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    All big equipment! I farm about 140 acres, have serveral IH tractors and crawlers, (old ones). Build/modify equipment for our large garden, farmed by IH tractors!

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  1. Gas engine in the 500's was the c-146
  2. The truck by itself will sell better!--NOT everybody wants an old hopper, so IF you have a nibble on it JUMP on the chance! Around these things are NOT selling due to all the govt. restrictions on them, so getting rid of it could be quite a problem! At any rate, good luck on your venture! And the tractor/wagon idea is a smart move! lol!
  3. Another D-4 loader in Mi. listed for $2,900, AND running! Too far away for me and right now I have the 250-c. Had a couple nibbles on it, but guys are afraid to take the plunge on it! --- They have the work BUT are afraid they wont get paid after they do the work so thats where we stand on that one! The ONLY reason I even considered selling MOOSE, was its too hard for me to get it moved nowdays! ---Cops on every corner, scales in hand! permits are out of reason now too, Around here they are NOT affordable anymore so guys just move when they need without them! Nobody is going to take that risk for someone else and I dont expect them to! I am working on my little 310-g case crawler and hope to get it back together this year if possible. I can haul it on my trailer without permits since it only weighs around 9,200 or so.
  4. I ran 292 and 300's---- nuttin wrong with them----granted you wont pull 80,000 pounds up a 45 degree grade at 70 mph but there is no need for that. Use them with common sence and you will be fine. As for the 350,--good motors BUT no more power or economy than the 292 PLUS totally dead on the low end! ----4,000 rpm just to move a load instead of 1500 rpm on the 6's.
  5. Neighbor here uses a walk behind and does thousands of feet of tile with it in his spare time. I have a Davis T-66 that I use---NEVER ride on it either, I always walk and keep an eye on my grade with it. I go 42 to 48 inches with it. Slow in your eyes but it gets the job done and way cheaper than the hire guys!
  6. I have the old 30-30 lever jobbie, had to quit shooting it due to shell prices BUT I still have enough shells for defense purposes!! LOL!!! They are hard to find here too, seams like an odd cal. for some reason from what they tell me, but I still love the gun!
  7. good lookin dozer. You might try PIVOT EQUIPMENT LLC and see if they can get uc parts,--they had tracks,bolts, rollers,etc. for my Case 310-g which is about as obsolete as you can get. If you contact PIVOT,-- ask for Jordan Troutman,---he knows his stuff!
  8. These newer replacement ta's are made to be quick acting ---- not a bad thing either! IF you ever started down a grade with the old factory ta in low you know what I mean! --scary ride! these new ones will not over run in low!--at least mine dont in the 706 and the 806. Now both of my 650's will run away cause they still have to old styl ta's in them!
  9. Parts are not cheap for any brand now days. -- The $2,000 D-6 I saw was a great running dozer and had starting engine ignition problems, but I know exactly how to fix that cheap. This equipment now is selling very slow around her,--- lots of guys dumping it on the market with no buyers wanting to invest in it. Economy will have to get its act together before stuff sells vary good!
  10. never heard of them. I use a guy in the Indy. area. Jordan Troutman is my sales guy. PIVOT EQUIPMENT PARTS LLC.
  11. I would do some serious looking for something else if it were me. Cat D-6's here go for $2,500 to $10,000 here and trucking is not that expensive if you shop around. Loads here are hard to find and a lot of guys are competing for them! D-6's move easy and fit on a lot of the smaller trailers.
  12. Got a mess up on this end of the state too! Still mud and getting deeper by the day! Rain looks to be over, BUT the sun dont have the punch to dry much anymore. Could be another combine after ground freezes year, IF the snow holds off!
  13. mine always fills with fuel,---gotta change oil often. My gauges never worked so dont know what they showed
  14. My 706 has the AGRESSIVE one it it! lol and ya the front comes off the ground at any engine speed with any load. On the other side----- when in high and you pull it to low the back wheels slide! I never shift much on the go with it anyway so its no big deal to me!
  15. UNREAL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LOVE your story and the pix.!!! THANKS for sharing them!!!
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