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    I live in south central Kentucky and sell used farm machinery for a living
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    I own a restored 1970 Massey Ferguson 1130 and tractors my family use to own over the years: 1066 white cab with duals, 806 with narrow front end, 706 german diesel with turbo, 686, 585, 560, 560 with duals and a boom lift, SM, M, SC and a brand new 1977 International 1700 with rollback bed and a 85 acre tobacco and cattle farm

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  1. Ive seen a 966 with a school bus engine, I assume these International engines were in a bus at one time. The 806 has heat wrap on the pipe
  2. I was talking about the chain link press on page 56 and posted a reply and it didnt come out the way I assumed it would, O well.
  3. thats eye to brain confusing, Id have a 100% disabled hand within ten minutes of doing this job
  4. JD was probably the first member I chatted with when I first came to RPM back in the first part of 2002 and Blaine{SWMO1206] we were regulars back in those days
  5. Aint noway Id pay that kinda money for that tractor. Cant tell me those are the original tires cmon if they had 1,555 hrs that would have lots more wear than whats showing and not a cut or ding showing anywhere and the braker bar that came attached to the engine rail I dont think its the real mccoy who would work a tractor 1500 hrs and still have it clamped to the rail???? Seat looks like it has 3,000 hrs of wear on it. Im thinking this is a 1977 model maybe worth 17,000 to 20,000 . .
  6. Looks pretty legit to me and them Goodyear front and back tires will tell ya, the old style Goodyears
  7. Silos around here went out in the 80s for the silage pits, dig a rectangular pit twenty feet deep x 100 yards long with concrete floor only bull floated and line earth walls with heavyt gauge plastic and there u go, lots cheaper than a waist of money silo and holds hundred times more silage, were in the processs of filling a pit with two hundred acres of corn silage as I type, just finished today and haylage round here is round bales plastic wrapped or stored in a hoop barn
  8. the second tractor is Ed Carmichael on his 1066 he was one of my favorite pullers back in those days
  9. Been helping my brothers brother n law chop bout two hundered acres of corn silage all last week and all this week but two inches of rain yesterday knocked that out for today I help him every year. I drive a almost new Sterling with a 350hp Cummins and silage dump bed on it, AC with AMFM radio, air seat makes days go easy in that nice rig I will post some pics of the chopping and he has a Claas six row selfpropelled chopper
  10. The used tractor and equipment prices are the highest Ive ever seen in my lifetime. 17,600 for a forty two year old 686 is simply out of this world but my brother works at a CIH dealership and he saids they cant keep new tractors on the lot they sale bout as soon as there unloaded off the delivery semi, at the moment they have four 80 to 110 hp tractors all have loaders and FWD and one is in the showroom floor and that it and they usually sell from the hundred hp range to the MX380 on the avg
  11. To kill three people right beside you that youve know probably all ya life sure sounds like its from many arguments from over a period of time not just a on the spot disagreement, wow, that persons mind come back to reality after blowing away the last of the fellows and there in that moment he had a rush of What did I just Do, might as well do myself also cause he knew he would never seen daylight again or live with himself knowing all the people he just tore the heart out of because of his self centered mindset, to me he sounds like one sorry piss poor excuse of a human and one worthless SOB also, thats my 2 cents
  12. The white cab has been taken good care of considering its fifty years old and Ive always liked the looks of the white cab over the all red cab they went to in 1974. We bought a used one exactly like it back around 78 or 79 and had it on the farm for a short period and would load it to a farmer who was needing a replacement tractor while we had his in the shop for repairs and we sold it around 1981 and I never seen it again for many years and then one day while driving through a part of Taylor Co the adjoining county I spotted it sitting in the lot of a old closed down gas station and recognized it right off and it still looks pretty good and this was about ten years ago
  13. theres no doubt IH made the best tillage equipmment of all the manufactureres combined
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