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  1. New oil doesn't need to be filtered. The can is clean and is kept clean.
  2. How hard would it be to just be aware of your surroundings when entering or exiting the cab? There are still countless '86 series in this area and have never had anyone complain about the doors (which open the proper way) or the placement of the shifters.
  3. I made that one from aluminum for my Shop Mule. I made a smaller one from stainless for the hydraulic control on the 1450 Cub Cadet. I prefer the stainless. If you get the right grade it is very nice to machine and stays bright and shiny.
  4. Whatever... do what you want, but don't come down on us that have real world experience with inferior brands and grades of oil when we recommend the best when asked.
  5. It sounds like old tanked got turned down for the highschool band, so now he HATES musicians and seeks them out just so he can give them the middle finger and tell them what pieces of crap he really thinks they are. The 3 remaining members of Led Zeppelin each have more class and talent in a lock of their hair than in the negativity I have read in this short thread. by the way... I play guitar, banjo, drums, and trumpet and wish I was half as good as those guys.
  6. The good Kleen-Flo carburetor cleaner is still available in gallon cans here in Ontario. Buy 3 and put it in a plastic engine oil pail and put the lid back on.
  7. Go back and look at Randy Sohn's replies in this thread. There have been numerous threads on the IH side too. The last one that ticked me off was when someone was arguing with me and said that they just wish there was a professional that would chime in. There has been plenty of malice.
  8. Even still, shouldn't sharing our findings in the shop mean at least something besides being scoffed and laughed at every time? I do this all day, every day, and with my own machines on the weekend. I don't come here and try and be helpful for the good of my health! I have been doing it for the betterment and preservation of the machines themselves.
  9. The red seal means that if you do well enough on the Certificate of qualification exam, the licence is good country wide, and not just Ontario.
  10. Yep, we go through years of training, have to pass government examination, then get a card and a diploma. Shouldn't that mean at least a little more than what the barber's uncle's brother says at the coffee shop? At least we put an effort towards having a career. Maybe that's stupid and should have stuck to shovelling crap.
  11. Don't worry about using literature from deere... remember, on the Red Power Forum you can get away with bashing anything but deere! Fanshawe College was and is a top-notch program! You had to bust your butt to get through it all, and one ounce of slacking was not acceptable! But then again, I've been told here that a guy with a chain fall on a tree branch had better skills than a fully trained career ag mechanic. Cheers!
  12. Why do my experiences in my career as a full time mechanic seem so hard to believe on this forum? Besides, I'm not the only one here that said it!
  13. "If you wanted to permanently run on avgas you certainly could adjust a magneto for more advance although I don't see the point of running a tractor on avgas" .....not if the only means of starting it is a hand crank! haha! Ouch! "I have no idea why your old machine didn't like it. Too rich for its blood?😁 " .... It was an old customer's Farmall A. No provisions for a starter motor. I don't know the complete history of the engine internals, and I didn't do any kind of compression test, but it felt good on the crank. If I remember correctly he had gone through the engine 20 years ago because I went out to set the timing for him. I rebuilt the mag, carb, set the valves, torqued the manifold, and rebuilt the governor. Overall, it is a well cared for unit.
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