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    FWD Manuals

    Anyone want a maintenance manual and parts book for a FWD LB6 six wheel drive truck? Both include sections for the International RD450 engine. The engine sections appear to be copies of the International publications. I will send them to anyone who wants them but only after the present lockdown has ended.
  2. The following is from local news today. Provincial police and the Ministry of Labour are investigating after a 22-year-old man drowned when the excavator he was operating fell into a shallow body of water. Police said the incident occurred in a farm field at about 11:50 a.m. Monday. The victim, of Alfred Plantagenet Township, was trapped in the excavator’s submerged cabin. First responders transported the victim by ambulance, then by Ornge medevac helicopter, to hospital in Ottawa, where he was pronounced dead.
  3. No where near enough insulation in a bit of fabric and dope to withstand transmission line voltages. It looks as though he was lucky enough to catch the sky wire, the grounded conductor installed above the phase conductors to protect from lightning strikes. And yes, he is not the first pilot to get caught out by power lines and likely won't the last . And others that have been in this situation have been young pilots and old pilots and all ages between.
  4. I, like Wes W have my fathers Pioneer saw. It is a model RA from, I think 1957 or '58 so it is a year or two older than Wes'. I hope to find time to get it running again. Probably does not need anything more that a carburetor kit and some gaskets but not sure where to find parts for a 60 year old Tillotson carb. My dad painted it in an off the shelf yellow colour many, many years ago so if I can make it run then it needs to be repainted in something closer to the original cream. I have spent time with it cutting up trees when I was a young buck and yes, it was heavy. I probably wouldn't last long behind it now.
  5. I think I remember seeing an R 190 series with the narrow cab, very much like the one in your picture at Stew Paquette's Farmall museum in Florida.
  6. Rob30


    This was parked in Qc.Can.IH man's back yard yesterday. At least close to his back yard.
  7. "But it could have been a green one so it blends in." If it is green, maybe no one is bothering to look for it.
  8. Nice work Dennis. You have brought back memories for me. We had a New Idea mower very similar, if not the same on our farm more years ago than I like to admit. I had forgotten about it until I saw your project but now remember using it to mow the banks of the ditches along the road. My dad sold the farm something more than 40 years ago so I guess I have an excuse for having forgotten the New Idea mower. .
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