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  1. LMFAO when you return to the USA its American border officers that you encounter. and the DUI works both ways ?
  2. Just dropped by to see how the BS is spreading. Canada has stopped using the 1 and 2 dollar bill.............ever heard of a Loonie and Toonie??? they are coins. LMAO. My wallet has 5,10,20,50and 100 bills in it currently. Would Turdeau dream of a cashless society? no doubt but its NOT Here You guys hate the media yet you fall to see this is social media . You have a huge platform to spread fake news so do your homework please
  3. hillman


    each to his own, some of us really value this forum, I have friends on here offline and have guys I never met that I think very highly of and actually butted heads with 2 guys that I actually respect. I would not make a mockery out of it as a sport
  4. jeeps nailed it. unless it is perfectly clean esp any oil reside it won't stick
  5. just move on and let them worry about it. they know what the policy means and I actually think you do as well . there are some 12 year olds on here and they behave better than some adults
  6. my sincere condolences for the lose of one of your family members
  7. this 1066 is advertised locally for less $$
  8. you would have been a different man had you bought a Ford N way back then ? (maybe even identified with a different gender pronoun ?)but at least you wouldn't making the decision to keep it or not torn ? Gone dee? seriously though those old Letter series can have a place and job to do as a standby/ spare tractor. can't justify modern tractor for a few hours a year, no inj pump, no electronics ,no ta, etc . other than gas its pretty cheap to run/ I have decided my w9 is my generator tractor. that thing will start minus 40 and be making power before a diesel stops smoking I love them
  9. what tobacco said for those who haven't been around plows much the hitch trips on the 70 the same as the older plows. spring pressure
  10. the free speech thing ? I don't know if any of you guys are on other message boards , I have been a member of many over the years but mostly go this one now. The terms of use for Red Power is very common . Just wanted to make anyone who is not on other message boards aware this is part of YTs terms
  11. I don't think its for you if you have trouble drying grass hay. when its in the milk stage its hard to dry down. wrapping works the best
  12. I already said way too much but would like to use the Joke threads as an example. they start out innocent and every time they went down the wrong path So ask yourself if I post something where can a less restrained member take this? I would say you are a "restrained' man maybe even go so far as a gentleman but what about the other guy? it just never ends
  13. wonder how many he had to get to where he is? that ain't that guys first rodeo
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