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  1. Why won't anybody make a W4 and W6 model?? Spec Cast would be nice, at least it would be more affordable than Ertl. All toy companies have re-badged every other casting to death. Isn't it about time for something new?
  2. Maybe YOU just don't know how to take care of an engine. Oil is oil, so just go and put some 80w90 in your car engine.
  3. My 300 had a cracked sleeve and bore in the block when I got it 25 years ago. I applied a liberal coating of green Loctite and installed a good used sleeve. I added some Iron-tite to the coolant and it has never leaked a drop. Lots of hard running hours on that tractor since too.
  4. Are you having a stroke? Your response doesn't make much sense.
  5. A tale of two 504s.... Two neighbors each bought a 504 utility gas tractor new from the local dealer. Farmer 1 used Low Ash oil from day one. Farmer 2 used cheap oil from the Co-Op. Farmer 2 had the head off every 5 years for a valve job. Farmer 1 put 10,000 hours on the 504 without any downtime. Farmer 1 sold me that 504 when he moved to town 5 years ago. I removed the valve cover to replace a leaking gasket and set the valves.... it was clean as new inside!! And the valves were only a few "thou" out!
  6. https://www.solverchem.com/articles/lubricating-oils-articles/what-is-sulfated-ash-in-engine-oils/details More modern engines have valves and seats made of much harder materials than older designs. Older designs are more susceptible to "valve burning". All valves will gain an ash buildup over time which affects the heat dissipation characteristics of the components. These deposits create hot-spots which soften the valve and seat which is the leading cause of valve burning. Some heads didn't even have replaceable valve seats! The "cleaner" Low Ash oils greatly reduce the deposits in all areas of an engine. Worked hard, or just running in a parade, it can still happen.
  7. 30W Low Ash oil. Of course now I will get called every name in the book for recommending the same oil that IHC recommended...and ya know, because what do I know about engines. Paint a tractor wrong and use the wrong decals and nobody bats an eye. Use fluids from IHC and everybody loses their minds! HaHa!
  8. Many times I have seen where dirt/chaff will fall out of the cupped rasp bar mounts on one side of the rotor when sitting between crops, especially over the long season before wheat. Dig, clean, blow out all of those areas then check for balance with the gearcase in neutral.
  9. It sounds like valves aren't seating. Set all valves to .017". crank over by hand and listen for hissy exhaust and intake valves first.
  10. The machine shop should have seen that it was a bad idea! It's obvious that it goes right through the oil passage!
  11. Depending on the specific personality of each clutch, transmission, driveline drag, etc, usually a pause of 1 to 2 seconds between 4th and 5th with clutch pedal disengaged is all it takes for it to nicely "fall in". It's much harder to give a throttle snap on the old diesel than the gassers, or later diesels, but even still, it's your transmission input that you need to match speed with as it slows down when in neutral and clutch disengaged. With practice it can be perfected. Make sure your brakes aren't dragging. it should coast easily after pushing the clutch down even in 4th.
  12. It's probably depressed because you call it a "case" heh heh
  13. @460 Hi Scott. Back around 1995 or so there were a couple from Michigan that pulled a 656 gas with the SWOTPA group. I saw her driving it in Brigden and it really ran great! Nice stock looking tractor with a NF and stamped steel rear wheels. I think they were from Capac? I have a picture somewhere in my archives.
  14. Even when using appropriate splitting stands the gear must be "wobbled" forward with a pry bar from underneath. Very little force is required. The gear does not contact the housing squarely, causing it to **** on the shaft.
  15. Governor control arm is different.
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