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  1. 4186 toy

    I spoke too soon Easton, it is a 544 engine. Dakotah Toys used to sell 2 engine inserts for 544 to make them into a 6 cylinder. too bad he didn't use them. its a neat toy just the same and I will finish it someday
  2. 4186 toy

    thanks for looking Easton . its not a 544 engine. much more detail and a tool box on left side. I plan on rebuilding it when and if I get time
  3. 20 Most Important Red Tractors

    to me the 560 was an average tractor with a terrible image amongst the farm community in general If it was included on the list it would suggest IH did not make more than 19 tractors of any significance or importance ....a sad statement IMHO
  4. I recently picked up a 1/16 scale 4186 at an auction with a missing cab and fender. It is nicely detailed with some plastic parts. does anyone know who made this toy tractor?
  5. Letter Series at Work

    this is not my W6. We went to a show 3 years ago and saw a guy pull in hauling that Rumely behind his big rig He said he came about 20 miles if my memory is correct
  6. Wire Harness

    I have made my own and also bought 2 harnesses from Agri Services . New York. they are excellent and come fully labelled. It you changed to an alternator from a generator etc he will wire it for your tractor.http://www.wiringharnesses.com/ If you buy all the ends. buy all the different colored wire and the different gauges required it adds up $ not as cheap as you might think
  7. Letter Series at Work

    ^ yeah that NZ picture is very nice! sorry the photo quality is poor for this one this is a different SW4 I have that's unrestored on a 510 seed drill
  8. Passing of Bill Cockshutt

    check page 37 in your book. His grand father was James Cockshutt"s brother. James died at an early age(1853-1885) but he invented/produced the J.G.C. Riding Plow
  9. Farmall M Front Wheel Bolts

    I went out and took a picture of the 2 washers . The SAE is indeed 1 5/16 OD and the hardware store/generic washer is 1 3/4 od. I seen lots with the big washer and it looks backyard
  10. Farmall M Front Wheel Bolts

    I am too lazy to convert fractions to decimals But yeah smaller od and proper id heres a link to a chart for SAE washers that you can print off and measure actual size. most nut and bolt suppliers can sell you SAE washers if you want that M to look nice https://www.boltdepot.com/Fastener-Information/Printable-Tools/SAE-Flat-Washer-Size-Chart.pdf
  11. Farmall M Front Wheel Bolts

    SAE flat washer?
  12. Passing of Bill Cockshutt

    Thanks for posting this sad info Mr Cockshutt was in Brantford Oct 2017 for his recent book launching. I found this out too late ! RIP Mr Cockshutt
  13. Letter Series at Work

    this old Super w6 handles this loaded wagon just fine and the odd time I take it to the elevator it gathers a few smiles
  14. Letter Series at Work

    my i4 had a fresh engine in this picture and got broke in properly
  15. 20 Most Important Red Tractors

    F-12 is a good choice too I need to correct myself before some else does. IH offered live oil before the Super M t/a but it sold more with that tractor. Super W6 T/A introduced the T/A the same year