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  1. Hi George! Would you happen to know why Oliver always insisted on setting the engine and entire driveline on an incline in relation to the rest of the tractor? Even the rear axle housings where the fenders or cab mount are on that angle. It just seems like a lot of extra engineering and setup for machining. If I recall though, the 2-135 through 2-180 were in flat though.. I really like White tractors.. look great, drive great, but a real pain to work on! As was mentioned, an old design with modern stuff added on many times.... takes some digging to get to the component needing serviced some times. Still light years better than an Allis of the same era! haha Darryn
  2. IH856 12V Dual Battery Help

    Both positive cables being on the solenoid post is the best way to go. On solenoids with a short terminal I have used these long joining nuts. Use the nut to hold the first cable, and a bolt into the back of the nut to attach the second cable. My local hardware store carries them.
  3. Another IH Related Modelling Project!

    I just finished customizing this HO scale ALCO S1 to resemble the one that IH used at the Hamilton, Ontario plant. A very tedious project, but it turned out pretty good. This particular loco, #308 was built in 1946... and after changing hands a few times, I have found it to still be in service for the New York and Lake Erie RR!! Here's a picture, and a link to view pictures of the build. Happy New Year!
  4. Another IH Related Modelling Project!

    ....also, it was mentioned making a model of one of the Iron Ore ships. well, hopefully soon! I am planning on an HO scale model of The International... made of sheet metal and steel! I have been collecting countless photos of her as she sailed under her many names over her career. Too many things on the go right at the moment though. In case you missed it last year, I did paint a large 4' cutout of her from 3/4" plywood.. it hangs on the wall in my shop. Thanks for the interest in my projects!
  5. Another IH Related Modelling Project!

    Hi guys! Sorry I am late to the replies.. Hillman posted a link to steamers owned by IHC... well, I made a couple of those too! haha
  6. Another IH Related Modelling Project!

    Thanks! I would imagine that it handled all shunting duties around the plant.. from receiving raw materials to putting long trainloads of new implements together. It would have been great to see in person. Luckily I have a few friends that did get to see it in person.
  7. Another IH Related Modelling Project!

    Hi Folks! Thanks for the kind words on my project. Here is a little video that I put together with the boys running it on our little layout. I think it's pretty cute!
  8. Neat Steam Engine Video

    That's quite a rig!! Much faster than my outfit! haha
  9. flu fires always in the back of my mind

    Could be, but I am sure you could find another brand somewhere. I am still going to sweep and fully clean out the chimney and woodstove at least once a year, but this stuff definitely helps with creosote buildup, and will promote better heating.
  10. Another IH Related Modelling Project!

    Thanks for the kind words... I used a limited edition Proto Series 2000. It runs very nice and smooth on the track.
  11. flu fires always in the back of my mind

    This stuff works great! I used to turn the flue damper back and forth to break the creosote in the damper, but now there is none! Just sprinkle a capful on a low hot fire every couple of days.
  12. Dt407 rebuild problem

    That shaft is only supposed to go in one way! The tang is offset.
  13. Dt407 rebuild problem

    Pump timing on a Roosa Master does not get installed 180* out like the later Model 100 pumps on the 300, 400 series. A common problem I have encountered on the Roosa pump is the fuel control helix becomes gummed up and won't come out of shut off position. It is accessible under the pump top cover. Undo the throttle linkage and actuate the control by hand at the pump to see that everything is moving freely. The control helix shaft is near the rear in the center with a little arm on it. A good washing with penetrating oil is usually all they need>
  14. Bottle bombs

    It's the way of the road.
  15. Edmund Fitzgerald Nov 10, 1975

    Today we remember the 29 men lost on Lake Superior in 1975. In a terrible storm, their ship, The Edmund Fitzgerald disappeared from the surface after a great fight to make it to safety. When built, she was the biggest, most modern, and arguably one of the best looking ships to ever sail our inland seas. We also honor those who so bravely searched for her into the next day, knowing that they could easily meet the same fate. We keep in out hearts and thoughts all of our friends and shipmates who currently sail on the lakes and wish them safe sailing throughout their days.
  16. Edmund Fitzgerald Nov 10, 1975

    Wheelsman steers the ship.. the Captain never touched the wheel. Wheelsman was in control of the ship whether the Captain was on the bridge or not.. as when Cap went to bed. 1st mate would spell off the Cap and also read charts and plot the course, which was approved by Cap. Chief Engineer oversees all of the mechanicals of the ship and spells out the duties to the other engineers under him... and does a lot of paperwork involved with fuel supply, running the self unloader system, etc. Oiler and Wiper positions were from the old steam days, and their positions are as they are named.. keeping the large number of bearings on the engine well oiled, and wiper, keeping everything clean, which of course keeeps things running smoothly. Deckhands do everything required topside from removing and then securing hatch covers, going ashore to secure mooring lines, chipping ice, scraping, painting, cleaning the cargo holds, etc. They are supervised by the Watchman. Generally, everybody works 4 hours on duty, 4 hours off, around the clock.
  17. Edmund Fitzgerald Nov 10, 1975

    It is estimated that it was at this time, between 7:20 and 7:30 e.s.t. that she went down and disappeared... This is a very nice tribute video.
  18. Edmund Fitzgerald Nov 10, 1975

    Thanks, Randy. Yes, it has been talked about of the waves comprimising the hatch covers. The captain said that the vents to the ballast tanks were comprimised but even if they were all gone the pumps on board could have kept up with that problem. It is possible that some hatch clamps may have worked loose, but with the Fitz having the one piece hatch covers, it is unlikely that they would have caused a catastrophy. The older ships had elescoping covers which had to be tarped to keep sealed. In my own research I have concluded to agree with Captain Cooper of the Anderson that she hit bottom at Six Fathom Shoal and tore a hole in her belly.
  19. Edmund Fitzgerald Nov 10, 1975

    MTO, Yes, in the days before bow thrusters only fore or aft motion of the ship could control where the bow (the front) was. It was difficult to be precise during slow maneuvers when in high winds or high current situations. When you get up close to them you can see that there aren't many straight panels left around the water or docking line. The old ships were built to withstand quite a bit of these encounters though.
  20. Edmund Fitzgerald Nov 10, 1975

    Here is a link to a timeline of the events in the life of the Fitz right up to the end and beyond.
  21. Edmund Fitzgerald Nov 10, 1975

    I was thinking the same thing, George. While out on service calls yesterday the Gales of November were definitely upon us!
  22. 1066 TA hestitating

    Owen is correct.
  23. W4. McCormick or International Badge?

    It seems that there are quite a few W4s around that have an International badge on the grille as opposed to the McCormick as usually seen. A friend of mine has one that seems to have an original International badge.... and no, it's not an I4. He has been trying to research this query and has found that he is not the only one to run across this. Any insight? Cheers... FD
  24. W4. McCormick or International Badge?