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    All big equipment! I farm about 140 acres, have serveral IH tractors and crawlers, (old ones). Build/modify equipment for our large garden, farmed by IH tractors!

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  1. Gottum here bad in one of my sheds too!---sis got some foam stuff BUT no way I can get up in the rafters to put it in the holes! she also got some sort of spray and I need to mix/spray it and see if that will work. A guy down the road had a machone shed (40x60) collapse because of the damage they did to his shed.
  2. We never sell til we have the bushels, always comes out ahead of trying to store/live with/fill/empty bins/drying/etc. No money in corn in the first place!
  3. Well,--I would pull the engine and start from scratch on it.--Another option is to get an engine from a md and use it. These , md, 400, 450, etc. were real "head eaters" -- we quit using them for that reason. the heads are getting hard to find and expensive to get someone to weld them.
  4. This is for real. I don't understand the top of the post, the warning part. We do need for everyone to verify their e-mail so we can help keep spammers out. We may have to set up a different account on our side, but for now this is for real, just click on the link! thanks; sonny
  5. Three of us are trying to salvage the old MBN, and are starting a new site. We are starting small and will expand as needed. If you like building machines, modifying them, or making attachments yourself, then please join us! We are taking members now. Please verify your e-mail address for faster entry. Form is checked several times daily, so you shouldn't have to wait long to be accepted! http://machinebuildersnetwork.com/ Thank you very kindly, sonny
  6. The injection pump on mine was stuck when I got it. make sure you drain the pump crankcase and put fresh oil in it. I think you can use screwdriver under the plungers to make sure they are loose. Mine also had sticking start valves, a broken ball link under the rocker arm shaft. There is a ignition switch block in the end of the intake manifold that is usually bad, I had to bypass mine . Starting procedure is quite complicated and is different for each tractor, so you have to exp. to find which works on your engine. The clutches do stick real bad if let set very long. mine was stuck when I sold it and had only sat in the shed for 1 year. thanks; sonny
  7. I use a economy bandmill, and cut to my own specs., that is worth a lot. the economy bandmills do just as good as the expensive/fancy ones do. --they either cut or they dont!---put two boards together and can't tell which was cut on which mill! The economy mills get a bad name because they don't cost $ 30,000 . I don't make a habit of custom cutting, but do a little. Not able to do a lot and don't have time, as I do big gardens, so the off season is the only time I can saw. thanks; sonny
  8. Had a couple tractors that came with them, neither was running and the ignitions were junk, so went back to good ole points and they still run super!--Guess its what ever you like. Talked to a lot of guys that couldn't get them to work on their tractors. Some work, some don't! Too expensive for me to wast money on!--Glad yours worked! thanks; sonny
  9. I gave up on my 98 7.3!----It only runs in the summer!---Had new injectors/glow plugs/turbo/hp oil pump, and a bunch of other stuff put in,---still wont start unless it's plugged in. Truck has 118,000 road miles on it.----7.3 biggest junk motor on the planet! sonny
  10. On cutting the blade ends off,---the center push point is VERY weak. It will be hard to keep one side from digging in making control hard. You could fab up some very heavy iron to make the cut-off blade solid on the outer ends, and probably get by ok. LOVE them old scouts!--- On the 1 dead cylinder, it could be stuck injector, or pump!--If running, crack the fuel lines to see if it might just be an airlock in the lines.-- Not positive, but I think you can get in the pump and work the plungers by hand.---I did that on the one I sold to get it hittin' on all four. If they don't start on gas, but will pull start on diesel, the little ball link under the valve cover could be broke. ( mine was when I got it).---make sure that all starting valves are free and working without sticking.--- They do stick from time to time, esp. when sitting more than a year. I do hope this helps you with areas to check! thanks; sonny
  11. Combine looks more like a 123.--We had 125's and 127's. they had single drive wheels, and the engine sat up on top. they were still chain drive.
  12. Bet it shucked the timing gears!!! I had 2 of the 9's and both did the same thing! --- also you will most likely find the clutches will be stuck too. ---Lastly , a little 9 with that angle blade will be useless! an 8 foot is the max, and sometimes too much. I had a cat rd-6 with that same brand of angle blade and it was totally useless. Blade straight---no traction--- blade on angle--just pushes sideways--pull one track clutch , and other track just spins out! IF you get it running,--JUNK the blade and get a good 8 footer for it. Then you have a decent machine! I have a set of timing gears and main bearings for a td-9 that I didn't put in. I ended up junking the 9. good luck on your venture!! thanks; sonny
  13. SONNY

    Power unit

    I have found yellow paint under the red.--also the # stamped on the boss shows RD 220 then the serial #. Would this be the red diamond series?--Dad had an IH R-205 semi tractor that had a red diamond 450 engine in it. the truck was a 1954. would this rd 220 be about that age also? thanks; sonny
  14. My 574 return is in the side as IHKIWI has stated, and it works perfect. thanks; sonny
  15. SONNY

    Power unit

    anybody have an idea what this engine might have been hooked to??? According to tag it would be a 220 engine, but it looks like a truck type motor to me. There is no clutch,-- and the flywheel has internal teeth to match the gear on the pallet next to the stub shaft that goes on the back of the housing. The end of the shaft is about 3/4" with a half moon key way in it. I can't place it's use, ---Not combine engine for sure! thanks; sonny
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