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    I live in south central Kentucky and sell used farm machinery for a living
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    I own a restored 1970 Massey Ferguson 1130 and tractors my family use to own over the years: 1066 white cab with duals, 806 with narrow front end, 706 german diesel with turbo, 686, 585, 560, 560 with duals and a boom lift, SM, M, SC and a brand new 1977 International 1700 with rollback bed and a 85 acre tobacco and cattle farm

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  1. Is that a International intercooler there at the intake on the engine cause I'm just looking at it and it looks like the intercooler on a 466 International engine, they look the same and wonder why more DT414s don't have intercoolers being everyone just about cranks up the fuel when they farm with one, 165 to 200hp out of these engines is about normal around here. BTW sure would like to have this baby sitting out in the shed but my Moms house sold Friday so when my piece of inheritance money is handed to me a $6000 IH 1066 will be bought, done talked to my ole neighbor friend about awhile back and he said itll be here when ya come buy it so that will be real soon.
  2. Its on tractorhouse and the pto has never been used, why the tractor has never been worked is what Id like to know but it looks legitimate to me, askin price is 37,500 4 37,500 3 44
  3. Over on tractorhouse theyre asking $31,000 for this 1974 model, folks used tractors are getting so outpriced just how does a person really see paying that much for a used 46 year old tractor, this is ridiculous. Tires are good and its got clear coat and a 100 hour old clutch I think it said but where is 31Gs at on this old tractor
  4. Passed by this old place and it still has the IH agriculture sign and would I like to have that
  5. Seems every town had a track at one time, the dirt track we use to go to has been gone at least 45 years ago, I barely remember going to it
  6. That 460 is the Bryan Conner who use to pull the Bad Medicine White 2-180 and that neat 4320 is Dave Schreiere and the Green Power Special
  7. Somebody had too much time on their hands and too much money but its a excellent job and its over on tractorhouse up in Ohio
  8. They were never a option folks put them in their selves off other models that were junked for some reason or other
  9. One of our mechanics that use to work for us at our IH dealership gave me a estimate on some work a certain 1066 I'm looking to maybe buy in the future and the tractor is going to need the shift linkage completely rebuilt and the frontend completely rebuilt due to wear and tear and he said the is would run $1600 so is this a reasonable price to yall?
  10. Not sure but I think he sold the sheetmetal and name to another Nebraska, he passed away maybe last year the guy on the picture I posted
  11. That 686 of Jerry Van Dorpe was bought new and never farmed one minute and check out Danny Dean on the Land Shark from 1999 and that 4430 they said in the article burned up in a barn fire and Ive always liked that ole 9600 of Jim Weavers called the Virginian, that 2255 is Kentuckys very own Gene Donaldson from about the late 80s or maybe 1990 that tractor is being brought back to life by his son. Best pic of all is the first one of Sonny Crutcher on his tricycle 1066 and that is the style all of em ran back in the day
  12. Pic 1 Ed Charmichael at Louisville late 70s and I bet I'm in the crowd somewhere, best lookin puller of his time besides Dickie Sullivan Pic 2-3 Harry Griest Pic 4 Marshall Myre with his 1970 Sportsmanship award Pic 5 Danny Dean workin on the Rooster in 1984 Dick Obermeyeron his Case 1370 in 1973
  13. That 560 went up and over and pinned the driver and this is I think 1971 and the next year they enacted the rule that called for wheelie bars on all pulling tractors so that's when the wheelie bars were first put on tractors and the other picture of maybe the first year or two when it all first started and notice no smoke pipe and those two puller sheets were from 1970 but they are kinda hazy. I believe the puller that flipped the tractor lived cause Ive never heard of any puller getting killed on that track. That picture of the Rooster is from 1976
  14. Never seen them kinda controls before and look the fold over is hydraulic so they mustve been new to year 1968 instead of spring loaded
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