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  1. That's original paint and even the original BFGoodrich radials that came from the factory on the tractor, it was a upper Ohio tractor to begin with and this man bought it but it sure looks unworked in all the years since it was new. We sold a new 1086 when these radials first came out and that man loved them, said it was like running duals without duals it had some much more grip and before long radials were the norm for tractors.
  2. I had a subscription to the Puller when that 1466 appeared on the front cover and its Jack Grant from Canada on his super sharp 1466, he then went to a 986 and sold it to Jerry Van Dorpe and I believe he got out of pulling then and I don't know whatever became of him but I would assume he has since passed away cause he looks late 50 or early 60s in the picture 40 years ago and the second picture is Tim Nelson from Hobart, Indiana on his 666 super stock, never know much about him or his tractor but its got that add any and everything on it if it works look to it.
  3. First pic is Stan Blagrave on their first puller and this about mid-70s and that was their Dads tractor 2 thats the first and original Wampuscat from the early 70s 3 Don Berry on the 1150 and in the late 70s he went to pulling a brand new 2805 4 that Brett Berg on the first 1066 to pull in the 7,000lb class 5 Brett Berg on the 4 turbocharger 3688 that he sold to a puller in New York and it was named the 20 Mule Team 6 Brett Bergs Dad pulled this best looking in class three stage 1466, it was one really sharp tractor 7 unknown puller from 70s on a hot 856 8 Jerry West on the Barnstormer about 1984 9 Bootlegger from the boys out in Nebraska, this was a hot runner in the 70s with Dana Monson 3 stage turbo setup, this is not hypermax setup 10 Dickie Sullivans clean super stock 1066 11 last name Thompson on his sharp D21 that pulled many yrs 12 the Bad Dog IH 1466 of John D. Thompson 13 The Rooster of Danny Dean and I think this is one neat pic of the Rooster Hope ya enjoyed this
  4. Answer is: upside down front weight bracket and the engine is red so that was two basically the first two answer were the winners but since you guessed it only one could win, sorry PCH wont deliver the prizes to yall..............................LOL
  5. Somethings just not right with it so with one guess see if you can spot the foulup and if you guess right publishers clearinghouse will come by your house with a 10 million dollar check and a completely restored International 1468, 1206, 1566, 5488, 560 and a SMDTA and 10,000 tillable acres in Iowa or Illinois. I was a bonehead and forgot to post the picture so here it is
  6. Guess might say that the 1456 is the new hot collector tractor and if ya got one sitting around hose it off and ask a million for it and this nice original paint 1971 model 1456 is priced on tractorhouse for $32,900 and that repowered mint 1256 is asking $38,500 to take her home, guess the 1206s and the 1468s have maybe played out a little on the collector list but that used 1456 is ridiculous. To each his own
  7. BB no this aint my tractor just one I found on the internet that looked good enough I posted it up
  8. Hydro70

    Really good pull at Brandenburg Sat. night

    The Brandenburg pull is a one track pull only but the track area is big enough to maybe do two but I was so impressed with this pull that is only like 60 miles from me I will be there both nights next year and I only made the Saturday night pull this year but I didn't see no major mishaps, everything came off smoothly
  9. Its only got 4,000 some hours but the reason Ive posted it up is that 1979 is the exact and correct year that International came out with that brainding iron on the sheetmetal and the Red Power decals and we sold a few of them and I remember the 986 with cab we had delivered from the factory was the last one and it was traded to the Hall Brothers Farms for a 1967 German diesel with M&W turbocharger that would flat out run and Id say it was pegging over 100hp we took it out to our farm and me and my brother would start out from our driveway onto the road and drop the clutch in H4 low torque and it would smoke like a pulling tractor and would almost pop the frontend off the ground when I would hit the torque lever, I was 16 and when ya Dad aint around you can get by doing things like that LOL. That eye candy Hydro 1026 sits inside the CIH dealer out in Dyersville, Iowa and that's neat to be able to bring into the showroom a restored tractor, we were going to do that when we built our new building but we went out of business before that ever came to be in 1984
  10. Hydro70

