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  1. I found the correct pump plate. I reassembled the tractor Saturday and the noise is gone!! I've learned quite a few things about about the 460/560 series..lol Time to move on to my next customer... 1943 John Deere B. Track down coolant leak and engine overhaul.
  2. paint is very nice. I thin was re-done a few years ago. I am working on it for the owner. I don't know much about it..lol The seat is a pain to get on and off...lol
  3. just a few pics of my project. the teeth are chipped on the outer edges. they are worse in some spots. didn't get a god picture
  4. vacDaddyt, do you have the part numbers from each plate? I installed my pump and plate assy and I actually used shim washers between the pump and plate. I need to move the pump in .125 to get the correct backlash. I was going to machine the outer edge of my plate and then allow the use of gaskets if needed. I have two plates with the same numbers on them. I also have two diff pumps and two diff gears and nothing seems to work.
  5. snoshoe, I went and looked, and I can't find the original pump and gear set up. I have two pumps and two gears at my shop. I am going to swap out gears and pumps and see if I can get lucky with the correct combination. The owner bought it this way making noise and was working on it before he passed. His son is now the owner and we are trying to fix it. He has three other 560's as well.
  6. I replaced the pto input gear, what a job, and I noticed when i install the hyd pump, the gear doesn't mesh correctly. I went and picked up a used pump with cover from a donor 560 and that gear doesn't even touch the drive gear. Can any one help me find the right cover and pump or gear combo? teh pto input gear has 51 teeth on it.
  7. I am working on a 560 for a customer, who swapped out a pump from a 460. I've been chasing a bad howl/growl noise. I swapped out power steering pumps as well. I noticed the lower pto gear is chipped up in spots. I also noticed the pump gear isn't meshing too deep into the drive gear. I split the tractor to replace the large pto gear, (its a 51 tooth ). are the pumps the same from 460 to 560? I also looked into all the valving, and I bypassed the hyd system and ran the hose back into the rear end to bypass any valve issues, no change in noise. I changed the fluid and filter as well.... I am guessing the noise is from the gear not meshing correctly but not sure if anyone ran into this before........
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