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    All big equipment! I farm about 140 acres, have serveral IH tractors and crawlers, (old ones). Build/modify equipment for our large garden, farmed by IH tractors!

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  1. SONNY

    Now I am pissed

    I stay totally away from the crackpots and political crap as much as possible ----too many of them know where I live! ---- NOT that it bothers me any but it keeps me out of prison for target practice!--savy???? LOL!!!
  2. SONNY

    Now I am pissed

    its best to keep your voting intentions private ---I never have advertised who I supported or voted for!--not safe these days for sure!
  3. no coal here anymore at all for ANY purpose---- thats why I have to fire my forge with wood. It works but sucks when I used to haul coal to customers who were forced to install gas stoves! Damn govt. and crackpot crazies taking over the world!
  4. Neighbor just bought a 1256 WHEATLAND model and it has pto , standard heavy duty dwawbar, and duals on long axles.----- no provisions for rockshaft on it!--- BIG tractor in its day! ---He bought it from a guy 50 miles North of us who bought it new.
  5. White pumpkins wont grow everywhere, so dont overdo it till you find out for sure if you have the right conditions for growing them!!!---they will NOT grow here at all!! lol!!
  6. IF you want quality,---you have to do it by hand,----cant woller them around with tractors---that breaks off the stems making the pumpkins worthless. It sounds like you guys have the best method figured out! --- carry on!! lol!
  7. I have a #10---not sure bout the chart--drill is at the farm in the shed. Next time I get over there I will look.
  8. SONNY

    574 PTO clutch

    In todays world it's not the cost---it's the fact that you can even find parts and someone willing to send/sell them to you. I have a 574 sitting here and if it needed a pto clutch , I would take whatever I could find. ---- Hard to chuck the cost but if you gotta have it --- no other alternative!
  9. We quit planting them---couldnt sell a one so plowed them under, ( 4 acres) and never planted another one! Good luck on your venture and yes the mildew and bugs set in at this time of the year.---dont think there is any way to stop it. --- Your crop looks good and yes be careful with the stems breaking off----thats the selling point of them. Also if you plant the tall variety that stand up well, they claim that market is better for that type. We plant a couple hills of the Libby caner type for our own use. --- not far from here they grow thousands of acres of the caners for Libby, (now Nestlies) and a guy 6 miles from us had a field a couple years ago--- none since, so I figure it was a lost cause in the profit department! lol!
  10. a 250 here is available! --- decent offer takes it!--- i am gettin too old for this chit anymore--gotta start geiitn rid of stuff
  11. My 250 is lever steer---interesting that 175 is peddle steer!
  12. We put a few in the basement, but they start sprouting and that takes the goodie out of the spuds.---It takes special storage buildings/bins to keep them, and we dont have that here. The early Norlands also start getting wilted since they are not a storage potato but are high yielding so we plant a few to have early in the season. If we dont grow any next year,--we still have potatoes to eat. --- The potatoes you buy in stores are from 3 to 5 years old before you get them.---They have special bins to store them in and dump all kinds of rot-stop, sprout retardant, and insecticides while in storage so by the time you get them,--they have no flavor or nutrients left in them. Thats why we grow our own and this year decided to start freeze-drying some to put away for future use. We will use the ones from the basement first. ------ We do the same with onions. Right now we are doing sweetcorn in the freeze-dryer and will do a couple more batches, then go back to potatoes for a while.
  13. Workin on some potatoes right now and will switch over to sweetcorn in a couple of days! Been a long process of trying to put up stuff for the winter. Also caned some beans, summer squash, and sweetcorn. more to go.
  14. all the 450's around here had them as did AC's, Olivers, MM, etc. most of my wd's and 45's have them, I hat them and would never put them on a tractor unless there was no other option! --- I never saw a purpose for them. lotta work to get the rails to slide and its so simple to jack up tractor and slide hubs in or out! --- why take something so simple and make it so complicated!LOL!!! --- just my .0002!
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