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  1. this was yesterday A single truck accident( big rig) fatality had the 401 closed for 7 or 8 hours right where the 401 and 403 connect. I sat there for a couple hours this summer they rebuilt a bridge on the west bound 403 so they merged the west bound traffic to the other side of the highway by putting in a temporary merge lane and reduced the east bound side to one lane each direction for a few miles. The merge lane was removed and another was installed in the median to direct east bound traffic to the west bound side next year to repair the east bound brIdge Long story short this mini van got a bright idea to exit the west bound lane in the hammer lane which would have directed him into on coming east bound traffic. He went around the pylons and buried the pos in the fresh gravel LOL
  2. today and yesterday were nuts. I drive by a farm often with a 300 ft driveway with railway tracks across the driveway, The trains always crawl on this stretch with some businesses closeby . I don't believe the farm owners actually are rural/farm folks but I am not sure. Today the train hit the pickup truck going out the driveway and pushed it about 12 ft. Lots of railway vehicles and cops on site
  3. I have been making an attempt to cut down on my " screen time" as SIL calls it and get more projects finished, they are getting ahead of me and deteriorating too fast. Rebuilt an engine and refurbished another tractor, Currently have two 130s in the shop to do an engine swap and get the other running. I want to build a BN/130 so I can take a little tractor to plowdays ( with mounted plow)a little farther away than the norm. We have 4 grandkids I want the honor to teach them to drive at an early age like all of us had, With a buddy seat it will be fun and plowing lessons will follow , After the 130s I have several to work on this winter .......and next I will login more often so you know I am still kicking but if I am like my Dad I have more than 30 years to go and I never felt better Thanks guys! It did occur to me to show my presence as theres many guys I never met that I consider friends I never met! So I am fine ,has anyone heard of Rick's condition ? oldtanker
  4. that is an hourmeter not a tach and it was an IH option your lights and the mounting brackets are not original like Matt stated
  5. depends if you actually want it longterm or you will sell it short term. IMHO if you pay big bucks and its not running you are doing the seller a solid and theres nothing in it for you to take that risk and spend time and money on an unknown . Sitting a while ? rusty fuel tank? gummed up carb? dead mag? the rims OK? ( not very many used ones around ) could cost $500 just for rims and tubes. Look it over closely I wouldn't disagree with anyone in the thread because location makes a difference. Here in South Western Ontario a Farmall A without starter is a tough seller. We had so many Super A- 140s in the tobacco area few want those oldies. Under a $1000 in good condition
  6. heres some more neat history of a few machines they made. I was reading James Cockshutt served an apprenticeship at Waterous before he started his plow business👍.
  7. not close to snowing here but it sure cooled off the past few days . Typical cold,sunny and windy Thanksgiving Day here
  8. hillman

    AC 6080

    my recollections are fewer and farther between but I think they are the same as those boxy/square looking Hesstons
  9. hillman

    AC 6080

    Roosa Master pump and Air research turbo Under $10,000 FWA with loader isn't bad if it's been looked after. With any Allis I am afraid of how much ether the previous owner may have used.... but thats just me probably being over cautious and still hearing guys making them cackle on ether in my mind .LOL.- check it over well They may be Fait, but they are simple. synco trans with a dual pressure plate/clutch. for what you need I would consider it , too bad it doesn't have the factory cab, they were very nice I'm out, said more than 2 cents worth😖
  10. hillman

    AC 6080

    you are singing to the choir. I am very aware of their shortcomings. If jeeps found a good one at the right price it would work well for him knowing their faults, Price today is as important. I see them on tractorhouse around $14000 ..... no way Jose also can parts be easily sourced for these tractors? anyone?
  11. hillman

    AC 6080

    they were promoted by Allis as the best torque rise on the market and fuel economy so saying they were not best suited for heavy work don't cut it. Any tractor should perform at their rated HP or its a poor unit plain and simple. The torque rise was due to the turbo and intercooler but with 200 cubes I never felt they were a beast doing light work at low rpm The one jeeps posted would have already failed without the updated thrust bearing having a loader on it If you found a low hour one in nice shape it would do what you need Jeeps The metric /imperial thing was not uncommon on other machines including autos. really does not matter imho never thought they were comparable to a 786 .
  12. its the traditional meal for Thanksgiving on both sides of the border . what do you eat goat?
  13. did you not watch the video?😄his weld broke and it didn't come off . LOL to be continued.......
  14. chance of snow for North Bay Sunday night
  15. heres a W450 knee deep in rubber with rebuilt engine
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