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  1. The silly 'like' option is not much more recent than 6 months FYI. Pete among others did not post again until recently so he does not have 10,000 "LIKES" as he should. don't know about smiller but don't rate knowledge on "LIKES" take a look at some of the likes guys are getting- the bar ain't too high Just setting the record straight for you j-mech on that one
  2. they make a 1/16.9 I think Bruder makes them though- it would be nice to see it done up in The Heritage version https://www.outbacktoystore.com/Farm-Toy-Replicas/Bruder-Big-Farm/1-16th-Big-Farm-CaseIH-8240-Combine-with-Grain-Head.html
  3. hillman

    Head bolts

    only bolts I replace if I can are rod bolts. you will be fine with the old head bolts
  4. steering brakes are a distant second to a diff lock- no comparison actually
  5. I have a NIB Windbreaker for a 434 that I would sell if someone wants it. its never been out of the box
  6. that's it right there IMHO when I was a kid the 'HIRED MAN' guys got a free house and average or poor wages. when they became too old or worn out to work 7 days a week they went to town and started paying a mortgage way to late in life- never owned much of anything, Second generation of those guys were smarter The kids are what surprises me ! they don't want to do manual labor...…. but most of us were lead by example
  7. very good thread, I don't know much about these tractors so the updates, Stieger vs IH differences and the truck- ag differences with tranny etc are very interesting Thanks to all...…..so far!
  8. hillman

    Wheel repair

    they will be just fine. I have cut many centres out of combine rims. some were riveted and others were spot welded
  9. hillman

    Wheel repair

    nice work. look like you took time to make them right
  10. hillman


    Hagan if you drive a 2009-2017 and a later Gen I would love to hear your review of each
  11. hillman


    I agree with exSW from what I hear the 6th Gen is lighter and a little better car. Like Old F-20 I was excited when they were bringing them back - at the time I had 2 second gens and a 4th gen. Our Camaro club followed the development and had events with GM ppl in attendance. The wife and I drove down to the Indy Bash 2008 with my 1974 Z28 for the official presentation where they had all the team that developed the car speaking and mingling. I drove my friends car that he had just got the day before and I just cannot warm up to them .It felt like a big car with high window levels and poor visibility ( thats to be expected in a Pony car IMHO thou ) I just can't get why they made them so chiseled looking 😲 depending on the color the rear quarter panel even looks a different color in the sun because it hits it a a different angle. Ford and Chrysler made much nicer retro versions although the brand new Camaro is much nicer than the Mustang IMHO anyhow I sold my 4th gen and miss it like crazy. Best car I ever owned . I may buy a another one. Theres lots of clean low mile ones around if you don't mind the styling . Theres nothing meaner looking than a 2000-2002 black ws6 Firebird…….sinister😎 Heres a few pictures of the Indy Bash2008
  12. it looks like there was more IH tractors around there besides being a Cub Cadet dealer/ did they have a dyno? if so go back and get them to run it a while, get it good and warm and put her on her knees😎
  13. I think $500 max. theres so many of them that the older models values are down. The early 140s aren't worth a lot either in this area I am 2 hours from Port Huron so not too far from you. I have a complete 140 engine I can sell you for $300. it had good oil pressure and ran good although it smoked a little. that is a better way to go if you ever want to sell it. everyone runs from a repaired block IMHO
  14. just to make it more clear I was not born 101 years ago. The dealership was started in 1918 and when Larry bought it one of the conditions was the orig name was to be kept. 100 years at the same location for IH is crazy The cake in the pic was the size of a picnic table oops hijack alert
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