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  1. https://www.hy-capacity.com/transmission/range-transmission/range-cover-components/pid3736/heavy-duty-shift-lever/ https://www.hy-capacity.com/transmission/range-transmission/range-cover-components/pid3737/shift-control-arm-roller-assembly/
  2. He claimed that all of his implements had drawbars... I wonder what I would find if I went to visit though. haha
  3. Interesting. I have yet to make a trip to the praries... some day. I always told old Gerald that I didn't know how he got along so far without any kind of 3pt or even Fast Hitch.
  4. Everyone is stuck on the 3pt argument, but a guy that I know in Saskatchewan always says “what do you need that for”? I wonder if any N series were sold in the prairies. IHC sold a pile of iron in the prairies. My friend the IHC dealer used to say that the N series weren’t even good enough to chase cows with! For the record, Almost Chalmers tractors are nearly as over rated as the green and yellow ones.
  5. Ours never had a block heater either, and it was used on the mix mill all winter and spread manure on the frozen ground until the pigs left. I didn’t know that the D282 was hard to start until I joined the internet!
  6. I don’t think that snap ring would be able to make it all the way to the rear housing. It would have to make it past the depression of the trans brake, past the TA quill Wall, through the spinning gears of the speed transmission, and through the narrow passage to the rear housing, and uphill to the hitch pump landing… and probably have to answer 3 questions from an old bearded man holding a staff at some point.
  7. I really like my Pacific Energy stove. Easy to use, easy to clean. It has a trap door to rake ashes into the ash bucket underneath. It has a re-burner in the top of the firebox that gets more heat out of the gasses before exiting. 3 bedroom brick rancher house and I burn around 3 full cords in a season. I like it HOT too.
  8. Go through the hitch pump hole...look with a mirror if need be.
  9. '69 model pushing snow in '79. It was tuned up with all factory 1256 parts in the early 70s. Apparently it dynoed at 185hp. I wish it was still around, but it got traded off in 1980.
  10. ….at least you don’t need special tools to get it out unlike a few green/yellow turds I have had to work on. The most annoying part is removing the carpet.
  11. Nobody had problems with a 560 around here.
  12. Gear reduction starters still require a solenoid... just saying.
  13. ….You are lucky I didn’t spit my morning tea out on that one, old chum… haha
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