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  1. I can't seem to rotate the cab pic ( off phone) of the Minnie Mo . these are off my camera
  2. anyone found here at night will be found here in the morning 👍 fair warning isn't it!!! I only have a couple more. I always leave something so ppl will go see these things. the son's name is Guy. I really feel for him when he loses his Dad, The collection will stay though because he is into it the Allis and Masseys are not theirs
  3. The owners of this collection are father and son. Former Oliver-=> White--> now John Deere dealer. They are best friends but most importantly the son( close in age to me) respects his Dad . Good Old boys. I have called the son for some parts and he goes out and removes them and has given me things, after a day in the office, Fantastic people and I wonder how the son will deal with his Dad passing and walking around all those memories. The father is 91 years old and was out and about today
  4. I think that's the only Ollie I have ever seen. Seen few Minnie Mos So while waiting at the hospital to get something dug out of my eye I have a few on my phone
  5. yeah I like them as well . I didn't get a pic of all of them. theres some behind some tractors on another wall ,crap that pic is on my phone . these will do for now
  6. Every May "Two Four" weekend (Victoria Day long weekend) the local collectors in the Jarvis/Hagersville area open their doors to the public There is an incredible Massey Harris collection but the owner doesn't allow pictures. Another Oliver collection is equally as impressive with other brands at that location as well. I only took pictures at this location
  7. that's a big job with the asphalt singles. I hope they paid you well for what they took
  8. I assume it was a live auction?
  9. are you planning on keeping the cement pad? its going to be ruined burning on it
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