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  1. This topic is like a car wreck... you don't really want to look, but you do.
  2. I think that the styles changed many times over the years. There was a parts / service bulletin about kits to re-work the guides to accept the "latest and greatest" at the time.
  3. My point exactly... the "I only want to keep one kind of oil on the property" argument doesn't make sense.
  4. What other tractors do you have? Will you be putting that multi grade oil in every single engine that you have? Car, truck, weed eater, lawnmower, chain saw, etc.
  5. Oil dry? You don’t have more than one pail?
  6. Hy Tran won't hurt you. I've been covered in it my whole life.. haha
  7. A report that I saw stated that all current fires are deliberately set by eco-terrorists in order to push the glowbull warming narrative.
  8. How are you “climbing around a tire” on a Control Center 86 or 50 series? Are you trying to enter the side window? Just because you damaged your entry steps isn’t the fault of the construction.
  9. Minus the straight forward visibility. Apparently green and yellow guys only look sideways.
  10. There was a photo recently of an '86 Control Center on a MF 1100, and it looked great!
  11. the WRONG way.... and the MF cab was better than the green cab by leaps and bounds! That stupid "sound guard" cab is ridiculous! Piss be upon anything green with yellow wheels.
  12. I was going to say that, but I didn't want to sound Whacko! haha! But the whole scenario is whacko.....
  13. I went back to read again, and yes, he did say that. OK, that's goofy. Nonsensical even.
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