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  1. I threw mine away an run without one in it! --- Cover the rad part way and go! Mine is a 504-U and runs the big tiller. after it warms up and pulled hard they keep the temp. up. Just gotta watch everything, but then again everybody should watch anyway! lol!! As to the new ones---made in chimna , and ultra high price junk that dont work so you will never find the original one for them. See if you can free up your old one . work it with your fingers and grease it then keep working it. The grease will wash off in the antifreeze, but sometimes a wear point develops in the linkage
  2. Got a stripped shaft and coupler in NH 778! Looks about like the one in the picture! same deal, internal splines in sleeve gone, AND pump splines bout gone! They wont sell a new pump shaft! Pump is strong just needs sleeve and shaft. Loader still sitting, everything else is great on it.
  3. I use paint all the time here. I resize everything for forum posting and for avatar use. Different forums have different size limits!
  4. Had a 2444 gas here----rod thru the block when I got it, ended up junking most of the thing. Have a 574 with rod thru the block,---BUT just happened to have a block that was the same so in the process of putting that in. Slow process! Also trying to get the locked up motor in the 504 back together! Now have all the parts and machine shop work done on it. The guys I got it from ran it out of oil! --- Do IH engines really need oil???? LOL!! makes ya wonder about some people now days!
  5. My Super A block has been welded too ----it stays a bit wet on the outside but never drips. A little epoxy over the bad weld would seal it. Poor ole tractor had a rough life before I got it, been rolled of a mountain from the looks of it. They put a steering wheel out of a 57 chevy car on it, welded some braces to the tower to hold it up and welded some sort of bar in for the steering shaft just behind the box. Old tractor runs decent, still needs the governor replaced since it dont work at all, only runs at half throttle ---- no more ---- no less! lol!
  6. FB cuts into a LOT of guys time! --- My problem is Marketplace! LOL! bought several items on there and yes it takes a lot of time going thru the ads so cuts computer time on other sited down! I have run into some great guys on here and some I just ignore!
  7. M neighbor has one of them in the back corner of his shed----says he is going to take the engine out and put it in a 1206, ----he will never get time!!! LOL!! I ran it a couple times for him 10 years ago! WAY different that the Wabco C pull I had 20 years ago! lol!
  8. I would say 53 and yes parts get swapped on them---sad but thats life---makes it **** to find and original cub with all numbers matching nowdays!
  9. never was too fond of that electronic crap----always just filed the points on my TD-9 all the time. points are a lot cheaper than the electronic junk which is VERY picky about everything. One thing you have to watch out for is that some of the modules throw your timing way off and they wont work----some engines they say it works fine on, so its a big gamble as to if it will work on your engine. My 574 tractor came with a pertronix dist. conversion on it and tractor wouldnt run. The guy I bought it from just put that unit in it and gave up on starting it so put the 574 up for sale, CHEEEE
  10. cubs have extreemly small ones.
  11. I was thinking that T-4 and T-340's were farm tractor based too. T-4 has a ta, could have lpto, and 3-point hitch and the C-135 engine, ( same as my 340-u and 504) They also had the T-5 and TD-5 at the same time as the T-4 The 500 replaced the T-340 and was a much heavier tractor than the 340.
  12. Farmall 340-U could be a bit different---- I never seen one so cant day for sure. I know this one is easy to get on and also so is my 404-U and my 504-U and the 2504 trencher/ loader that I have. The trencher tractor has the gear reduction block thats 8 or 10" thick in it for the trencher drive. I used to put in field tile in with it.
  13. I have an old Deere steel wheel single point that I use here every fall. I pull it 36" deep and 560's wont pull it! used neighbors 806 diesel and it did smoke!! LOL I used to pull it with the Oliver Super 99 gm that I had before the red and orange ones!
  14. Mine is an International 340-u and never had a ta from the factory. it only has lpto, power steering, the optional 17 gallon hyd pump, and of course the useless fast hitch which I modified to a 3 point of sorts. Still working on it putting smaller tires on and narrowing it up as much as it will go. it does have hydraulic oil leaks that need to be fixed. The worst one is up around the trans. input shaft as far as I can tell. It is a decent tractor and I like it cause its easy for and old cripple to get on/off and it drives great. still wish it had the ta but it will still work on my
  15. Neighbor Mike and I grew up with our hands on corn rakes and scoop shovels because both of our dads had cornshellers and did custom shelling, so we spent a lot of time in all kinds of cribs and in all kinds of weather! -10 degrees in the driveway of a big crib with a high wind sucks to say the least, but we survived it! I always loved to run the pickers for some reason. In later years of ear corn we had a 2MHD picker mounted on one of our SMD tractors. It was originally on a 560 but I found some M brackets and all was good! My first year out of high school a guy down the road talked
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