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    All big equipment! I farm about 140 acres, have serveral IH tractors and crawlers, (old ones). Build/modify equipment for our large garden, farmed by IH tractors!

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  1. This 706 is up for grabs as I will never be able to do anything with it.
  2. SONNY

    We are pathetic

    And folks---it's only gonna get worse!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  3. Matt!-- The 706 engine is junk right now---worn out and manifold let water in so motor is stuck, so it's pretty useless anyway. I never used the pto on it much when it was running so even if it did run I wouldnt miss the pto on it. My goal is to get my 504 engine back together and put back in so I can have a tiller tractor of my own again. Also have the 574 to put back together. These will be more usefull than the 706. The 706 has modern ta, new back tires and rims, shifted fine, just dont have working motor and really a bit big for the 5 acre gardens ,s o I am not going to sink a bu
  4. We dont have anything 1,000 and that is why we need the 540 on the 1206 because all of our equipment is 540 so the 1,000 makes the tractor useless to us with out a 540 on it. Our equipment shafts will hook up---done checked that part----- the only thing missing is the 540 shaft to hook to! lol!
  5. Our turbines here just went thru 2 big ice storms and never did shut down ----As for Texas---well big heads and no brains!
  6. Neighbor just got a 1206 with single 1,000 pto and wants to know if the dual speed pto from my 706 would fit ----he needs the 540 on his 1206 instead of the 1,000. I cant find any info on the internet, so just askin the pro's here! -- anybody done it before, or heard of it done?? Thanks!
  7. owned a 55 like the one in far left side of pic. had the RD 450 int it single axle --- used to drive my cousins 70 transtar that had a 250 cummins and a 13 speed in it --- NO power steering,---well not much of anything in it worked----still loved driving it!
  8. I have several manuals from them----excellent quality on the printing job. just got one for my Case 1530 skidloader and one for the 310-g crawler loader.
  9. saw a few episodes of the original airing of Monster Garage. --- kinda neat to watch.
  10. DONT JUNK IT!!! --- too many people around that would love to have it IF you dont want it!
  11. yellow bucket in everything here
  12. I HAVE to do something to take my mind off the cancer thingy! ---- this and my gardens keep me going---at a slow pace of course but keep moving! lol!
  13. Got this a couple weeks ago and trying to fix it back up to usable condition. Case G-310-G , looks to be a 1969 model with a loader and backhoe on it. I didnt want the hoe or any hoe for that matter on a crawler. I have the 580-ck's which are 1968's, also the 1530 skidloader that is a 1970 as near as I can tell. I have it in the neighbors shop and we have it torn down to put reverse shaft idler needle bearings in it. The tracks have to come off, rear end out, finals removed, steering bands out, diffy out, two transmission shafts and gear sets out, THEN you can get to the problem child,---
  14. so the truck sells without the bed??? ---dont matter jus nosey! lol! ---- I cant hold down the freightliner clutch peddles! --- Refused to drive them, so they gave me the KW w-900 extended hood jobber which I loved to drive.---well till they traded it in for something that had automatic transmission in it!--- at that point I quit driving trucks!--aint drivin no automatic death trap! Buddy of mine got killed in one when trans went goofy on a mountain and he couldnt stop ----burned brakes out and thats all she wrote. also used to drive a 70 transtar coe---no power steering couldnt hold clut
  15. My 1974 factory made General flatbed has the 14.5's on them ---3 axles and rated at 21,000 from the factory. I have owned/used it for 20 years without any trouble. --- The trailer wore out 3 trucks, so that should speak for the axles/tires. Former owners hauled case 580's and a big manlift on it all the time.
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