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  1. These are better than just a stand pipe.
  2. No, i never thought to make a drawing of that.. But you could try All States and see if they have a used one kicking about.. If you can't find one i can remove the battery from the 656 and make up a drawing.
  3. I made this second battery box for a customer's cold blooded 686 german diesel. I patterned off of the factory second box on our 1967 Farmall 656 Diesel. The other battery is under the steering column. We are still running the factory generator with the two 12 v batteries also. This way you have nice big short cables, and it gets the battery off of the operator's platform.
  4. You can stick to your Cub Cadets, I will concentrate on steel wheeled tractors and my steam engine, and the guys with more space can restore large frame tractors. There's nothing wrong with that.
  5. I got some not that long ago from caseIH. I just looked up the top cover gasket last week and it was available yet.
  6. Usually when I find one like that it's "NOT FOR SALE" because he might go farming again next year. I have started with worse carcasses though.
  7. Even the gang on Scooby Doo knew that there was no such thing as ghosts....
  8. It just so happens that yesterday I finished fixing up my own MTA. I just got this one late last spring and have been tinkering on it here and there. Rims were rotten, but i found a set of 400 hubs and a lovely set of 15.5 duals, so that's what I built for the rears. And no, it's not getting repainted. I like it just the way it is.
  9. I don't want to see any damned post about a piece of crap green and yellow tractor on our Red Power site, but it still happens. But I don't go running to the moderator when it happens. I either comment or move on.
  10. So, if you dislike our old tractors so much, then why bother commenting and wasting your time and ours? Go back to your lawnmowers or something.. (Speaking of outdated machinery)
  11. TP is correct. That's not a "TA delete MTA", it's just a '53 Super M in the middle picture. But that matters not. The original poster stated that he has the box type reservoir under the fuel tank, but he has not stated what his full intentions are.
  12. Just start it. That series of engine has a high volume pump.
  13. Main hydraulic line on 686 with compression type fittings. Installed in 2003 to replace burned original line. Still not leaking.
  14. Hard to say.. I haven't tried to pull oil uphill with that exact hydraulic pump.. But generally hydraulic pump and reservoir designs prefer the supply closer in plane with each other. Are you looking for added volume to run a dump cart or something?
  15. Do you have a link to the sale?
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