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    I own a restored 1970 Massey Ferguson 1130 and tractors my family use to own over the years: 1066 white cab with duals, 806 with narrow front end, 706 german diesel with turbo, 686, 585, 560, 560 with duals and a boom lift, SM, M, SC and a brand new 1977 International 1700 with rollback bed and a 85 acre tobacco and cattle farm

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  1. I did a total of 13 years of service and I was a 11Bravo thats infantryman. Did two tours of combat in Iraq and that time was June to November 2005 on Forward Operating Base Summerall that turned out to be a real heavy hitting place where you could get dead real quick, during my time there we had 20 some fellow soldiers killed in action and 80 some fellow troops wounded in action and thats me in the second pic on a berm looking out the wire over into the village of Kubasa where alls those folks did was plant IEDs to blow us up and my second tour was from September 2006 to September 2007 on a
  2. Ive always liked the 2wd muscle tractor with the big front rubber, just something about that look makes ya wish it was just you and it and a 100 acre field. Ive got more but just posted these this time
  3. Im the son of a IH dealer also and wonder what ever happen to either one of them tractors, do you happen to know the answer to that question. We opened our doors in 1975 and Dad had a heart attack and died in February of 1980 so two of my brothers kept it open till the farm crisis finally shut them down in March of 1984 but by then I was gone in the U.S. Army so when I got out in 1985 we had no dealership for me to go back to work in. We sold buku of the 86 series and even quit a few forty to seventy horse "Louisville manufactured" tractors. As far as 86 series we usally sold at least one o
  4. I love me a Hydro cause I grew up on a Hydro70 our neighbor owned and he bought it new in 1974 the year before we bought our IH dealership and moved to the country. He never had one issue with that hydrostatic transmission on that tractor, he did everything that the owners manual told him to do with the service on it and it held up superbly so I'm not scared of them transmissions and we sold quit a few hydro tractors back in the day and don't remember them ever giving trouble either. I just ran across that white cab 1973 Hydro 1066 and had to share that with the group and Ive always loved th
  5. It saids it came off a small 140 acres farm and the hours are correct and by the looks of the original IH muffler Id say it is a low houred tractor and it sat in the shed many many years with little or nothing to do, that's 48 years ago and there probably not very many guys at IH still alive who assembled it
  6. another after market butt ugly cab that ruins the tough look of a 56 series, cant wait to see it after yall perform yalls magic on it.
  7. This is a Arizona climate 986 and not a bit of rust on this 1978 model and its on tractorhouse with 4,110 hours and they want $17,500 and then add the haul bill from Arizona to south central Kentucky and its about 22 or 23 thousand probably. Bet there are some clean tractors out that way as long as they find a roof to sleep under while not in use cause that sun would flat sizzle a paint job.
  8. Looks like the 656 was made up till 1972 and the new 66 series were introduced in the fall of 1971 so Id say this picture is during the winter of 1971-72 cause ya notice they aint a leaf one on those trees. Those pics of Marshall Myre are neat and I always liked keeping up with him in the Puller mag back in the 70s and I believe he bought that 966 new cause he pulled a 856 before he pulled it and he came out with it in 1972 and by the early 80s he had gone to four Turbos as seen in his first two pics and that last picture of him was in the Puller and it said Marshall Myre on the last pull of
  9. Ain't that neat and must be late 70s or so
  10. I can count on one hand the number of Magnums with factory 4 post structure but there is one and its a 1988 model that cranks 250hp on the dyno and the other one is a 1989 model with duals front and back. The 4 post Magnum has a price tag of $24,500 not bad and looks clean, hey ya aint gotta grab a handle and swing open a door upon entry everytime but when it gets cold youll forget all bout that
  11. Been awhile since I put up some pulling tractors but here are some of my best pics of the 60s and 70s pulling action. The first picture is at Louisville and that Charles Outland from here in Kentucky, Murray, Ky to be exact and he was one of the first Prostockers and I saw him pull against River Rat and Tinker or the father and son John Deere prostockers at the Russell Co. Fair about 15 miles east of me back in the late ninties. That first 966 with the tricycle frontend is Stan Gotl from Nebraska and he later on bought a new 986 with ROPS and pulled it, he took the canopy off of it but still
  12. 1971 model with five set of rear wheel weights, back in the good ole days of pulling youd take that big mammoth of a muffler off go straight and turn the fuel and away to the tractor pull youd go but high tech and big money has ruined that as usual.
  13. Sledgehammer I seen that one last yr but its good though, Ill be giving yall some pullers soon for ya to check out, aint been doin my job lately have I. ?
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