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  1. I dug through my IH Parts Merchandising Catalogs and came up with a number 475033C1 which subs up to 87688841. pricey from Fiat but it will get me through until I get a bunch from Ebay
  2. I used to work at a place that built dump trucks and side loader/ righthand drive garbage trucks we did a lot of wiring and used International chassis' mosty and their parts . I am looking for spade connecters like the pic ( with the little tab to go into a harness connecter) that used to have a Navistar part number or another source would be fine Thanks in advance
  3. ^ if you want to truck it to bitty and he wants it you are in business I have an aftermarket 3pth for a Letter Series I think I will put on it
  4. full disclosure here. I don't care for the Super C family of tractors so I have not paid a lot of attention to them over the years but I have used a 130 The Super A and Super C families have a rockshaft. Do they not have a link to the fast hitch to level/raise. if they do that fast hitch won't work on my 240u
  5. if you were looking to change your shifter out because its worn you can build-weld up the end of the shifter that goes in the shifter rails and Stiener has a little kit for the Shifter lever pin https://www.steinertractor.com/IHS981-Shift-Lever-Repair-Pin-Kit or this one if the hole is oversized in the tower https://www.steinertractor.com/IHS3314-Premium-Shift-Lever-Repair-Pin-Kit ( currently out of stock)
  6. the big difference there is the 6.0l is twice the horsepower. if you compare hp to hp the mileage and emissions are much better not to mention the engines run at least twice as many miles , the truck is usually done before the engine
  7. Don't you have a Super M? if so shouldn't it be obvious that the "tower" is part of the transmission cover on a Super M?
  8. the previous shop truck we had was a 2000 2500 Sierra. it drove and rode like a Caddy . everyone loved it. I always thought it was better on fuel but cannot say for sure. What I can tell you is it stood up better and the 04 Dodge is rusted out much worse than the GM/ I bought a tractor tire off a guy a few months ago and he had the GM. It had a door replaced and it still looked great with 503,000 kms on it, The Power wagon is not road worthy and is going to scrap soon, that GM is the best truck I ever have seen
  9. I had one as well that sat out decades . I parted it out and scrapped the carcass not knowing a 240u was built without a fast hitch and I would end up with it๐Ÿ˜ฒ wonder if a 330 would work I can send my 240 down on a truck if you have an empty cow stall ๐Ÿ˜ I wish they had a ferry across Lake Erie to cut that trip down
  10. I have a 240 U that I got on trade that I really don't want. its a bare back . Would a Fast hitch off a 200 fit on this tractor to make it more saleable? I assume the height difference would make them different?
  11. I am sure brand loyalty has a part in it.
  12. what he said and often with knock down buildings
  13. no disrespect to you ACE but I bet them friends of yours tell some great fishing tales as well We have a 2004 Powerwagon shop truck. I have never seen such a pig on gas( and everyone hates that truck). Those early Hemis were notoriously hard on fuel from everything I have heard and witnessed. 14 mpg max with US gallon? and I think that is generous
  14. don't sweat it . Its a issue with any message board with fake accounts and spammers . if the new owners don't want to moderate their forum properly thats what they get It is nearly impossible to keep all the spammers off. occasionally one will get through. BJ does a fantastic job and has the proper safe guards in place๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘
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