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  1. Is your starter stock with the pull rod to the switch bolted directly to the starter motor or has it been changed with a solenoid to engage it?
  2. Are we talking about Blue smoke (oil) or black smoke (fuel)?
  3. There are still low ash single grade oils available. As long as it has an api rating of cf/ cf-2 it is low ash. These containers will say “ for use in Detroit Diesel 2stroke engines”. I have been using Klondike brand oil here.
  4. Put 30W Low Ash engine oil in it and see how it acts before tearing it down. Ok, so here will come all of the haters of proper oil grades...... "my neighbor's barber's uncle used kerosene in the crankcase for years..." I should have made a video of the poor old 140 That I just put through the shop 2 weeks ago. The oil was thin and it would actually pool on the pistons. I put 30W in it and it changed instantly. It is off to run the Woods Mower again with a happy customer.
  5. I assume you are using a 10SI Delco. If the voltage sensing wire has a bad connection and doesn't sense system voltage it will go to full charge. Simply loop that wire to the main terminal to eliminate that problem. As shown here.
  6. Great timing for the FAA with air show season ready to roll.. sheesh.
  7. Red Tek 12a works great in R12 and 134a systems.
  8. 6-71 seems a bit long too... I measured my L-190.. I would like to put the 6-71 in it, but I think some re-working of the inside cowling would be in order. 6V53 would be an easy fit! And still room on each side to use 3-53T manifolds and put twin turbos on it! That would be SWEETT!
  9. I’ll just share this little tidbit.
  10. Is that E gas going to work in the Farmall F12? Gas is crappy enough and expensive enough already!
  11. … lots of pictures of tires, but not of the whole unit! ??
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