im.not tripping over stuff, actually having a functioning kitchen, and out of town is plenty enough for me.
  4. If i remember the ag parts heavy-duty plates have a better friction material on them
  5. Sorry I didn't put more detail, it's almost too much for one post. My current home is in town 7 miles away, and was intended for nothing more than a starter home. It's much too small for a family of 7, and it is badly in need of a new kitchen, flooring, and other small improvements. Being a small town lot there is little room for addition. It's also a huge inconvenience to drive 7 miles one way sometimes multiple times a day out to the "homestead" if things need done. The last reason is I'm sick of being in town. It's hard to keep my kids entertained and if they're not exposed to a different lifestyle soon in their developing years, they won't have interest and all this will be for nothing. I'm to the point of thinking ahead for my kids, I want them to have access to the childhood I had which was happy and was influential in me turning out to be a somewhat decent person in adulthood. You can't do that with a small house in town and taking them out to the farm a day or two a week.
  6. He had his appointment today FINALLY they did a CT scan and saw stroke signs. I'm absolutely livid that this wasn't checked months ago when the first episode occurred. I'm just a dumb blue collar guy but when an older person is confused, disoriented and has mobility issues you'd think that would be checked instead of treating symptoms and sending him home with a bag of pills. He is being held overnight for further evaluation. The cognitive test he was out to lunch and I couldn't carry on a conversation with him over the phone at the hospital ๐Ÿ˜“๐Ÿ˜“ I love my mother but she has been slow to recognize how serious this is, but now it's sinking in. I feel terrible that there's only so much I can do with 5 young kids๐Ÿ˜ž As far as all the house talk, a fellow is pretty much financially screwed in my boat regardless of what route is taken. Try getting a contractor to build a stick built house that I can get into before I hit my 40s. Wayyyyyy too many instances of a house build taking years. I'd be banned and visited by the secret service if I said what I really think about our current leaders and the mess covid and inflation caused. How anyone can say things are fine and to just carry on is a mental illness in itself.
  7. Many will remember weeks ago I was contemplating buying a large parcel of my grandparents property........it's amazing how quickly plans and life can change. First off, it appears this property deal may get carved up more than expected. I'm not shut out but not near as lucrative as it appeared. Started having second thoughts. Fast forward to this past weekend going on a family trip to Wesr Virginia. I know my dad has been really slowing down, losing some mobility, had small judgement issues, not conversing much and aging at an increasing rate. He's only 67 which worried me. This trip was eye opening ๐Ÿฅบ My wife and aunts are worried sick dementia/alzheimers has snuck up on us. My mom seems in denial that it's medication issues.......but I fear that's incorrect. The signs were there but we ignored them and we are reaching the more bad than good tipping point. My mom has custody of her legally blind sister, and I'm an only child, she is going to need my support. I fear it's now a race to get everything out of his name and me stepping up to assist my uncle (in partnership with my dad). This will require much more of my time, and also require I be closer. My grandparents house/property I was considering is 10 miles away......more second guessing. It's been the strangest week I can remember with almost being in denial of the changes afoot and not being able to process it all, as well as shelving previous "plans" Just to add to the blizzard of worry, we BADLY need another home, and will likely now have to build on a parcel onnthe farm that was deeded to me. We simply cannot fit 7 people in this house as the kids grow. The bad thing? Any prefab house of around 2,000 Sq ft. Is about 330k......and I can imagine after permits, septic, utility hookups and site prep it will be 400k I'm not much for prayer posts, but I would be appreciative of any offered. Lots on here have faced situations worse than mine and that's an inspiration for me to face this and know if we trust in the Lord we will persevere. It may not be how we planned.......but nonetheless we will make it.
  8. It sure makes a mess when water and crap gets down in there though
  9. It seems the limit of disc machines is how much you.can take in the seat. Personally 8 mph is my limit. Much faster and you cant react and stop for stuff you don't want to hit. We all know most don't care about that......hence why so many cutterbar parts are sold
  10. Usually when I see that and verify it by smell being fuel.smoke, it shouts a low compression cylinder to me. The blowby makes me almost sure of it.
  11. Some people seem to always have their powder dry with money ready to spend.......not sure what the secret is
  12. My opinion about China goes against the normal narrative.......but here it goes. China faces a SERIOUS issue, and honestly it's a decision they made 40 years ago coming back to haunt them. 40 years of "one child" policy and the killing off of what is likely countless millions of female babies has sealed their fate. The chicoms are in an all out scramble to reverse this even PAYING women to have kids. You need people to.consume for a healthy and you need young men to fill military ranks.... I believe in my time I will witness China become a third world country and collapse upon itself, hopefully it won't take a war for this to happen. China's failure will be the Lord's punishment for the millions รณf innocents killed (aborted) by government policy. Sadly the US has blood on its hands too........not to China's extent, but not without guilt either.
  13. We have had 5 kids since 2018 and other than one being an emergency c section due to not progressing, and the other being a breach twin, we have had no issues. I'm glad we are done because there is so much that can go wrong, and I would be wrecker as a person witnessing a baby suffer ๐Ÿ˜ž Congratulations!
  14. The downside I see with making grain for forage is having the weather to get it off in the appropriate time frame. Rye comes hot and heavy here in May and if you have a wet month and cant get to it, it gets too far along and your pretty much stuck with a grain crop, or feed with drastically less feed value.
  15. A machine shop that does spray welding and has a large enough lathe to chuck that axle is could fix it no problem. I had a set fixed on a 400 years ago. Only problem was it was amazing how "bent" Those axles were when it was chucked up In a lathe.
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