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    All big equipment! I farm about 140 acres, have serveral IH tractors and crawlers, (old ones). Build/modify equipment for our large garden, farmed by IH tractors!

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  1. Chainsaw Mill

    I use a short lini. ladder for first cut,--It seams to work the best and not time consuming to set up!--I have a small 12-1/4" belsaw planer and the boards will be cut down to 12" or less.--My school shop teacher( in 1963 ), told us to make 4" boards, then do a glue-up to what ever width needed, He said that makes stronger panel with less warp.--Don't know if that's true or not, but I have made a few wide boards, 18" or so.--I could go about 30" with the chain mill. The ole cs 8000 is a real challenge for me! It's bigger than me LOL!!!---It weighs a LOT, OR I am just weak. ( Had another spinal surgery last Nov. 1, 2017, not doing the greatest from that one, but can't quit! LOL!!! ) --Was down today, so I over-did it a bunch yesterday.--Today I got the cant up on the bandmill with the ole NH skidder and got 14 nice boards 1" thick x 5 " wide. They will make excellent glue-ups. Now to square up the next side and get another cant, this time 6" thick. I see a nice lookin Poulan unit, and maybe some walnut?---Looks like a great job!---I have a bit of walnut here to do, and want to get a hedge tree down from the farm!--That is mean stuff to cut, but I did some back in 89 when I had my belsaw M-14 circle mill.--real interesting color and grain! thanks; sonny
  2. Chainsaw Mill

    I finally got started on 3 good sized maple logs to get some lumber for a future desk for my wife. I Started with the Echo cs-8000 saw on the granberg 777 chainsaw attachment to skin the logs down so they will fit on the band mill to finish them up. Here are a couple pix. of the saw and a couple of the log face after a couple slabs were removed. thanks; sonny
  3. Meet Mr. Clyde

    Nice cat!!---I love cats! thanks; sonny
  4. F-250 vs grader

    Upon more research, I found that state police think the truck was traveling over 115 mph.--The white paint came from cans that the truck was carrying in the bed. ALSO,--it was stated that the grader was in the median divide lane, which is NOT correct.--The grader was hit where is sits in the picture, which is on the outer shoulder!!---Cause will never be known, but the guy could have been texting, talking on phone, fell asleep, been late getting to a job, had a heart attack, --the list goes on!---Still an eye opener!---I saw many crashes when I drove semi's, but not like this! thanks; sonny
  5. F-250 vs grader

    Just found this and it makes the skin crawl!---Guys---- be real careful out there!!! thanks; sonny
  6. Proud of my girls

    CONGRATS!!-- looks good and the best of luck to your family!!----Oh---just in case your backhoe needs a bit of help,----MOOSE could help you out!!! LOL!!!!--- that's him and me! thanks; sonny
  7. My beetch today is ....... magazines

    Just got the Prarie Farmer, I think a sister pub, and it had the front and back cover, not much in the middle other a few ads! thanks; sonny
  8. tubeless tire bead sealer

    I use Murphys soap AND a Cheetah to get my tubeless tires on. thanks; sonny
  9. Here is my garden tractor for plowing. AC 917-H and 10" brinley moldboard plow plowing 10" deep.--there is a video of it too, too big of a file to post here! My other garden tractor is the wd-45 and 3 bottom plow.--Don't have hitch for the IH 147 cc! thanks; sonny
  10. Forum issues again

    I just stopped by, and everything is fine, for now!---Maybe it got fixed---Sunday it let me in without any problems, BUT I may have gotten in between snags! thanks; sonny
  11. Injector pump knock

    Make sure you have/fill injection pump with oil!~--these don't get oil from engine.---As said an injector could be stuck/sticking.--does it run like it's hittin' on all four?--One of the old "9's that I had was knocking when the guy loaded it on my truck, and the first thing I did when home was to check pump for oil!--It was dry!--- he had shot the pump! Long story on that deal, but I don't own that loader any more! thanks; sonny
  12. Motor in forklift

    That is one mean lookin' fork lift!! Really neat! thanks; sonny
  13. Motor in forklift

    Continental model--- F- 226,---bout 70 or so HP.--same engine used on MM model S, and SP-168 combines.---Also used in Massey Harris SP cornpickers.--Dad had these machines and I remember them well!!! LOL!!!! good ole engines! thanks; sonny
  14. They couldn’t come up with something better?

    I have a 97 f-350 and 7.3 diesel in it! the whole engine is a PITA!! thanks; sonny
  15. March Storm

    Probably 5" here and still falling.--High straight line winds 35 mph.--Neighbor's farm in pic. 1 just down the road,--look close left side just above the garden fence.--In the second pic. is my onion plants in the garden.--the posts mark the rows.--just planted a couple days ago. thanks; sonny