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  1. There, They're, Their. I have a friend who texts me on a regular basis and I often have to go back and read the message several times to figure out what he is trying to say! One message contained all three of those words and each one was in the wrong spot!! The local "rant and rave" FB pages are the worst for broken sentences in the headlines. "need number for Subway". "Anyone got firewood" (yes, lacking the question mark).
  2. Ok, well as long as you don’t try to put a cum-apart engine in it.
  3. How bad is the gas engine? They are pretty sweet when properly tuned and not totally worn out. If you are just going to idle around the yard and use it to pick stuff up and put it down, the gas engine would be ideal.
  4. Have you serviced the air cleaner? Is it plugged? Have you run it with the intake hose removed from the carb? Are the ignition wires on correctly?
  5. Yes!! MAJOR pain in the rear to assemble.. and that seam sealant strip they send is mediocre. Seal it up good any way that you can. Oh and when the glass gets hard to look through, or it's too dark inside the cabinet, don't put your nose up near the glass to see closer. There may be very fine abrasive leaking by the glass moulding, and you will breathe it in. It makes for a very sore throat! I found out the hard way.
  6. My source for pre-1939 parts has always been Rice Equipment. Clarion, PA.
  7. https://www.hy-capacity.com/cab/cab-interior/cab-kits/pid8307/cab-kit-black-vinyl/ Hy Cap doesn't list an interior kit for the '66, but this is for the '86.
  8. I have gotten into the habit of also once in a while moving the throttle or shut-off cable from stop to run a few times when I happen to be around them.
  9. LOL! Ok, Guy. I have rebuilt about 500 carburetors here in my own shop in the last 12 years, and I have no idea how many in the shop I worked at for 16 years previous to that.
  10. ...plus blasting removes the "pickling" treatment that was meant to prevent the cast iron from wicking gasoline from the bowl.
  11. A local organic farmer is still trying to get last year's beans harvested. He gets taken over by foxtail every year. It was so bad that he couldn't direct cut with the combine, so he swathed it. Then it got wet and snowy.. and it has been a wet early spring.
  12. ...and we all know how well constant strikes by the CAW worked out for the employees of Chatham plant.
  13. Well, maybe that offsets the damage by sandblasting it.
  14. I suppose it is worth a try! Pull the throttle to full rabbit and give it a rattle! I have been telling Roosa Master tractor guys to leave them sit for months in the run position. The governor is much stronger than the tiny spring that brings them to run position.
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