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  1. hillman

    Farmall Super AV

    Hi Gary, I suggest you place on ad in the Red Power magazine. if you do it soon it will make the next issue Your tractor looks great and I think its fantastic someone your age has restored the tractor!!
  2. hillman

    Ace plow shares

    I called Keith 9 am this morning when I read this and got him right off . I believe I was the one who told Kiwi to try Hewer. His plow parts are made down under from supposedly superior material and he changed them to a modern plow bolt to get away from the square /taped head bolts NLA any how your cheque became stale dated due to the mix up with Canada Post shipping rates. He is willing to send your cheque back or ship you the parts with a new cheque. call him ------remember the time difference
  3. hillman

    Vintage Ads

    John Deere purchased Timberjack in 2000 and moved it a few years later. My friend's BIL was an engineer at Timberjack and he went with them. Timberjack bought Koehring-Waterous ( Brantford) in the 1980s and eventually moved that production to Woodstock. Tigercat is doing very well and I wonder when a big company buys them out. It never fails when a Canadian company does well the big boys buy them . Too bad we didn't have a leader who would fight for our companies I will ask a neighbor who was a tool and die maker at Standard Tube in the 70s &80s about a Woodstock Walker plant
  4. hillman

    Vintage Ads

    not saying you are wrong but I have lived 15 minutes from Woodstock all my life and never heard of a Walker factory in Woodstock. may well have been one before I knew about those things Tenneco owns Walker and there is a plant in nearby Cambridge. Walker is the most common name in replacement exhaust here
  5. hillman

    Falklands 1982

    disclaimer here- I am not an expert like Rick or anyone else here in the Great White North the newspapers were full of Falkland War news most likely due to our Commonwealth connection to Britain The Harrier Jump jet stole the headlines everyday. 21 kills and zero losses in air to air against incredible odds .
  6. hillman

    Vintage Ads

    was it Standard Tube?
  7. hillman

    No more edit notifications?

    it looks like its voluntary to post a notice that you edited a post.on this message board phpbb has settings the Admin can adjust for the length of time a members can edit and ten there is a notice in the post that it has been edited There is also a time limit where a post can no longer be edited. That's seems logical to me as the post Matt is referring to was changed several days later- IMHO that should not be permitted
  8. hillman

    Vintage Ads

    the Brantford combine plant built all the combines for North America. probably World wide- they had the capacity to build 60 machines a day. I drive by that plant minimum 4 times a day I clearly remember them being built in Brantford when MF spunoff into 2 companies. They closed everything on Toronto and built a new office building in downtown Brantford ( a short lifespan called Massey Place) they also produced balers in Brantford in those years. I called a friend who was a union stewart to back me up- he was thinking 4880 or 4900 but wasn't sure of the models and was also on his other phone line so was hurried I may call back sometime or drop by his place. ( many ex Massey guys have died of old age.) It was 30 years ago Massey Combine Corp went bankrupt and was sold off piece by piece. I was on the Massey property for a short tour the day of the sale in the press shop ........massive! in those days videos were a little harder to make or I would have paid more attention. there are several businesses on that property now including Gates Rubber, Princess Auto, Tim Hortons. Lowes Building Centre and more. at the time it was considered one of the more modern combine plants
  9. hillman

    New to me W6

    the plates for W4/H are 1/8 " thick or 11 gauge . I don't have a W6 one but I am sure they would be the same thickness
  10. hillman

    Vintage Ads

    No, White only made combines in Canada on the other hand Massey built the their 4wds in Canada in the 1980s
  11. hillman

    Question for BJ

    It would be nice to see all your posts back on your username Tony, every one of them are top notch
  12. hillman

    Question for BJ

    Hope you guys don't mind if I chime in When I was the Admin of another forum I would get frequent emails that someone forgot his password. ( don't know if that's what happened to Tony and it doesn't matter) I always suggested people write down all their passwords in a good place. Secondly in the Window where you login at the bottom is a link " Forgot your password ? " just click on that and the forum will send you a new password to access the forum at such time you change your password to one of your own I hope this helps others if they think they are locked out and think they need BJ's help when they don't merging those posts takes a matter of seconds.......... at least $100
  13. hillman

    New to me W6

    111# according to a M price list for the belt pulley I will measure a plate later for you I am with rustred ( fellow cdn) that's one fugly paint scheme The IH manuals are a little better than an IT but not like modern manuals. These tractors are so simple the basics is all you need to know spark plug gap .025 point gap .020 valve lash .017 hot firing order 1342 I think the float height is 1 5/16 but I did not look it up. nor any of the others but I am sure on them
  14. hillman

    Plow ID help?

    I agree, I think its a 215
  15. I expect someone here knows Mr Kuster or perhaps he is on this Forum all I can say is WOW!! great video and fantastic collection!!!!