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    All big equipment! I farm about 140 acres, have serveral IH tractors and crawlers, (old ones). Build/modify equipment for our large garden, farmed by IH tractors!

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  1. My AC 440's have Cummins 555 in them. Not a bad motor no matter what people say. Run um right and never have trouble with them. My 250-c crawler loader has the 573 turbo motor, again not a bad motor if ran right. F-350 truck has the 7.3 v-8 diesel in it and TOTALLY JUNK from the word go! That motor should have NEVER gotten on the drawing boad to start with!!!
  2. SONNY

    Drain tile

    If you lay tile dead flat, you still have 4" per mile fall. ---- The curve of the earth sees to that!
  3. In todays world, people get by with all kinds of stuff that is wrong. They know that the law wont touch them, and that makes things worse for you. I cant post what I would do if I were in your shoes, ---- BUT stand up for yourself and if wife dont agree, then its gonna be a bad road for the family!
  4. I plant Wyffels RR sweetcorn and its better than conventional stuff by far. ---- When it first came out it was the worst tasting stuff around! They have the flavor in it now!
  5. I am still looking for a press----- cant find one and no time to make one! Was going to try making light syrup.
  6. pics as requested. as for price---- I have $7,000 invested in it so far, ----it dont start so being sold as is where is. 1997 F-350 dual wheel flatbed, around 120,000 miles showing on odometer. Excellent driving truck----just needs a gas motor put in it instead of that junk 7.3 that dont run! Would prefer to trade for gas 1-ton dual wheel late 90's, any brand with manual transmission.
  7. I remember seeing them ---- never had any wrapped ones that I knew of, dealer could have cleaned them before I bought them, dont know!
  8. IF its like the 2444, its a 3/4 shaft. I have one out here but its a solid plate on both ends and bolted direct to crank pulley. I saved a few parts of the tractor when I junked it. Tractor had a 2001 IH loader on it. Never did figure why they put a front mount pump for the loader when the tractor internal pump was good.
  9. IF they so great,----why dont somebody buy mine--- OR better yet trade for a 1-ton with a gas motor and stick shift transmission! ---- and no I am not kiddin----7.3 is a 60,000 mile motor!
  10. get a 97 ford 350 with that JUNK 7.3 and you never have to worry about leaving home!----Damn things wont even start so at least you dont have far to walk!! LOL!! Cant get anybody to work on 7.3's around here! Mine has 120,000 on it and I imagine the motor is worn out----- these are a 60,000 mile motor I am told and this could be the second motor since 97 from what little I could find out about the truck.
  11. The steering unit is bad. I have seen many like that and the best way to fix them is replace it. ----most of them are worn out internally and even if you rebuild them you still have a worn out unit. I have been lucky on my 508ck's so far. one is just starting to go out but still usable. These steering motors are like injection pumps ------ require special tools and training to work on them.
  12. Always hated cabs on everything---- even combines!
  13. The packages were NOT sealed properly and with enough layers of paper! Air got in and did a number on the meat. His paper wasnt thick enough either. About all you can do is scrape it down as best as you can and hope for the best. As others have said,---- grind and mix with other meat would help use it up. Dont wait too long to use all of it.
  14. Since it has a junk loader stuck on it, ----- PASS it up! its been wrecked!! NEVER buy a tractor that has/had loaders on them! Clutches and front ends are always trashed on them! ----been down that road before! As for price $500. tops in this area!
  15. What about the D handle on the side of the hitch? There are slots on the bar to adjust something. --- I have the fh on my 340-u and TOTALLY hate them! ---Check all of the levers for full travel. I have seen some of them loose on the shaft and dont give full travel of the hitch. I never saw one on a 806 ----- IH was bad about hanging them on 560's and 340's! My 806 has standard drawbar, no 3-pt. or fh on it.
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