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  1. I didn't think Charlie would be the first to go.
  2. Call Lemmons tractor service 765-938-1808, Paul Marlatt 765-938-2227 are the best for IH tractors. Gaey Baker in Mich is a good place to. What kind of a tractor do you have?
  3. I got one from Denny's years ago , lasted 5 pulls . If you think Denny is bad try talking to his wife. Had denny's piece of junk rebuilt to make it stronger, made it 5 lbs heavier and haven't had a problem since. Denny's engine kits are 0ver rated for HP, they are close to what they are claiming.
  4. Bingo we have a winner, I used the Hy Capacity kit and the tractor shifts like a dream , don't forget to adjust the tranny break.
  5. I had the same problem with a 706 , dealer said to use 30 wt. low ash oil, didn't have to do a valve job again .
  6. A little grease on the front pin does wonders.
  7. Harts Machine, Cecil Ohio. 419 399 4777
  8. Ran 806 trubo , 1206 , 856 . 1256 and several 1066. most 1o66 from the factory ran 130-40 hp. I had my 1974 turned up to 155 hp , I never saw a 1256 keep up with a 1066, that 400 series was the best motor IH made.
  9. the US had a storming to power Jan 6
  10. Bought a 3588 new turned it up to 175 hp, pulled 6-18 IH 720 plow, 24 ft disk with 25 ft rolling basket, 25 ft field cultivator, 4 shank in line ripper. Still have tractor just pull 24 row Kinze bean planter now.
  11. They are pulling 560 with Red Diamond engines and DT 466 engines converted to gas at 6 to 12 mph. They had some trouble pulling in 4th gear, it would jump out of gear, custom gear solved that.
  12. NATPA has some rules , no turbo, engines have to be made by tractor you are pulling and the same number of cylinders, The red diamond and the 460 block have 6 cylinders. and there are rpm rules.
  13. The hot set up now is red Diamond motors around 700 cu, but the 466 DT engines converted to gas at 750 cu. are taking over . they are put in 460's for a stock Diamond and the big cube engines are in 560. both tractors can get down to the 4250 lb class. Those tractors like to pull 10 to 15 mph.
  14. There are M's running over 500cu., 4.310 pistons and 1 1/2 stroke is around 421 cu and will run over 125 hp.
  15. My SM can pull in the 4250 class with 150 lbs on front bracket. Front end , rims on back , pto, , belly pump is a way to start.
  16. Sanford VT 2200 series will work in heavy corn stocks, there blades are independent coil tect blades so only 1 blade will hit the rock not the whole disk gang like a disk.
  17. Our 706 had 16.9 34, never saw a 706 with 15.5 in heavy tillage
  18. Prayers to the family
  19. I run a 12 row kinze whit a 5088, I think Maynard has the answer.
  20. All 400 IH series started in cold weather, ran a 966 several years good tractor.
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