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  1. anyone that goes down after one knuckle sandwich couldn't handle them😁 ......I expect they would pawn them off in Toronto, if you look closely at the culprits they ain't farmboys
  2. The staffer I was talking with said he thought the thief on the ground was going to have a heart attack 🤣 IMHO a good beating should be part of the deterrent program, Jeff and the boys set out after with an ATV and truck to find the others. I think the other 4 were lucky the police found them💪
  3. hydros? some people say their hydros(hydraulics) are not working used to hear Kentworth but not too often now
  4. I found this funny although Mallory( I remember the day she was born ) shouldn't have got in front of the get away car. I worked for the Sallans family when they were an Allis dealer. still consider Jeff a friend although he was my boss- still offers me a job when I see him👍 knowing the people involved made it esp funny for me This week a couple guys tried to rob their dealership 🤣they lost control of their stolen car and hit a skid steer. What you don't see in the video is Jeff ripping a shirt off one of them ( I think that aided the tracking dogs) and the driver hit one of the staff's fist with his face 🤣. he went down and said staff member told him if he tried to get up he would knock his teeth out ( I talked to that employee ) - they dragged him by the leg onto their property .The other 4 were found hiding in a nearby quarry, one shirtless 😀 Let it take a second to load and watch the 2:58 minute video if you want a chuckle https://kitchener.ctvnews.ca/this-isn-t-going-to-happen-today-staff-at-kitchener-business-recall-how-they-thwarted-attempted-robbery-1.6422896
  5. if the cylinders have excessive taper you are wasting your time. then theres piston specs to consider, If an engine has served its duty it needs to be rebuilt properly IMHO sometimes re ringing is OK if there was a failure from something unrelated . IMHO a little blue smoke may be common but it is not normal in gass engines . I don't have any that smoke at all. black smoke is fuel and that can be reduced
  6. I will sell you one if I have a spare. I know I have extra shorter ones. PM me your Zip code if you are interested and I can quote you shipping included
  7. is this what you are looking for?
  8. high ( or using drugs ) at a baby shower? OMG some ppl need to get a life! Sorry for your dog. I would be fuming if it was my buddy🤬
  9. boring Saturday night so maybe a few guys would like to view another analysis of Gordon Lighfoot. I have watched many of Rick Beato's vids and was surprised he loved Gordon so much. reviews a bunch of the best songs. Apparently they recorded the EFG in one take 😮 I also learned Gordon Lighfoot was an exceptional musician as well as song writer
  10. in my opinion it is worth up to a $1000 less than a 450 in similar condition
  11. do you know if any late 400s left the factory with a C281?
  12. Charlie Haviland a local farmer used to race with the big boys. set the record 1968 Winter Nats with his Hemi powered AA/Altered-Charlie Horse He was the real deal . I knew him . just a farm boy who liked cars and going fast. He was cool as they come I think the pic I posted is as good as it get. Winter Nats 1968 https://cdrhf.com/Inductees/charlie-haviland/
  13. S= Torque Amplifier Attachment ( with provision for Independent Power Take-off Attachment) my brother has a Farmall 400 with a C281 in it, sometime I should check the serial number
  14. Alberta I have not heard of any wildfires in QC We were getting the Alberta smoke a couple days ago
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