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  1. OH! haha! I wondered too, but yea I had 200 lbs less on the pan when Mitch walked off. I'm glad he did though to take the video for me.
  2. Weight classes are generally 3500, 5500,6500,7500lbs, etc. Most places have a grace of 200lbs over to allow for scale differences.
  3. Yep, my trusty old 300 is always fun to pull a sled with. Puts on a good show. I just thought I would share the advantages of a TA. That was 1st gear. It's all stock and dynos at 38hp, but it could make a MH 44 owner take notice haha.
  4. Well, if you do get it glued to the track, the TA will help. I have run out of power with my 60hp Super M on a clay track and 15.5 Deep Tread tires and wished I had a TA to beat the other brands with super slow gears. I have also seen on a light track where an oliver with less power but a super slow gear could idle back and keep from completely spinning out... it was like watching grass grow, but he beat the rest in distance! You could possibly achieve the same thing with the TA. I've done it with my Farmall 300, but wasn't as fun as going out full throttle.
  5. Why doesn't that make sense to me? Can you rephrase the question?
  6. Disgusting! There ought to be a law against foreign countries buying up north American companies.
  7. Shoot.... I've been on here since the FIRST RP forum when it started. I would like to guess that was in or around 1999. We were a small and calm bunch. The most memorable thread(s) were watching Red Reaper find his Grandfather's 1206 serial number, then search for it... eventually find it, restore it, take it to a CaseIH national dealer meeting, and get into the Wall Street Journal! We were all also captivated by The King of Obsolete when he joined... and now he's like, famous! hehe FD
  8. The naming on the side was "McCormick Deering" until 1945 when the new IH logo was introduced. Then it was "IH McCormick" as shown on that Super 6.
  9. Yes, but they serve a purpose and are factory built.
  10. When I first saw the thread title I thought maybe a certain tractor had resurfaced in Ontario. 10 years ago at the Ilderton show, an older fellow had an odd tractor there. Someone had taken a W4 at some point in its life and for some strange reason put H rear axles and wheels on it. Strange looking unit. Of course the owner claimed that it was a rare prototype, only one known to exist, and therefore worth amazing amounts of money. I tried reasoning that there would be no advantage to having adjustable rear tread when the front was not adjustable, especially since an H could be had with a wide
  11. Do you suppose the "DS" would mean deep suck?
  12. There we go! Thanks for doing some more detective work, Hillman!
  13. It's just a dust seal. If it fits the bore and shaft, and can get it all back together, drive on.
  14. The tiny Oring is on the unlatching piston, which is #8 in the diagram that has been shared. It resides in the detent assembly which threads onto the spool.
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