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  1. been freezing whole milk for years ---its as good as it was when it went in the freezer.---gotta be whole----not 2% junk---not sure that would freeze since we dont buy it.
  2. My 504 has something on it ---- never looked close at them ---- trying to get the new motor ready to put in it.this is a pic. the day I started taking the motor out. ---- havent been back for a while to work on it. --poor health reasons. Really need it next spring for the tiller. cant see the weights real good but they fill the wheel centers and look kinda neat.
  3. useless ----get chains. ---- turf tires are no good on grass let alone in snow trying to push a blade full ! I have 2- 185's and a 154 with turf's on them and if the grass on my hills is wet----dont even try to run them. One of the 185's has tall skinny tires on it and it will go the best ----other 2 have the fat tires---you can lay a chain down on the ground , hook one end to the drawbar and have 3 big guys stand on the other end and the fat tire ones wont pull the chain out from under the guys---just sits and spins. Skinny tires and chains work best in all conditions.
  4. Happy Birthday guys!
  5. My 68 -- 580ck book shows the #9 bolt as being (special) ---- the #10, nut says "hex." (1-1/4"- 7 NC) Part # for bolt---44832 Your link parts dont give description of the bolt----they only talk about #10,--the nut. Part # for nut #1020 No mention as to if grade 5 or 8. --- I never did look at the heads of my two 580 ck's ---both of them are 1968 models. IF you want originals,--you will have to get them thru CIH. as they are special bolts.
  6. Truse me!! the right side is WAY thicker! LOL!!
  7. grade of steel makes a whole bunch of difference in how thick they would need to be to have the same strength.
  8. mine are cast but the right one is thicker that the left one. My SA the same way.
  9. Happy Birthday to the other 10 from me! ---- Even with the battle with cancer, I made another trip around the sun!! lol!! I am greatfull to everybody on Red power for treating me as a friend! Thanks again!
  10. got 45 or more old ones/odd ones here, need to get rid of them, ---too weak to mess with stuff since the prostate cancer ordeal---still not recovered from any of it. used to cut and sell firewood for many years with sxlao's and an 8800 with a 36" bar. ---- bought it new and only used it a couple years. Might have MOOSE sold, at least I hope.
  11. I have 2 580ck's, both 68 models with #33 hoe's on them. The #35 hoe goes on the 580B model and has 2 boom cylinders instead of one, plus other minor diffs. Mine also push back towards you when you pry down really hard but normal diggin they dont move. --- I know my machines were abused and not serviced during their life.
  12. 2 to 3 points added here too ---- sometimes it is over that in the combine but its a good average.
  13. It did exist back then. crp now is mostly limited to waterways and tile work.( wish they still had whole farm crp!) The new clear 30 program is for a 30 sign-up for existing crp instead of the 10 year contract. cash rent here is not good but it pays the taxes----just dont cover needed waterway repairs which we have to borrow money to pay for it now.
  14. just keep the snow to yourselves----- dont send any my way!! LOL!! I hate snow,---the cold is bad enough.
  15. Excellent video! ---- Hats off to these people for their service! --- need more of these people in the world!
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