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    I live in south central Kentucky and sell used farm machinery for a living
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    I own a restored 1970 Massey Ferguson 1130 and tractors my family use to own over the years: 1066 white cab with duals, 806 with narrow front end, 706 german diesel with turbo, 686, 585, 560, 560 with duals and a boom lift, SM, M, SC and a brand new 1977 International 1700 with rollback bed and a 85 acre tobacco and cattle farm

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  1. That is right why I put brothers I don't know, my typin was goin faster than my mind
  2. No I got a Massey 1130 cause it was so cheap and had all original belongings, never could know why he sold me that tractor for $2200 but I didn't stand their and argue with him
  3. I stopped by my old neighbors and had another look over that ole 1066 Ive been telling yall Ive been wanting for the past couple years and we agreed to the buy yesterday so come next spring this ole gal is comin outta here retirement hay barn and comin home with me and as you can see it has all the original sheet metal and even has the little tool box under right side battery tray, them little boxes are always missing on used 66s and this tractor used to be our dealership used lot tractor we bought it my brothers told me in Illinois off a local farmer here in Columbia, Ky brother who farms up there, it belonged to his brother and he bought it new and we ended up selling to him first and he already had a nice almost new 1973 Farmall 766 and he had a dairy but he sold out in the early or mid80s and my neighbor who lived across the road from us bought this off the man before the auction so Ray owned it from 1986 or 87 and he pulled a 5-16s on land plow and a 12ft IH disk and pulled a square and then a rollbaler, Ray died in August of 1988 and his son took over their beef cow and tobacco operation, he was the local FFA instructor. Ive already got it on the 1066 registry and it needs a rebuilt shift levers on both H L and 1 2 3 4. Needs lights probably and definitely needs two new batteries with new battery trays and he has the battery covers will be getting a 5 inch wide by 4 foot tall chrome pipe and its still has the original muffler on it right now. It came outta the factory with 18.4-34s which I hate there two small and short Id like to go to 20.8-34s a much better matched tire and not as tall as the 38s, just like that look and I'm gonna stay with the 11L-15s on the front, that was a good front tire for that tractor and they will quad ribbed. Ive been wanting this tractor for years and finally persistently pays off as it did yesterday and the price was fair I will say but you wont be recognizing it after I do to it what I want to do to it. Its been in this same spot going on 6 or 7 years and its not locked up believe me and did ya notice how old this old hay barn is its got the inside room made out of ole logs and it was built new like that and Id say its maybe close to Civil War old, that is the inside original part and my buddies great grandfathers house from then still stands but it out from this picture about 150 yards and he made a cut inside his livin room to keep eye on his livestock and chickens etc. so the Yankee Army wouldn't be stealing his stock and their was a large battle not maybe five miles north of here The Battle of Tebbs Bend and their was units from Michigan both cavalry and infantry swarming all over this area looking for General John Hunt Morgans Raiders and they would get mad at our local folks and steal their chickens and hogs for retribution for not givin info on our boys..........dam Yankees..........haha
  4. Redtop I second that and third that and on and on. IH and CaseIH are about the top pullers in the country now wouldn't you think we would have a pulling board, hum, YES.
  5. The first pic of that 1456 puller is from 1970 and the second one is from 1967 and that 1206 traveled 5,000 miles that year pulling and the third is Gene Donaldson sitting in Broadbent Arena waiting to pull probably in the late 1980s, he passed away in 1990 or 1991 and his son has resurrected the old tractor and pulls with it and that last pic is one of the Kohl brothers on one wild ride, these ole boys pulled for years and were tough and they say you can still see one of his 1206 pullers working on the farm with the 30.5s still on it
  6. I bet your talking about Jimmy with the long gray beard, he has been at the E-town dealership he told me when he was hired in 1982
  7. This is the place in E-Town, Ky. my brother is shop foreman and in the picture of inside the shop that's his office in the windows just behind the grain header to the left in the pic and to give you a idea the size of the new shop that header is sitting long ways and the truck is sitting just to the end and both have plenty of room left on both ends, the new shop addition is about five years old now in the front of the building view the shop is the new building left of the old building. They had a few new pieces of equipment but that 370 is used and those two 7120s are used very little the one is back of the Steiger is used very little and I think theyre 2010 or 2011 models and the 370 is used also but ya cant tell it. That 440 quad in back of the shop is a customers and he is getting is tillage tool sharpened and in the picture you can see the grinder working on its own sharpin the blade and the gang rotates as it doing its job, pretty neat getup, the ole 440 looked to be run kinda hard but I guess theyre not bought to sit around and look pretty. Hope ya liked the pics and theyre website is Jacobi CaseIH if your interested in any of their stuff. See ya Hydro
  8. The 4366 and 4386 were good tractors in my opinion and if IH had went with a Cummins 855 in the 45 and 47 they probably would've sold twice as many as they did with that V8 550 which turned out to be total junk after a few thousand hours, but that's another IF and its just my opinion
  9. I like the looks of the old 915 combine and if anyone ever owned one or just run one and has some old pics Id like it if youd please post some pictures of this big machine and tell us your story of running one.
  10. Lincolns plan was to send all the former slaves to islands off the coast of Florida or down in the cuba area and those islands, they weren't to stay in the U.S. I have nothing against blacks but I vote white and I marry white an most my friends are white and if you have a problem with that then I can tell you where to stick it, Ive been in the south all my life Ive seen things most or you will never cause they just aint in the Midwest like here where I'm at. My childhood was ruined because of forced busing, bringing them out to our neighborhoods and we going to there neighborhoods and if ya didn't think blacks hate whites you should've been that 12 year old boy from the suburbs then that hot August day in 1975
  11. I noticed your bareknuckled I thought yall had to wear those fireproof gloves or is it ya just gotta put on the suit to pull
  12. Guess he couldn't decide on buyin either a 1066 or a 4430 so he went this route with the best engine and mechanics along with the best cab of the two, I hope he got the powershift transmission
  13. and he filed for bankruptsey not long after the bill came in the mail!!
  14. 150 miles northwest of me and about three hours behind the wheel, Kentucky is a very very long state, about 550 miles east to west, we are longer than from east Ohio border to the west Illinois border so if that tells ya anything, and it is still longer than those two borders from one point to the other. That 1086 would sell in my area and the front loader and the bulldozer and that one Farmall that's all broke down with the wide front end if it has the original International wide front end Id love to have that and put on something
  15. Aint all that red pretty and wonder where that nice 4586 ended up at and if its sitting in a fencerow growing weeds with a cylinder blown through the side of the block. Looks like all the dealers got new jackets from IH and see the back of the white 1066. Anybody got a clue where this might be
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