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  1. Yep! I pulled 3/4" threaded rod apart trying to pull sleeves in a 354 Perkins years ago. I had to weld the sleeves! I was nervous but it worked.
  2. Hopefully he doesn't do something silly like repaint it... That's perfect!! What a survivor.
  3. Agreed.... the top machine shop in my area who has been in business for decades also says that Reliance has some of the best kits available. I put a complete kit in a deere this spring and it seemed decent. It's running fine.
  4. Crank the spring down! hehehe... Actually the spec is 1.968"
  5. Well, yea, I could do that too if I was actually installing the hydraulic unit. I removed the original to repair it and re-install for the customer. I just thought it was interesting how much commonality there is between the years.
  6. Even simpler, I just counted shaft revolutions on the MTA unit. 1.5 revolutions on the input equals 1 revolution on the output shaft. So that means if someone decided to use the hydraulic unit, they would get 810 RPM output.
  7. Good point! You are correct.... but I wonder what the speed difference would be.
  8. I bet you didn't know, or even thought about it, but a hydraulic PTO unit from a 656 through 686 will fit in a Super MTA! Drive shaft is the perfect length and everything! I am changing the PTO unit in a MTA Diesel, and i looked over at the 686 unit I had on the floor and though "no way... I wonder... I bet..." and sure enough, perfect fit! Haha.
  9. It was totally uncalled for and in extremely poor judgement to go after BJ. Perhaps the individual who made the comment hasn't been here that long. There are quite a few "newbies" with high post counts that think that they are prominent members that haven't gone through all of the growing pains on the board that some of us have...since the FIRST board that started in the late 1990s! We have gone through alot of changes since then.... when there were only a few handfulls of full time posters.
  10. An 856 is tough to beat in farm stock and non-turbo classes! A few years ago I set one up for a customer and he was points winner for a couple of seasons.
  11. I am partial to "original rust" barn find tractors, but THAT is beautiful!!
  12. Let me add my approval for this idea. then there could be a dedicated topic for each model... as in 856, 656, 1206, etc... I am still curious as to what ever happened to F856D #9935
  13. If it has the same amount of weights on the other side, there's $1800 right there with the way they have been selling lately!!
  14. Green with red or white wheels is fine... Oliver. Lanz are interesting too.
  15. You are doing what? What are you trying to accomplish? Are you being serious?
  16. But why ruin a good IH tractor by putting someone else’s engine in it?
  17. yea, exactly...especially not in an excavator.
  18. Why would you put a sleeveless junk rattle trap Cummins in a nice 756?? At least you can do an in-frame rebuild on the IH engine.
  19. Thanks! That powertrain is "my thing" hehe
  20. Anything green and yellow is no interest to me.. no matter what generation! hehe
  21. Some time back in the mid 90s someone brought one of those Dain things to a show here in Ontario Canada. I think it was the Paris show. Maybe @hillman would recall. Although green and yellow is not his brand either.
  22. The ball point pen is pointing towards that pilot bearing.
  23. The only way that I can think of testing it while running is to listen carefully if the speed transmission has more noise in 3rd than the other gears. TA operation will not have any affect if this is the problem.
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