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  1. Does 4520 mean you have a Johnnie Popper Deere?
  2. Does anyone know carb or carbs were used on the 304 V8 engine?
  3. czech

    304 V8 carbs.

    What carb. or carbs were used on the 304 V8 engine?
  4. What carburetor model or models were used on the 304 V8 engines?
  5. Were these engines basically the same engine?
  6. Was the BD 264 & the BG-265 mechanically the same engine?
  7. Does anyone know if there are any of the 1961 - 1968 pickup trucks with the IH D-301 6 cylinder diesel still driving around? Also what years were they offered with the diesel?
  8. Any of you shotgun shell reloaders know why there are no primers available? Not even Factory shells are available!!
  9. Seems like some years back I remember reading about a guy who special ordered a new pickup with a 6 cylinder D-301 diesel!?? Anybody??
  10. Model: 18TDR. What does the "R" designate if anything?
  11. Gasoline with ethanol will ruin any rubber gaskets in the carb. The exhaust valve seat are designed for lead in the gasoline. The exhaust seats will burn if ran for an extended length of time. When lead was taken out of gasoline, the exhaust seats had stellte seats installed in subsequent engines.
  12. Tighten the head bolts starting with 100 lbs, 175 & 250.
  13. Is the SD-240 & the BG-241 the same engine also the BD264 & the BG-265 the same engine?
  14. The first TD8E was 5001. What is 902U1582?
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