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  1. Any idea when they started supplying 935 White wheel weights? To me, they look the best that way, as a kid I thought it was strange when I saw a '56 series with red weights. Jack sure had a good job! Did he have other duties with Harvester besides being a farmer "model" (haha)?
  2. After years of being frustrated with the search options on here I finally found an easy way to save posts or info to use or read at a later date. Open messages and address it to yourself with the topic "Saved Info". Copy-and-paste the body of the message or link to the message and send it to yourself. Easy Peasy! Cheers, FD
  3. That's a neat story! So, if I understand it right, the radio station made an announcement on the air about the situation?
  4. We used them behind the field cultivator in this clay ground when there seemed to be no other way to break up the lumps. They worked ok until you turned too short and they got tangled up! The best use was to drag the land next to the ditch after they did a brush cleaning.. they grabbed every stick in the ground... I would pull them in reverse with the loader, pick the thing up and clean the trash out.
  5. I love my microfiche! That's what I learned on, and use it to compliment the books and then go to the online lookup to do the cross-reference and pricing. These days you have to do all of your homework before calling the dealer or aftermarket suppliers. We used to say "i have a 1066 with diff lock, serial number xxxx, I need all of the bearings for the rear frame rebuild"... now they say "is a 1066 a tractor, combine, or mower conditioner, and who made it".
  6. I don't know much about construction equipment, but have to say that out of all the brands that I have had to work on, the 580 series was the most straight forward, simple, and honest machine.
  7. Yes, it's a coolant heater. I have seen them before, wondered, inquired, and got the answer.
  8. Good idea! My 15,000hr 706D is a bugger to prime after it sits a long time. The last time I removed the plug and put air pressure to the dipstick/fill port.
  9. I made up a "puller" with threaded rod and a round plate to pull the lower bushing and then the seal up into place.
  10. What “plugs”? There is nothing different about a Hy-Capacity TA that requires “plugs”.
  11. What gauge? The one on the dash? I wouldn’t go by that.
  12. This is a long video, but worth it. One of my favorite things to do is to watch videos of what my music heroes are doing in their later, semi-retired years. Seeing them being "regular folks" and still playing the music that they love is humbling for all of us. Especially if they are as nice as Paul McCartney! I would like to spend time chatting with him, and not just about Beatles stuff.. just about "stuff". I get along quite well with one of my more local music celebrities because instead of fawning over his latest song, I ask how things are going on his farm!
  13. It still won’t stop the citiot invasion. I’m glad that I can sit and watch it from my yard.
  14. You mean if it is cloudy or raining? You do know that it will still get as dark as midnight, right?
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