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  1. hillman

    Unusual Farmall H

    its an i4 with H decals. The clamshell fenders and the foot accelerator are not W4. the hitch is not original nor the ammeter pod and starter switch, The weird thing is the rear hubs appear (?)to be on backwards. i4 hubs are much heavier/thicker than w4 so they have a wedge cast into the hubs ( entire circumference) to replace the inner rim clamps, if a guy wanted to take those rims and tires off the hubs would have to be removed - take a look theres no clamps holding the rims on
  2. https://archive.fortune.com/magazines/fortune/fortune500_archive/full/1978/ IH obviously is listed as Nav International on this list even back as far as 1955 since that is the company that actually survived.
  3. AC's SIZE. they were diversified yes. but they were not even on the Fortune 500 TOP 100 list of largest companies❌ number of factories has absolutely nothing to do with the size of a company. Whats a factory? 10,000 square ft or 1 million!?
  4. hillman

    Ih 80 snowblower

    thats a good fix Carl but I was trying to tell him wear indicators. I have seen them drilled out and wore out to the point a 1/2 would not clean them up. the looser the hole the easier it will shear. I also had one here that had the skid shoes and cutting edge wore off it I like the mods you have done to your blower btw if you need any parts for yours let me know. I only have mine for emergencies (#70) and doubt if I will ever need the 80. I always push my snow
  5. hillman

    Ih 80 snowblower

    check the gearbox for oil leaks. it may have been run low on oil. Also check shearbolt plates condition. if the holes are extremely worn its been used hard just my 2 cents I got a parts blower that has hydraulic chute on it . Don't remember the condition of it but I would sell that ( the components to convert yours )if you are looking to upgrade to hydraulic. Like the others said its a must even without a cab
  6. I guess Americans are opposed to a good fight 😂? LMAO In 1976 The USSR wanted to play a few exhibition games against NHL teams.The Russians beat 3 NHL teams but then they met the Broad Street Bullies= Philadelphia Flyers they left the ice in protest 😂, 2 Americans played on that team that year Americans everywhere were very proud when their Canadians beat the crap out of the Commies
  7. yes, each team carries 2 goaltenders. The home team has a '"neutral" goaltender on hand in case of emergency that will go in for either team . I don't recall this ever happening. It not like baseball when the team runs out of pitchers and puts position players in as a pitcher ( although I think they could have used a position player if they chose- ) Great story for what appears a very humble guy who got to live out his dream
  8. its cleaned up a lot now......I don't watch hockey for years but its all over the news This video is the funniest I have seen in years. Please watch if you need a chuckle or 2
  9. this one's for you bitty ….
  10. Last night the Carolina Hurricanes lost both of their goaltenders while playing the Toronto Maple Leafs. The home team (TO) must have a substitute goalie in these instances who can be called upon by either team. Last night a 42 year old Zamboni driver who had a kidney transplant a few years ago got the call. He got the win and was named the First Star of the game. He got the support of 19,000 cheering hometown fans and a standing ovation, What a great story!!
  11. a friend of mine will deliver that engine to your door for $300 if that helps
  12. hillman

    Music thread

    ^ I wouldn't want to drive one long-haul or anything but man they got the cool factor years later. As a kid I remember going to the larger town near here with my parents. The 4 lane highway wasn't built yet in those days so the trucks went right through downtown. I was at an impressionable age and still love hearing big diesels going through the gears and DDs were just echoing in that town
  13. hillman

    Music thread

    I like v8 Detroits. some on here h8em🤥 There was a pile of them on the road when I was young and there are a lot of tall tales about them out on the highway. Anyhow they are music to my ears ! would love to own a cabover KW for a toy .with a Buzzin Dozen this dude makes her sing😎
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