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  1. This secret government crap cracks me up. Just who is trustworthy? Just who is vetted enough to not worry? More and more its just a money and connection thing as some of this high military brass and politicians seems just as flaky as the the.rest
  2. https://www.thegatewaypundit.com/2021/07/second-week-row-covid-19-vaccination-deaths-covid-19-deaths-us-according-cdc-vaers-websites/?utm_source=Twitter&utm_medium=PostTopSharingButtons&utm_campaign=websitesharingbuttons Im sure that the government considers me a dummy and i need to be informed more by listening to official sources and news outlets, but just what am i supposed to make of this information out of the VAERS database?
  3. So to all those that preach "listen to the government, they tell the truth"......should I take the time to type for hours all the examples of government lying or misleading us peasants? Its pretty apparent that nothing about covid makes sense, or there is any magic bullet to rid our lives of it. Despite this government HAS to appear to be in control of it because God forbid they dont have the answers! Something else is odd too, since when does a virus mutate into a more virulent form? Usually its the other way around. With all the hubub about "delta, epsilon, or whatever freaking variant" comes along, ill swear to everything holy ill NEVER go back to the way things were and play these stupid games again. Its getting very obvious that nothing is gonna stop this, and may as well just live however we can.
  4. What really peeves me with snap on is their cordless power tools are made in china but designed in n.v the US. Told my snap on guy ill NEVER spend the stupid money on their cordless garbage.
  5. Id check that you have 150 psi main pressure, and see youre getting enough governor pressure while driving it. I have a sneaking suspiscion youre a bit too low to complete the shift
  6. Sounds like an issue with the governor or the governor hydraulic circuit. There should be a test port on the transmission to check governor pressure and a chart somewhere to give pressures for corresponding speeds.
  7. Personally I dont like to see much consistently over 250 psi on the high side. Compressor life gets drastically reduced from the pressure and heat. If youre regularly getting over that be sure you dont have too much of a charge or lacking heat exchange across the condenser. I cant count how many times ive lowered high side pressures with a thorough cooling package cleaning with the hot pressure washer and a low pressure tip. Compressed air just doesnt cut it after awhile dislodging dirt packed into the cores. Some systems have condensers with space to spare, others are barely big enough and just 1/4 airflow restriction causes problems.
  8. Youre 90% correct except the 221 in a 606 has high compression pistons and cylinder head found only in it and combines, and those pistons are NLA. Cant use 460 221 pistons with that head as chambers arent right. Found this all out the hard way and got hosed on a rebuild job for a guy. Ended up turning that 606 into a 460 with that piston/cylinder head combo which didnt go over well with the owner.
  9. Not really, I dont care how people spend their money. Its just comical how much agriculture is becoming a dumping ground for peoples' excess cash.
  10. Id say youre officially at the point of "farming with money" when you can afford a building like that
  11. I wondered just how hard you could push one since it pretty much stopped to make a bale cycling the knotters. Love to see one work in person sometime
  12. My dad and uncle always talk about using a Super 77 when they were younger and how much of a heavy monstrosity it was. Oh, and one you git the Wisconsin going NEVER shut it off lol. When we bought out 570 NH it was a conversation and awe of engineering how that small baler (compared to the 77) could eat so much hay.
  13. I looked at this list awhile ago and it really hit hard how much Small Town America died after the 1970's. All those small dealers had people that sold parts, sold equipment, and did repairs who were your neighbors, parishioners, kids best friends parents, or just someone you knew for years. We dont have that anymore. Dealers now are run by conglomerates owned by wealthy families looking for a place to plop their money down, staffed by whoever can tolerate the wages, and run without regard to situations that may arise with customers. No breaks, no favors, take a number and deal with it because WE are THE dealer and the only choice you have.
  14. You guys still on house arrest up there?
  15. All gaskets needed for a head removal and replacement. Manifold gaskets, head gasket, valve cover gasket, thermostat housing gaskets, prechamber steel gaskets and o rings
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