    Old Dealer Photos

    Same time era we were in business and I saw all these pictures in my head from our dealership, I use to love being there and from age 12 to 18 I was there almost everyday looking at the IHC sales books and all the literature and watching those old sales videos on the video machine and washing and waxing up the new tractors on the tractor line, dam that was a good time in my life
  11. First image is Vern Over pulling a 4 turbo setup on his 856 in 1978 at Bowling Green and they had 55 tractors in that super stock class Second image is a real 1206 with the real frontgrill and not fiberglass with 30.5 Goodyears on the back Third image is Danny Thomas on a intercooled super stock 806 Fourth image is from a flyer from the early 1970s aint that a sharp lookin ole Allis Chalmer Fifth image is a super stock 856 with the plumbing for the intercooler, this was normal for the 06 and 56 series pullers back then and I don't know who the puller is Last two images are of Bobby Bess and they say he was a short man and in that one picture it sure tells, looks like a little boy pulling. Looks like he has somebody else pulling in the last tractor
  12. I can remember one being repaired at our old dealership but this was back in the late 1970s and there is a guy here in my hometown that pulls one in the alcohol class and does real well but it painted industrial yellow with no decals but other than that Ive never seen one nowhere, they must not have made very many of these models?
  13. Wow I was really impressed with the crowd and the pull and the purely professionalism showed in the way the whole night just kept going without one hangup, this is one pull I'm going to be making yearly, just really a good time. Big name pullers is the normal here since this is a NTPA sanctioned major pull for the sport and first class was prostock and it came down to Brandon Hunt who took the first pull and dropped had to beat out the New Generation Deere 4020 and one hot tractor so while all the other prostockers were pulling Brandon had his tractor beside the track with leafblowers going on both sides of the engine and he added a large bag of ice I assume to the front box that works off the intercooler and he had all the sideshields opened up so everybody could do there job and then his name is called and he hooks up and whins the D2 CIH 380 up and comes out of hole blowin smoke and screamin and goes down the track at about 30 to 35 mile a hour but unfortunately comes up about a inch or half inch short and takes second then came the alky tractors and Chizek out of Wisconsin has three tractors he pulls and he would pull one and jump off it and pull another one, etc. He took first and third I think and after the TWD earbusters were over Thank God we got down to the dirty the Heavy Diesel Super Stock and if you think the prostocker got tires speed and smoke and pure, raw horsepower then wait for these big boys hook up and come outta the hole, man what a display of horsepower and first went to the Pennsylvania based McCormick which is one powerful machine and second place went to the Super Rooster and four charger double barreled 1066 and third went to Travis Schlack or whatever his name is from Iowa on the best looking SS tractor in the class and all these tractors Friday night also so this little county fair in Kentucky host a two day NTPA pull and you should've been there it was like going to the NFMS outside.
  14. Hydro70

    Pot to piss in ,and other old time sayings

    These older guys I use to help farm with back when I was a teenager when we were fixin something on a piece of machinery theyd say its just "about a cunt hair to far" or to close the other way and they also would say if something smelled wicked that it smelled "like a French hore" and that this or that person is "dumber than a box of rocks".
  15. I just thought it was filmed in Mississippi since the movie is about Mississippi so no big deal but it still don't answer the question of the 806s with crème white wheels from the factory, guess IH had to many of them in the production line and maybe the red ones might've run out of stock that day so they got some from the 1206 line so I justed answered my own question and didn't get tripped up my not correct geographic location to one specific building in one specific state in one specific town, I'm so sorry so please don't call out the correct gestapo Nazis I just don't think I could bear it having to answer to their question and probably get tortured because I typed Sparta, Mississippi instead of Sparta, Illinois. If while on redpowermagazine if you put something down in your topic and its not 110% positively the truth the Correct Nazis will come outta the wall on ya azz but never mind the question in general lets ripe this dunce a new azzhole cause he stated that Sparta was in Mississippi even though that movie was about Mississippi. Id hate to fight the Nazis back over it cause theyd probably hunt me down and behead me over this false statement