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  1. I think in Europe its due to tight streets and overall length restrictions I sure see a lot more classic cabovers on the road the last few years. when you think about it they were very common in the 70s and 80s
  2. that particular one in the pic came off a W6 25 plus years ago. It was hard to shift due to a little excessive grinding. I took it off and it seemed to cure the problem. I felt the same as you are saying.
  3. no idea about that but every single book and source I have ever read credits Cockshutt for "inventing " it
  4. live PTO was designed by Cockshutt and introduced in 1946 on the Cockshutt 30 about half way through the H and M production. When IH got around to building their LPTO IMHO it was superior
  5. The hole dimension center to center is 2 1/8"
  6. i traced it and I hope you can figure out my poor drawing.if something is not clear let me know.it was done quickly print it off and I think you can make it out
  7. I always plug in my diesels as well,lot easier on everything but the power went out Sunday and its nice to have a diesel that will start. if I had to I could use a little 2 stroke generator to plug it in or run generator with a gasser like Aaron does
  8. I will dig one out this afternoon and make a drawing for you Steiner also sell new ones if you don't already know that https://www.steinertractor.com/IHS323-Easy-Pedal-Adapter-Or-Soft-Pedal-Clutch-Arm
  9. 🤓glad you and I could have a chuckle at ME🤡👍
  10. I was meaning I think angle plug heads were introduced in 1970 on the LT1. I don't recall them in a 327..someone will chime in Performance camshafts would make a low rpm engine like a combine a dog. Gleaners used lots of SBCs in G.M and L models . I always thought the 350 was a poor match for a Gleaner L but really cool in a G. they used a 4 bolt main block
  11. I don't recall angle plug heads out until the 350 like 1970
  12. 1 more than the edit! I have been having trouble uploading and usually it just won't load.this time it loaded but did not show any indications it actually loaded until the last one Sorry again guys🙈
  13. for the record I think you are a very knowledgeable guy but I have a hard time putting an age on you because I feel your opinions are that of a Steiger driver not a guy thats been around old tractors when they were still used. Not that age makes an opinion right or wrong but it changes one's perspective I don't know why anyone would want to cut hay with a W9🙃once again comparing apples to oranges. of coarse a 240 would be better for that job as a rule. But that's like saying your Steiger is no good for cleaning the barnyard. In the 40s and 50s Letter Series were normally a farmers first tractor and not everyone bought into 3 pth. I missed out on a Allied sales manual/brochure on Ebay that was filled with aftermarket mounted equipment for Letter Series - keep the mindset of a farmer 70 years ago if you want to be fair IH made 1000s upon 1000s of semi mount hay mowers that could be adapted to any tractor of any brand with the brackets that came with them. The mowers hooked up with two 3/4 " bolts and also had an optional hydraulic lift. They were so common I remember as a kid the partsman at our local dealer knew the part number of the belt without looking it up ( it was about a 1" belt and I don't think they were prone to premature failure) There were different model numbers and fast hitch versions later as well. The Canadian model number my Dad wore out was a 21u I attached the instructions of the W9 mounts. Also in the operators manual is instructions for W4,W6,C,F-12,F-14F-20,F-30,A,B.BN,H,M,, They sold a lot of them . still turn up JD-A,B,G,H, AC-B,C,RC.WC,WD,UC, Case-,D,DC,RC,S,VA,VAC,VC, Ford/Ferguson MH-101,101JR,20,22,30,44 MM-R,U,Z, Oliver-70,66,77,88, Cockshutt -30
  14. I enjoyed the article as well and found the square footage a little off . I am sure they had closer to 1 1/2 million square feet in the city. I posted this pic a couple years ago. I drive by that building a few times a day That black combine is very cool! I hope its being preserved
  15. With mine I just go out hit the glow plugs , crank it and it lights up. No ether ( not suggested ) , no block heater and then she sits on the generator sipping fuel making music
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