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  1. hillman

    I love 86s

    if I won a lottery I would own every tractor mentioned in this thread. don't know how some guys would react if they were ever around a pis$ poor tractor
  2. hillman

    I love 86s

    if you cannot drive one pickup Farmington's #8 video with the 806 VS 4020 comparison. its the only comedy in their entire catalog of videos I do not understand the few haters on the 66 or 86 series
  3. looks the same but highly unlikely the same size. I should have one if you want the proper one
  4. only mentioning this because you like to learn, The Farmall M and H are the exact same design and only differ in size. The Farmall C may as well have been designed by another company if you compare it to an M or H. the C is an offshoot of an A/B design and other than the brakes and final drives the drivetrain is derived from that family
  5. what the deal with the last pic? was it a demonstration/competition or something of that nature? So lucky to have that family heritage !
  6. I prefer a Schwartz because they seem to turn shorter. there should be lots of them if you are patient one will turn up
  7. I have a pr of 12 inch t rail duals rims if you want to cut the rails off but still on the narrow side- $100 each often duals sell at local auctions cheap esp that size but it would be a lot of time and grinding
  8. https://www.batescorp.com/50838d-nut-trans-countershaft.html
  9. hillman

    Free BS 1066

    local trucking can be expensive but you got bent over\ you paid $5 per mile - never heard of such rates!. it cost me $1200 CAD to get the 806 back from R Pope and he charges the same from AB, It would have been $1000 but the SOB that originally quoted it backed out after making me wait months because he found better back hauls. (I bought that tractor because he called me wanting the job a few weeks after he quoted it. Bill Burnett was his name - don't use him). these guys haul out west and look for back hauls. 2 or 3 $1200 jobs and they are good loading it could be a problem if I were to get it . the guys I use have drop deck trailers without winch. I don't know your situation but that tractor for $400 delivered is gold to me wheter it ever runs again or not. the wheel weights are worth 1/2 that for our US friends at todays rate $400 CAD = $296.69 USD
  10. hillman

    Free BS 1066

    it weighs over 6 tons it would make money just paying the trucker to send to scrap. BUT keep it and if it turns out fubar I would part it out then send to scrap when prices rebound- it ain't gonna eat hay! it might be a good thing if the turbo elbow broke
  11. Cub Cadet rear wheel weights are the same as Farmall Cub front wheel weights
  12. GM & Toyota partnership 1985-2010 https://www.npr.org/templates/story/story.php?storyId=125229157 GM & Suzuki 1989-2009 https://gmauthority.com/blog/gm/gm-facilities/gm-canada-facilities/gm-cami-ingersoll-ontario-canada-plant/ joint ventures are not new
  13. Steve has wrecked some Farmall 400s that use the hubs you need for double bevel rims
  14. very very nice Josh its professional grade I just bought a complete set of sheet metal for an O4 today. already got an O4 but couldn't resist, They are a work of art
  15. hillman

    Free BS 1066

    I would be on that thing like a fat kid on a candy bar if you don't want it I will pay the $1200 it will cost me to get it here
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