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  1. the Amish do not learn English until they go to school. They are only permitted a grade 8 level of education
  2. I often wonder why farmers call their operation farms?! Tilla Farms ? I think your answer is here Tilla better than I can give you https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/History_of_Northwest_Territories_capital_cities We had to learn all the States ,their capitals and put them on a map. We also learned of how the USA was born etc. It stands to reason other counties would want and need to know about the most powerful and influential country on the planet Having said that I was surprised to find the literacy rate of the USA! Its lower than I thought and I suspected it was not where it should be. Canada 99% - USA 86% literacy rate https://www.worldatlas.com/articles/the-highest-literacy-rates-in-the-world.html
  3. I didn't post the spec to make you look bad, 10,000 is a heck of a pull and this is the Internet where it all begins. many ppl wouldn't know what a pull that is so I used a 1206 for a comparision. considering the 650 was about half the hp it pulled very well IMHO this Series of tractors were not common in this area but there was some and lots brought in from the west. I have never heard of rearend issues with them but I am open to be proven wrong without getting upset. I find them well built and actually very easy to take apart if you have good equipment- very easy compared to most! any old tractor is going to have bearing failure when they never get the oil changed and they are run low on oil once they start to leak
  4. the 1206 pulled 10744 lbs at Nebraska Tests in 1st t/a the 650 ( strongest tractor of this series ) pulled 8867 lbs in 1st gear
  5. I got this one recently at an auction for $30 ! never been used they still have a website http://www.burchmfg.com/ag_heat_houser/index.htm
  6. hillman

    The Dog Thread

    we put our 14 year old dog down last June and said that's the last one, Dec 7th we got a 3 month old Labradoodle. I never liked the curly haired doodles but these have wirey hair. I have had many good dogs but this guy is amazingly smart , easy to train , hypo allergic and very laid back for a pup the pic is when he wants out (today at 5 1/2 months old )- he sits on the stairs when we are downstairs or sits at the door upstairs.1 -1/12 weeks to house train
  7. someone needs to get this one on EBAY -fast! https://www.ebay.com/itm/IH-Windbreaker-Heat-Houser-Cab/274051985273?hash=item3fcec56f79:g:EzsAAOSw50BdpJ9O
  8. hillman


    AK I hope you were not offended by my post as I agree with everything you said. times are different, people are different and mental suffering is not to be taken lightly. I don't think most people know how to help
  9. hillman


    First off THANK YOU Rusty I think it is a generational thing and I have no idea why BTW WW2 vets NEVER talked of the gruesome details of war.- I will not speculate as to why for fear of offending anyone. but I will say I am applauded when I hear a President give a details of a assassination. I have seen videos of soldiers taking long distance shoots to eliminate the enemy ! in great detail and delight! Its a dirty job that's got to be done but the details can be spared IMHO. Social media may play a role as few understand the concept of privacy anymore. Maybe those vets were preprogrammed differently from the lack of social media , tv and the way of life back then. The returning vets also were received much differently more as victors IMHO Don't take this as an attack Rusty , you are a great guy I am looking at it from a Boomer's perspective who never served
  10. The part number I get is ST 609 which crosses over to New Departure 1311 or West Pullman Plant (IH) L355 the grade code of this bearing is L1A L= loose internal fit-up or axial play (end -play) -radial type bearings 1=abec-1 tolerances A= rust preventive slush https://www.locateballbearings.com/new-departure-1311-single-row-ball-bearing/
  11. hillman

    Music thread

    I have to add this one. Best Grey Cup half time ever with home grown talent. We don't have J Lo and Shakira🤣
  12. hillman

    Music thread

    the closest I can get to Country would be The Kentucky Headhunters but Fred Young wears a JD hat😫😃 Big Bad BTO 😎 I saw them 2 times, last time they had a meet &greet . They did not disappoint! good guys you could relate to and talk to. Blair Thornton gave me his guitar pic. I still have it. I told Rob Bachman I would have brought my albums to have them autogragh had I known . He said' When you got up this morning what the **** were you thinking? ….with a grin on his face this is filming in a prison - FOUR WHEEL DRIVE
  13. I never hurry on these old things because I will spend more money on the next one if I finish them quickly
  14. hillman


    you are young and have an inquisitive mind like we all had and I didn't listen to the voice of experience always either but ask lots of questions and surf the net and go to truck shows etc before you do anything V8 diesels are not all that great IMO. inline 6 diesels are the best configuration there is ! period. cement truck axles? like 20,000 lb axle? no buddy that's not an axle for a pickup even with the boat anchor in it. a 12,000 lb axle with juice brakes would be more than enough. cement trucks are some of the heaviest trucks on the road. you cannot utilize that axle My friend was into this a few years ago, Put DD and auxiliary trans in trucks and was loaded before he put anything in it. I don't know what the DOT is like down there but that's another consideration when building something like this. I think you need to learn to walk before you run. Find a 12 valve Dodge and learn from that IMHO . don't get discouraged if your ideas are shot down just go back to your drawing board and come up with something new OR find an old 4900 with a short wheel base and put a Ford pickup box on it. IMO those 4900s with a 466 in them can't be beat
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