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  1. Farmall Doctor

    Anyone watch the girls at Daytona?

    I caught the last 20 laps, just for tradition. I noticed after the checker, in the first interview before the burnout, that the winner didn't seem too excited. Made it look like it was a planned win. Unless that was some other guy that they interviewed. I'm not into Toyotas, so I lost interest. Another thing that turned me off was the last time that the Dodges were running a few years ago, that whole season, if a Dodge was way out front putting some distance on the others they would call a caution for debris on the track. It was usually a candy wrapper. I never understood why a Hemi was outlawed, but they allow a Toyota to run a V8 engine.
  2. Farmall Doctor

    Original Paint IH Tractors and Equipment photos

    One owner, original paint 986 just came in for a new cab headliner. He also has an '81 model 1086 that is just as nice!
  3. Farmall Doctor

    Farmall super A with cracked block, What's it worth?

    That's not a structural part of the block. Clean up the old repair, vee it a bit, clean and dry it, and use Parmatex "The Right Stuff". It works awesome and easy to use... just like applying a bead of silicone. (don't use silicone haha). Darryn
  4. Farmall Doctor

    Farmall super A with cracked block, What's it worth?

    Where is the block cracked?
  5. Farmall Doctor

    Follow up 706 shifting

    Tell your mother in law to buy a shovel.
  6. Farmall Doctor

    F14 con rod bearings

    Same bearings.
  7. Farmall Doctor

    Ih 3688 vs JD 4240

    The MF 3545 has been an excellent tractor. The previous models like the 2705 and 2805 didn't make it through their first season without tearing themselves up. The 3688 has been one of the best models around here. Plus, against the green weenie, at least it will start on its own, you can see where you are going, trans is better, and you don't have that awful JD hydraulic noise. Easier to get in and out of too. Nobody had 2 cylinder tractors around here, except for one guy, and everybody made fun of him! Haha!
  8. Farmall Doctor

    ebay jerk gets a lesson

    Rice in PA just simply sends my boxes by US post. They have never said anything about dealing with customs... Strange
  9. Farmall Doctor

    706 gas shifting.

    Check the fluted pins in the coupler directly on top of the shift cover. If one of them is loose and coming out of the coupler it may be binding on something adjacent to it. Also check all linkage between there and the shift handle. If not, remove top cover.
  10. Farmall Doctor

    ebay jerk gets a lesson

    If it's such an issue to ship North, why is it not an issue to ship South? If I sell something on Ebay to a continental US buyer, I get his address, go to the post office, get the cost, and send it! Also, when I buy parts from Rice Equipment, I get the total on the phone, I pay, they send, and 6 days later it's at the post office.
  11. Farmall Doctor

    ebay jerk gets a lesson

    What REALLY makes me mad is when I find an item in want or actually need, and the seller refuses to ship to Canada from the USA. I will never understand why!! They have to go to the post office no matter where it goes! I am paying the shipping!
  12. Farmall Doctor

    Installing pistons on DT361

    What's so hard about turning the crankshaft 3 times?
  13. Farmall Doctor

    IH at IH plant

    Looks like a Chevy plant... WAS it an IH plant? I'm out of the loop on new stuff. Nice Magnum.
  14. Farmall Doctor

    Original Paint IH Tractors and Equipment photos

    Just brought this one owner '75 Cub home a couple of weeks ago!
  15. Farmall Doctor

    Original Paint IH Tractors and Equipment photos

    Rear wheels were repainted due to fluid leakage, (and the paint was peeling on the fronts) but everything else is original! 2900 hrs