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  1. Canada is trying to regulate our use of fertilizer as well. I have read stories from the praries of government types sneaking onto farmland to collect water samples in drainage systems without prior permission. Some landowners have even witnessed these folks introducing a substance into the water system that was being sampled. When confronted, they swiftly buggered off. The Canola growers' association is quite concerned, because if fertilizer rates are regulated as heavily as proposed, Canola growing will then become hardly ecenomically feasible. Yields will suffer bad enough that Canada will no longer have enough product leftover to export after satisfying our own needs. If the viewer is not triggered by humor, sarcasm, political commentary, and the odd curse word, go to YouTube and check out Quick Dick McDick. he is a Prarie farmer and provides good commentary on these issues from his perspective.
  2. Sad but true. Rural residents are the sworn enemy of urbanites, and now they have legislation to dispose of us "legally". Just this week here in Ontario Canada, the Provincial gov't just passed a bill to open up lands to housing development that were previously protected as "green space" and farm land. We are currently losing over 300 acres per day due to urban sprawl, and now it will get worse. Bill 23 - Ontario Farmland Trust
  3. Lots of us have pre-lube canisters for fresh engines. Fill the can and apply air pressure to force the oil in.
  4. Sometimes you also have to put some pressure on the belt(s) with a thumb to keep it from slipping, but if you think about it, the fan is as big as the flywheel... There's lots of leverage there. It's a lot easier than trying to fumble with a ratchet and socket down in the front end on a crank bolt!
  5. Good grief! Am I the only one that turns an engine over by pulling on the fan?? Man, you guys can make things complicated. It would literally take 2 seconds to walk over to the tractor and say yep, it’s free.
  6. No thanks. Too expensive and annoying to repair.
  7. I was going to mention earlier that I have a filter head mounted on a hand pump, but figured the response would be “why go to that trouble”? I knew that I was already pushing my limits by mentioning HyTran!
  8. Some of these guys are treating this thing as if it is a million dollar CVT… it’s just a crash box. Hydraulics are contained in the top cover, and completely separate.
  9. Visit your friendly local tractor dealer and ask them for some used Hy-Tran. I have a dozen pails of good used stuff that I keep in the barn for just this purpose. Run it up and down the road for 15 minutes and drain it right away. Then let it drip overnight and you are good to go!
  10. Hire a mechanic… we need to eat too. Or if you are used to doing intricate mechanical work, buy a service manual, and we can all be helpful with the finer points. Oh, and you don’t have to start a new thread every time you have a new question about the same tractor. It will be easier for us and yourself to keep track of responses and information.
  11. "Speed of the tractor" ... no, does it change with travel speed? Does it change with engine speed? This is important. Leave the engine speed set, and change gears. If it is the same through all gears, top shaft. If it changes, bottom shaft.
  12. Is the noise the same frequency in all gears at the same engine speed?
  13. Top shaft Transmission bearings are noisy... my Farmall A sounds exactly the same. Does it still have the aluminum oil slinger gear inside? My A is old enough that it never had the oiler gear, it spent a ton of time doing stationary PTO work, which left the top bearings to run dry for an extended period of time. Sometimes the aluminum slinger gear would bust a tooth or three and a cheap fix for the clatter was to bust the rest of it out of there and keep driving.
  14. Um…. Yea. A 12 hole weight bracket fully dressed is nothing. Put a loader on the front end with big cylinders and you can bet that the weight on the front end will be 4 times the amount of those factory approved front weights. Or saddle tanks full of liquid bouncing over a rough field.
  15. The Oring on the hydraulic head gets old and tends to leak as well.
  16. Clean it, remove the bracket, clean again. Remove cotter pin and clevis pin. Unthread the fitting. Replace seal and o-ring and re-assemble.
  17. Use a voltmeter to test voltage drop while cranking. Using "alligator clip" tests leads will allow you to set the connection and then crank it over from the seat. Check the voltage on the battery post of the solenoid, and on the post going into the starter. If voltage is very low, start working back to the battery posts to see where the bad connection is. If voltage is the same all the way back to the battery posts, there is an issue with the starter or a mechanical problem causing the starter to work extra hard. You should be able to turn the engine over by hand with the fan and pushing in on the belts with the other hand if the belts slip.
  18. Argh! Here we go. Not allowed to talk down on green and yellow tractors on the IH board. Those things are rare around here. We had dealers, but nobody bought them! We had many much better options for tractors. Well, one local farmer had a hit-and-miss 2 cylinder tractor, and everyone made fun of him, and still mention it today! Haha.
  19. ....since there is so much hot air flying around here today, maybe I should share this external combustion engine that I built years ago...
  20. I made an Electric Engine once just for fun. A 12V solenoid was the cylinder/piston, attached to a crankshaft, a paint can lid for a flywheel. A cam on the crankshaft was timed to hit a microswitch with a spring arm on it to pull the solenoid plunger in each time it was just past TDC.
  21. Dang computers! I didn't mean to reply 3 times. ugh
  22. Because they still were still indirect injection with precombustion chambers.
  23. Because they still were still indirect injection with precombustion chambers.
  24. Because they still were still indirect injection with precombustion chambers.
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