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  1. Yea, but did it make a whole lot of racket in 4th?
  2. Rumor has it that 14905 stayed in SW Ontario, reportedly went to Wallaceburg. I'll update when I learn more.
  3. A 2-53 is going to run nice and quiet with a Nelson muffler. They are a fantastic little power plant.
  4. 100%!! I had an old 460 in the shop with driveability issues many years ago. It ran, but low compression, etc. I put that expensive spring on the manifold and it operated like a new tractor! I had to fight with a 656 owner in the past that would for some reason rather pay me to do a service call to change spark plugs than buy the new spring! ugh. struggles.
  5. The weight being straight up heats the intake manifold... hence, the coil spring when cold holds it there. As the coil spring heats up it relaxes and allows the weight to go to the front, and closes off the passage that heats the intake. In testing and tuning while waiting for a new spring to arrive I have used a piece of mechanics wire to hold it in the "hot" position. I see that Steiner tractor parts now offers that spring! P.N. IHS 3353 for $26.50 usd. The last one I bought from IHC was $50. I have seen many manifolds that were completely full of carbon and crud, and even with a working heat riser it would stay cold.
  6. ...which is why i avoid fuels with a high content of ethanol. Co-Op is the worst! I made that mistake once with my trusty '79 Scottsdale. I got half the fuel mileage and it ran like crap until I finally got a tank of mid-grade Esso into it. I rebuild a lot of carburetors here in the shop, and I can tell which guys are using Co-Op gas... the viton needles swell and go to mush.
  7. So then, if ethanol is not a problem in gasolines, then why do fuel suppliers recommend to not use it in small engines?
  8. That's no fun! You must not be familiar with the sweet smell of the exhaust from a D282 engine!
  9. If there is a groove on the shaft where the seal will be, any bearing supplier can sell you a wear sleeve to install on the shaft.
  10. The 7100 series book says that it should be 40 to 55 psi... Our old 400 series IHC engines were quite happy with the oil pressure that you have at idle, the cummins, perhaps not as much.
  11. Don't worry about that blue smoke... it all depends on the injection timing. The resident 656 smokes like that until FULLY warmed up, and has since day one. My high hour 706 does not. But they are timed differently. The timing may just need tweaking on that 706 in the picture.
  12. Even if the citiots all starve to death, it will still be the farmers' fault. Even in our small town of 2300 people, the townies absolutely despise farmers. It is that way now in every town because of the influx of big city dwellers wanting "the quiet life" but with all of the big city perks.. and without having to see the "disgusting farmers" and such.
  13. Maybe they should take pointers from the French farmers...
  14. How much blow-by does it have? My high hour 706 has lots of blow-by but it does not drip oil. It could be as simple as the two "349363R1" breather filter elements in the side cover are deteriorated or missing. It is also possible that the lifter area behind the cover is so full of gum and grime that it is not allowing the upper oil return to flow easily through the passages back to the sump and is instead being carried out the breather.
  15. Just 3 weeks ago I removed an H belt pulley drive without removing the fuel tank. A week prior to that I removed my W6 pulley drive, but I removed the fuel tank, because it is only 3 nuts that need to be removed. The PTO is and easy removal and re-install. Removing road gear will gain you all of about TWO pounds... and then you also lose 4th gear. and that requires removing the transmission top cover. don't bother! You could always remove any un-needed platform tinwork. Our IH tractors were built heavy compared to other brands... that's why they worked so well in the field without having to hang weights all over them.
  16. Get The Right Stuff. I have used it to patch old radiators which i mounted on an engine cart to run old engines from time to time, and regularly use it to repair cracked diesel tanks on tractors. (Both steel and plastic) I even patched a cracked Farmall Super A block with it. Drain it, clean it very well, and make sure it is dry. When I use it in this manner I like to let it fully cure for 24 hours. Is is very similar to the black urethane that is used to retain vehicle windshields. It will also glue anything to anything.
  17. That's a good quality unit! I haven't heard that since they banned all General Lee replica cars from car shows here... ugh.
  18. ...it IS easy! haha. The worst tractor to put a clutch in is a 1200 david brown.
  19. The Rochester Quadrajet was on my '79 Scottsdale for 560,000 km. The only trouble I had was the old heat actuated automatic choke. I finally put a cable on it.
  20. I would like to add... IF you restore it, PLEASE use the proper decals. It says Super M-TA... NOT Super MD-TA. The "diesel" decal on yours is currently in the original position.
  21. ...I wish my Super M looked that nice. my two cents.
  22. ....any temperature on a 4020 isn't much fun.
  23. I call BS on that. How hard is it to write a Postal Code as opposed to a zip code? it's letter-number-letter, number-letter-number. as in H0H 0H0. Just put it in a US Priority Mail shipping box and send it. If there are any extra charges, the receiver pays it. It thoroughly pi$$es me off when I find something I need on E-Pay, and then the seller tells me "I don't sell to Canadians". I get all of my pre-1939 IHC parts from Rice in PA. I hang up the phone, and 6 days later I have it.
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