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  1. czech

    "A" Farmall PTO

    It has a detent ball? That would make sense?
  2. A B-25 & a B-17 bomber at the Lone Star Flight Museum at Ellington AFB in Houston are being retired from active duty. The last rides given were on January 25, 2020.
  3. czech

    "A" Farmall PTO

    My PTO jumps out or gear. What would cause this? I looked at a parts schematic and I can't figure out what holds it in gear?
  4. Sorry that would be 1974 not 76!
  5. IH had 5 million in 1976! 1066 being the 5 millionth! IH never outsold JD again after 1957. I would think JD had more than 5 million in 1976???
  6. I was told that John Deere has not reached the 5 million mark yet in tractors produced? Surely that can't be true?
  7. Anyone here have a "A" Farmall? Not a "Super "A".
  8. I have an "A" Farmall with a 3 brush generator. Delco 1101355. I was told that the regulator show in the photo will not work on a 3 brush generator. It must have a "cutout" relay only? Can anyone enlighten me?
  9. What is the correct cut out or voltage regulator for my Delco Remy 1101355 6v generator? Where can I buy one? I don't know if this is the correct one?
  10. Is the box mounted on the generator a regulator or "cutout relay"? Delco Remy 1101355.
  11. Wasn't it a Case design with IH after Case? Not an IH design? Cummins engine not IH.
  12. The IH 444 v8 (7.3) diesel. That's 444 cubic inches for you 7.3 Ford, Chevy & Dodge owners that don't remember cubic inches!
  13. Does anyone know of an IH 444 diesel V8 engine (7.3) being transplanted into an IH pickup truck?
  14. Is there any way to take the slack out of my steering box besides rebuilding it? I don't see any external adjustment point.
  15. What is the modern replacement size for my original 8"x24" rear tube type tires?
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