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    I live in south central Kentucky and sell used farm machinery for a living
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    I own a restored 1970 Massey Ferguson 1130 and tractors my family use to own over the years: 1066 white cab with duals, 806 with narrow front end, 706 german diesel with turbo, 686, 585, 560, 560 with duals and a boom lift, SM, M, SC and a brand new 1977 International 1700 with rollback bed and a 85 acre tobacco and cattle farm

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  1. The first picture of Steve on that 1206 looks like he is about 13 or 14 years old, so that would be in the mid to late 70s. When you think that they've won a national championship just a few years ago did ya ever consider that they have to truck that tractor all the up north where all or most of the good pulls are at when they live down in Texas, that's called dedication to the sport and if there was a award for that they would win hands down
  2. Farmall 706 Cummins swap

    WOW..........I want to see the finished product.........damn good work
  3. He use to be in the Puller magazine all the time and at one time he was a very tough ole competitor on the circuit. He started with a fresh 966 and the first picture is near the end of his pulling days that pic was dated 1980 and the second was around 77 or 78 and I'm not so sure if that last pic is him but his tractor at first looked just like it and I remember in the Dec 1975 issue was a pic of him on his 966 and it said the last pull of the year for that time era. I think Mike Gumm might've built his tractor back then, he built a few pullers for people I think. Just some cool ole pics and Id say he is probably in pullin heaven now
  4. Lost my sister this afternoon

    I feel for ya JD, Ill be thinkin of you and your family and God Bless
  5. I found out who this is and its Harold Carmicheal who had the Ringaround sponsor in its rear wheel and the plastic was of a rule they had in this sanctioned area that you couldn't drop no oil on track. This would've been in late 1973 I assume and he looks to be running one turbo and ya see the air intake attached to the side of the tractor
  6. Maybe its Bob Thompson, I don't know and what is yalls guess. Check out that Oliver 4x4 its pulling
  7. I remember what my Dad said after coming back from a IHC dealers convention the reason the 86s had the same everything except the cab vs the 66 series was because International listened to the farmers who owned the 66s and said if International was to introduce a new tractor back in 1976 to please keep that front grill look against a new look so International didn't touch the looks of 86s from the cab up. Just a little bit of IH knowledge ya learn by hanging around the dealership. Ya got to admit that front does look good or at least it does to me
  8. Why did they quit doing the pull was it not makin money or was Louisville just to much to compete with and didn't it start in 1973 or so and when was the last pull
  9. Don't that take you back in time, it will if your in your 50s like me and a bunch of yall cause this was the norm back then and a 66 series with no fenders and a narrow frontend with chrome pipe coming from the right hand side panel side. Has to be at least in 1977 cause that's when Massey came out with them 2745/2805 tractors that is pulling the sled back. How bout the sharp looks of that 856
  10. 1570 Case Spirit of 76 on Big Iron

    One of my brothers is a shop foreman for a CaseIH dealer here in Ky and they had a 1570 at their dealership a yr or so ago and I ask him if it was for sale and he told me horror stories about the transmissions on these over 100 horsepower Case tractors with powershift and I still don't understand why year after year Case didn't fix this problem or what is their problem that everybodys scared of them for
  11. Firestone super NO tractions

    Stay with the ole Firestone and they'll sell ya new front tires for $49.80 and some back tires for $8 or $9 but Ive always said people act like Firestones are the so called John Deere of rubber ag tires so where does Goodyear and Michelins and those new Titans look really good and they say they work as good as they look, I did like the Continental look a little better though
  12. wasn't it Butch, it could flat out run. Its funny I was working pourin a slab of concrete couple weeks ago up in the Eminence area and Nebo and you will go from urban Louisville and the next thing you notice nothing but some good nice flat farm land for miles around those people passed a law that you had to maintain so many acres to even buy or something like that so you cant buy a tract of land and build a half million dollar Louisville yuppie family fun center and ruin the farm land, very good idea
  13. Farmall 1206 and a Allis-Chalmers 190XT are loading up or unloading one and all folks around here would do is takem to the dealers lot and change out the back rubber with big tires and have one of the mechanics turn the fuel up and let it go on the dynometer, we did this probably fifty or sixty times I remember about. Check out the big Chevy probably has a 350 or 400 and gets about 3 to 4 miles a gallon but it was fun
  14. To be from forty years ago that pic taker mustve had a high dollar camera in his hand cause them are some good pictrues of Danny Dean That Oliver 2255 hails from Nebo, Kentucky and that's about fifteen miles northeast of Louisville and that land in that area is really high dollar rowcrop land. That are bringing this tractor back to life some guys found it mothballed and are going to pull with it this year with the same engine and all that Donaldson had, he passed of a bloodclot after a minor surgery in 1990 or 1991