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  1. I am sure they wouldn't give or sell this forum and have it poorly reflect their business Why can't ppl see that? do you think they would take out a promotional ad or TV commercial that they felt reflected on their business less than their expectations. They pay for this. I have run a tractor forum for 6 years , Its a thankless job IMHO and no one including peeps who think they know how to get one off the ground think it is Every one of these message boards can take on a life of its own and deviate from the founder's original mission. It can be a tug of war .If left unchecked it c
  2. most definitely Mike. I would have a drink with you anyday
  3. how many of us were this kid on a Farmall M or H?
  4. Let me guess............ they asked you to sing near the door so they could help you out
  5. heres 13 minutes of Dirty Harry high lights 👍
  6. actually despite Locke in that movie its in my top 2 or 3. She was portraying a dim witted girl so acting was not necessary
  7. Guys our age bought Farmalls for a first tractor and guys our fathers age did the same and the Grandfathers bought them new as their first tractor. I would say thats a very successful design in any product
  8. Same here. my first tractor was a Farmall M with M&W 9 speed
  9. he left his wife for the bimbo she is a brutal " actress"
  10. I have passed on many 185s, old tractor in more modern clothes. I like your new project!The engine work? whats it need? are they hard to find parts for? I have never been around a 284
  11. John Wayne is my fav western star. Love early Clint movies but the Sondra Locke era ones are brutal acting by Clint and even worse by the blonde If I had to choose I think I would pick True Grit. JW had so many great quotes !
  12. geesh it was a joke Jake! i didn't even get a smiley
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