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  1. hillman

    IHC jacket

    I hope BJ is OK with this Ebay link ( delete the post if you want )but its a great deal if a member wants a collectable jacket $25 or best offer for most of them in Illinios- same seller has a bunch of them unfortunately not large sizes but nice just the same https://www.ebay.com/sch/oldtra-0/m.html?_nkw=&_armrs=1&_ipg=&_from=
  2. hillman

    For you cabover lovers

    the decline of COE went hand in hand with the increase in fugly Volvos and Frieghtshakers with the aerodynamics IMHO theres a COE in this episode of Movin On ( no hijack here) for those who enjoy the show or others that were too young all the episodes are on YouTube again . Every time I have seen them on there eventually they get taken down
  3. hillman

    For you cabover lovers

    these Binders were at our Chapter 20 Show 2011. The owner has a very nice collection of IH trucks
  4. hillman

    IHC jacket

    found these pictures in some of my literature The first one is 1979 and the second one is 1974
  5. hillman

    15” Front Rims

    front hubs off a 300u & 350u will work on your Super H with steel rims
  6. hillman

    Is this real from the factory?

    what he said ^ x2
  7. hillman

    Beef hanging weight

    -the butcher weighs it hunging after the kill your customer weighs the cut and wrapped meat on their bathroom scales and the complaining begins Been there done that , ain't doing it anymore
  8. hillman

    IHC jacket

    I just picked up the white Case IH coat and the IH one with stripes on the sleeves Th cloth IH coat is circa 1970. I was my Dad's but did not fit him or my brother ( bigger boys) so I got it
  9. hillman

    Does the 291 and 301 block have anything in common?

    I just put 2 and 2 together and I think I got 4 ………….😎 you called me last week about new parts for this tractor last week George. We talked for a great length. Once again good talking to you!
  10. hillman

    Letter Series at Work

    anyone else got a pic or two? I took my SW6 up for a load of corn late last summer and tried to get a scenic picture of Now and Zhen
  11. hillman

    My W series collection

    Any idea who made the W6s? really nice!
  12. hillman

    My W series collection

    heres a WD6 I bought at a farm auction in a wooden box . It was busted up pretty good but it came with new parts to fix it. the seat had an actual spring but no hinge point so it was an easy target for someone with roamin' fingers to break. I had to make a front axle bracket and I cut a seat off a Super M t/a toy to build my SW6 so I used that seat and it looks nice. Just have to repaint it Its a Teeswater Tractor WD6 so here is one more for your search
  13. very very nice! Gotta ask how many hours do you have into this project ?
  14. hillman

    Cool 650 pics

    I always thought the Industrials were discontinued at the time of the Supers- No Super I9, I600 or I650. if I am incorrect I would love to see/read any literature etc on the topic so other than the yellow paint what makes this tractor an industrial? it doesn't even have the big solid front hubs like an I9
  15. hillman

    6 Cylinder M. How's It Done?

    Bob Skerritt is the guy's name . he is currently putting a D282 in another M pm me if you need his phone number