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  1. like bitty says I would take a gas 706 over the AC. I was never impressed with them when I was around them new but I will admit I don't know how they stood up 30 years later. There are none left around here . They were promoted with the best fuel economy and torque rise in their category. Fait trans and rearend with a huge double clutch and pressure plates. If you take the side sheets off you got a tractor about the size of a MF 135/165 @ 80 hp I also wonder how the parts supply is for them being Allis and Fiat? The topper is the Mickey Mouse fix ( although its probably the only way they could fix them) on the thrust bearings in the engine. Not build strong enough so they added an external bearing on the front of the engine. I installed a bunch of them and never thought much of those tractors after . I think they all got the update as it was imperative and relative easy to do I would want to get it very cheap if I bought one and right now nothing is cheap . but with the price of diesel the old gasser is a tiny bit better currently. heres a pic or the setup ( I swiped it from the AC forum)
  2. we have had our speed limited to 105 km/hr in Quebec and Ontario for about 15 years. They took the research from Europe I believe to justify it. At the time I was as pi$$ed as the next guy but now I don't care but 120 would be nice to go around a slow poke. I used to set the cruise at 117 and drive past radar with no problems With the caliber of new drivers on the road it looks like a good decision.
  3. I think I am going to pass, it is less than the price of a gas 656 for price and supposed to run good. if you can make the trip its near Woodstock Ontario and I will send the contact info
  4. that is exactly my thoughts for the past 2 months . the little voice in my head says leave it there for those reasons and the fact I am sure I would grow tired of it.
  5. I have an opportunity to buy a Hydro 70 hi-crop at a reasonable price I believe. They are not common here and I only saw 2 Hydro 656s hicrops for sale at a JD dealer 35 years ago and he had trouble selling them but times have changed I probably will buy it BUT if and when I grow tired of it are they a dud or can I sell it to a collector?
  6. the Gates part number is 735 there is a couple on Ebay if its a problem with your auto parts store https://www.ebay.com/itm/284118798141?hash=item4226cccf3d:g:sVUAAOSwKepf3EkF
  7. IH part number 48042DB this gives you a size---------------> https://ca-vbeltguys.glopalstore.com/products/48042db-case-ih-oem-equivalent-cogged-automotive-v-belt?utm_campaign=pr_r&utm_source=https://www.vbeltguys.com&utm_medium=wi_proxy&utm_content=en_US&utm_term=b
  8. I bought some used tires from a old guy who had the same experience except he upgraded to a 5140 with no regrets at all
  9. x 2 A&I Products have the complete set for $74 CAD should be around $60 USD a&i part number A-395915
  10. https://www.indianagratingsinc.com/applications/bridges/ The grating would be costly but one time only. What about Oak and just replace as needed ocassionally
  11. really nice back story to this tractor, I keep looking at the 2 Ice Cream Box cabs sitting around here and picture a gas 656 with narrow frontend for snow removal.. Have you considered a NFE for the cool factor?
  12. I believe or its possible that is part of the " Paint it Pink" initiative to raise awareness for Breast Cancer. Its debatable how effective it may be but I do not have it in me to mock it. There is a pink CBM cement truck in my area and I commend the dude who will drive it
  13. that is a quote from me use it often🤓
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