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  1. He mentioned someone with 20 to 30 years experience. I started in 1994, so that's 25. Is that sufficient for you?
  2. MY glaring disrespect? It was YOU who wished there was a professional on this board that would chime in. Guess what, bud, I have 20-30 years of experience in my own field with my own shop. I have no idea who you claim that I "slapped". Every damn time one of us full time licenced tradesmen give a straight forward answer to a question on here there is a whole gang that jumps aboard saying "that's not how my neighbor's barber's brother does it"
  3. Does your requirement for a professional with the teaching credentials apply to all technical questions on this forum? Should those of us who thought we were professionals produce copies of our credentials before posting replies? You know what they say, those who can, do. Those who can't teach. Pretty soon there won't be a full time licenced and trained mechanic left on this forum. Hope you are good with your wiki. Smell ya later.
  4. Pinion shaft/gear cannot be removed without removing axle housing.
  5. Get a Farmall 140, they will fly down the road! or do what I always wanted to do: put a 140 transmission in a B or BN.
  6. It was introduced in years since 134, hence my "more modern" comment. "Endorsed by green peace and environmentalists"? Well, it was Lorenzo that was concerned about ODP with the old R12. If you are worried about something being flammable then you had better stick to electric vehicles. .....outlawed? Don't really care. It works.
  7. 12a by Red Tek is more modern than 134a, as well..
  8. 12a is far superior to that 134a crap. I've had several units through the shop over the years that were originally 134. After a repair they were charged with 12a and worked better than new. Do you really need vent temperatures below freezing?
  9. 0 craps to give about any sport. Go do something creative or constructive.
  10. But why?? Put another IH engine in it.
  11. It's not the old R12... It's a replacement available to even non licenced techs, and cheaper than R12. It is compatible with either 12 or 134 systems, but works much better than 134 without any retrofitting.
  12. Or 2 lbs of Red-Tek 12A refrigerant.
  13. Not a flathead.
  14. What about unhooking them and trying it to see if it still blows a fuse? They are very expensive these days if I recall.
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