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  1. It fell down onto the muffler while working ground on our 1486 and started to burn. I got it extinguished and removed all remnants of that foam! I haven't seen an 86 come in the shop for years that had it, and the last one that did I removed it to prevent a catastrophe! I think only late models had it anyways.
  2. I think some of the crossings have a bit more sense of humor than others. I bet if you cross at the Walpole Island ferry it would be easier than at the Embassador bridge. I have not tried hauling anything across borders though.
  3. Masseys are worse.. The rubber sleeve goes inside the fuel filter base and a male nut compresses it. There is also a slight furl on the end of the line.
  4. I have seen other deere transmissions that were really bad. it was in the era of the A_B_C_D transmission, but they had symbols next to one lever... square, triangle, circle, and if you got one lever into there and managed to get it to move by shifting the other one, the symbol told you where you "should" be for speed.. it was really odd, and hated when one came in the shop. Luckily, nobody has that era of green tractor around here any more.
  5. I designed a tool for installing them... I can sell them if there is enough demand.
  6. I would have to look at the cultivator pile to see what kind of linkage there is. There are currently no provisions on the Fast Hitch for extra linkage.
  7. Go fly a kite, eh! I received a new in package 784 kite from a friend who was an IH dealer until 1980 here in S.W. Ontario. Of course I unpackaged it and set it up for a picture! Hehe. I have never seen one!
  8. This is what our 230 has for a cultivator rockshaft.. Not sure how it works though. I've never seen the cultivators on it.
  9. Sorry for the late reply... 3/4" bolts at 3.75" center to center. There is room for 1" of material between the center line of the bolts back towards the vertical part of the axle. H, M, 706 all measure the same. Farmall C is also at 3.75" centers, but use 5/8" bolts, holes are not threaded, and only .75" space available behind bolt center line.
  10. I have a hitch like above for pulling tractors around. I once bolted a "hitch" with a hole in it to the front end of the 300 thinking it would be handy to move a wagon in a tight spot. Used it once and took it off! One, a heavy wagon will just push the front end around, and TWO, the force of pushing will spin the steering wheel right out of your hands! Dangerous!
  11. Fawcett Tractor in St. Mary's Ontario has new LED headlights for the MX120. They are a brand new product. I sold the very first set in Canada to a customer of mine in the late fall. Excellent product. If you call them 1-800-372-7149 and ask for Paul Lewington. Tell him I sent ya. Darryn http://www.fawcett.cc/parts/parts-for-sale/
  12. Sealed container and drop slowly in the dumpster at local dump.
  13. Hello, all. A friend of mine is trying to restore a W.F. Hebard Shop Mule that was purchased at a local auction. He is missing the steering arm and drag link that goes directly on to the Ross steering gearbox. I wondered if anybody on here might have one that would work. The gearbox shaft is tapered with a fine spline and measures .937" at the small diameter, and .988" near the gearbox, and uses a 3/4" nut to retain it. The arm should be around 8" long. Any ideas?
  14. But... that's a good looking original 560! Originals are getting hard to find.
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